Restaurant Delivery App Development
Launch a unique digital solution for your restaurants!

The post-Uber world is nothing like anything with the comprehensive suite of business silos competently adapting to the on-demand rage. The restaurant niche, once considered a non-starter in the tech world, has ascended to unprecedented heights. Estimated at $100 billion, the relevance of restaurant apps has never been this staggering.

Why so? The ability to browse through a range of food items, compare the price, demand customization, and order at your fingertips makes them an irresistible choice. Want to enter this remunerative silo? Look no more as at Appdupe, we proffer you with world-class restaurant apps ingrained with your innate sensibilities. Highly scalable and ready-to-launch. Now at an unbeatable price!

Restaurant Mobility Solution We Provide

Scout out our impressive array of world-class restaurant app development solutions, deliberately devised to propel your business operations.

Restaurant Finder App DevelopmentBestow the capacity to zero in the perfect restaurant contingent on cuisines/location/ratings besides price and diet preferences.

On-Premise Food Order POS DevelopmentAmplify the customer engagement rates with our first-rate on-premise food ordering solutions that are eccentric.

Food Delivery App DevelopmentExperience a staggering surge in every single restaurant business metric with our stellar range of enticing food delivery app solutions.

Food Ordering App DevelopmentEntitle your customers to quench their cravings at the touch of a button with our indelible assemblage of food ordering app solutions.

Restaurants Discounts App DevelopmentSail towards the economic glory in online food delivery by launching an exclusive coupon application with our inventive solutions.

Inventory Management Solutions DevelopmentKnock out the dreaded cart abandonment occurrence with pristine control over inventory figures through our holistic set of solutions.

Restaurant Web PanelArm your arsenal with a wall-to-wall view over your restaurant proceedings with our tailor-made restaurant web panel solutions.

Extensively User-Friendly and 100% Customizable Restaurant App Software

Infused with an overtone of captivating user interface and terrific features, our restaurant apps intently propel the customer convenience, proportionally accelerating the business operations. Unearth the limitless potential of online food delivery and overwhelm your competition. With the capacity to holistically customize the app end-to-end, during the restaurant app development, the solution can be molded to reverberate your intrinsic market trends and trade sensitivities.

Completely white-labeled solutions

Specifically devised features

Hassle-free installation on any server of your choice

Workflow Of Our Restaurant App Development Solution

Customer AppCaptivate your customers by proffering them with a potential to sail through multitude of food items, their iterations, customizations all through a restaurant delivery app with an advanced search bar, and cart addition options with intelligent sorting and filter elements. An instant checkout process adds the icing on the cake.

Restaurant AppTap the unexplored markets seamlessly with an avant-garde online restaurant app. The moment a customer places an order, the restaurant managers receive an instant notification and can deliberately pre-prepare the requirements. With the online restaurant ordering app’s tools like god’s eye view over inventory, menu and pricing management, historical business growth can be witnessed.

Delivery Executive AppSuffused with a smart navigation system that confers only the best route to a given delivery location, delivery executives can plummet the ETA and power more deliveries at a lesser time. This goes hand-in-hand with the ability to manage their earnings on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. A perfect restaurant delivery app in every sense of the word!

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Pivotal Features Of A Restaurant Delivery App Development

  • Food CourtEmbolden yourself to get your business showered with incredible sales and enhanced profits. Manage all the operations from staff management to order management all under one roof.

  • OrderingBring about the finest order management with the app's order management tool. From the customer interaction with the app, delivery app connection to the notification to delivery boys, all it takes is now below 30 seconds. Automation speaks for itself!

  • Restaurant FinderThis feature is enough to increase customer traction for you! It will pinpoint the user's location and your restaurant's location to them so that they can dine in easily, without searching for a good restaurant nearby.

  • Table BookingWe mean it when we say our restaurant app solution is worth it! Now your employees won't have to run errands to search tables, or your users won't have to call and wait for their turn to dine in. They can straightaway book a table through the software.

  • Dine-inImprove your user experience by letting your users read the updated menu, choose an ingredient, book a table, and whatnot. Everything from check-in to check-out, the app manages it all. You can now freely concentrate on giving your customers the best experience!

  • In-app PurchaseUnlock the best possible ways of thriving and monetizing your app by introducing in-app purchases and payment options. Let your customers avoid tiring queues and skip to the exclusive services like table reservations, seats assigned in the shortest time.

  • Push NotificationsGrow your app to new heights with push notifications. Use it to your advantage and increase the engagement rate by sending notifications regarding discounts or special offers on the most popular cuisines!

  • Coupons And Loyalty ProgramsFree stuff and the user base's love for it go hand in hand. So, why not fulfill what they wish for, and let them give what you wish?! Let them be fulfilled with loyalty and rewards.

  • Ratings And ReviewsOptimize your sales by allowing your customers to give feedback through the app. You can review the ratings, look for distinct ways to overcome the pain points, and improve what they love.

  • Driver TrackingInsight yourself about the status of every order that happened on the app through the holistic view displayed in a single dashboard of the restaurant app.

Benefits of a Restaurant Mobile App Development

Singular solution. Limitless business benefits.

Online Food OrderingSend your customers into rapture by launching a visually-appealing online food delivery app that expediently recreates the conventional restaurant experience. Bolstered with a user-friendly UI, customers can seamlessly explore, navigate, compare, and place orders and get it delivered to their doorsteps within a few taps.

Push NotificationsEdify your entire customer range with timely, on-the-spot updates about your latest annexures in your menu, celebratory discounts, exclusive sale days, extensive offers through crisp text messages, emails, or in-app push notifications.

Multi-Platform CompatibilityLeverage the global recognition of the online food delivery niche by launching your prime offering on every possible technology platform such as Android, iOS, Windows, and even some cross-platform systems without any hassle.

Supply Chain ManagementRamp up your delivery capabilities by automating the whole gamut of supply chain processes like raw material procurement, ingredient processing, etc. Steer forward your offering into the profit zone as our solution provides you with a real-time comparison of your competitors' pricing schemes, aiding in reasoned decision making.

Menu ManagementCapture your customers' imagination by concording them with a multimedia-laden, interactive menu that assorts your specialty dishes besides the much-revered regulars. The addition of sparkling images and clips of your headliner dishes is made possible with our solution.

Round-the-Clock SupportStrike a rooted and amicable relationship with your customers by acting on their queries promptly in addition to providing 24*7 telephonic and email support through an inherent help desk integration available in our restaurant application.

Exuberant Features Of Our Restaurant App Development

Asserting delightful food ordering experience for customers

Order PlacingCulminate diverse iterations of utility features such as powerful dashboard and search bar that expedite processes like menu browsing, adding to the cart, checkout, etc.

Real-Time TrackingAccredit your customers to receive live location updates about their order through GPS integration besides on the air notifications about the status of their order.

Multiple Payment OptionsFlatter your customers with a plentiful amount of payment methods ranging from secure gateways, UPI, net banking, credit/debit cards, etc.

Process We Follow To Develop Your Restaurant Delivery App

  • 1

    FormulationThe initial step we always follow is to discuss with you the requirements you have about your app. Through this, we will grasp your points and gain insights into the plan. We jot down everything to not miss a single detail.

  • 2

    WireframingWe create wireframes that will meet your expectations borderline. Our analysts will bring a myriad of wireframe screens of the restaurant app to give you an overview of the project.

  • 3

    DesigningOnce a nod from you, our team will quickly get started with UX designing the best interface and interaction. On the other hand, the UI designer will work on design so that your business will have a unique identity within the app.

  • 4

    DevelopmentOur ingenious developers will bring out their skills to light by working on the features of the app. They will clock up every requirement set by you and provide exceptional service so that users won’t face even a hitch.

  • 5

    Testing To ensure they match the mark you had of your dream project, our team will look for bugs within the app and fix them after vigorous testing.

  • 6

    LaunchingFinally, with this, the restaurant app development comes to a halt, with our team deploying your app on the platform of your choice. Your app will now be ready to reach the farthest corners of the world.

An All-Encompassing Application for Restaurants

Seamless order processing; skyrocketing profits

Order ManagementKick start the processing of the whole range of the online orders received all at a single screen. Effectively accept/ reject orders, update the order status, and keep a tab on dispatched ones.

Inventory ManagementFlex your inventory muscles by diligently scrutinizing the availability of stock, ingredients, and essentials on a real-time basis. This way, cart abandonment rates can be eliminated.

Revenue ManagementRestaurant managers have exclusive access to their transactional history with information regarding total income, total profit, percentage of commission, etc.

Multi-Utility Application for Delivery Executives

Deliver anywhere, anytime without a hitch

Route OptimizationAccord, the delivery executives with the best route for a predetermined location devoid of traffic and allied blockages, accelerates the delivery rate.

Order NotificationsKeep the delivery logs ringing by updating the delivery executives via in-app push notifications the moment an order request is assigned along with the complete delivery details.

Availability ToggleAuthorize the delivery executives to deliberately express their availability for a particular order or for the whole day by tapping on the toggle option embedded in the app.

Streamlined Web Ordering System for Restaurants

March beyond mobile applications by conquering the online space with our superior web ordering systems that purge the whole food delivery process.

Simplified Food Ordering for Customers

Pre-OrderWhy swarm over and over on a favorite food item when you can get it delivered at your doorsteps periodically! Our order scheduling system does the job.

ReorderWith limitless access to order history, customers can instantly reorder their taste-bud enticing delicacies without any hassle. Lesser the time, the merrier the experience!

Self-PickupNot a fan of door delivery? No problem, one can place their order through the web ordering system and can collect it themselves at the restaurant.

Superfast CheckOut and Secure Payment Options

Flood your customers with a ragbag of popular payment methods perfectly complemented by a lightning-fast checkout process.

Payment OptionsBy integrating widely accepted and deployed payment options such as credit/debit cards, UPI, net banking into your arsenal, conversion rates can be intensified.

Multi-Restaurant OrderingAggregate the offering and appeal of chain restaurants all condensed in a single web application. Devised for massive reach!

Supersize your Customer Retention Rate

Keep your customers engaged and entertained with a slew of stellar features in the restaurant food ordering website solution.

Social LoginCustomers can storm into the web application by entering their social media credentials, doing away with tedious registration processes.

WishListsWant to fire up your taste buds at a later time? The wishlist features allow you to save a food item and order it in the future.

Review and RatingsAuthorize your customers to lash out their heartfelt opinions on a particular food item or the service as a whole through a distinct ratings and reviews field.

Effortless Wallet Integration

WalletWhy stuck between the chaos of different payment methods when you can pay through an intelligent, rechargeable electronic wallet! We proffer you with one such integration as a part of the restaurant app development service.

MarketingChannelize your marketing efforts effectively by wheedling your customers with a constellation of offers, discounts, coupons, etc.

Advanced Search BarIncorporated with intuitive sorting and filtering options, the superbly designed search bar slashes through the entire range of offering at a stroke.

Immense Control over Orders

Order TrackingThrough map navigation, customers can track the status of orders in real-time and also receive an expected time of arrival report.

Order HistoryAn all-inclusive list of previous orders, both successful and failed, are available to the customers along with their transaction details.

Master Admin Dashboard

Manage and monitor the operations of the restaurant business in one place. This way, diligent tracking of the health and performance of the firm is made possible.

Reimagine your Menu

Add-OnsComplementary and additional alterations like toppings and specific dietary preferences can be added/ removed.

Time SlotsRestaurant managers can set predetermined time slots coherent with the availability of certain food items.

Custom TaxesAutomated addition of local taxes into the final bill based on the respective laws of the land.

Align your Restaurants

Cuisine ManagementAdmins can willingly add/remove/block any of the available cuisine based on their reception and market circumstances.

Restaurant ManagementAny of the restaurants enrolled in the online food delivery service can be accessed and added/blocked by the admin for valid reasons.

Category ManagementAdmins can deliberately cluster certain food items so as to escalate their visibility and subsequent business traction.

Listing ManagementOnly after the admin's approval, new restaurants can be boarded into the services of the online food delivery system.

Configure Everything in a Single Window

General Site Settings

Social Media Settings

Payment Settings

Rewire Your Orders

Order ManagementAdmins can willingly access the details of the number of received orders, processes orders, dispatched besides tracking them in real-time.

Failed Order ManagementRescheduling failed orders and notifying the customers regarding the information on failed transactions can be done by the admins.

Role Management

Sub AdminsAdmins are permitted to recruit sub-admins and assign them various roles in managing the site in an efficient manner.

Delivery ManagerAn exclusive addition to the management team, the delivery lead proficiently oversees the delivery process.

Perfect your Platform

Stock ManagementThe inventory metrics can be updated on a daily basis to facilitate proper planning.

Offer ManagementShoot up the patronage of your customer base by assigning them with exciting offers and discounts.

Operative Tracking

Commission TrackingAdmins can deliberately configure commission rates for both restaurants and delivery executives based on the existing market conditions.

RefundsThe refunds to be availed due to failed transactions can be managed and processed by the admin.

SEO-Friendly Built

CMSAdmins are able to add/ remove any static pages and have an immersive control over the published pages via an in-app CMS interface.

Newsletter ManagementReach out to your customers with your array of latest modifications and updates in the menu through blogs and newsletters.

Advanced Analytical Reports

  • Order Report

  • Restaurant Commission Report

  • Merchant Transaction Report

  • Referral Bonus Report

  • Delivery Person Commission Report

  • Consolidated Performance Report

World-Class Restaurant Management Solutions

Digitize your restaurant operations to facilitate superior customer experience and super fast service in tandem with a competitive advantage.

Restaurant Manager Panel

Order Tracking

Powerful Dashboard and Pin

Restaurant Profile Management

Assignment of Tables to Waiters

Revenue Management

Reservations Management

Waiter Panel

Order Receiving and Tables Assigning

Generation of Bill

Order and Customization Enquiry

Order Notification from Customers

Kitchen Management

Feedback Reception

Customer App

SignUp and Login

Table Selection/ Reservation

Choosing Food Item from Menu

Hail a Waiter

Invoice Generation

Payment Options Integration

Kitchen Dashboard

Preparation Based on Priority

Pending Order Management

Completed Order Notification

Dashboard Management System

We Culminate Modern Technological Advancements
to Power Your Restaurant Business

  • Route OptimizationInfuse a sense of delight into customers as the delivery executives are armed with route optimization that furnishes them with the most optimized route to a location lacking traffic and similar blockades. The faster the delivery, the faster is your growth!

  • In-App ChatKnock out the misconceptions regarding delivery time, ingredients, and cuisine silo by connecting customers with restaurants and delivery executives through the real-time internal communication channel.

  • Customer Relationship ManagementEffortlessly organize and scrutinize over the customer data in its entirety with our astute CRM systems. This way, nurturing leads becomes a commonality, which is reflected in the surging customer engagement rate.

  • Analytical ReportsImmerse yourselves with crucial business metrics like most popular items, their availability, performance on a span, fiscal generation, etc., through visually appealing reports based on business analytics.

How Appdupe Provides Business Value to your Restaurant Ordering System?

Being the premier choice for entrepreneurs looking to funnel this new-found frenzy of online food delivery, Appdupe has an impressive track record of bestowing clients with sustained business growth and industrial value relentlessly.

Online Food OrderingWith an expert team of developers who have deduced the nitty-gritty of restaurant app development, our solution assists entrepreneurs as a complete package - a perfect conglomeration where customers can effortlessly login, browse, order, track and get them delivered at their doorstep. A consummate ordering experience!

Business MobilityEnterprises wishing to harmonize their diverse range of operations, such as material procurement, logistics, in-house order processing, etc., can leverage our best-in-industry business mobility apps. Additionally, employee tracking and customer satisfaction evaluation can also be performed.

Brand CreationOur expertise and anchoring presence in the specific industry vertical has seen us incubation and normalizing a prestigious bandwagon of brands. We have devised a holistic approach for the restaurant app development to diligently ideate, simulate and market sellable customer experiences that are ingrained with your brand values.

Why Choose Us?

  • ExpertiseWith an experience exceeding over a decade, we have extrapolated what it requires to come up with a world-beating restaurant application for your business offering.

  • Native ApplicationsSeize the online glory with native mobile restaurant applications operating in Android and iOS in conjunction with distinct web applications.

  • 100% CustomizationActuate your app expectations and requirements into reality as we offer end-to-end customization of the restaurant to reverberate your indelible business conceptions.

  • White LabelRebranding the app with your innate brand identification elements like logo, name, etc., is a piece of cake. Hustle is ours; history is all yours!

  • Delivery Management SolutionGear Up with a shrewd delivery management system that eases out every single online ordering process through a powerful dashboard.

  • Pre-Build AppsWhy squeeze out your hard-earned money to build restaurant apps from scratch when you can customize our prefabricated range of such solutions at a fraction of that cost! A genuinely affordable solution.

Demo Of Our Restaurant Chain Management Software

Get both the Android and iOS apps for free. After all, building a business doesn’t have to cost you a bomb!

Premium Application Demo

App Demo
Web Demo

Enterprise Application Demo

App Demo
Web Demo

Pricing Package

Premium Installation Most Popular

    • Signup(Mobile Number)
    • View restaurant
    • Restaurant banner
    • Order from single restaurant
    • Order multiple items
    • Add addons
    • Product wise discount
    • Card/cash payment
    • Address addition/skip
    • Custom notes to admin
    • Delivery charge
    • Tax
    • Live order track
    • OTP during delivery
    • Dispute order
    • Commision to admin
    • Notice board to delivery boy
    • Custom push
    • Shift/Break for delivery boy
    • Past and ongoing order track
    • Manage address
    • Promotion
    • Coupon
    • Search for dish and restaurant
    • Rating/offer/DT for restaurant


    • "Signup(Mobile Number)
    • View restaurant
    • Restaurant banner
    • Order from single restaurant
    • Order multiple items
    • Add addons
    • Product wise discount
    • Card/cash payment
    • Address addition/skip
    • Custom notes to admin
    • Delivery charge
    • Tax
    • Live order track
    • OTP during delivery
    • Dispute order
    • Commision to admin
    • Notice board to delivery boy
    • Custom push
    • Shift/Break for delivery boy
    • Past and ongoing order track
    • Manage address
    • Promotion
    • Coupon
    • Search for dish and restaurant
    • Rating/offer/DT for restaurant
    • Add on Mandatory
    • Combination of service
    • dining
    • Takeaway
    • Membership for delivery boy"
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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Delivery time depends on several factors, including the customization requirements. Our team makes no compromise yet manages to deliver the script on the mutually agreed deadline.
Our Restaurant app is a highly scalable solution. You can upgrade the App at any time in the coming years as per changing user preferences. You can integrate new features and functionalities, increase its handling capabilities, and redesign its user interface without any hassle.
Yes. We offer post-launch maintenance support to our clients to help them run their business smoothly in the initial few days. This support service is free of charge for a limited period. After this, you can avail of our paid maintenance services that are offered at affordable prices.
We can customize at your will and add/remove any features and designs to suit a specific location.
Connect with our support team over email - [email protected] or call +916382665366. You can also connect with us directly through the chat option available on our website.

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