Start A Decentralized Smart Contract MLM Like XOXO Network

Our XOXO Network clone is managed by the Ethereum Smart Contract, eliminating manual intervention and operating the MLM system hassle-free. Based on the global powerline autopool system, it offers you a great opportunity to scale big!

Build A P2P Global Powerline Autopool Networking System With Our XOXO Network Clone Script

XOXO Network clone is a ready-made solution that helps you build a global powerline autopool MLM system similar to XOXO Network. Run by Ethereum Smart Contract, it requires no centralized authority or admin to manage the operations, making it completely decentralized. The funds of users are highly secured, preventing it from unauthorized access. One of the best MLM solutions you can find in the market. Among several Smart Contract based MLM businesses, get a chance to stand apart from the crowd with our pragmatic MLM solution. Reach out to us right away!

What Is XOXO Network Clone?

The XOXO Network MLM Clone is a P2P global powerline autopool networking system managed by Ethereum smart contract, without any manual intervention. It is built based on a matrix cycle and is supported by cryptocurrencies. Its protocols are unalterable, making the entire system stable and secure. It is one of the few powerline autopool networking systems to serve everyone equally and include protocols that are highly immutable and execute unstoppable operations.

How Does Our XOXO Network Clone Work?

Let’s first understand the fundamentals of the XOXO Network Clone.

  • 1

    Global Powerline

    The XOXO Network clone follows an online structure where the new users registering with the platform are placed under previous users. The newly joined users are obliged to pay an entry fee to existing members. The transactions are carried out between the wallet of one user to another, emerging as a robust P2P network.

  • 2


    It is one of the crucial features that help in carrying out user placement. The Ethereum Blockchain tracks and stores the time details of each transaction.

  • 3

    Autopool System

    There are seven autopools in the XOXO Network clone script. Users can enter any of these autopools as they find feasible. However, it is vital to complete the 1st autopool cycle to enter the autopools 2 to 7.

  • 4

    Autopool Cycle 1:

    Users can start generating revenue by entering the autopool cycle 1. Users can join the platform by the reference of other users. Upon registering via referral, their registration fee of 0.1 ETH will be shared as a commission up to 4 levels of the previously joined users. Here, the autopool cycle 1 completes when three other users join under the new users, helping them recover their registration fee paid at the start.

    A detailed look into the commission passage in the autopool cycle 1:

    Level 1 - Receives 50% commission (0.5 ETH)
    Level 2 - Receives 25% commission (0.25 ETH)
    Level 3 - Receives 15% commission (0.15 ETH)
    Level 4 - Receives 10% commission (0.10 ETH)

  • 5

    Autopool cycle 2:

    Once users complete the autopool cycle 1, they are free to directly move on to the autopool cycle from 2 to 7, without any referral. They can earn from 0.30 ETH to 1.5 ETH by three global users under any of these autopool cycles. Here, the registration fee is 0.1 ETH.

    A detailed look into the commission passage in the autopool cycle 2 to 7:

    Level 1 - Receives 50% commission
    Level 2 - Receives 25% commission
    Level 3 - Receives 15% commission
    Level 4 - Receives 10% commission

    Users complete the autopool cycle 2 by referring three new users and earn 0.3 ETH, and move on to the next autopool cycle 3 with an entry fee of 0.15 ETH, i.e., half the amount of the previous earning.

  • 6

    The profit protocol

    The entire system is built to generate substantial revenue for the users constantly. From autopool cycle 2 to 7, almost 50% of the income is shared with the referrer. Though a user moves out of an autopool, their earnings will be reinvested, helping them earn a regular income.

Looking To Start A P2P Global Powerline Autopool Networking MLM Business Right Away? Our XOXO Network Clone Will Be A Perfect Fit!

How Can Users Join Your XOXO Network Clone Platform?

Here’s how users can join your XOXO Network clone system: First, users have to download the crypto wallet - MetaMask or Trust Wallet and add Ethereum as entry fees to the wallet. After this, they should click the referral link from their referrers, enter your platform, and complete the registration process. A simple and efficient way to get users on board!

How To Get Started With A Unilevel Powerline Autopool Network MLM Business Like

As a business owner wishing to kick-start a powerline autopool network MLM business like XOXO Network, you are presented with two options - to build it from scratch or customize a ready-made solution. It is highly recommended to go for the latter, as it is tried and proven to be the most effective way to swiftly enter the market.

At Appdupe, we offer XOXO Network clone script with all features similar to and some additional features that help you outperform your competitors. The platform's major selling point is it claims that users can generate unlimited profits in the form of ETH. It helps it to stand apart as other popular MLM businesses like Million Money, Forsage give exact earning details.

To get started on your MLM business journey with our XOXO Network clone script, connect with us instantly!

Features Of Our XOXO Network Clone Script

  • Secure P2P transfers

    The transfer of referral bonus and commission from one user to another takes place directly without the intervention of third-parties. An efficient P2P transaction is assured!

  • Immutable Network

    Our XOXO Network clone is built with an immutable protocol, making it impossible to make any alteration at any time.

  • Decentralized System

    The platform is built on the Ethereum Smart Contract, which manages the entire network without any human intervention or admin assistance. An utterly decentralized system!

  • Complete Transparency

    The transaction details and related information are readily available for access by any user on the platform, offering 100% transparency.

  • Crypto Wallets

    The XOXO Network clone is packed with the crypto wallets - MetaMask and Trust Wallet. Users can readily store their ETH in these wallets and process transactions effortlessly.

  • Unstoppable Protocol

    The autopool cycle of the XOXO Network clone continues its operations as the protocol cannot be discontinued at any event.

  • Flexible Payment Options

    Users can pay using any payment mode available on the platform. It supports almost all payment options to make the whole process efficient.

  • Instant payouts

    The referral bonus and commissions are transferred to the respective users instantly, ensuring no delay in the entire process.

  • Hack-proof, Scam-free

    The autopool MLM cycle based on the Ethereum Smart Contract is highly secure, keeping hacks and thefts at bay. Also, it assures users that it is a trustworthy platform worth investing in.

  • Unlimited earnings

    The XOXO Network clone script guarantees that users can make unlimited profits by joining the autopool cycle in the form of commission and referral bonus.

XOXO Network Clone Script: Your Golden Opportunity To Foray Into The Profitable MLM Business Segment!

Our Decentralized Smart Contract Backed MLM Platform

  • Multi-cryptocurrency wallet

    For instant P2P transfers The transfer of cryptocurrencies from one wallet to another takes place effortlessly and quickly, offering seamless processes. All types of cryptocurrency transactions are supported by the XOXO Network clone.

    Multi-level protection

    Quick transfers

    Users possess their private keys

  • External crypto transactions

    To buy/ sell cryptocurrencies The Ethereum Smart Contract platform includes a reliable API connection that allows users to process crypto transactions on other popular crypto exchanges hassle-free, without the need to exit the platform.

    Secure crypto transfers

    Military-grade protection

    Faster crypto exchanges

  • Earning opportunity

    To multiply your revenue Our Ethereum smart contract based MLM platform like XOXO Network allows several users to register with the platform, take part in the autopool cycle, and earn substantial revenue in the long run.

    Automated processes

    Powered by smart contract

    100% Transparent

Why Choose Our White Label MLM Cryptocurrency Software Driven By Smart Contract?

Decentralized system

Our XOXO Network clone is built on Ethereum Smart Contract, which manages the entire system seamlessly without human intervention or admin management. A decentralized network that offers hassle-free transactions!

Immutable protocols

Our solution offers tamper protection, preventing anyone from altering the predefined protocols of the entire MLM business ecosystem. It also assures users that the system will keep running without any interruption.

P2P transfers

The platform supports instant P2P transfers of cryptos from one user wallet to another. Driven by the Smart Contract, there is no delay in transferring funds, ensuring efficient business operations.

Risk-free solution

Users never have to worry about the security and sanctity of the system. They are guaranteed that their accounts will not be deleted/ blocked/ hacked under any circumstances due to the elimination of human intervention.

Benefits Of A Smart Contract Based MLM Platform Like XOXO Network

  • Instant P2P transactions

  • Completely decentralized system

  • No control of centralized authority

  • Elimination of manual intervention

  • Highly immutable network

  • Unstoppable protocols

  • 100% Transparency

  • Timestamp tracking

  • Hack-proof solution

  • Unlimited earning opportunity

Why Choose Appdupe For Smart Contract Based XOXO Network MLM Clone Development?

We are a leading MLM clone development company, working seamlessly with the vision to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. Our team includes professionals who have worked in their respective fields for several years, understanding the market trends in and out. Our knowledge in Blockchain, combined with domain expertise, helps us develop robust, resilient, and responsive solutions in every aspect possible.

Here are the primary reasons behind our clients choosing us for their development projects:

Instant transaction handling 10 million users concurrently
Built on Ethereum Smart Contract
Fully decentralized
Completely transparent
Hack-proof, risk-free platform
Limitless earning opportunities
Automated MLM processes

Schedule A Free Demo. Witness The Seamless Performance Of Our XOXO Network Clone Solution And Its Limitless Benefits!

Hire A Decentralized Smart Contract Based MLM Software Developer

We employ only the best minds who possess several years of experience in their respective domains and are driven by the passion of building pragmatic solutions. They strive together to build hack-proof, technologically advanced MLM software solutions. Our solutions are resilient and robust, withstanding any issue that your business encounters. We closely work with our clients to deliver solutions that meet their needs. Hire us to get your decentralized smart contract driven MLM platform developed right away!


The time to customize and launch a high-end MLM solution differs from project to project. However, we assure you that it won’t exceed more than a week or two.

No human involvement is needed to manage the XOXO Network clone script. It is built on a Smart Contract that self-executes all processes without any delay. You do not have to worry about anything upon investing in this excellent MLM business solution.

Opting for a white-label MLM solution like XOXO Network will save you a lot of time and effort needed to build the MLM platform from scratch. Also, the XOXO Network clone is a cost-effective solution, helping you customize and launch a resilient MLM solution within your budget.

We are a leading development company that deals with blockchain-based projects on a daily basis. We are committed to delivering cutting-edge platforms with the latest technology, ensuring the platform offers top-notch performance.

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