Salon And Spa App Development
Gild Your Beauty Business With White-label Salon Booking App!

With changes in time, people’s thoughts are also changing. When we compare the present generation with that of the past generation, we can see the differences evidently. Mostly these changes can be witnessed in the way luxuries change into necessities. Amidst many, this generation has become more conscious about health and beauty. What was first availed only during the occasions or events in the olden days has become a weekly routine. Yes, we are broaching beauty treatments and spa appointments. It all twists with a busy life, mobile apps and the on-demand services that are surging up exponentially. Blowing hot and cold about having an online presence for your salon and spa business is in solitary a waffle. That’s why we have lofted a spa and salon app development that can make your business efficient and commercially successful in parallel. Let’s advance now!

Key Features Of Our Salon App Development Solution

  • Easy OnboardingA perfect business speaks for itself! Such an app is our white-label salon app. Users can bid farewell to the hour-long call waiting for booking an appointment within a few clicks, by entering their email address or phone number. Social media integration is here to contour the app!

  • On-the-move BookingsEase and convenience are here as a golden touch to your app. With the app, the customers can book service from anywhere at any time. No scrambling navigation, only crystal-clear bookings. They can skim through stylist descriptions, their ratings and services and book one which suits their expectations.

  • Quick And Secure PaymentsThe spa booking app is integrated with a spectrum of reliable payment gateways for salon customers to connect their credit, debit and e-wallets for safer transactions. Offline payment methods, a gloss!

  • Ratings And Reviews Augment the salon app into a modish business with a rating feature. The customers can rate and leave constructive criticism on the salon service after the payment. Marking the stylist as their favourite is a specially chosen option for the customers to leverage! Obiter, thanks to the app’s advanced tools, the customers can get personalized recommendations. Tarting up your business at this juncture is a walk in the park!

Assortment Of Top-notch Salon App Development Services We Offer

Salon Booking App Development Beckon the newfangled way of appointment booking and scheduling with the nimbly-functioning salon booking app. Pin down every single schedule and manage your salon business without the plights of missing any, like a pro.

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Spa Delivery App Development Foray into the burgeoning on-demand app market with on-demand home service of spa treatment for booked appointments. With instant services, instant payments and instant gratifications, we bet your turnover will never be tardy!

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Beauty Salon App Development Glam up your business by developing an on-demand beauty salon app with us. Offer glorious makeup and beauty treatments both at the salon or customers’ home. Turfing out any chances of growing is not in the app’s dictionary!

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Hair Salon App Development Pioneer a niche in the salon industry by offering specialised services for hairstyling. Flash about your expertise to the townsfolk and stow away bucks. Unerring user traction & nailed down net!

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Nail Salon App DevelopmentPaint your whole business into a new colour by launching a niche app in the beauty industry. Design a new strategy. For, the app will, in parallel, help you thrive in your market.

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Be U Like App Development A comprehensive salon app for connecting you to the target market of various demographics without as much moving from a single place. Snazzy features, voguish UI/UX, laden together.

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YLG Like App Development Fulfil the needs of your customers for the best quality home salon services. Manage all the in-house and outdoor services like a versatile business person on cruise control. Exceptional tech stack, matchless bang for the buck!

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Merit Your Spa Business With The Luxurious Spa And Salon App Development Services.

Digital And Exemplary App Solutions For Modern Salons And Spas

Are you fagged with offline salon management? Not anymore! It’s high time that you say goodbye to all hassles. Our assertive salon app solution is here to make your management go tranquillizing and blithe, without paperwork or much of a memory! Our salon app is a holistic solution that will aid and abet you with client management, appointment booking and billing so that you can focus on what matters most to improve your business and client experience.

We are the dominant app development company for salons with ready-made solutions that can be tailored to your business needs.

    • Hair And Makeup Salons

    • Individual Makeup Artists

    • Salon And Spa Wellness Centers

    • Salon Chains

    • Barber Shops

Luxuries In Launching A Salon Appointment App Solution

For Customers

Trouble-free appointment scheduling.

Real-time update of vacant slots, working hours, etc.

Profuse list of beauty services catalogue, packages, galleries to choose from.

Casual rebooking of the formerly visited stylists.

Enhanced customer experience with iron-clad security payments, cashback and coupons.

For You

Manage bookings effectively round the clock.

Control the bookings by seeing who pays online.

Streamline SMS and email booking reminders and dodge chances of truants.

Jazz up the customers’ day with push notifications of services and offers.

Gain deep insight into your app performance and customer preferences.

Automate every transaction with a clear-cut track record.

Captain staff, sales inventory and performance intelligibly.

How Does A Spa Booking App Work?

  • The customer logins through the app with their credentials.

  • They can easily spot numerous salon at a time by scrolling through the home page.

  • Customer could select a salon and the service that matches their expectations.

  • The business owner can confirm or decline the appointment based on the beautician’s availability.

  • If the owner confirms, the scheduled service will be fulfilled at the right time and date.

  • The customer can pay for the service via online or COD and finally, give ratings for the experience.

Fab Features Of Our Spa And Salon App

  • Onboarding An easy onboarding process backs them up for an exciting experience. With just punching the details like email id, social media platforms or phone number, they are good to go.

  • Explore Customers can get ready to awe themselves by witnessing a mass of stunning range of salons and services without ado. Advanced search filters based on speciality, services, proximity are the winnings!

  • Salon Professional Profile No shady information or no secrecies. The app has the feature to let customers know about the salon professionals’ services and their expertise, choose whether or not to request a service.

  • Check AvailabilityAllow a felicitous booking with this feature. Customers can check the availability of the salon professional to book the appointments.

  • Appointment BookingCustomers can select the desired time and date in the calendar to get themselves treated with the spa and salon services and save the appointment. With this feature, we highly doubt you would ever have a FOMO for your users!

  • NotificationsSet ablaze the curiosity of your customers with various updates in the form of SMS, email or in-app notifications. Rapport between your customers and you are never beyond the shadow of a doubt.

  • Booking HistoryCloudless page to showcase all the previous and future appointments with the professionals for easy scheduling.

  • RemindersAn automatic reminder to inform the users about the pre-booked appointment. Unambiguous loyalty of your customers is the word!

  • PaymentA never-ending comfort is assured to the customers with the integration of different payment gateways and modes like cash, cards, mobile wallets etc. A holistic app indeed!

  • ProfileA preface of the salon owners or professionals to their business in short. They can add their name, address, services offered and different prices to lure the customers.

  • Booking ManagementRemember when we said that efficient management is what the businesses get? Well, here it is. The salon professionals can keep track of all the user’s appointments and manage them with no sweat.

  • Accept/Reject RequestsSalon professionals can keep a tab on their schedules and accept or reject or reschedule appointments based on their availability. They are their own boss here!

  • Appointment CheckingSalon owners may get a panoramic view of the appointments on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and discover how well they are performing.

  • Payment ManagementEarning dibs is never a battle cry with the app, and so is managing them. They can track the progress of their payments, whether pending or completed.

  • NotificationsEvery second counts in a business. Delaying it is like delaying progress. But credits to the real-time notifications, the booking requests, upcoming appointments, and payment will reach the salon owner’s end in a jiffy.

  • Salon BookingAn all-encompassing dashboard to view and manage all the bookings and data in a single place. One screen, multiple info glean!

  • Professional ManagementKeep a dekko at who are the salon professionals signed up in your app, and add or manage all the profiles of the professionals. Authority at your fingertips!

  • User ManagementReign the data of the app users at your end. You can view and manage all the registered users along with their details. Personalization stemmed by elevation is a no-brainer!

  • Manual BookingsDigitization and a mix of workforce can never go wrong. Have a smart idea of delegation? You can still manually assign the appointment requests to the salon professionals.

  • Rescheduling Never misfire the last-minute appointments. Tally with the urgencies of your users by managing them and schedule another appointment.

  • Reports And AnalyticsLeverage the business analytics and rich reports of your business and know about the ups and downs to make informed decisions that will enhance your services. Make every move like a king!

Witness Your Ideas Do Wonders In The Industry With Salon App Development.

Sustaining Revenue Models Of Salon App

  • CommissionReap uncountable financial rewards for every service booking happening through your app from the salon. Tracking more customers for the salon or your business, either way is a win-win situation!

  • SponsorshipAllow the service providers of the beauty and salon industry to promote their products through the app. The more the brand, the more you nab the rewards.

  • Advertising Open up a primary source of revenue for your business and scrape together more currencies.

  • PromotionMagnetize more dollar bills to your business by promoting the partnered salons to get featured in the search results.

Power Up Your Salon Business With The Salon And Spa App Development

Salon Appointments Our salon app offers a straightforward method to keep all the appointments and administrative works sorted out with automation and helps businesses stick to the success path with a maximum edge.

Custom RequirementsWhether you have a salon or you are running a spa community, we can provide you with resounding solutions that are well-knit with the ideal highlights of your business.

Hair And Beauty Salon ManagerThe spa and salon app solutions come with classic features and brilliant tools that you would need to deal with end clients, arrangements, items and more. We cut your hassles and double your pinnacles.

Salon FinderThe salon finder app empowers you to channel all the amplification of value, brand reach and more, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Safety Measure Paid Addons For Salon Appointment Booking App

  • Customisable Consent Forms

    As a supplementary addition to the add-ons, to avoid the spread of the threatening virus, our app has COVID-19 consent forms for the appointments. Upon the client's response, you will get a bird's eye view of their condition and decide whether to accept or decline the appointment based on the answers. We can customise the form to your needs.

Our Salon and Spa App Development Process

  • 1

    Idea Formulation Our business consultant and technical lead will discuss with you the idea you have got for your business.

  • 2

    Custom App Development The app is tailor-made with all the specifications mentioned by you to make it look unique and stay synchronized with your brand.

  • 3

    Security Compliance Check A security audit is performed with the app solution to ensure that it meets the industry standards and regulations.

  • 4

    App Store Launch Our developers will list the app in the Android and iOS platforms on the respective app stores.

  • 5

    Support And MaintenanceOur team won’t just stop with the launch, but we also dedicatedly offer support and maintenance services whenever required.

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Get both the Android and iOS apps for free. After all, building a business doesn’t have to cost you a bomb!

Why Should You Choose AppDupe For Salon App Development?

  • We have a team of skilled salon app developers who can offer you satisfactory results based on your demands.

  • Either it is a simple project or a complex project with leading-edge features, it is all the same for our team, for they have been experts in the field for decades.

  • We spend months designing, developing and testing your application to deliver nothing less than a project of your expectations.

Drop In Your Ideas About Salon App Development Here And We’ll Build An Empire Together!

Tech Stack


The time frame depends on the requirements of the project. However, when you take our services, on-time delivery in the shortest turnaround time is what you can expect.

Absolutely. Our support extends from app launch to app rejection support. We’ll analyze the possible issues, fix them and resubmit them.

Yes, our state-of-the-art salon app is end-to-end customizable. Features, plug-ins, themes, you can tweak anything to your liking.

Yes, our development team will be in touch with you, and you will know the ins and outs of the development process. Your inputs and suggestions will be highly appreciated during development.

We have a proficient team of web developers and designers who have decades of experience in this domain. Our client base is growing every day because of the quality of the services we provide.

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