Likee Clone - A Short Video Creation & Sharing App Available For Quick Launch!

With the advent of several entertainment apps, people are spoilt for choices. However, they are unhesitant to welcome apps exhibiting top-notch functionality with open arms. Likee clone is one such robust app built with the most advanced tools and technologies to extend seamless operations. It houses features that keep the app users entertained and engaged.

Allow end-users to create short music-dubbed videos with expressions and share them with their fellow users, showcasing their abilities. Our Likee Alternative is a readily available solution with 100% customizability. Personalize the ready-made app and deploy it in your niche for a successful business launch. Connect with us to get started promptly!


Why Develop An App Like Likee?

Compared to other app categories, smartphone users spend approximately 38 percent of their mobile usage time on social networking and music applications.

3 Years and counting!

Likee - One of the most downloaded apps worldwide in August 2019.

  • 150 M+
  • 180
  • 115 M+
    Monthly Active Users

Killer Features Of Our Likee Clone

Video recording

Users can create their own videos where they can dub for audio, dance, or share their expressions.

Video editing

The app houses advanced video editing tools to improve the visual quality of the video recorded.

Video sharing

The edited video can be shared on the platform with appropriate description, hashtags, etc.

Special filters

The app allows users to add advanced filters to their videos to provide an enriched experience for video viewers.

4D Effects

Users can add special 4D effects to their videos, enhancing their video quality to achieve increased reach.


The app empowers users to lip-sync or dance to music, appearing on the same screen as their favorite video creators.

Earning rewards

Users can participate in the trending hashtag challenges in the platform to earn reward points.

Social sharing

Videos on the platform can be effortlessly shared on other social networks to expand their visibility.

Likee Clone Script

Launch a Spellbinding Short Video-sharing App With Appdupe

Revolutionize the way users consume and interact with content by launching a top-notch video-sharing app!

Increased Dependency On Short Video Sharing Apps Amid COVID-19

The need for people to keep themselves entertained while they are bound to stay indoors amid the COVID-19 lockdown has led to the increasing use trend of video-sharing apps. Existing apps have observed a massive spike in their downloads and monthly active user rates in the past few months.

Based on a report by App Annie, Singapore-based Likee emerged as the 6th most downloaded app worldwide in the Q1 Global App Market Index in 2020. The trend is predicted to exhibit positive advancement in the coming days as well.

Businesses are jumping on this latest bandwagon to quadruple their user base and revenue. New social video creation and sharing apps are also making headway with exponential growth. Enter this lucrative business segment right away for a significant rise in your user base and popularity. At Appdupe, we offer a ready-made likee App Clone to ensure instant launch!

Short Video Sharing App Development

Basic Features Of Our Likee Clone App Solution


Users can sign up with the app using their social media handles, email IDs, or phone numbers. The same is used to sign in.

Manage profile

Users can effortlessly create and manage their profiles, with their details, including user name, bio, photos, and more.

Personalized feed

Users are provided with the videos of other users in their feed section, based on their preferences.

Music library

Users can choose their favorite background sounds to record videos from the unlimited audio clips provided in the music library.

Create videos

Users can record music-dubbed videos, dance videos, videos showcasing expressions, etc., via the app.

In-built editor

Users can edit their recorded videos with in-built video editing tools to intensify their video quality.

Upload videos

Users can share their edited videos to their profiles that can be viewed by their followers on the platform.

Social sharing

Users can share their videos or videos of other creators on the platform to their friends and family on different social network platforms.

Instant alerts

Users are notified instantly about the likes and comments received for their videos, app updates, and many more via in-app notifications.

View profiles

Users can view the profiles of other users registered on the platform. They can follow them if they find their content interesting.

Like, Comment, Share videos

Users can like the videos of other creators if they are entertaining. They can also comment on them and share them with their friends and family.

Search videos

Users can search for videos of other users or their profiles. They can follow them, like, and comment on their videos as well.

Privacy settings

Users can set their privacy preferences based on their convenience. They can restrict it only to be viewed by followers or enable public viewing.


Users can block or report the profiles of other users on the platform, upon sharing inappropriate content.

Advanced Features of Our Likee Clone Script

Video previews

Users can go through the platform's content to make informed choices before signing up with the app.


Users can record videos imitating their favorite content creators and share them side-by-side in a single video

Location-based videos

Users are presented with videos of other content creators, according to their geographical locations.

Social Video Sharing App Development

Channel creation

Users can create their own channels where they can post their videos to be viewed by their followers.

Secret chats

Users can chat with fellow users privately via this section. Here, the messages disappear once the receiver views them.

Parent controls

Parents can manage the content viewed by their children and prevent them from watching irrelevant content.

Admin Panel


The admin can manage the end-to-end operations taking place in the app from the intuitive admin dashboard.

Manage users

The admin can view the users registered with the app and their profile details.

Verified badges

The admin can verify the profiles of users requesting verification and provide them with a verified badge to confirm their identity.


The admin can provide reward points to users to take part in their popular hashtag challenges.

Manage notifications

The admin can manage the notifications that are to be sent to the users on the platform.

Advanced analytics

An analytical report is generated regularly to keep the admin informed on the user data and app performance, helping them improve the service quality.

Likee online video streaming clone app

Exclusive Add-ons of our Likee Alternative

Filters & Effects

Empower users to add special filters and AR camera effects to their videos to enhance their visual quality, offering an enriched content experience.

Live video streaming

Allow users to connect with their followers directly via a live-streaming feature that can be integrated into the app.

AI Chatbots

Monitor the app's activities by integrating the AI-powered chatbots into the app, improving the user engagement rate.


Enable users to access the app content in their preferred regional languages to enhance their app experience.

Short Video Making App Development

The Workflow Of Our Short Video Sharing App Like Likee

Our Likee clone is a video creation and sharing app that empowers users to record short-form videos that last upto 15 seconds. They can choose their favorite tracks from the unlimited music library, record videos, edit them, and share it to their profiles. The app houses special beauty filters, 4D effects, and animations based on AR technology to edit the videos, offering an enriched content experience to the users.

Users can also view the profiles of other users and their videos uploaded to the platform. Users can also connect with their followers via the live-streaming feature available in the app.

  • Registration

  • Manage profiles

  • Record videos

  • Edit videos

  • Post videos

  • Share videos

  • Like/Comment videos

  • View profiles

  • Search videos

  • In-app alerts

Empower Users To Prove Their Skills To The World. The Right Video Creating, Editing, And Sharing App Solution For Instant Success!

Various Revenue Streams To Generate Income From Our Likee Clone Script

There are several ways to earn income from a video sharing application. You can employ one way or integrate multiple streams to generate steady revenue based on your business requirements.

In-app purchases

You can offer special features like 4D effects, animations, beauty filters, and many more for a specified cost. This way, users who are interested in such features will spend on them regardless of the price.


Display ads from third-party businesses on your platform and earn a stable income. You can target your audience with ads based on their likes and dislikes. You can charge these ads based on various parameters such as clicks, likes, impressions, etc.


You can conduct fundraising campaigns to collect funds from investors who are interested in your business. This way, you will be able to gather enough money to keep your business up and running in the initial stages.

How We Carry Out Our Likee App Clone Development

  • Analyze the marketFirst and foremost, we carefully scrutinize the target market, their behavioral trends, and their demographic aspects. It helps us in developing an app that goes in line with their preferences.

  • Finalize the revenue sourcesBased on your target audience and your business model, we integrate the most suitable revenue model into the app. We integrate one or multiple revenue streams according to the requirements.

  • Design and developmentOur skilled designers keep the user interface intuitive and engaging, to offer an enhanced app experience. The app's backend is built with the most advanced tools and technologies to ensure its reliability and scalability.

  • Third-party integrationsIf you wish to add any additional features to increase your app's seamless functionality, we include third-party APIs to ensure the same.

  • Testing and deployment The fully customized app is tested for its speed, security, and many other features. Once it is verified to be free from any possible bug or technical glitch, it is launched on all major app platforms.

Live Demo

Pricing Package

5999 - Web & App
Admin Panel Features
  • Admin Login
  • Forgot Password
  • Admin Dashboard
  • Admin Management
  • User Management
  • Manage Post/Videos Approval
  • View/Manage Category
  • View/Manage Country
  • View/Manage Language Category
  • View/Manage Message Template
  • View/Manage Audio Category (Music)
  • View/Manage Music
  • View/Manage Preferences
  • View/Manage Rewards
  • View/Manage Subscriptions
  • View/Manage Settings
  • View/Manage Face Filter
User Application Features
  • User Registration
  • OTP Verification
  • User Login
  • Social Login (Facebook)
  • Login with Google Account
  • Forgot Password
  • User Account Management
  • Change Password
  • Change Email Address
  • Change Mobile Number
  • Manage Blocked User
  • Manage Two Factor Authentication
  • Manage Notification Settings
  • Manage Language Settings
  • Invite and Earn
  • Help and Support
  • About
  • View/Manage Followers
  • View/Manage Following
  • View/Manage Profile Bio
  • View/Manage Post
  • View/Manage Liked Videos
  • View Like Count
  • Like/Comment Post
  • Share Post
  • Search based on Hashtag/User
  • Chat
  • Share Voice Note
  • Share Picture
  • Upload Video Post (Gallery)
  • Upload Video Post (Camera)
  • Add Music Filter (For Post)
  • Add Effects (For Post)
  • Add Face Filters (For Post)
  • Crop Video Size
  • Flash Mode for Recording Video
  • Block User
  • Report User
  • Mute Messages (Specific User)

What Makes Appdupe The Reliable Mobile App Development Partner?

At Appdupe, we employ the best minds in the development of our cutting-edge apps. Our team possesses several years of experience by working with small startups to large conglomerates. We closely work with our clients to understand their needs and deliver robust apps that match their business requirements.

Ready-made solutions

Our Likee Alternative is a readily available solution that is pre-packed with all vital features and functionalities needed for its hassle-free operations. It can be quickly personalized and launched in your niche immediately.

Reasonably priced

We strive to give life to your business ideas without budget constraints. For this, we offer our services at reasonable prices without compromising on quality. We assure you that there won’t be any hidden charges levied, and we provide every service included in our app package.

On-time delivery

We have developed many applications in the past few years of our operations, but we never missed our deadlines at any cost. We assure you that your fully developed app will be delivered as committed.

Dedicated support

As you get on board with us, we assign a project manager who will be responsible for your project. He/She will communicate with you concerning the development progress and other aspects of your project.

Data privacy

The app idea and other business details you share with us will be protected from data theft or unauthorized access. For this, we sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) at the project initiation.

App rejection support

We not only stay with you in the app development but also until your app is successfully deployed on the app platforms. If the submitted app is rejected for any reason, we analyze, fix, and resubmit it to ensure its quick launch.

Short Video Creation App Development

Launch A Robust, Reliable, And Highly Scalable Likee Clone App Quickly!

100% customizable, ready-made solution for instant launch. Schedule a free demo to get a clear understanding of our app’s functionality.


There are several ways to generate income from a video sharing app like Likee. You can opt for the one that matches your business requirements. Those are:

  • In-app purchases
  • Advertising fee
  • Fundraising

Yes. We do offer post-launch technical support free of cost for a limited period, as part of our app development package. After the given period, you can avail of our paid packages offered at cost-effective prices. Connect with our support team to get the pricing plan information.

Absolutely. Video sharing apps like TikTok, Likee, and more are gaining immense traction among their audience. Some people use these apps to showcase their talents, while others use it to view entertaining content.

Several new businesses are entering this lucrative market upon witnessing its popularity. You can also join this segment right away by customizing and launching our Likee clone application.

Our app development team includes business analysts, designers, Android and iOS developers, quality assurance engineers, and a project manager. They work together to build an efficient, feature-rich app for your business.

Contact us via email - [email protected] or call - +916382665366. You can also reach out to us through the chat option on the website.

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