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Letgo Clone

The advent of the internet has transported the informal C2C marketplace to the global landscape. Previously limited to only a specific locality or region, now it's possible for an individual to sell their used-goods to someone from another city or even country! Appdupe’s intuitive Letgo clone script allows you to develop and launch your own platform effortlessly. Our team ensures your platform is tailored to meet your business requirements and enhanced with the latest user trends and security conventions.

Letgo Clone App Revenue Model

Online C2C marketplaces act as intermediaries allowing users to buy or sell goods and services. These platforms charge their users' negligible fees but still are hugely profitable, attracting valuation that runs in the millions. Let’s take a look at how our Letgo clone app will generate revenue:


A basic method of earning revenue is by charging a nominal fee to the sellers.

Promoted Content:

Allowing sellers to run promotional campaigns, their goods and services will generate more revenue.

Premium Services:

Subscription plans will allow you to offer users extra features for a premium fee.

Ad Syndicates:

Feature third-party advertisements pushed by syndicates on dedicated sections or pages.

Letgo Clone - Classified Buy & Sell Marketplace

Buy & Sell Classified Marketplace Script Features

An app like Letgo comprises of three platforms - buyer, seller and admin. The three platforms work in conjunction to deliver a seamless experience. Appdupe Letgo clone comes enriched with premium features targeting every aspect of the app, and they have been summarized below:

Inventory Management

Allows the seller to accurately track and manage the status of their products and services on the platform.

Catalogue Management

Sellers can easily add or remove items from their catalogue.

Independent Profile Page

Helps the seller to market themselves online and reach a broader audience.

Interactive Dashboard

Enables sellers to view the performance of their products and understand market trends.

Letgo Clone Script Features

Optimized Search & Filters

Buyers can search for products easier and make purchases faster on your platform.

Hassle-free Login

Apart from email login, buyers can use their social media accounts to access their profiles.

Diverse Payments Options

Empowers the buyer to check out with their orders through their preferred payment option.

Notifications Management

Alerts the buyers about product availability, discounted sales and other events.

User Management

Administrator can track user behaviour and also delegate responsibilities to authorised personnel.

Content Management

Control all types of media and content on the platform. Also acts as a channel to disseminate information.

Insights & Analytics

Collect data on the different aspects of the platform to understand emerging market trends.

Advertising & Promotions

Generate revenue by featuring advertisements and attract more users by hosting promotional events.

Technology Stack
of Our Online Classified Ads Script

We use the best programming languages and software in Letgo clone app development.



A programming language used for Android development that is highly customizable, secure and popular.

Android Studio

The official Integrated Development Environment for building applications for Google’s Android OS.



An open-source language developed by Apple to build immersive applications for iOS and macOS.


A software development suite that makes it easy to create and launch iOS applications.



A PHP web framework that is used for building a variety of systems that includes security, authentication, communication and configuration.


An open-source database management system that focuses on efficiency, flexibility and customizability.

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Pricing Package

Admin Panel Features
  • Admin Login
  • Forgot Password
  • Admin Dashboard
  • Ads Statistics
  • User Statistics
  • Ads Management
  • Manage Ads List
  • Manage Category
  • Manage Sub-Category
  • Enable/Disable Category
  • Upload Ads Picture
  • Manage Ads Type
  • Manage Custom Fields
  • User Management
  • Manage Role
  • Manage User Permissions
  • Manage Titles
  • Payments Management
  • Manage CMS Pages
  • Manage General Settings
  • Manage Homepage Settings
  • Manage Application Language Settings
  • Manage Meta Tags
  • Manage Packages
  • Manage Payment Settings
  • Manage Advertising
  • Manage Countries
  • Manage Currency Code
  • Manage Time Zones
  • Manage Blacklist Record
  • Manage Report Types
  • Manage Plugins
  • Clear Cache
  • Data Backup
  • Maintenance Mode
  • Admin Account Management
  • Change Password
User Application Features
  • User Registration
  • User Login
  • Forgot Password
  • Homescreen
  • Choose Country
  • Choose City/Region
  • Post Free Ads
  • Upload Picture for Ads
  • Add Seller Details for Ads
  • Add Packages for Ads
  • Browse by Category
  • View Latest Ads
  • View Ads Details
  • View Ads Contact Information
  • Report Ads
  • Save Ads
  • Message (Ads)
  • View Similare Ads Suggestion
  • FAQ
  • Contact Seller (Social Media)
  • Change Application Language
  • Search
  • User Account Management
  • User Ads Management
  • Manage Favorites
  • View/Manage Saved Post
  • View/Manage Pending Approvals
  • Manage Archived Ads
  • Manage Conversations
  • Manage Transaction Details
  • Change Password
  • Buy/Sell Products
  • Close Account


Yes, based on your geographic location and target audience, the platform can be customized to support different languages.
Yes, all our products built for Android and iOS are designed as native apps. This ensures that the Letgo clone open source code is optimized for the target operating system, thereby promising performance, security and reliability.
Our services and Letgo clone software are 100% white-label. This gives your complete ownership of your product. Additionally, we do not encode any part of the software which gives you complete freedom to customize and edit the Letgo clone features.
We do not enforce any protocols that may hamper your application’s productivity. You can use our products without any restrictions as they come with a lifetime user license.
Apart from developing and modifying the product to your requirements, we help you with the installation of the software on the appropriate servers. An after-sales programme is also in place that allows you to update and upgrade your application to take on new challenges.

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