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Online recharge, utility bill payments, and money transfers are made efficient and straightforward with our Paytm clone app solution. Empower users to process digital payments effortlessly and businesses to receive payments efficiently. This commission-based payment processing system is your way to capture a large audience base in the future!

Our Paytm clone app is a highly customizable solution and includes all the necessary features for its hassle-free functionality. Get your hands on this fantastic solution and enter this lucrative market for high returns.

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Core Modules of
Our Paytm Clone App

Our Paytm clone app is a versatile solution that extends various functionalities, as listed below.

Mobile wallet

Allow users to add money to their wallets so they can process the payments directly from the mobile wallet, without the need for bank services.

Recharge & Utility payments

Process bill payments for utilities like mobile recharge, DTH recharge, rent, gas, electricity, water, etc., effortlessly.

Book e-tickets

Book tickets online for bus, train, or flight travels directly from the digital wallet, making your booking experience hassle-free

Foreign remittance

Enable users to process cost-effective fund transfers to their family, friends, or other individuals staying in foreign lands.

Rewards & Discounts

Captivate a large user base by offering reward points or discounts to redeem during online shopping for the payments processed through the platform.

Online banking

Allow users to avail of banking services online without the need for visiting banks. Accounts can be created and managed online.

Highlight Features Of
Our Paytm Payment App Clone

Unique ID/OTP

A unique ID or OTP will be shared with users every time they try to login to the app, strengthening the app’s security.

Easy accessibility

Users can readily add money to their digital wallets and process payments effortlessly anytime, anywhere.

Auto backup & Restore

All transaction details are backed up automatically and restored when users wish to access it later.

Contactless payments

The app is integrated with contactless payment processing technology like NFC and QR code scan and pay.

Quick P2P fund transfers

Users can promptly send or receive money to/from their friends and family via the P2P payment feature.


Provide reward points in the form of cash, shopping vouchers, or coupons to engage users to process payments on your platform.

Auto refunds

If payments are not processed, the amount debited from your wallet will be automatically refunded.

Generate invoice

After every transaction, a detailed invoice will be generated and shared with users via emails. They can also download it from the app.

In-app camera

The app includes an in-built camera to scan QR codes and needed documents for KYC verification.

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Our Versatile Development Solutions With
Paytm Clone

Different Mobile Wallet Payment Options
We Offer With Paytm Clone

QR code payments
This payment solution allows users to process payments for contacts that are not saved or pay for bills in physical stores. Users can scan the QR code and process payments, making the entire payment process effortless.
NFC technology
Near Field Communication (NFC) is a convenient solution that allows fund transfers efficiently. Here, the mobile devices have to be touched with NFC receivers to process transactions. It is a great option to enable contactless payments.
Bluetooth technology
iBeacon, a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology, allows users to receive location-based information and services. They are cost-effective solutions and enable faster and secure money transactions.
Blockchain technology
This technology is included to make payment app solutions process payments without any hassle and interference. It is mainly used while transacting huge amounts of money.

How Our Paytm Clone App
Benefits Your Business?

Several businesses have integrated payment gateway solutions into their ecosystem to process secure and faster payments. You can also opt for the solution that fits your needs due to the benefits listed below.

Benefits Of Paytm Clone App

Cashless payments

It is inevitable for business owners to offer an online payment facility as users prefer going cashless ever since the advent of digital payment apps.

E-commerce payments

Online businesses and retail stores have started to shift to online payment modes. Promoting your app gains you an increased reception among such businesses.

Streamlined processes

With our Paytm clone app onboard, businesses can streamline and automate their payment processes, making the entire process efficient.

Multi-platform access

The Paytm clone app can be accessed on all Android, iOS, and Windows devices at all times.

Government guidance

Several governments across the globe promote online payments as it offers secure money transfer services.

Global reach

Digital payment apps like Paytm are known to attract users worldwide. You can also join this market without any hassle.

How Paytm Clone Recharge
P2P Payment & Bill Payment Works?

Several businesses have integrated payment gateway solutions into their ecosystem to process secure and faster payments. You can also opt for the solution that fits your needs due to the benefits listed below.

Users can sign up with the app using their email IDs or phone numbers. They can create their profiles and add their bank details. They can add money to the digital wallet from their bank accounts. Users can now send money to other users or receive it without any interference. Also, they can process top-up and bill payments for utilities directly from the app

Users can also book e-tickets for bus, train, and flight travels. The ecommerce payment app enables users to purchase products directly from the sellers. Users can receive the product ordered and rate it on the app for other users’ reference.

paytm clone app
paytm clone script
paytm clone script
paytm clone script
paytm clone script

Features Of Our Paytm App Clone

paytm app clone

Quick sign up

The app includes multiple sign-up and login options to enable easy and quick onboarding of users.

paytm app clone

Profile set up

Users can provide needed details such as name, contact details, and more. They can verify their accounts and the details provided for authentication.

paytm app clone

Link bank accounts

Users can add their bank details to the app to process online payments directly from their bank.

paytm app clone

Add money

Users can add the money from their bank accounts to their in-app wallets to ensure quick payment processing.

paytm app clone

Browse and pay

This feature allows users to search for various services and avail it by paying through the payment gateway app

paytm app clone

Recharge & Utilities

Users can recharge their mobile number, pay for utilities, etc., seamlessly via the app.

paytm app clone

Scan QR codes

Users can scan the QR code and pay effortlessly for products purchased or services availed anywhere, anytime.

paytm app clone

Send money

Users can send money to their friends and family, contacts, or businesses promptly via the P2P payments app.

paytm app clone

Request money

Users can request money from their friends, family, or contacts. The receiver will be notified of the same.

paytm app clone

In-app chat

Users can also send messages to other users via the in-app chat option.

paytm app clone

Coupons & Discounts

Coupon codes and discounts can be offered to selected users based on their transactions.

paytm app clone

Payment status

The status of each payment processed is shared with users via pop-up message alerts. Email alerts can also be sent.

paytm app clone

Share invoices

The invoice for every transaction is shared with users via emails for their reference.

paytm app clone

Transaction history

The details of all processed, failed, or canceled transactions are presented here for user reference.

paytm app clone

Agent profile

Agents can create and manage their profile details with their personal and contact information. They can also update them if needed.

paytm app clone

Recharge & Utilities

Agents can receive their payments from their customers for the recharges or purchase of products via the payment gateway app.

paytm app clone

Receive money

Agents can receive bill payments from their customers by registering their phone number with the platform.

paytm app clone

Commission details

Agents can view the commission reports daily, weekly, and monthly to make informed business decisions.

paytm app clone

Transaction log

Agents can view the account logs of all transactions carried out in the app.

paytm app clone

Raise complaints

Agents can readily reach out to the admin in case of any issue with the app usage.

paytm app clone

God’s eye view

The admin can manage all activities of the digital payment app with the help of god’s eye view.

paytm app clone

Enable/Disable features

The admin can enable or disable any app feature as per the business requirement.

paytm app clone

User management

The admin can manage profiles of all users registered with the platform. These profiles can be added or removed as needed.

paytm app clone

Agent management

All the agent profiles are managed effortlessly with their commission reports.

paytm app clone

Manage coupons and discounts

The admin can offer coupons and discounts to users based on their payment history

paytm app clone

Manage commissions

The admin can manage the commissions received from other businesses or agents that offer their services on the platform.

paytm app clone

Sub-admin roles

The admin can create sub-admin profiles to help them access only a specific functionality of the app.

paytm app clone


The admin or the sub-admin can check and update the app’s SEO requirements to help it rank on top of search results.

paytm app clone

Payment gateway

The digital wallet can be integrated with multiple payment gateways to cover users from all walks of life.

paytm app clone

Analytical report

The app’s performance and associated data are analyzed to generate a detailed report that has insights to manage the app better.

paytm app clone

Refer and earn

Users can be proffered with reward points for successfully referring the app to their contacts.

paytm app clone


Any queries of users can be attended and clarified instantly via the customer support section.

paytm app clone

In-built camera

The app includes a camera that can be used to scan QR codes to process instant payments.

paytm app clone

Live chat

Users and agents can directly connect with the support team via the live chat option to clarify their doubts and other app-related queries.

paytm app clone


With the geolocation feature, users can directly transfer funds to other users of the app who are present nearby

paytm app clone

Cross-platform compatible

The app can be viewed as a web app, mobile app, or new app, allowing users to access it on various platforms.

paytm app clone

Auto refunds

The fund transfers that are not processed are returned to the users’ wallets or bank accounts.

paytm app clone

Ad management

The admin can enable promotional ads to display on the ad banners, earning a substantial income from third-party businesses.

paytm app clone


With the geolocation feature, users can directly transfer funds to other users of the app who are present nearby

paytm app clone

Auto backup

The app can be integrated with an auto-backup option that stores all data and retrieves it later when needed.

paytm app clone

Digital receipts

After every business transaction, the digital receipt of the payment can be shared with users via emails.

paytm app clone

Password protected

The app can be secured with a strong password to restrict access of unauthorized users.

paytm app clone

Fingerprint authentication

Users can add their fingerprints as a security layer to open the app, preventing others from accessing the app.

paytm app clone


Various payment methods and cards are classified under various categories for easy reference of users.

paytm app clone

Offline payments

Allow users to transfer payments when they are offline, helping users use the app effortlessly.

Addon Service Of Cryptocurrencies Integration

By integrating cryptocurrencies to the Paytm clone application, you can allow users to process fund transfers, pay bills, recharge, etc., without any hassle. Below are some cryptocurrencies that are integrated into our Paytm clone for payments:

paytm app clone

Process secure and encrypted digital payments seamlessly with Bitcoin.

paytm app clone

A distributed system backed by blockchain technology

paytm app clone
Gold - Bitcoin

Mine Bitcoin with GPU for quick processing.

paytm app clone
Cash - Bitcoin

Bitcoin cash enables secure payments for merchants.

paytm app clone

Litecoin extends borderless fund transfers promptly.

paytm app clone

Untraceable digital currency for secure payments.

paytm app clone
Enjin coin

It is a token powered by Ethereum Blockchain.

paytm app clone

Dash is a digital currency that can be used anywhere.

paytm app clone

Digital asset management system powered by Ethereum technology.

paytm app clone

A public, decentralized system that allows financial inclusion.

paytm app clone

A cryptocurrency that is easy to use and process faster payments.

paytm app clone

A P2P digital currency for online money transfers.

Tailor-made Paytm Like App Development and Integration Solutions At Cost-effective Rates!

Our custom-built Paytm clone app can be integrated into your existing business solutions effortlessly. Launch this cutting-edge app as a separate solution to gain massive reception in your target market.

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The Revenue Model Of
Our Paytm Ecommerce Payment App Clone

Choosing the right revenue model is paramount to score big in any sector. Understanding the target market and devising monetization strategies has become crucial for your business’s success. Here are some revenue models you can consider for your online payment app business.

Premium Model

In this revenue model, users can avail of basic features like send/receive money, view transactions, etc., for free. However, only the app’s premium subscribers can access high-end features like in-app messaging, chatbot support, cryptocurrency transactions, and many more advanced features.

Affiliate Marketing Model

Here, you can collaborate with banks and financial institutions to promote their products and services. Their promotional ads can be displayed on your ad banners. You can earn revenue from these businesses whenever a user clicks on the advert. It is a great way to make regular profits.

Launch Your Payment App Like Paytm With Us

We assist you in launching the fully developed mobile apps and web panels on your server and Android and iOS platforms in the shortest possible time.

paytm app clone
Requirement study

We gather all your requirements and conduct a thorough analysis to get a clear understanding.

paytm app clone
Payment gateway integration

Multiple payment gateways can be easily integrated into your payment app like Paytm.

paytm app clone
API integration

All third-party integrations can be readily added to your app without any hassle

paytm app clone
Server installation

The fully developed solution is promptly installed on the server of your choice.

paytm app clone
Security compliance

The app is audited end-to-end to ensure its compliance with all security regulations.

paytm app clone
Submission on app stores

Deploying the app on major app platforms - Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

paytm app clone
App rejection support

Fixing any issue that led to app rejection and resubmitting it to ensure its quick launch.

paytm app clone
Maintenance support

We extend free-of-cost maintenance services for a limited time for the smooth running of your business.

Integrate Premium Add-on:
CryptoCurrency Wallet

Encourage your users to reign the P2P exchange functionality despite the ingenuity offered by blockchain technology. With our supreme payment wallet, users can view their transactions whenever they want. As our unique goal is to reduce risk, they could avail the backup of their wallet incase of emergencies like thefts or any software failure.


  • They operate for 24 hours a day

  • Personal information remain hidden

  • Protocol cannot be manipulated

  • They are volatile

Why Choose Appdupe?

We are a leading provider of app development services, operating for several years in the field. We have worked with small startups and large conglomerates, gaining immense knowledge. Our clients choose us due to the following reasons.

Transparent processes

Our app development processes are 100% open, helping you understand it end-to-end.

User-friendly design

Our skilled UI/UX designers work to build an immersive user-interface for your app, gaining your target audience's attention.


The app is protected with multiple security features to prevent unauthorized third-party access.

On-time delivery

Our expert team strives together to deliver a leading-edge digital payment solution on or before our committed deadline.

24x7 Support

We extend support 24x7 to help you resolve your queries promptly to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

Affordable pricing

We have three different, affordable app packages to help businesses choose the one that fits their requirements

Domain expertise

Our team includes seasoned professionals who have several years of experience in the app development field.

In-house support

We develop all software solutions in-house and do not depend on third-party providers.

Pricing Of Our Paytm Payment App Clone Developmen

Basic Version

  • Website
  • User Web Panel
  • Agent Web Panel
  • Admin Web Panel

Premium Version

  • Website
  • Android App
  • User Android App
  • User Web Panel
  • Agent Web Panel
  • Admin Web Panel

Ultra Premium

  • Website
  • Android App
  • IOS App
  • User Android
  • iOS App and Web Panel
  • Agent Web Panel
  • Admin Web Panel

A White-label Paytm Clone App Solution That Offers A High Success Rates!

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Tech Stack Powered In Our Mobile Wallet App Development


We do provide source codes while handing over the fully functional payment app if you opt for our premium and ultra-premium app development packages. The basic package does not include source codes.

At Appdupe, we provide added benefits for businesses opting for our development services.

App launch and rejection support:After developing the fully functional app, we assist you in launching the app on major app platforms. Also, we will extend our support in case the app stores reject the submitted app. We will look into the error, fix it, and resubmit the app for instant launch.

Technical support: We offer free-of-cost technical support for a specified time to help you run your business smoothly. After the given period, you can opt for our paid maintenance services.

Our app development team includes a project manager, business analysts, skilled designers, seasoned developers, and qualified QA engineers.

The development of a digital wallet app like Paytm takes a few days if you choose to customize a ready-made solution. If you opt for developing the app from scratch, it will take up to a few months. It is always suggested to customize the Paytm clone solution as it saves you both time and money.

Feel free to connect over a call - +91 9384 843 395, email - [email protected], or through the chat option included on our website. Our team will explain our app development process in detail and guide you to get started.

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