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Let’s reel back in time and look at the hardships that everyone would have faced. The constant nagging in our minds to get back home just to dust off that one speck of cobweb or the need to maintain our garden after a week of restless work would have never been replaced if not for the on-demand apps.

The on-demand apps gave everyone a bolt for freedom, with prompt services and quickest responses at an affordable indulgence. Yet again, people started to stuff their phone storage with numerous on-demand apps for numerous services. Imagine you have to remember passwords for every single app, maintain a profile for them all, then hop from one app to another. Sigh! But here’s a turn in our story.

Say hi to multi-service on-demand service apps, where anyone can bail out those strenuous experiences and get everything done under a single name and app. Users can now book any on-demand services, then leave the app after the service is done efficiently. The super app does it all! With its unique offerings, it has attracted the attention of the global population.

Introducing to you our Yandex Go Clone. Developed with the latest technology and exigent features, you can cash in on the app and reap the benefits in a newfangled way.

What Is A Yandex Go Clone?

Yandex Go Clone is a prefabricated super app solution that entails multi-services on-demand viz taxi-hailing, food delivery, medicine delivery, grocery delivery, meat delivery, all under one roof.

It can be customized outright to integrate contemporary features and services along the lines of your business essentials.

Our Yandex Go Clone script enables offerings, whether in-house or third-party services, gathered all at a single spot.

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Wide Tier Of Services In A Single Yandex Go Clone App

Here’s to presenting to you the numerous services that can be accessed from our resilient Yandex Go clone. Spoil your users by bestowing them with a heap of services at a spot.

  • Taxi Ride

  • Motor Ride

  • Food Delivery

  • Grocery Delivery

  • Perfume Delivery

  • Flower Delivery

  • Water Delivery

  • Electrician

  • Plumber

  • Tutors

  • Carpenter

  • Mechanic

  • Dj

  • Massage

  • Beautician

  • Tow Truck

  • Painting

  • Car Wash

  • Photography

  • Doctors

  • Dog Walking

  • Baby Sitting

  • Fitness Coach

  • Maids

  • Pest Control

  • Home Painting Service

  • Dog Grooming

  • Catering

  • Physiotherapy

  • Vet

  • Snow Plows

  • Lock Smith

  • Workers

  • Travel Agent

  • Tour Guide

  • Security Guard

  • Insurance Agent

  • Fuel

  • Barber

  • Lawn Mowing

  • Interior Decorator

  • Lawn Care

  • Carpet Repairer

  • Computer Repairer

  • Helpers

  • Lawyers

  • Cuddling

  • Fire Fighters

  • Mobile Technician

  • Office Cleaning

  • Party Cleaning

  • Psychologist

  • Road Assistance

  • Sofa Repair

  • Spa

  • Translator

Super App Demo Videos

Web panel of our multi-services app

Web Panel Work Flow

Admin panel of our multi-services app

Admin Panel Work Flow

Android app of our multi-services app

Android App work Flow

iOS app of our multi-services app

iOS App work Flow

Why should you invest in Yandex Go Clone?

Seize the entire on-demand app market with just a single product, Yandex Go Clone. You can flex the solution to any extent you want to integrate all essential features and outshine in the industry.

  • Diverse services Launch scads of online businesses like taxi, delivery, and home services with just one app solution.

  • Diverse profitsSteer your business to a golden path by integrating the blue-chip features like in-app chat, analytics, route optimization, etc.

  • Diverse takings Cut down the bountiful investments, as we now offer you more affordable alternatives by replacing the expensive Google APIs.

Workflow Our Our White-label Yandex Go Clone

Our super app solution offers different modules of every on-demand service. With the script, the user can avail of any services they want in just a few clicks.

Ride-hailing service

Users register with the app with phone numbers or social media accounts.

They place a request for the ride through the application.

The drivers receive ride requests and decide whether to accept or decline.

After getting the ride, the users can track their ride throughout the trip.

Upon completion of the ride, they pay for the service with their choice of payment mode.

Users can provide feedback for the service on the app.

Delivery service

Users onboards by registering and login to use the Yandex Go clone application.

From the categories of delivery services, they choose the type of delivery they want.

They select the restaurant/store they want to purchase the product.

The user adds items to be purchased to the cart and place the order.

The order gets delivered to them, which can be tracked in real-time by the user throughout the time.

Users can choose to pay through cash or online for the order placed.

They provide feedback on received services and provide ratings.

Other on-demand services

To start availing of the on-demand services, they first register and login into the app.

Users choose the service provider from the diverse categories of service and place a request.

Service providers are notified with the request of the users, which they can decide to accept or reject within a limited time.

After the service is done, users pay for the service through any payment method of their choice.

Users provide ratings of the service through the application.

Our Yandex Go Clone Package

  • User iOS App

  • User Android App

  • Driver/Delivery Person iOS App

  • Driver/Delivery Person Android App

  • Service Provider iOS App

  • Service Provider Android App

  • Store/Restaurant iOS App

  • Store/Restaurant Android App

  • Store/Restaurant Web Panel

  • Service User Web Panel

  • Service Provider Web Panel

  • Super Admin Web Panel

  • App Landing Website

Zestful Features Of Yandex Like Super App Solution

  • Log in/Sign up Let your users breeze through the app with just a single piece of information registered about them. Trivial registration procedure= thriving user base!

  • Choose any service Roll out an extensive array of on-demand services from categories and subcategories from your single Yandex Go clone and let your users choose one from them. Surplus profit is the word.

  • Book Just a few diagonal movements of their fingers is needed to let your users book the required on-demand service.

  • Social login An added brownie point for users who want to hop into the app’s interface directly. Now all they need to do is select a social media handle, and yay!

  • Favorite provider From the given array of service providers, if the user finds someone’s profile satisfactory, they can mark them as their favorite.

  • Schedule booking Included for just the busy bees, to leverage the on-demand service anytime they want to get the service done, to schedule it beforehand.

  • Live tracking It helps the users to know how efficient and quick your service is. Let them get the perks showered by on-demand service along with fundamental real-time navigation.

  • Saved address Let them not worry their thumb fingers every time they type out a lengthy address. Give them the joy of skipping this part by letting them save their most-used address in the app.

  • Order confirmation Confirm that their service is now ready can be availed soon by them and kindle the engagement.

  • Push notifications Keep the users curious about their order or service by alerting them about the status of the booking, service cancellation, and much more.

  • Sign in Drivers/ Service providers can get started to enter this world of opportunities by logging in with their information.

  • Upload documents To join in the band of successful gig workers, the service providers can upload documents for the verification process.

  • Profile update For the multitude of users to know, they can edit, manage and add any information to their profile like contact details, services, and specialties.

  • Availability toggle Whether it is time for action or not, the service provider can choose this with this feature. They can set their availability status and let users know if they can render the service or not.

  • Accept/reject requests The app is a platform that offers convenience to all the stakeholders. True to that, the drivers/service providers can choose whether or not to accept or decline a request.

  • Set service radiusService providers have the comfort to a great degree that they can also set the service radius and receive requests from only that specified area.

  • Earning detailsOffer them an entire report stating their progress that they achieved from the app by presenting all their fulfilled services on a daily, monthly and annual basis.

  • Multiple requests Why let them slip the chances of gaining a fortune when they can have it? They can accept multiple requests if they are from nearby locations.

  • Feedback They can share their feedback concerning the users for whom they have fulfilled the service.

  • Link accounts The drivers/service providers can link their bank accounts to their profile to receive their earnings for the services they provide after the commission cut-down by the admin.

  • Powerful dashboard You can have the entire control over your app’s functionality and operations with the help of this feature-loaded panel.

  • Service provider management Either you can accept or reject the requests of the service providers to work through your app.

  • User management You have the ability to access every data of users’ information through your panel and edit details like booked services, payment options, etc. They can access the details anytime they want.

  • Store management Manage the stores that have signed up with the app, and you can decide to remove them for any valid reasons.

  • Help Ensure the best app experience for your users by solving their queries on time. Even the delivery executives and store managers can reach out to you. Manage them all, and gain superior loyalty from them!

  • Analytics Improve your business by getting the smart analytics of your app and users’ preferences and make improved decisions.

  • VoIP call Maintaining privacy is now not a concern when your app has the potential to let users and services providers/drivers call each other without disclosing their contact numbers.

  • Restricted geofence Say ‘no’ to cause any regret. With this feature at hand, you can set a specific location in the admin panel where the app avoids requests because of the unsafe location.

  • Airport queueing The admin can geofence the area that is nearer to the airport, and the drivers who are in the vicinity can receive requests.

  • Multiple currency integration We proffer you to launch the app in multiple places with multiple currency changes so that you can gain a universal user base.

  • Subscription plans Open up a new revenue stream and bring in big bucks by offering numerous subscription plans to your drivers/service providers. When they opt for a plan and check all the set parameters, they get the cost credited to their wallets—a win-win situation.

  • Multiple-language integrationReach every nook and corner of the world and become the king with multi-language integration. A signing bonus!

Safety Add-ons We Offer With Our White-label Yandex Go Clone

Contactless delivery By the standards of helping you run a safer business in this pandemic, we have integrated the ‘contactless delivery’ feature to enable service providers to deliver the orders without getting in contact with the users. Users could also take a photo or video to specify where their orders want to be dropped off.

Safety badges Help users recognize the stores that follow all the safety protocols while packing and passing by offering a safety badge to them.

Take away option We always put entrepreneurs and users before ourselves. To combat the pandemic, we have integrated this feature, where users could place an order and collect from the store or restaurant themselves.

Knowledge banners Educate your audience about the deadly virus, how they can prevent themselves from it, and about the symptoms they should take notice of by putting up banners on your app.

A Golden Ticket To Enter The On-demand Market Is Here! Grab Our Yandex Go Now!

What's Unique With Our Yandex Clone Super App Solution?

We understand very well that running a multi-service on-demand app business is not something relatable to only rainbows and unicorns. That’s why to help you prevail over these challenges; we have added a few advanced features.

Invariant delivery service

Don’t stray from giving the best on-demand service to your users with constrained options. Open up all the doors of chances for them to get anything delivered at their doorstep from any time to anywhere. The app has got your back!

Deviant to Google Maps

After gaining its enormous popularity, Google API’s cost a wad. Thus keeping our entrepreneurs and offering best-in-class products in mind, we started finding its alternative. And now we have laid hold of many map APIs that are tantamount to Google, yet inexpensive.

Bookings just a call away

Not everyone in today’s world is tech-savvy, and we know that well. Hence, we have made it simpler for the users to book the service by the website or a phone call. And from the Admin Backend Panel, you can book the service on their behalf and get the service done. In that fashion, you can receive requests from both app users and phone calls. Get ready to tackle the praises!

50+ services, one solution!

No one loves when they have to avail the service when their registration or interface is hard to please. Thus make sure to bring them the plethora of services all under one roof to avoid them from getting displeased in remembering which app belongs to which service.

Safe and secure shopping experience

Since the world’s situation now is like an apocalypse because of the pandemic, it is mandatory to exercise utmost caution. And to offer justice to the above statement, we have integrated the best safety features that promote a safe and sustainable business.

Yandex Clone’s Newly Discovered Features Of 2021

  • Restricted passengers limit By sticking to the government’s rules, this feature will inform drivers to take only a specified number of passengers before the trip starts.

  • Face mask verification To ensure that the driver is wearing a mask and is sticking to the protocol, the driver/service provider will be asked to upload the picture of them wearing the mask. Once you, as an admin, verify it, they can start the trip.

  • Safety checklist You can offer both the users and drivers some safety guidelines that they need to follow. They both can continue to take up the ride after they assure.

  • Safety ratings Apart from the trip rating, the users can give a safety rating to let them know if the driver followed the safety guidelines throughout the trip.

  • Ride cancellation (For safety reasons) This feature is exclusively offered for both riders and drivers to cancel a ride if the other party hasn’t followed the safety guidelines.

  • Manual toll charges The drivers of the taxis can add toll charges after the trip completion. After the user verifies the entered toll charges, the trip fare will be included with it.

  • Taxi fare calculation You can charge for the rides between two distinct models, like the Fixed model and Incremental model. In the fixed model, the total charge after ride completion will be similar to the estimated fare, whereas in an Incremental model, the total fare will depend on the time taken and distance traveled.

  • Voice instructions for delivery Let your users and delivery drivers get rid of the complex task of explaining and finding addresses by enabling them to add voice instruction. The user can add voice commands to reach their place, and the delivery executive can use them for quick delivery.

  • Pictures uploads from Restaurants/StoresStores/restaurants can gain the trust of the app users by uploading photos of their hygiene routine. Users might find this gesture more appreciative, considering the virus threat everyone is now facing.

  • Order cancellationThe user might cancel the order for some valid reasons with the help of this feature. Depending on the process level, you can charge a cancellation fee from them.

  • Store wise commissionAs a sweetener to your flourishing business model, you can also charge store commission either from specific stores or set a common commission.

  • Day wise slotAny stores partnered with your Yandex Go clone app can set their convenient time slots to open for delivery. This way, users would know whether the stores are open or close to ordering items.

  • Graphical status of ride/orderKeep the engagement between the app and your user alive by displaying the current status of the order or a ride through notifications in a graphical format.

View Demo

Get both the Android and iOS apps for free. After all, building a business doesn’t have to cost you a bomb!

Perks Of Developing A Super App With Us

We want to help you become the ‘titan’ of the on-demand service industry. To aid you with that, we can’t wait to unveil the features that could be pronounced ‘the best’ in the market.

  • Licensed source code We offer you the licensed source code so that you can customize it to the full extent as per your requirements, as many times as you want.

  • One year free bug support We know that our product is resilient in nature. Hence, we offer you one year of free bug support.

  • 100% white-labeling You can paint the app for your brand! From logo to icon and from themes to name, you can rebrand it all and launch it on both Android and iOS platforms.

  • Stringent abidance to Non-Disclosure Policy We are known for adhering to our promises and policies. We never reveal your identity or your brand name to the world, and as a vow, we sign the non-disclosure agreement so that your ideas would stay with us and only us forever.

  • Free upgrades We understand that an app upgrade is necessary for its success. That’s why we offer you lifetime access to upgrading. When you feel that your app needs it, just give us a call, and we will be at your service.

Are You Here To Find The Sure-fire Yandex Go Clone Script? Our Team Of Experts Excels At Crafting Business-centric Apps.

How Do We Develop Your Yandex Go Clone?

  • 1

    Let us know which product you would like to purchase. We will get back to you in a flash with the app’s working demo, price, features, and other essential details.

  • 2

    You will tell us if you need any customization in it, for instance, any addition of features or add-ons, its design, and furnishing style.

  • 3

    Our development and designing team will start sculpting your app from the script that will knit with your business requirements.

  • 4

    Once a nod from you, afterward, it runs hundreds of tests to assure that it is bug and error-free.

  • 5

    Finally, it is launched on the platform that you have asked us to deploy it on. From there, you can thrive, and we will be here for lifetime support.

Why Choose AppDupe For Yandex Like Super App Development?

We follow result-driven strategies and a deft development process to help you reap huge benefits in the market.

  • 100% customization

  • Own IP rights

  • Robust and Scalable

  • 24/7 Help and Support

  • Website and mobile app

Tech Stack

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Our Yandex Go Clone has multiple revenues generating streams like commission fee, service fee from the riders.
It’s easy; you chat with us and talk to our user support team, after which you are directed to us. Also, you can reach out to [email protected].
Definitely, we provide a product that will be similar to the demo shown to you. The product can be modified to your requirements.
We have a team of efficient and dedicated professionals who make sure that the quality is never compromised. Our Quality Assurance team will make sure that there are no glitches or chances of malfunctions in the Yandex Go clone that is going to be developed.
We are here to develop an app that will turn your dreams into reality. Being a professional team of developers, we will never disclose your ideas to others.

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