What is School Bus Management Software?

A school management system is software that helps in managing the entire transportation services. But, how? The system will record the commutation details of every student so that parents and school management can view the pick-up and drop-off deets of each student. Using the School bus routing app's tracking feature, both parents and school management can monitor the live location of the bus that offers more transparency. Develop this fruitful app and position your transportation services among your competitors.

School Bus Management Software
Develop a school transportation app that provides a safe commute

Using a school transportation app increases student safety by multiple folds. Moreover, it improves the efficiency of managing the dispatch of buses. This school bus routing software makes monitoring and regulating various operations a simple task with automation, tracking, and scheduling features. Minimize hiccups and bolster trust and reliability with our school bus management app.

  • Safer Commute
  • Happier Parents
  • Efficient Transport Fleet
  • Real-time Updates
  • Scheduled pickups and drops

Amenities Of Developing Our School Bus Route Software

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Manage your school’s transportation system using our robust school bus management application.

Organize Commute RouteReduce management costs by adding pick-up points and setting custom routes on the map. Analyze which routes take the least time to travel through.

Online WebsiteAnnounce route changes, holidays, and more via a website. This way, parents will know about any modifications in the everyday routine.

Push NotificationsKeep parents informed about their children’s whereabouts at every step of the way. It includes notifications like picked up, dropped, in transit and more.

GPS real-time trackingAllow parents to track where their children are using an easy-to-use and view GPS feature.

Fleet MaintenanceGet regular updates and view the health condition of your fleet. It helps you conduct regular repairs, which will prevent unnecessary breakdowns.

Offer PreferencePermit parents to choose and customize preferences such as changing the pick-up location for their children.

How Does Our School Transportation App Promise Safety To Children On Board?

Safety is the utmost concern, and there is no place for compromise. Our school bus software is integrated with an exclusive set of security features that will let parents and school management track the vehicle in real-time and ensure the children have safe travel. Every meticulous detail right from the start of the ride until the completion can be monitored from the app.

In addition to the location tracking feature, there is a speed limit checker integrated into the app. Whenever the driver exceeds the mentioned speed, an alert will be sent to the driver to step down the speed limit. This adds to one of the prime safety features of the app.

Exemplary Features
Of Our School Bus Tracking Software

The driver app will assist and automate various manual processes to help drivers efficiently pick up and drop students.

  • Driver ProfileEach driver will have a separate in-app profile. The profile details include the name, age, email ID, contact number, and driving license of the driver.

  • Attendance LogThe driver app has the attendance log, in which the driver has to enter the details of the students who have checked in and checked out.

  • Live NavigationThe driver will be guided throughout the travel by live navigation. Once the ride starts, the driver will follow the directions displayed on the map.

  • In-app ChatDrivers can contact the parents or school management regarding the rides via the chat feature.

  • Push NotificationsDrivers will receive alerts regarding the pick-up and drop-off locations, speed limits, etc., via push notifications.

  • Activity LogsDrivers will be able to start and stop timers to indicate the amount of time it takes them to perform various operations such as waiting, picking up and more.

  • Student LogsOn picking up each student from their respective bus stops, drivers can log the attendance of the children, the time at which they were picked up and allot a seat for them through the application.

  • Drop off LogEach time the driver drops off a student, the time at which the child exits the bus can be logged into the transportation app by simply tapping a button on the screen.

  • NavigationDrivers can seamlessly navigate to each bus stop to pick up students via google maps navigation. This way, they can find the best and shortest route.

The parents’ app is tailor-made to keep parents informed of where their children are, how long it will take them to commute between home and school, and more.

  • Live TrackingParents can monitor the movement of the school bus via the in-app tracking feature. They will get to know the accurate location in which the bus is currently moving.

  • In-app AlertsParents will receive constant notifications with respect to the pick-up and drop-off details.

  • In-app ChatParents can communicate with the drivers and school management via the in-app chat feature.

  • Travel HistoryThe travel history section is a database that contains the name, pick up and drop off locations, timing details, and name of the driver.

  • Reviews and RatingsParents are free to shoot their reviews and can also give ratings regarding the transportation services.

  • Estimated time of ArrivalThe school bus tracking software is not fulfilled without the ETA feature. Parents can know the estimation of the time in which the school bus will arrive at the drop-off location.

  • GPS TrackingWith the GPS real-time tracking feature implemented in the application, parents will be able to view the location of buses on the map.

  • Change PreferencesParents have the option to change parameters such as the time and place at which their children should be picked up.

  • Push NotificationsAlong every step of the way - right from being picked up to being dropped off to school, parents will receive notifications about every activity of the bus.

  • AttendanceParents can view accurate attendance logs of their children via the school transportation application.

The school admin panel is crafted to meet the requirements of administrators so that they can efficiently manage transportation operations.

  • Assign RoutesThe management can assign routes to drivers in which they have to travel based on the best and traffic-less routes.

  • Track BusesThe management can check whether the buses are in line with the assigned routes by tracking them via the live tracking feature.

  • Speed AlertsWhenever the vehicle exceeds the specified speed limit, alerts will be sent to drivers to reduce the speed.

  • Geofencing Geofencing will trigger an alarm when the bus deviates from the specified route. Based on the alert, the management will contact the driver and know the situation.

  • In-app ChatSimilar to the parent app and the driver app, the school management app will also have a chat facility. They can communicate with parents and drivers and provide assistance.

  • Monitor Transport VehiclesAdmins will be able to view the whereabouts and activities of the entire fleet of vehicles in transit picking up and dropping students.

  • Push NotificationsAdmins will receive regular updates regarding pick up, drop-off, delays, traffic and more via the smartphone application.

  • Vehicle StatusThe condition of the vehicles in operation needs to be checked regularly to ensure that there are no hiccups in transportation. Admins will be able to view this status.

  • Manually Manage TripsAdmins have the authority and privilege to reroute and assign drivers or transportation services manually.

Our super admin dashboard caters to administrators who want to manage the core aspect of the smartphone application itself.

  • Track VehicleThe admin can have an eye on the location of the vehicle by monitoring them via the tracking facility.

  • AnalyticsThe admin can know about the performance of the app along with various intricacies like the number of trips, timing details, and other usage statistics.

  • Feedback ManagementThe admin can follow up on the feedback given by the parents and school management. They can improve the quality of the app based on the feedback received.

  • AlertsThe admin can send out alerts to parents, school management, and the driver regarding traffic and other transportation-related alerts.

  • In-app ChatThe admin can communicate with the drivers or school management in case they need any assistance concerning the transportation service.

  • Content Management SystemSuper admins will be able to modify the smartphone application’s content. Text, images and videos can be changed.

  • Alter CodesThe fundamental codes of the application can be edited for the purpose of adding new features or updating the software.

  • DashboardSuper admins can get an overall view of all the processes occurring within the app, monitor storage loads, data loads and more.

  • Custom NotificationsSuper admins can send custom notifications to all of the app users - school admins, drivers and parents regarding software updates and shutdowns.

Incorporate our premium features to give.

  • AutoroutingIn case of traffic congestion, roadblocks and other hurdles that may delay transportation services, the school bus fleet tracking system will auto-adjust the routes to evade such obstructions.

  • Voice NotificationsImplement voice notifications that will let users of the app stay updated without having to look at their smartphones.

  • Multi-term SchedulingParents will be able to schedule pick up and drop off locations and timings for multiple terms altogether.

Does Our School bus Tracking software Take Your Interest?

Get To Know How Does Our School Bus Management Software Work

The software comprises different ends such as the School management app, Parent app, and school vehicle app.

The School Management App

Automated route planning
The software makes it easy for the school management to add or remove students, change their drivers or vehicles. With our school bus routing software, you need not worry about last-minute route changes as the software is expertise in automated trip planning.

Real-time tracking
As admins, the school management can track the bus routings and get real-time updates regarding traffic, pick-up points, drop-off locations, and speed through live maps.

Scheduling of routes
The scheduling and managing of routes have become easy and fast with this software. So, now the school management can focus on other aspects like uploading documents of new drivers and creating their profiles.

Live map tracking
In case of harsh riding, the admin will get a notification in the app if the vehicle is overspeeding. They can then track the drivers through live maps and warn them.

Easy boarding process
To ensure the safety of the kids, the bus attendant can tap the button at the end after the boarding of all the students as a sign of safe boarding.

End-to-end communication
The admins can track the list of children who have boarded and alighted the buses through the software.

SoS alarm
The SoS alarm alerts the admins in case of bus breakdowns in between the school trips. They could exactly point to the location where they have broken down through the live map. This will help them to react in a much appropriate way.

Driver report analysis
Along with children’s safety, they can also assess the drivers’ performance from the end of the trip reports. They can analyze the efficiency and effectiveness of the drivers.

Track details
The software stores all the data related to the trips, which can be viewed by the admins anytime. So, whenever any issues arise in the future, they can make foolproof of their stand through this software.

The Parents App

Hassle-free boarding
The Parents’ app will receive notifications from drivers while starting their trip. This will be an alert message for the parents to align their tasks and prepare their kids to reach pick-up points at the right time.

Get every information about the trips
The app enables parents to have access to the list of the trips their kids are assigned and will also highlight the current trips.

Calculate the ETA
Parents are no more entitled to waiting at their pick-up points for a long duration. The app will receive notifications from the drivers when they are nearing their destinations. Moreover, they can track the locations in real-time and predict their Expected Time of Arrival(ETA).

Ensures children’s safety
While boarding and deboarding, the children have to swipe their NFC cards in the bus to mark their boarding information. This will help the School bus management app to send messages to parents regarding their children’s pick-up and drop-off status.

Real-time tracking
The parents have access to track the location of the active routes, and they can also contact the drivers for any queries. By sending a request to the drivers, they will get to view the traffic congestions en-route the schools.

Edit profiles
Parents can create profiles for their kids by updating their information and addresses. They can edit their profile and change their addresses whenever they shift their residence.

Benefits of Choosing
Our School Bus Tracking Software

Benefits of parents app

  • Seamless Communication Administrators, drivers, and parents can communicate with one another easily through in-app chat or via calls. The contact details of the driver assigned for the day will be displayed to all the users of the app. This helps parents to contact their drivers during emergencies.

  • Regular Updates With our school bus routing app, parents can view all the activities that take place during the transit in real-time. Moreover, notifications and alerts about pick up, delays, time of arrival, and more will be sent out to all the app users.

  • Maximum Student Safety Our school bus fleet software is crafted to ensure the safety of students. It eliminates uncertainties and enhances transportation operations. So, the parents need not worry about the safety of their children.

  • Lessens Their Waiting Time The school bus management software updates the parents with the pick-up and drop-off timing. This helps the parents to save the time they spend standing at the bus stop for a long time.

Benefits of school management app

  • Efficient Logs The date and time of various events during everyday commutes will be automatically stored. This will help the schools to manage their route planning efficiently.

  • Schedule Trips The School bus routing app assists the schools and fleet managers in scheduling the routes by calculating the nearby points. The software helps them avoid manual errors and provides accurate routings.

  • Scalable Solutions The optimized software bestows all the necessary information to the schools and help them by providing fruitful solutions at times.

Types Of Transportation Niches
You Can Venture With Our School Bus Management App Solution

Fleet Owned
by Schools
For schools that have their own transportation vehicles such as buses and vans, we provide them with custom school transportation software, which will make managing them easy. It includes checking the status of vehicles, assigning them to routes, driver management and more.

This app development solution is aimed at providing the likes of transport providers to utilize and manage large fleets to cater to multiple schools. With our smartphone application, transport providers can efficiently conduct their operations with automatable and customizable processes.

We also craft robust school bus softwares for transport providers with which they can offer their school bus transportation for schools that don’t have their own vehicles. We incorporate all the essential features along with a contract that schools and transport providers can choose to agree to.

for Kindergarten
For children in kindergarten, we develop school bus management applications that take extra care in ensuring the safe transit of 3 to 6-year-olds between their schools and homes. In this app, special security and authentication features are incorporated to ensure maximum protection.

How Does Our School Bus Management Software Function?

  • Step 1Parents, drivers, and the school management will register on the app by filling in the necessary details.

  • Step 2Before the commencement of the ride, the driver will update the details of students who have checked in. Parents can check the log to ensure their children are onboard.

  • Step 3Once the ride starts, parents and school management can track the vehicle and know the estimated arrival time. The in-app GPS feature will pinpoint the exact location of the bus so that parents can keep a check.

  • Step 4Whenever the driver drops off the children, he will update the same on the app.

  • Step 5After the completion of the ride, an alert will be sent to the school management.

  • Step 6In regard to the ride experience, parents can give reviews under the review section.

Development of School Bus Tracking Software

Here comes the crucial context on the cost of developing the school bus tracking software. As an entrepreneur, you will certainly have budget constraints. At Appdupe, we take pride in developing budget-friendly app solutions. Here is our breakdown of the cost of app development.

  • The type of platform (Android or iOS) you wish to deploy the app.
  • Number of features you integrate into the app.
  • Technology stack implemented.

Why choose us?

Our immense expertise in successfully building smartphone applications for various purposes drives us to create more cutting-edge softwares.

  • Fully CustomizableOur school bus software can be customized to look and feel the way you want it to. Change designs, interfaces and more.

  • Business ModelsWe help you design a business model. Alternatively, you can choose from a list of ready-to-use business models from our catalogue.

  • Multi-languageWe build our apps for a global audience. Therefore we implement multiple languages so that different dialects are not a barrier for the people using your app.

  • Multi-currencyOur school bus software development solutions support multiple currencies so that your users have the convenience of using any currency of their choice.

  • Search Engine Optimized (SEO)We optimize your smartphone application with trending keywords that will make your software appear more often in search results.

  • SecurityOur developers use the latest technology to build your app. In doing so, our software is completely secure and safe to use.

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Paid Add-Ons Offered By Our School Management Software To Enhance The Safety Measures

Restricted Students Limit In line with the regulations enforced by the government, the software manages to arrange seats following proper social distancing norms. This will, in turn, put a bar for cent percent occupancy in the school buses.

Face Mask Authentication Before commencing the rides, the drivers can upload their selfies wearing masks to ensure the safety of the school bus fleet. The picture will be circulated to the school management and parents from their assigned routes. The app is integrated with a “Real-time ID check” to match the selfies of the drivers with their profiles.

Advanced Routing The school management software is connected with live mapping that will identify the zones that have a large number of Covid positive cases. Our routing software helps identify the areas that are highly prone to the spread of Covid 19 and avoids them in the routing.

Reviews About Safety Measurement The parents can share their reviews on the safety protocols followed in the school buses. The drivers can also share their reviews on the app regarding the sanitation norms in their routes. Above all, the parents can give their ratings which will further help them to improve their standards.

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