Distinguished LMS Development Services By AppDupe

AppDupe is a professed development company that provides custom eLearning course development services and can provide a twist to the learning ecosystem for your organization. Our LMS Development services have extended to various sectors like hospitals, government organizations, training centers, colleges, K-12, government agencies, companies, etc. Our team of proficient developers works together to meticulously build the eLearning solution from scratch. Whether it is a simple eLearning website or an intricate one- it’s a five-finger exercise for our team. Our company has always evaluated and fortified from the results derived.

For any organization, there’s no doubt that training new employees can be arduous. Delivering How-tos and FAQs regarding the new software launch is all strenuous in its own way. Though there are many enterprises that have tried their hand at managing them by investing in tools, the struggle comes when their employees find it difficult to implement them. That’s when our LMS Development services can come in handy.

E-learning and webshops overall have evolved into larger-scale revenue generators for many enterprises by addressing the training needs and also augmenting better learning outcomes.

What Is Custom LMS?

A learning management system is a software that supports the administration, automation, and delivery of educational courses, training programs, and development programs. In a nutshell, it helps you deliver training materials to audiences. The software comprises tools like creating interactive eLearning content, native integration with HRMS, CRM, and other business systems, along with gamification features, dashboards, custom reports, and more.

Our Custom LMS Development Services

Custom LMS from scratchA comprehensive solution with a unique instructional design that lets you have complete cruise control over the software. You can rebrand it and integrate any apex features like skills assessment, workforce forecasting, performance progress tracking, and many more. As a brownie point, you can personalize it by implementing recommendation algorithms and artificial intelligence!

Customizable LMS Are you someone who is always looking for ways to stay in line with trends of the business environment? Then let us present you an LMS solution that never betrays you from achieving the same! Any latest features you say, we can help you integrate them all. What more do you need? An LMS solution, pliable to the integration of features like videoconferencing, interactive game-based learning, adaptive learning with Artificial Intelligence, etc. Design, rebrand or staple it with elements!

Ready-to-use LMS Industry-leading software at a pocket-fitting price. Sounds pleasant, right? Well then, gear up to get the fastest results and plan it big to celebrate the increased productivity! You can choose an LMS from the existing ones. Whether to use it as-is or to customize it to your business needs, you can have it all.

Mobile LMSCover all your business needs to the best by getting this customized LMS solution with a blue-chip mobile version. Upgrade the Learning Management System functionality and stunning features like live video, chatbot, monetization, notifications, etc.

Digital curriculum contentTurn all your valuable hard-copy content into the online course content and expand your business online. Gain the best recognition you need by transforming your curriculum, course content, or employee training program to an all-encompassing eLearning platform. Boost the engagement rate like never before!

Custom LMS integrationAmalgamate all your other platforms with the LMS as a single interface and redefine what’s called ‘effortless learning.’ Integration like webinar apps, HRIS, CRM, and LMS integration. And wait! Our integration service also extends to online payment integration, where the clients can experience a secured and easy online payment.

Technically Sturdy. Commercially Successful. Take Advantage Of The Custom LMS Development Today!

Revitalize Your Business Needs With Custom LMS

  • No more training gapsWe never jump into the development service, hands down. Before we kick start with the LMS development, we perform a complete analysis of all the possible gaps in your learning process to learn the pain points and plot the priority. This way, our experts will be able to scheme a long-term eLearning strategy for result-driven software development. This is what we call wizardry!

  • Programmed workflowsManaging operations is not as easy as we think when it comes to eLearning, and extremely when you want to make it smooth and streamlined. However, with advanced course management, success tracking, and scheduling, you can enrich your LMS and, of course, the management.

  • Amplified productivityBring into existence a unique learning experience by starting off the LMS development process. Features like online courses, video conferencing, on-demand libraries, podcasts, workshops, etc., steer you up towards nothing but the zenith of productivity. Tweak the solution to educational programs that need maximum attention and are befitting for your employees. Knowledge retention and efficiency at their best!

  • Intensify learner engagement Put a full stop to the boring eLearning courses and make them more enjoyable. Wondering how? We couple our eLearning expertise with solid marketing technology know-how to bring in the most engaging 2D and 3D graphics, quests, loyalty programs, and a lot more. We also help you enhance the interaction of learners with hyper-personalized course recommendations. Top-notch solution for you!

  • Maximized outreachReach every corner of the globe with the power of eLearning solutions and educate millions. Why should software just be constrained to the desktops when they can be on so many more screens? Avail the LMS solution and optimize it across various gadgets like tablet, mobile, and smartwatch. Sharing knowledge can never go wrong, and neither does our LMS solution!

  • Lesser workforce Eliminate all the ordeals associated with hiring, onboarding, serving, and engaging on-site training specialists. Why cling to these when you can have high-tech software which can do it all? Devise a custom LMS and eliminate the skyscraping upgrades, subscription fees, and training costs and switch to evaluation and certification. Welcome to the modern era!

Key Features Of Custom LMS Development Solutions

Advanced search

To help the clients/employees to get access to shoot to the desired content without any hassles.

Schedule training sessions

Forget the conventional training sessions and say hello to the contemporary training sessions with this feature! Break down all the barriers like time zones or busy schedules by scheduling it to your user’s availability.

Alerts and notifications

Enhance the engagement well enough and keep them hooked with your software by alerting them of the new courses or video updation.

Tests and quizzes

Allow your employees to test how in-depth they have understood the concepts. After all, we haven’t been mentioning the software’s efficiency for nothing!


Let your users find the contents taking up interesting forms with mini-games, storytelling, and interactive videos. The inner child of all can have a peppy dance with this feature!

Social learning

There’s nothing more powerful than like-minded people sharing their thoughts about a topic with each other. Forums and discussions, exclusively for the like-minded troops!

Who Can Leverage Our Custom LMS Development Solutions?

In the ecosphere of software and digitization, an organization without LMS can go obsolete. To debunk, LMS has turned into an asset to any organization, regardless of its size. We develop solutions for startups, mid-sized companies, large enterprises, non-profit organizations, and corporate training centers.

Our skillset has so far helped our clients to develop app-specific learning and training management solutions.

Apps/Systems For Educational Institutions Online learning management systems for schools, colleges, universities, and any kind of educational institution have become the new normal and are revolutionizing the way of learning for many students/learners. We provide a big picture of what is called the best learning software!

Corporate Training Management SoftwareWe can help you in aiming and achieving maximum productivity by developing an online employee training system or a corporate LMS. It suits best to weather the storm in the corporate training needs.

Innovate Your LMS With Our Solutions

  • Stimulate the self analyzing skillsKindle the curiosity of your employees with online learning and personal growth through LMS, and let them have control over the new steps and decisions. With the results and reports, they might rethink their approach toward their work and find some areas interesting.

  • Showcase the leadership skills Promote mentorship and reveal true leaders in your teams by using LMS development solutions. You can allow them to unite over the same goals and bring out new ideas to both internal and external working environments.

  • Maintain the care and integrityGather feedback from your employees from time to time about their state and how useful they are finding the learning opportunities and programs.

  • Recreation Let kids of all ages and kids inside all the adults find it easy to gather information through realistically recreated environments! Scenarios like acting as if in the real world will sharpen their critical thinking and help them in making decisions.

  • Enthralling learning experience Multimedia learning materials like images, videos, and animations are proven methods to engage users to the fullest and let them grasp the content to the fullest.

Primal Features Of Our Customized Learning System

  • Manage courses Learners or employees can manage all the course accessibility by categorizing them in a single place without having to search it every time.

  • Discussion forumsLet the users enlighten themselves with new prospects and things every day by discussing among themselves. Every day is a new day to learn!

  • Online tests/surveys Allow your users to get clued about how progressive they are by attending customized tests and surveys to generate a rank list.

  • Virtual classroom Connect with students all over the world and share all the course materials in life.

  • Certification Enable employees or learners to bear the fruit of their hard work by having certificates on successful course completion.

  • Reports and analyticsGain complete control over your business growth by having a real-time analysis and performance rates.

  • Content management systemsAdd, remove or edit any courses, tests, or enrollments on your LMS solution to improve its effectiveness.

  • Payment gatewaysCash in on millions using your software, integrated with a myriad of secure payment gateways.

Exclusive Functionalities That Support Enterprise-grade LMS

Online video

The solution ensures complete scalability to thousands of users and rich on-demand libraries with multimedia content. Features like desktop sharing, second-screen, in-built communication channels, and co-browsing give a competitive edge. Also, advanced live-to-VoD functionality is nothing short of a bonus!

Artificial intelligence

Smart technology adoption is a child’s play for our solution. Perks such as intelligent content translation, automatic subtitle generation, learner source evaluation are all a figment of the imagination.


It contains all the bells and whistles you could witness on an ecommerce site. Yes, as strange as it seems, the result, though, is something you would have been unprecedented! Tools like course monetization models, AI-driven recommendations, loyalty programs, and special offers integrated to give an edge.

Cloud computing

No more hassles in integration with major cloud providers, and indubitably no more shortcomings in data storage, taking into account the powerful trait of cloud infrastructure. You are all set to become the owner of an ultramodern LMS. Cloud-breaking!


Stunning compatibility around cross-platform development, highly robust backends, captivating UIs, and animations are on the spot to revolutionize the learning process! Arrest the top slot in the highly engaging softwares list!

AR and VR

Experience otherworldly learning with highly specialized real-world environments and integrated AR-fueled maps and instructions. Experience the dawn of electrifying outcomes!

Mobilize Your Training Management With Custom LMS Software Development

Cutting-edge LMS Software For Education

We deliver an LMS software that tucks in a dynamic set of tools that are learner-centric to help you lay the foundation for a fair collaboration between teaching and learning. Students/learners can access content, submit activities, and complete assignments in front of the screen yet experience a better experience that is over the top than normal learning. Offline course learning is like the icing on the cake here.

  • They can create collaborative learning

  • Students can complete courses from any place at any time

  • The courses are entirely accessible from their home

  • The progress can be monitored and tracked in real-time

Guard Your Privacy With Our LMS Development

When you rely on us, you can thrust aside your worries about security or privacy. Since we take security very seriously, our team reviews the source code frequently to assure you that it is secure and is void of any cyber-attacks. To add convenience for maintaining security, we also develop built-in tools that will let you manage portals and designations of the registrant.

Key Benefits Of Our Custom LMS Development Solutions

Encourage your learners to take part in the engaging learning process that will help them in solving professional challenges.

  • Automate the complete training program by personalizing it to your requirements. Customize everything to your choice from the course delivery, boosting employee happiness and retention.

  • Align the learning needs with your business goals and train them in such a way that they are fully equipped to take the next step. Supervise everything from training progress, completion to generating compliance reports, all with a powerful dashboard.

  • Not just internal learning, but you could now educate your stakeholders with intuitive LMS to augment your reach and increase revenue. Reduce customer support issues, onboard partners, and deliver product rollouts swiftly.

We Provide Industry Specific Development Services For LMS

With the expertly developed LMS software from our Appdupe, you can arrange any processes like hire orientations, manage processes and offer product knowledge training and job-specific skill training, training for customer support, compliance training, and the list goes on! Insight yourself to know what industries we offer development services.

  • Automotive

  • Biotechnology

  • Customer service training

  • Education

  • Energy

  • Engineering training

  • Finance

  • Healthcare training

  • Human resources

  • Legal Marketing

  • Manufacturing

  • Non-profit

  • Retails

  • Software

  • Telecommunications

  • Transportation

  • Warehouse

Looking For The Best LMS Development Services?

Have you been looking for the finest solutions to build software for an eLearning management system? Then look no further, because Appdupe has got you covered!

As the best LMS development company, we have molded our sheer expertise into a project that will give you unmatched results. The tools and technologies we use are state-of-the-art that will meet the business needs that you put front. The front-end is what the world sees first. How can we let that go? Our wizard of designers will make the user interface highly intuitive and appealing to the users.

Willing To Take The Learning Process To The Next Level? Start It Right Away With Learning Management System Development.

Calculative Market Research = Positive Ripple!

Any development you name, our team never kickstarts the development right away. We go through an analyzing phase, where we lay the groundwork for letting you know about the feasibility, evaluate risks.

Our team won’t start implementing the project if the concept is vague and if there’s no chance of meeting expectations

The savvy Business Analysts of our company will conduct analysis so that it will be perfect for startups.

After a thorough discussion, your eLearning solution will be aligned with the target audience's mindset.

The project will solve all the problems prevailing and meet the needs

Finally, the app requirements will be remodeled, and it ensures if both parties stay on the same page.

Hire Our LMS Developers


We fancy and bring into reality a learning program that will coil with your targeted needs and objectives. If you want to know about the best part, then we won’t waste your time. Our LMS developers have the power of delivering an all-inclusive learning strategy that will stick with your organizational goals beyond the shadow of a doubt. Our effective training program will get you to know where but to the place where you wish your business to be!

As a bonus, you won’t have to keep in memory your username and password combinations every time. All merits to our SSO solution, where we integrate Microsoft Azure, Google, and many more. What more do you need?!

Embark On Custom LMS Software Development Today!

If you are up for the custom LMS development, then all you need to do is send us your request, and our team will provide you with consultation, so your project will be started off with confidence. We’ll lay about models of cooperation that consist of time-frames, requirements, and revenue models of the project.

For any inquiries about the features or any offerings, please feel free to tell us about those in your request. Our team will be happy to connect to provide you with consultation on your needs and ideas.

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Front-end Frameworks

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Definitely, we can scale your app both horizontally and vertically. We will also configure and cluster backend components of your app.
Of course not. Our solution is scalable, and there are no bars on the number of users who can use it. But if you wish, you can customize the same.
Yes, our development team will be in touch with you, and you will know the ins and outs of the development process. Your inputs and suggestions will be highly appreciated during development.
It’s easy; you chat with us and talk to our customer support team, after which you are directed to us. Also, you can reach out to [email protected].
Definitely, we provide a product that will be similar to the demo shown to you. The product can be modified to your requirements.

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