Grubhub Clone!
White Label On-Demand Food Delivery App

There is no better news to discover the presence of a perennially profitable industry, where everyone with a smartphone and feeble internet access is your potential customer! The food delivery industry is the channel to massive success, if and only assisted by a world-class mobile app development company like Appdupe!

Experience terrific reception by launching our GrubHub clone - an avant-garde on-demand food delivery solution molded over groundbreaking technology. Devised to entice the hearts of your customers, the GrubHub clone is sturdy enough to handle millions of concurrent orders seamlessly. Ascend every single day with our white-label food delivery system by getting it at an unbeatable price!

What is GrubHub Clone App

Appdupe’s GrubHub clone is a 100% customizable, extensively scalable white-label on-demand food delivery solution that’s infused with an exciting stack of stunning features such as live tracking, contactless delivery, zero contact delivery, and much more. With separate panels and native iOS and Android apps for every single stakeholder - customers, delivery executives, restaurants, exceptional performance is a defining deed. Coupled with an all-encompassing admin panel, managing the business operations of a massive platform was never this easy. Hit a home run by customizing the app to reverberate your ingrained business sensibilities. Wholesome is the word!

Customized Food Delivery Solutions For Everyone

Plunge into the unceasing world of food delivery with our bundle of stunning solutions, catering to the entire spectrum of requirements of the online food ordering congruence.

Food Delivery Startups

Become the Next Big Thing in Food DeliveryRise above the competition with a personalized on-demand food delivery solution in line with the market expectations. Your turnkey to limitless growth!

Single Restaurants

Stamp Up Your Dominance in the Online World Tap unexplored markets by channelizing the ingenuity of our top-notch GrubHub clone. Launch it in a matter of a few days!

Restaurant Chains

Experience Unprecedented Business Growth InstantlyCulminate the best of your food chain joints in an ultra-responsive mobile food delivery application. Built for staggering performance.

Chief Differentiating Features
of Our GrubHub Clone

Live Tracking

Let your customers sit back and enjoy as they can track their ordered food items' real-time location status through the ingenious GPS integration.

Advanced Search Bar

Nail down your dish by sieving the whole gamut of available food items through a powerful search bar utility embedded with plentiful sorting and filtering elements.

Take Away

Bestow your customers opting out of home delivery with the ability to order online and collect the food item by themselves from the restaurant.

Multiple Payment Options

Flood your customers with a multitude of payment methods extending from credit/ debit cards, UPI, net banking, cash-on-delivery, and even an electronic wallet.

Multilingual Support

Funnel out the untapped potential of diverse markets by offering your services in the world's major languages seamlessly.


Eliminate the entire assemblage of location-based inefficiencies as our GrubHub clone is marinated with an ultra-accurate geo-locating functionality.

Blistering Checkout Process

Entitle your customers to annex a number of food items and check-out the cart at a blink of an eye. The faster the checkout process, the faster your business grows!

Advanced Analytics

Steer forward your business operations with all-important insights wrapped around visually-appealing analytical reports.

Review and Ratings

Sustain the authenticity of your brand promise by authorizing your customers to express their opinion on a particular food item or the service of your platform on the whole.

Join the Likes of GrubHub, UberEats & DoorDash.

Our white-labeled GrubHub clone is bestowed with the best of the original.

Workflow of Our GrubHub Clone

  • 1

    Customer Login By entering the essential information, customers log into the food delivery platform.

  • 2

    Search Products Customers browse through an ocean of food items through the in-app search bar feature.

  • 3

    Place an Order Customers can add any of the available food products to the cart effortlessly.

  • 4

    Make Payment Through a slew of available payment methods such as eWallet, COD, debit/ credit cards, PayPal, PayUmoney, etc., customers can fulfill the payment.

  • 5

    Track OrderCustomers can track their assigned delivery executive's location status along with an accurate ETA report.

  • 6

    Order Delivered Customer receives the package on time and rates the food delivery experience.

Complete List of Features

  • Instant Registration Let your customers storm into the online food delivery platform by entering their phone number, email address, or social media credentials.

  • Location-Based Search Increase your business conversion by displaying the available restaurants around a particular location, as mandated by the customer.

  • In-App Chat/Call Connect your customers with the delivery executives through a secure internal communication line. Competently backed by call-masking ability.

  • ETA Report The moment a customer confirms an order, a comprehensive estimated time of arrival report is available in the application.

  • Order History Customers can access the entire list of previous orders along with their transactional details. This way, reordering becomes a walk in the park.

  • Wish ListsEnticed by a food item but unable to buy it right away? No worries! Our GrubHub clone empowers customers to save any of the available dishes and purchase them later.

  • Real-Time TrackingDesignate your customers to experience maximum relaxation as their assigned delivery executives' live location updates through their application.

  • My CartWith a single touch, customers can get a firm grasp on the details of food items added to the cart and can actuate the checkout process in a jiffy.

  • Schedule Orders Sustain the flexibility of your offering by bestowing the capacity to schedule orders as per their convenience and agenda.

  • Rating and Review A 1-5 scale and a bundle of words is all it takes for customers to express their opinions on the delivered food item or the service of the food delivery platform on the whole.

  • Swift OnboardingDrivers can initiate their delivery fulfillment activities instantly by registering using their email address or phone number.

  • Availability Toggle A touch at the toggle button is adequate for the delivery executive to flag their availability for a particular delivery request or the entire day.

  • In-App Navigation The built-in GPS module facilitates route optimization, providing only the most optimized routes that’s devoid of any traffic blockades to a specific destination.

  • Manage EarningsA designated tab is available to the delivery executive to access the entire spectrum of earnings history and payout-related information.

  • Contact Customer Delivery executives can resolve any location-related issues and queries by contacting the customers directly through phone calls or the in-app messaging feature.

  • Accept/ Reject Delivery Request Any of the incoming live delivery requests can be accepted/ rejected by the delivery executive without any hassle.

  • Push Notifications In order to facilitate a seamless delivery process functionality, the executives are alerted with instant notifications that depict the information about the assigned delivery request.

  • Support CornerDelivery executives can avail of the around-the-clock telephonic technical service proffered by the platform administrators.

  • Profile Management Restaurant managers can intuitively configure various profile attributes such as contact details, address, featured food items, accepted payment modes, and much more.

  • Order Management A god’s eye view over the whole gamut of the order process, including the numbers of received orders, processed orders, dispatched orders, returned orders, etc., is available.

  • Product Management Restaurant managers are accredited with limitless access to seamlessly alter the comprehensive suite of food items offered by them.

  • Menu Management Based on a plethora of elements, the restaurant managers can add/ remove/ modify any of the content of the menu along with its description, ingredients, and pricing.

  • Order Status Restaurant managers can process and update the status of the order straight away, such as ‘received,’ ‘processed,’ and ‘out for delivery.’

  • Restaurant AvailabilityIn accordance with their preference, restaurant managers can rewire the operating time and update their availability in an uncomplicated fashion.

  • Manage Promotions Supersize your customer base by devising and implementing pronounced marketing strategies such as offers, discounts, exclusive giveaways, and much more.

  • Manage Earnings Restaurant managers can retrieve daily/ weekly/ monthly reports pertaining to earnings through the online food delivery platform.

  • Connectivity Tools The capability to resolve order-related customer queries is expedited through the privacy-protected chat functionality and call utility.

  • Centralized DashboardA wall-to-wall view, coupled with a converged ability to access and modify anything and everything related to the food delivery platform, ensures prolific management.

  • Customer Management Admins can ingress into the allied stack of information related to the registered customer base at its totality and export it without a hitch.

  • Restaurant Management With the resource to view and monitor the available list of restaurants, admins can add/ remove any partner based on the existing iterations of the platform's regulations.

  • Delivery Executive Management Admins are responsible for recruiting and onboarding the delivery executives and assigning them with various delivery requests besides the automated matching system.

  • Category ManagementIncreasing product visibility is now a child's play as admins can cluster together them into various categories and subcategories.

  • Cuisine Management Admins can create exclusive fields to sort the products into various cuisines, catering to every possible customer silos' taste.

  • Product/ Menu ManagementThe ultimate competency to exert changes in the available list of products and the components of the menu lies with the platform admin.

  • Commission ManagementAdmins can intuitively alter both restaurants and delivery executives' commission structure following the market conditions and environment.

  • Revenue ManagementA sound financial intelligence can be obtained from the available information about the total revenue, total profits, profit per order, profitability rate, etc.

  • Analytical ReportsIn the view of aiding with strategizing actionable business formulations, all important insights deduced from critical metrics are available to the admin.

  • ETA Report A comprehensive estimated time of arrival report is sent to the customer after the confirmation of the order.

  • Multiple Orders A customer can concurrently order multiple food items from a multitude of restaurants, and get them delivered at different locations without a hitch.

  • Social Sharing Envy your social connections and acquaintances by sharing the ordered food items and wishlists in popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and much more.

  • Delivery Radius Admins can set up the radius of acceptance, only within which the incoming delivery requests will be entertained and fulfilled.

  • eWallet An electronic wallet, exclusive to the usage of the food delivery app is available to the customers, competently eliminating the need to avail third-party payment gateways.

COVID19 - Proof Safety Add-Ons

Zero Contact Delivery Dodge out even the slightest possibility of contracting the dreaded virus by empowering your customers to receive their ordered products at a sanitized spot near their doorsteps, which are dropped off by the executive. This way, contact between the customer and delivery personnel is eliminated.

Takeaways Still not convinced about the safety situation? No worries! Customers can now order the food product online and collect it by themselves from the restaurant, competently banishing the presence of any intermediary agents.

Safety Badges Award the legion of restaurants and delivery executives with digital safety badges, recognizing their wholehearted and vehement adherence to COVID protocols mandated by the government authorities. The digi badge adorns their profile in the application.

Mask and Glove Recognition The GrubHub clone flaunts the technology to enable delivery executives to accept orders only after verifying that their face masks and gloves are on, as directed by WHO. This way, the safety of every single stakeholder of the food delivery platform is ensured.

Safety Ratings and Reviews Portray your reverence to customer welfare by authenticating them post reviews and ratings based on the extent of safety protocols followed by the assigned delivery executive. Business owners can instigate momentary action concerning the same.

COVID-19 Prevention Functionality Our world-class online food delivery solution exhibits features to send notifications to customers to inform them about the disinfection techniques of high-touch surfaces such as spoons, containers, etc. Alternatively, the in-app ad banners can be marinated with precautionary statements pertaining to the prevention of the pandemic.

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Get both the Android and iOS apps for free. After all, building a business doesn’t have to cost you a bomb!

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Pricing Package

Premium Installation Most Popular

    • Signup(Mobile Number)
    • View restaurant
    • Restaurant banner
    • Order from single restaurant
    • Order multiple items
    • Add addons
    • Product wise discount
    • Card/cash payment
    • Address addition/skip
    • Custom notes to admin
    • Delivery charge
    • Tax
    • Live order track
    • OTP during delivery
    • Dispute order
    • Commision to admin
    • Notice board to delivery boy
    • Custom push
    • Shift/Break for delivery boy
    • Past and ongoing order track
    • Manage address
    • Promotion
    • Coupon
    • Search for dish and restaurant
    • Rating/offer/DT for restaurant


    • "Signup(Mobile Number)
    • View restaurant
    • Restaurant banner
    • Order from single restaurant
    • Order multiple items
    • Add addons
    • Product wise discount
    • Card/cash payment
    • Address addition/skip
    • Custom notes to admin
    • Delivery charge
    • Tax
    • Live order track
    • OTP during delivery
    • Dispute order
    • Commision to admin
    • Notice board to delivery boy
    • Custom push
    • Shift/Break for delivery boy
    • Past and ongoing order track
    • Manage address
    • Promotion
    • Coupon
    • Search for dish and restaurant
    • Rating/offer/DT for restaurant
    • Add on Mandatory
    • Combination of service
    • dining
    • Takeaway
    • Membership for delivery boy"
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Hire our immensely experienced developers at a versatile engagement model.

Peek Into Our Food Delivery App Solution

All-Inclusive Support Offered By Us

Pack a powerful punch in the remunerative food delivery vertical with a fully-loaded GrubHub clone. Arguably, the most advanced solution available!

100% Customizable

We innately recreate the GrubHub clone based on your specific requirements, needs, and business goals. Tailored for success!

Comprehensive Bug Support

Experience zero downtime as we strike the bugs and glitches, if any, as a part of our complete bug support absolutely free of cost for a year.

Linux Server Installation

We take up the mantle of installing your on-demand food delivery solution in top-notch Linux servers without costing you a single penny.

Lifetime License

Harness the power of limitless license was we transfer the entire iteration of proprietorship rights to you, making you the true owner!

Open Source Database

By mobilizing MySQL, we blend the best of robustness and safety, intently infused into the app's data functionality.

Multiple Payment Modes

We imbue the on-demand food delivery script with an army of payment options, ranging from credit/ debit cards, net banking, PayPal, Stripe, etc.

360° Support

From app conception to post-deployment period, we provide holistic assistance across every possible support silos in an unwavering fashion.

Create Your Own History with Our GrubHub Clone

Food is the most indispensable wedge of anyone’s life, and what’s better to launch a solution that quenches people’s insatiable love for food in the most convenient way! All it takes is a business-grade on-demand food delivery solution. Align your trust in Appdupe, the preferred name among a legion of global entrepreneurs.

Our GrubHub clone isn’t just a technological marvel, it is an ovation to the end-customers’ expectations, diligently devised to exert a stamping user experience that’s delightful, to say the least. With ample infusion of sturdiness, entrepreneurs can now launch and capture the astonishingly profitable food delivery sector from the word go!

Launch Your Food Delivery Business With Appdupe

From taking care of the market research to launching the app in the market in a matter of a few days, Appdupe is your one-stop-shop for every app development need.

  • Complete Analysis

    Getting to know the extended iterations of your requirements, expectations, and app vision.

  • Payment Gateway Integration

    Embedding the GrubHub clone with some of the most popular payment methods available.

  • Notification Integration

    Setting up text messages, email updates, newsletters, and in-app push notifications.

  • API Integration

    A slew of multi-utility APIs is clamped to the on-demand food delivery app.

  • Server Setup & Backup

    Installing the app on the preferred server of your choice seamlessly.

  • Security Compliance Assessment

    Full-fledged data security audit to resonate with HIPAA compliance standards.

  • App Store Submission

    Submitting and getting approval on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

  • Around-the-clock Support

    Dedicated project manager and a highly-competent team for relentless technical support.

Various Other Food Delivery Solutions
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App Store and Play Store deployment is covered in the seperate Installation Package which will be take up and finished in no time by our efficient team. You will also have to purchase the developer account for Google and Apple and give us the credentials and our experts will keep you in touch with the entire process.

No. Our Installation Package covers deployment only to live server and not on localhost or local machine.

If the digital ocean server is purchased, web installation would be completed within 48 hours. For Android and iOS app submissions, it takes upto 48 hours to upload the files and the mobile app stores have to review the app in submission from there on (The app goes live when the app stores complete the review).

We strongly recommend against modifying or changing the code. If the script is modified, our team would not be able to further work on it and the support package coverage ends.

Refund will not be provided after the product is handed over to you, if you've opted for installation support package. For source code purchase we strictly don't entertain any refunds since the vulnerability to the code is high. If there are any challenges faced in installation, our experts will be at your disposal through Skype/mail. We recommend you to go through the feature list carefully and test them out from the demo before you make the purchase.

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