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The World-Class TRON Smart Contract MLM Solution

Launch a 100% decentralized TRON Smart Contract-based MLM business with our avant-garde Supersage Clone. Now at an unbeatable price!

Supersage Clone Script

Launch a Decentralized TRON Smart Contract MLM like Supersage

Plunging into the highly rewarding blockchain-based Multi-level marketing systems (MLM) is one of the best choices an aspiring entrepreneur can take, especially if the MLM is based on TRON smart contracts. The global receptivity of the TRX currency makes it an extremely attractive proposition for infusing the activities associated with MLM. At Appdupe, we proffer you with the Supersage Clone- a superb TRON smart contract-based MLM solution that’s robust and resilient in every sense of the word. Infused with the novelty of groundbreaking technology. All that’s now required is massive action!

What is Supersage Clone?

Supersage clone is nothing but a top-notch decentralized TRON smart contracts-based MLM script that’s wholesomely designed, developed, and devised for handling diverse iterations of matrix marketing on the TRON blockchain. The entire MLM operations are led to self-executing smart contracts that are inherently immutable. With advanced commission and compensation schemes, leveraging multiple revenue sources is a defining deed of the Supersage clone. Power-packed and ready to launch!

Why launch a Supersage like TRON Smart Contract MLM platform?

Zero-Risk Process

Owing to the deployment of smart contracts, the risk of alteration and modification is eliminated.

100% Decentralization

The TRON blockchain based solution is comprehensively decentralized and resiliently robust.

Instant Transactions

TRON blockchain is known to process over 2000 transactions per second, making it extremely fast.

Global Adaptability

The TRX currency is the go-to choice for global crypto investors and is the ideal candidate for MLM.


Unlike other solutions, the operations of the Supersage clone is not limited to time; anyone can easily access them.

Low Registration Fee

A very less amount of TRX is mandated as the one-time registration fee to avail of the upline level.

Transaction Record

Automated recording of transactions in the TRON blockchain knocks out the probability of ghost entries.

No Withdrawal Request

Users can withdraw the cryptos anytime without the need of processing the tedious withdrawal request.


Alternative revenue from spillovers and overflows are facilitated by the auto-reinvestment feature.


The cumulative earnings of each level will be instantly deposited to your assigned TronWallet.

How Does it Work?

The working of the Supersage clone is as streamlined as the app itself. Upon registration, the user gains simultaneous access to two matrix schemes, S3 and S4, each costing 250 TRX. The matrices have variable slots in them with a total of 14 levels each. A user can earn double the previous level by procuring sensible slots in both of the supersages. The registration process yields the first level of both S3 and S4, and the entry into the next levels requires a registration fee twice the amount paid on the previous level.

Supersage S3

The Supersage S3 contains 14 levels with 3 slots at each level to be filled. Once a user fills the three slots, he/she is directed to the next level with another 3 slots in it. The TRX amount of the first two slots is deposited into the TronWallet, whereas the TRX of the third slot is added to the upline wallet. The completion of 3 slots at each level results in the system's auto-investment, entitling users to earn limitlessly.

Supersage S4

The Supersage S4 consists of 14 levels, each with 6 slots. The progression is fairly simple and profitable as the earnings of the first 2 slots will be added to the upline wallet, and the next 3 slots are deposited directly into the TronWallet, and the remaining slot is utilized for reopening the matrix for profit proliferation. The S4 matrix also allows users to earn through overflows and spillovers.

Capture the MLM Glory with the TRON-based Supersage Clone

Benefits of Launching a TRON based MLM Platform like Supersage

  • Superfast Transactions

    Experience lightning-fast P2P transactions with TRON blockchain as it is one of the fastest and most secure crypto frameworks available.

  • TRX Availability

    Lately, TRX has captured the attention of investors and entrepreneurs across the globe, and the presence of the TRX gifting scheme is designed to reap benefits.

  • Anti-Fraudulence

    The mandatory registration of affiliate links proficiently eliminates scamming and phishing entries and facilitates the MLM operations only to validly registered users.

  • High Scalability

    The presence of TRX as the operating currency of the Supersage clone is sure to entice a legion of users into the platform, supersizing the business proceedings.

Premium Features of Our Supersage Clone

  • Decentralized PlatformBestowed with the unassailability of TRON blockchain, the entire range of MLM operations in the platform is astonishingly decentralized.

  • TransparencyThe probability of phishing and ghost entries is diligently knocked out as the smart contracts are pivoted in the blockchain and can be accessed by anyone, anywhere.

  • Immutable ContractsDespite the capacity to limitlessly view the smart contracts, they cannot be altered/ modified, retaining their unwavering confidentiality and consistency.

  • P2P PaymentsIn addition to matrix schemes, the users can limitlessly enjoy the Supersage clone's ability to process lightning fast P2P payments without a twitch.

  • Zero-RiskThe TRON smart contracts' self-executing nature annihilates every possible risk factor associated with the MLM activities, making it resiliently stable.

  • Non-Hierarchical OrganizationHarnessing the blockchain's ingenious decentralized distribution capabilities, the Supersage clone flaunts a hierarchy-less internal MLM organization.

How to earn on our Supersage Clone?


Arguably the most constant and profitable income silo, the referral fee is automatically deposited to the user wallet for every successful filling of slots on each level in the S3 matrix.


Alternatively identified as overflow, the spillover income is a characteristic of the S4 matrix where the user receives additional trons when the team is packed and expressess consistent performance while upgrading.

Why Choose TRON for your Crypto MLM Software?

The TRON is one of the most widely preferred blockchain networks by entrepreneurs assorting from an extensively diverse industry silo is also the favorite choice for MLM operations. Led by the immutable smart contracts, TRON arms business owners with a legion of superlative tools at a fraction of the price mandated by contemporary technology circuiting in the blockchain. The innate security integrations superimpose the deemed invincibility, making it an ideal candidate for MLM proceedings on a global scale.

Having said that, you require a deep-rooted solution that indomitably reverberates your ingrained nuances and business sensibilities. This is made possible by the scales of customization levels available with our TRON smart contract MLM solution, the Supersage Clone.

Scale Up into the MLM Stars with a Stellar SUPERSAGE Clone.

TRON Smart Contract Optimization for Supersage Tron MLM Clone

In order to convert the stipulated features and functionalities of a blockchain-based MLM platform from paper to execution, deliberate optimization is needed. This strengthens the wide-ranging integrations and operations of the platform and accelerates the staggering functional operations of the platform with ease and ecstasy. Our entrenched modules of wholesome optimization will do the job for you and proffer you with the ability to handle complex MLM operations with dexterity and scale-up without any constraints.

Our Process of Supersage Clone Development

  • 1

    Requirement Analysis

    The moment you confirm our collaboration, we zealously inscribe your requirements, needs, and vision and concorde you with a full-fledged planner with precise milestones.

  • 2

    Design and Development

    After wireframing every single app scream, our master designers mold out the Supersage clone with various UI iterations followed by holistic coding of the frontend and backend functionality of the app.

  • 3

    Testing Process

    The Supersage clone is subjected to multiple levels of testing processes through the watchful eyes of our quality assurance engineers to make sure that the solution is devoid of bugs and glitches.

  • 4


    We take the mantle of submitting and getting approval of the app on significant platforms like Google PlayStore and Apple AppStore, besides installing it in your preferred server for absolutely no cost.

Why Choose Appdupe?

Few companies operate in the TRON blockchain network, but very few companies actually possess expertise over the former, and we, Appdupe, are one of them. With mastery over the crypto world's nitty-gritty over a decade, we have deduced the art of what it takes to develop an avant-garde TRON smart contract-based MLM.

The latest addition in our prestigious bandwagon of crypto MLM solutions is the Supersage clone. Designed, developed, and devised for perfection, it is the singular solution for every crypto needs. Connect with us to know more!

Have an idea to start a TRON Smart Contract-based MLM like Supersage? Wait No More!

Hire a TRON Smart Contract MLM Developer

If you’re looking for developing a world-class TRON smart contract MLM on the lines of Supersage, developers of Appdupe are your best bet. With an imposing presence in the crypto universe and dashing expertise over multiple functionalities of the TRON blockchain, our developers are loaded with groundbreaking technologies and are ready to revolutionize your MLM business with an array of superior solutions. Hire our developers now!


One can either start from scratch by analyzing the market and tediously integrate every single functionality; alternatively, you can go for a multi-functional, full-fledged Supersage MLM clone app that's ready to launch with minor modifications.

A plethora of companies proffer Supersage like apps, but none of them match our Forsage MLM clone software's quality and features with a unique range of customizations.

We have a profound respect for your time, and hence, our top-notch Forsage MLM clone software can be launched in a matter of a few days.

Due to its self-executing nature and owing to the fact that it is immune to any phishing attacks, there are no managers so that the proceedings remain uninterrupted.

The Supersage Clone app can be customized entirely to resonate with your needs and requirements. This makes it an altogether original solution with an ingrained sense of business processes.

Feel free to contact us over a call - +916382665366, email - [email protected], or through our website's chat option.

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