FinTech Mobile & Web App Development

At Appdupe, we endeavor to develop innovative FinTech app solutions that possess the potential to revolutionize the finance segment. By integrating technology with financial services, our clients are able to save a fortune from their businesses by eliminating time-consuming processes.

We are a one-stop-shop for all your financial app development needs, be it mobile or web solutions. Our expert team ensures to develop the app with an intuitive interface that allows users to navigate through the app with ease. Also, the app is developed with data storage capabilities, establishing a strong foundation for your business.

Our app solutions are secure, trustworthy, and failproof. We have offered our financial app development services to several small businesses and the biggest names in the industry. Reach us and trust us with your project for an instant hit!

We build financial app solutions for several niches, including:

  • Insurance

  • Micro Finance

  • Banking

  • Cryptocurrency

  • Payment Gateways

How Can FinTech Apps Profit Your Business?

With your FinTech app solutions onboard, users can save big time on broker costs as well as transaction costs in financial processes. Also, these operations can be carried out efficiently with the support of these apps. Businesses and the general users are widely opting for FinTech apps over traditional methods for availing loans, crowdfunding, transferring money, and more.

Launching a reliable and easy-to-use FinTech app solution can earn you a massive user base in a short time. Your app doesn't need to have exclusive features. You can reach your target market with an app that has the necessary features, similar to other businesses. The only area you should focus on is the efficiency and security of your application. By doing so, your app will have its own user base, along with extending the below perks.

  • Increased Efficiency

  • Enhanced Customer Service

  • Cost-Effective

  • Secure Platform

  • Customized Services

  • Quick Approval Rate

Massive Surge In The Use Of FinTech Apps Amid
The COVID-19 Pandemic

The Coronavirus lockdown and the social distancing regulations have fueled the growth of finance apps in the past few months. According to a recent report, the weekly downloads of FinTech apps spiked by 20% in recent weeks, when compared to the fourth quarter of 2019.

Several popular applications are witnessing a huge surge in their user base, as people who stay indoors find these apps convenient for their financial transactions. Especially, FinTech apps in Europe saw a rise in its usage by 72% in the past few weeks.

Join this prolific business by launching your FinTech application right away. We provide app solutions that can be quickly developed and deployed on major app platforms in the quickest turnaround time. Connect with us to get started and make the most out of the prevailing trend!

Our FinTech Software Development Solutions

We offer a wide range of app solutions for enterprises, banks, city unions, and similar organizations operating in the financial sector. From ideation to app deployment, we cater to their every business needs.

  • Banking Apps

    We build high-end mobile banking applications for retail and corporate banks present worldwide. Be it digital banking solution, customer service app, or loan and credit management solution; we develop failproof apps for all the digital needs of banks that offer glitch-free operations and personalized user experience.

  • Accounting Apps

    The accounting app solutions that we built allow users to manage their daily financial transactions effortlessly. They can also efficiently manage and view their immovable assets, liabilities, cash, etc., in one convenient location.

  • Insurance Apps

    We closely work with insurance companies to build a top-notch application that increases their operational efficiency. The app provides an enhanced experience for the customers, agents, and employees of the insurance agency.

  • Investment Apps

    Our team possesses expert knowledge in the investment segment that empowers them to build investment apps that offer advanced data aggregation. Users can view their portfolio values, holdings details, detailed reports on their investments, and more to make calculative investment decisions.

  • Trading Apps

    We are a trusted app development partner that builds Robo-advising stock trading apps for brokers, traders, asset managers, and other financial institutions to assist them in achieving their goals.

  • Lending Apps

    Our lending apps are conversion-driven solutions that let you reach out to your potential customers quickly. You can offer reliable and secure lending services to your end-users via the advanced app we built.

  • E-wallet Apps

    We develop e-wallets that empower millions of users to transact seamlessly via various options, such as cards, QR codes, mobile numbers, and more. This digital model of money transfer is known to be time-efficient and cost-effective when compared to traditional methods.

  • Crowdfunding Apps

    Our crowdfunding platform has empowered several startups and companies to raise funding for their thriving businesses conducted as equity crowdfunding. Students and educational institutions can also benefit from these apps to crowdfund for their projects.

  • Blockchain-based Apps

    We use the blockchain technology to build automated crypto wallets and cryptocurrency exchange platforms tailored to our clients’ business needs. Our team has successfully deployed several crypto-centric apps with a high success rate.

  • POS Solutions

    Our team develops advanced POS solutions for retail store chains and several businesses to accept payments from customers. All details are stored in a single place for future reference.

What Makes Our Financial Solutions Your Pick?

Swift Development ProcessAt Appdupe, our clients are our first priority. As soon as you partner with us for your app development, we ideate the project and come up with personalized app solutions in the quickest time possible. Upon approval, we deploy it on the Android and iOS platforms to help you set up your business in an instant.

Secure ProductsWe employ the cutting edge blockchain technology to make your FinTech app secure and fail proof. All data is encrypted to prevent it from unauthorized access. Only the app owners will possess access to view and manage the information stored in the app.

Scalable SolutionsOur applications are highly scalable solutions that give you the benefit of updating it as per your changing business requirements and customer preferences. This way, your business can stay on top of your niche, giving it a competitive edge.

Unique Attributes
Of Our Fintech Apps

Our apps possess novel qualities that help them stand apart among other businesses in the market, adding value to our clients.

  • Budget-Friendly SolutionsBuilding an app should not cost you a fortune. Hence, we offer our app development solutions at economical rates. These apps are integrated with all premium features needed for your business’s seamless functioning.

  • High-End SecurityYou do not have to worry about the data security issues when you opt for our solutions. We secure the apps with end-to-end encryption to safeguard them from possible data theft and other cyber attacks.

  • Multilingual SupportMany of our clients are present across various parts of the world. Hence, our apps include multiple languages, allowing app users to choose the ones they prefer. It is a great option to scale your FinTech app business globally.

  • Quick MVP AssessmentWe ideate our project to ensure the app offers quick MVP analysis. Our apps allow you to evaluate the MVP process swiftly to scale your business with maximum efficiency.

  • Custom App IntegrationThe FinTech apps we built can be integrated with your existing software or back-end systems without any glitches. We offer integration services as part of our development package to guarantee the same.

  • Post-launch AssistanceOnce you get on board with us, it is our sole responsibility to provide complete assistance to help your business function seamlessly. We provide technical assistance free of cost for a limited period post-launch. After this, you can avail of our paid support services offered at affordable prices.

Features Of Our FinTech Software Solutions

Secure RegistrationRegistration is the first step of every service app. It is a must for users to register their profiles to access further app features. The app includes several options such as fingerprint recognition, facial recognition, OTP, and more to ensure security.

Money TransfersThe app enables users to transfer money instantly to anyone across the world without any commission fee. This feature is known to captivate the attention of more users, proving to be conversion-oriented.

Link Bank AccountsFor faster financial transactions, users can link their bank account details to the app. This way, they can transact swiftly without the hassle of providing information for each transaction.

Manage BudgetsUsers can manage their monthly budgets in one convenient location, so they do not exceed their spending limits. The app also provides tips to cut down the expenses.

Pop-up AlertsThe app users will be kept updated about crucial information, such as pending bill payments, monthly spending reports, etc., through instant push notifications. Other details like app updates, new feature integration, and more can also be sent for user awareness.

Investment GuidanceThe app offers investment tips to users and suggests trending investment plans through push notifications. It will be a valuable addition to your end-users.

Speech RecognitionThe app solution is integrated with an AI-based voice recognition feature. It helps users to interact with the app through voice commands.

Chatbot AssistanceThe app houses messaging chatbots that attend to user queries and provide faster replies. It leads to increased customer satisfaction, reflecting in the customer retention rate.

Robo-advisorThe Robo-advisor option included in the app provides users with financial advice. It is highly beneficial for data and service management.

Data AnalyticsThe financial data of users stored in the app are analyzed to generate advanced reports, helping them to make informed financial decisions.

Personalized ExperienceThe app is integrated with machine learning and AI capabilities to offer a personalized experience to users. Smart suggestions are provided for queries raised by users.

Cross-Platform CompatibleUsers can access the application on any digital assistant devices, owing to its cross-platform functionality. It helps in increasing the app usage.

Biometric AccessUsers can log in to the app using fingerprint identification or facial recognition. It helps them to get into the app swiftly.

Rest ProtocolRest protocol is followed in the back end coding to assure the app security, along with enhancing its speed.

SSL SecurityThe apps we develop include SSL certificates to encrypt data transferred between users and web servers. It helps in preventing data theft and other cyber attacks.

Prevalent FinTech Trends

Besides conventional financial solutions, we also assist businesses in developing technological solutions to serve the contemporary needs of the user community. This way, we can keep up with trends predominating in the financial industry.

Fiat Currency

Mobile BankingUsers are more acquainted with the emerging technologies that they no longer wish to visit banks to get their trades done. All they need is a powerful application that empowers them to access all functionalities they need without any hassles.

Electronic PaymentsSeveral e-commerce businesses have emerged in the market, leading to increased competition. They wish to incorporate all possible online payment methods into their systems to captivate the attention of their potential customers. We assist them in achieving the same with our services to customize and integrate electronic payment systems.

Automated TradingIn recent times, experienced traders, investors, and hedge fund managers rely on automated trading systems to earn assured profits. With these solutions, trading can be carried out at high speed with maximum efficiency and accuracy.


Crypto ExchangeThe rise of cryptocurrencies’ popularity has pushed several businesses to launch their own trading and exchange platforms to support seamless trading. It benefits all stakeholders involved in the ecosystem, sellers, buyers, and, most importantly, the trading platform owner.

Blockchain TechnologyThe need to secure data has led to the emergence of blockchains. No businesses can survive in the market for long without integrating the blockchain technology into their app solutions. We excel in deploying blockchains in our solutions to offer fully secure and transparent applications quickly and efficiently.

Digital AssetsICO, IEO, Tokens, and many more are widely embraced by the crypto community worldwide. Due to this, they emerged as major digital assets, captivating a larger audience base. Connect with us to launch your own cryptocurrencies and tokens that revolutionize the cryptosphere with its maximum values.

We Make Use Of Next-Gen Technology
For Your Fintech Apps

Cutting-edge tools and technology back the applications we built for your seamless business operations. From enterprise-scale institutions to startups, our solutions allow all businesses in the financial sector to experience the best of today and the future. The next-gen technology we deploy in our app development solutions are:

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Blockchain Technology

  • NFC Protocol

  • POS Systems

  • Augmented Reality

  • Prescriptive Security

  • Automated Robo-advisor

  • Cloud Services

Work With The Best
Fintech App Developers In Town

  • Custom FinTech ApplicationsOur team of experienced developers has worked with various businesses and financial organizations to develop financial solutions like banking apps, lending apps, investment apps, blockchain-based apps, and many more. We guarantee that these solutions are integrated with AI-powered, Blockchain-based capabilities to ensure seamless and secure operations of the app.

  • Value-added Services We also assist in customization and integration of third-party online payment systems like Stripe, Braintree, etc., into your existing operations. We have served the biggest names in the industry for better management of their business as well as startups to offer unique financial solutions for a potential audience to manage their finances, credit scores, and more.

Why Choose Us
As Your App Development Partner?

Our team excels in building highly competitive applications with cutting-edge features. Our clients choose them for several reasons, as listed below.

Feature-packed SolutionsOur app solutions are loaded with all essential and advanced features, making it feature-rich to enhance customer experience.

User-friendly InterfaceOur expert team ensures that the app is built with an intuitive user interface to provide an improved experience to the app users.

AI-Based AppsThe apps we develop are integrated with AI-based technology, offering user-friendly services to the end-users and making it ready for the next generation.

Data PrivacyWe make use of Blockchain-based technology to offer end-to-end data encryption when information is shared between user apps and web servers.

Regulatory ComplianceWe strictly adhere to rules, regulations, and guidelines enforced by government organizations that your business should follow to operate in your niche.

Fraud ExposureOur apps include automated fraud exposure solutions that help you review fraudulent activities from time to time and take necessary actions.

Tech Stack Of Our FinTech Apps

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

The development cost varies from project to project, as it is decided by several factors involved in the development process. It is advised to reach out to our support team to get exact costs to develop an app as per your business requirements.
Similar to the app development cost, the time to build the apps also depends on various factors, such as the business model involved, API integration, and more. We will give you a complete timeline of the project after analyzing your business and its objectives.
At Appdupe, we offer a wide range of FinTech app solutions like Investment apps, Bank mobile software, Accounting apps, POS solutions, Insurance apps, Crypto-centric apps, etc. Get in touch with our support team to get a clear picture of our app solutions.
Our FinTech apps are easy-to-use, scalable, secure, and cost-effective solutions. It can be integrated with your existing software systems effortlessly. Also, the app includes advanced features like chatbot assistance, voice recognition, and more to offer enhanced app experience.
For more details, kindly connect with our support team via a call - +916382665366, mail - [email protected], or through the chat option available in the app. They will provide you with the necessary information.

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