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Let’s agree that at the close of the evolution of many ecommerce websites, we have got wedded to impulsive shopping. However, this impulsive shopping will be overpowering senses when the wallet becomes thinner every day. Businesses that have seen the struggle of people came up with the new innovation to lure them into buying their products yet without having to spend the bills upfront. And that new innovation we are talking about here is: Buy now, pay later websites/apps.

These apps have ushered in a new credit buying method where the customers can pay for the products purchased in installments, with next to null interest. This yields both parties a very feasible option. To say that it has gained traction would be an understatement since just during the COVID-19 period, the BNPL services have seen a growth of over 200% and are projected to reach the US $52,827.2 million by 2028.

If you are burning with curiosity to enter into this market, then capitalize on this advantage soon with buy now pay later app development service. Whether it is a Klarna like app or an Afterpay like app you want to develop, nothing can stop you now!

What Is A Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) App?

Buy now pay later app allows customers to get their desired product at home without having to pay the total amount immediately. Though it is similar to credit cards, they do not have physical credit cards. The customers can pay in installments and settle the entire amount for their purchase according to a particular cycle. As the app provides safer payment mechanisms without any ordeals like transaction delays and processing funds, many merchant sites and people have started using this option.

How Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) App Works?


The customer should sign up in the app for account creation and for verification.


After the approval process, the customer can buy an item, and in the checkout process, they will select this payment option.


From the different repayment options, they have to select a monthly payment option according to their choice.


The merchant is paid the full amount right away by the app after deducting some amount for the business.


Once all the formalities are completed, the customer starts paying the negotiated amount on a monthly basis to the app.

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Key Features
Of White-label Buy Now Pay Later App

Convenient loan termsOur buy now pay later app lets you set the soft loan option according to your choice. You can choose either option, the repayable option after a fortnight or even a few months.

Luxury As the app’s most appreciated feature is its agility, the whole process of applying for the loan and getting it approved can be completed in no time at all! The customers neither should be tech-savvy, nor should they have to wait for many days. They could literally initiate the process while at the checkout.

Purchasing PowerYou can set different caps on loans from $200- $20,000 that you offer to your customer—the more, the merrier.

Frequency of repaymentAs a point of providing the best customer service, the app offers different repayment options, from which they can select the ones they feel comfortable. This won’t suffocate the customers, and on the flip side, merchants will get their end of the deal in full amount.

Paperless From the sign-in process, approval to the successful repayment, everything is digital through the app. Breaking the stereotypes is our favorite hobby, and here we have done that by replacing any documents or prints. The security is exorbitant.

Diverse Buy Now Pay Later Clone App Development Solutions We Provide

Afterpay CloneYour golden ticket to enter the global FinTech sector! Reap financial award like unheard of with the no-brainer Afterpay clone solution.

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Klarna CloneRival the market leaders like a king by partnering with the top brands all over the world. Get ready to map your success from now on!

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Quadpay CloneBecome the brightest star in the night sky by Quadpay like app development. Incremental reach and competitive edge are what you take captive with this solution!

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Affirm CloneAugment your visibility in myriad sectors like fashion, travel, automotive, and fitness with the best-in-class buy now pay later app, Affirm Clone solution.

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Sezzle CloneAllow customers to make a quick getaway from the historical credit system and support a flexible payment service. Tuck in millions of users and thousands of merchants!

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Pay L8r CloneBroaden your narrow demographic to a wide spectrum with the Pay L8r clone, and enlarge your revenue graph without a hitch.

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Clearpay CloneRevamp the conventional credit buying with reduced approval time and maximized benefits. A quick and horizontal, and vertical movement of fingers for a few swipes is all needed for their impulse to get sated!

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LayBuy CloneZero app abandonment rate and superlative triumph. You can get anything you want when you have the LayBuy Clone at your side.

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Zip CloneA diligent buy now pay later app solution adorned with beneficial features and brilliant functionality. Nail your business on the people’s minds in a newfangled way.

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Splitit CloneLaunch the most reliable and secure buy now pay later app like Splitit with our Appdupe to witness your business becoming the powerhouse of this sector!

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Growth Of Buy Now, Pay Later Industry A Prospective Future Ahead

  • From 2018 to 2019, the download of BNPL apps grew by 162%.

  • By the second quarter of 2019, it reported an increase of 134%.

  • In just two months of 2020, the sales with BNPL jumped by 215%.

  • At the end of 2020, it had a volume of US $6990.5 million.

  • From 2021-2028, the estimation for the surge is 24.2%.

  • By 2028, estimates say that it will reach the US $52827.2 million.

Imperative Features Of Buy Now Pay Later Software

  • LoginThe user can begin to avail of the excellent payment service by onboarding the app with their phone number. After they get the verification code, there’s nothing that can stop them from shopping!

  • In-store purchasesCustomers who don’t have an account can also use the app and can sign up later when they make payments. No barriers, more profits!

  • Featured storesAn exclusive corner to showcase the top brands that you have partnered with, so the customers won’t have to rummage around to know about what business supports the payment service.

  • Account managementNot everyone is blessed with a brilliant memory, but why worry about it when the app can do it? Our app displays all the upcoming payments, orders, and account information of the customers.

  • Interest-free EMIs Sing a different tune from your competitors and win the customers’ hearts by offering an interest-free loan to the customers who pay the EMIs on time.

  • RemindersCustomers will be clued in about their upcoming payment amounts and due dates so they can pay their installments on time and avoid overdrafts. Run the show in the market by gaining utmost trust from people.

  • Automatic deductionsLet your customers reign over their repayment cycle easily with this feature. They can manually set this feature to let the app deduct charges automatically from the chosen card. Failed payments are over and done now.

  • Advanced paymentCustomers can make payment installments even before the due date. Flexible payment and user-friendly app right here for you!

  • Payment reschedulingYou can offer the best experience to them undoubtedly now. With this feature, the customers can get in touch with the customer service and ask for rescheduling. You take care of your customers, and they’ll take care of your business!

  • RefundsAccording to the store’s policy, the customers can also get their refunds with the white-label buy now pay later app.

  • SecurityThe app is shielded from cyber-attacks and data losses with the most robust and effective security system in place. All the personal information and business data is a treasure trove here.

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Revenue Model Of Our White-label Buy Now Pay Later App

  • Initial setup fee Charge from multiple brands to get partnered with your app and see your business taking new form before you know it.

  • Monthly feeAllow the brands to coil with your business to gain countless boons with a monthly charge. A bountiful revenue stream for you and amplified traction for the brands. Bull’s eye there!

  • Late feeIn case the customer refuses to pay the installment rightly on the due date, then you can charge a penalty fee from them.

  • Transaction feeGet ready to stuff your cash box by charging a transaction or commission fee for every sale happening through your app from merchants to users.

Benefits Of A Buy Now Pay Later App Development Solution

Increased transaction valueImagine getting an expensive product at the lowest price. This pleasing factor is lavish to allure them to shop more and spend more money than usual. The greater amount of something is always better!

Higher conversion ratesRemember the magic of impulse buying? Well, the formula gives you nothing but higher conversion rates. When the customers can afford what they want and can grab it right away, they tend to buy more, triggering more sales.

Repeat purchasesWith the user-friendly experience and showering bonuses available, repetition of purchases is beyond the shadow of a doubt. Repeat customers go hand in hand with consistent revenue.

Grander customer baseInstallment without interests always sounds good. You are gonna offer that, and why wouldn’t people love it? Cheer up for getting millions of sales and users.

How Do We Ensure A Secure Buy Now Pay Later App Development Process?


Security integrationAt every development stage, our developers built different security layers that will be resilient against any threats to the app’s data. There’s not even a speck of access to sensitive data.


Data encryption All the data are encrypted to reduce the risk of any cyberattack in the ecosystem of the internet. We know that inside and out, and to ensure that it is secured from the same, the app is tiled with reliable encryption features. Each data handling and processing is encrypted.


Two-factor authenticationA new normal for all online transactions, and this app won’t fail from offering the same. Trust is the foundation of any business, and we put our best to bring out that exactly. We build your app with two-factor authentication to double the security and help customers perceive your app to be very secure.


Regulation complianceBecause of the rise in internet fraud, we ensure that the data collection and information handling method will stringently comply with the set policies like PCI DSS and others.

Why Choose AppDupe For Buy Now Pay Later App Development?

We are trusted by small businesses, young startups, and established brands without an ounce of doubt.

Devout workforce Our squad of developers are proficient and devoted in their work and always thrive on delivering contemporary ideas leading to the trailblazing tailored solutions.

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