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  • Open Your B2B E-commerce Platform Without Any Effort

    Launching a feature-rich app like Alibaba is now possible using our customizable clone app solutions.

    What is B2B E-commerce?

    B2B e-commerce involves the direct exchange of goods and services between companies via the internet. Unlike retail e-commerce websites, B2B platforms conduct business in large quantities and at different price points.


    Product Highlights

    The Alibaba clone features innovations that have been uncovered through multiple cycles of research and development.

    Alibaba Clone

    Dynamic Admin Dashboard

    The administrator panel grants you complete access to all platform content.

    Alibaba Clone

    Easy User Registration

    Users can register on your platform using hassle-free methods such as social media login.

    Alibaba Clone

    Independent User Profiles

    Businesses can create and manage autonomous pages on your platform to promote themselves.

    Alibaba Clone

    Powerful Mailing System

    Communications on your platform is optimized allowing buyers and sellers to conduct more business.

    Alibaba Clone

    Diverse Filter Options

    Buyers can sift through products effortlessly using different metrics and keywords.

    Alibaba Clone

    Immersive Interface

    An aesthetic and clean layout that does not confuse your users.

    Alibaba Clone

    Intuitive Data Management System

    Easy to gather information on user behaviour to identify emerging trends and market patterns.

    Live Demo

    Appdupe Alibaba Clone App Demo

    Now experience our services first-hand before advancing. Make use of our live demo option to understand our solutions and features better. Click on the link to get redirected to our Android, iOS and web demos.

    Why Choose Us?

    There are several reasons to pick us for your Alibaba clone app development, here are a few:

    Robust Solutions

    Our products are turnkey services that can be developed and launched in no time.

    Amazon clone script

    Value Products

    Our Alibaba clone script help you save time and money.

    Amazon clone script

    Complete Ownership

    Our’s is a white-label solution which means you have entire control over the Alibaba clone open source software.

    Complete Ownership

    Innovative Designs

    Our solutions are crisp, user-friendly, and keep in mind the long-term scalability of your business.

    Innovative Designs

    After-sales Programme

    Our team helps you update and upgrade your platform even after the completion of the project.

    After-sales Programme


    The advantage of using clone scripts is that they are turnkey solutions that can be easily adapted and customized. Once our team receives all the requirements from your end, we can launch your platform in a short period of time.

    When building the application for your business, we take your inputs at every stage of development. We also take steps to conduct extensive tests to ensure a bug-free user experience. In terms of the application architecture, the following software is used for development: Web: Laraval 5.7 and MySQL 5.6 iOS: Swift 4.2 (Supports iOS 10 to 12) and Xcode Android: Java version 1.8 (supports Android versions: 4.4 to 9) and Android Studio

    Yes, our app cloning solutions are easy to modify, and the only limit is your imagination. However, our pricing may vary depending on the customizations you require.

    Our solutions allow your platform to take advantage of the different payment formats present. Hence, you can accept payments through debit/credit card, net banking, cryptocurrency, and even cash on delivery.

    We take a lot of effort in developing reliable and secure solutions that enable you to serve your customers better. Some of the many security features that we employ for your platform includes - Two-factor authentication, OTP requests, social media login, as well as, HTTPS and SSL protocols.

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