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Create your own telemedicine company with our clone app that offers complete telemedicine solutions and digital healthcare extensions to clinics and individual practitioners. Entrenched with best-in-industry features like Virtual consultation, E-Prescription, Appointment Scheduling, and Access to medical records and reports that are encrypted, the clone app solution doesn’t compromise with quality.

Developed under the guidance of healthcare professionals and medical stalwarts, the clone app is highly scalable and HIPAA compliant, providing the highest privacy protection levels.

Doctor On Demand Clone’s eminent Telemedicine Solutions

Telemedicine based Application

Developing classic telemedicine apps with multi-platform compatibility.

Cloud-Based Medical Video conferencing Solution

Video conferencing software that’s reliable and safe and offers secured file transfer by end-to-end encryption and proficient data channeling.

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Exclusive Video conferencing Platform solution

Medical video conferencing platforms featuring screen sharing, P2P (Point-2-Point) Communication, and customized development of audio and video streaming software (ProRTC, WebRTC).

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Group Video Conferencing Platform Solution

Data sharing and file-sharing along with video conferencing with multiple users in a secured manner with recording option.

Virtual Office Platform Solution

Developing Virtual office platform through HIPAA compliant P2P video streaming and virtual waiting rooms with call routing capabilities to efficiently schedule appointments with patients.

Medical Data Sharing Solution

Backed by our revolutionary blockchain technology, transfer sensitive medical data without security concerns and at high resolution.

Provide Healthcare for the entire spectrum

Our Doctor On Demand clone is specially devised to facilitate telemedicine services encompassing various types of healthcare systems. It’s your one-stop solution for every digital healthcare need.



Diseases like cold, flu, headache, reproductive health deserve immediate attention, and with our telemedical app solution, round-the-clock service by medical practitioners can be provided. Emergencies, too, can swiftly be attended and monitored 24/7 by doctors. Specialized treatment programs can also be recommended.



The ingenious connectivity made possible by our app allows you to accord close care and wellness advice and prescribe certain medications, dietary supplements, food changes, and others with the convenience of the patients. Virtual wellness visits and screening can be facilitated by the Doctor on Demand clone app too.



Our virtual doctor visit solution can facilitate talk therapy with psychiatrists and therapists using the video conferencing feature for patients suffering from depression, anxiety, trauma, and relationship issues. Individual treatment programs can also be recommended.



Accommodate chronic care for patients stricken with conditions like asthma, thyroid, diabetes, obesity, abnormal blood pressure to their convenience by monitoring mechanisms of the app in the touch of a button. Personal lifestyle changes and treatment routines can also be suggested.

On Demand Clone ScriptDoctor - Telemedicine app solution for all


Create specially designed telemedicine apps for hospitals and healthcare centers, which are used to enhance patient satisfaction and positivity. Patients can be provided round-the-clock virtual consultation and access other specialists in the institution.


Our all-engrossing telemedicine app solution is extensively befitted upcoming and running startups looking to leverage the current market opportunity. The latest technology used in the app enables startups to scale your business of any size.


Private practitioners can effectively manage their time and, at the same time, offer virtual consultations at their convenience, avoiding unnecessary follow-ups. It is a win-win situation for both patients and practitioners.

Highlighted features of our Doctor on Demand App Clone

Doctor Onboarding

The simplified, swift onboarding process for doctors which is oriented towards the goal of sustainability and long-time retention.


The app accredits doctors to provide valuable consultation to patients with any overlapping geographical constraints.


Patients can paraphrase their symptoms through words and by showing their condition using a camera and facilitating a remote diagnosis of a condition.


Doctors can examine patients through the video call option and ensure there is adequate face-to-face communication.


Doctors and patients can invite other participants to join the video conferencing room, possibly for further discussion.


Patient’s clinical records, scan results, diagnosis reports can be managed effectively and be used by the treating medical practitioner to make accurate treatment decisions.


Patients can book home visit requisitions in our app and get visited by doctors. It is a service with very high demand.



Ensure prompt patient response by effective management of appointments that are time and geo-tagged, increasing positive patient experience.


Video recording options let the patient download a file of their video consultation for future reference and interpretation.


Managing patients’ health records is made easy by a seamless integration of EMR.


Patients can connect with doctors through an in-built secure messaging platform with file sharing option.

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Facilitate secure payment to a doctor from a patient after the remote consultation process.

Launch an all-in-one HIPAA compliant Telemedicine platform

Speak to our industry experts and initiate your dream app journey.

How does it work?


Patients can register using Email ID/ Facebook ID or Phone Numbers.


Setup the account by entering the name, date of birth, gender, past medical conditions, etc.


The patient answers a set of questions regarding his/her symptoms and illness.


Users can navigate through the app and view its different features.


Users can browse through the various categories of healthcare and select the one they’re seeking.


A list of doctors based on the symptoms and records are displayed, and patients are requested to select one.


Patients should enter their convenient time for the consultation process.


Patients should confirm their willingness to the consultation usually via call/ email.


Users can cancel their appointment anytime and receive a partial refund.


Doctors then assess the symptoms and previous reports, offer suggestions, and medical advice.


Once the video conference is over, the prescription is generated, and home-delivered.

Features of our Doctor On Demand Clone app

  • RegistrationPatients can create their profiles by entering relevant information like name, age, gender, past medical conditions, available reports, details of the nearest hospital, contact details, etc.

  • Doctor FinderPatients can search for doctors using filters like specialty, gender, availability, language, and insurance provider.

  • Appointment MakerIt allows patients to book an appointment at a scheduled date and time with the preferred doctor.

  • Video ConferencingPatients can interact with doctors while the latter assesses symptoms, potential causes for illness and provide suggestions.

  • Audio ConsultationDoctors are entitled to provide medical advice to patients via phone calls.

  • Instant In-App chatPatients can enquire with doctors instantly using an instant messaging option.

  • Record ManagerPatients can upload prescriptions, records, and reports in a protected space and use it later.

  • Payment and BillingMultiple payment options are provided, and the bill is generated with the reference number.

  • RatingsPatients can rate the consultation experience in a non-intrusive form and review the doctor’s performance.

  • Notify MePatients can turn notifications and alerts on to remind them about appointments or availability of specific doctors.

  • Swift OnboardingDoctors should be able to create profiles to help patients check their backgrounds, specialty, and experience.

  • Appointment SchedulerDoctors must be able to manage their appointments determined by a variety of factors such as preference, seriousness, etc., and accept/reject appointments.

  • Integrated EMRMedical records can be viewed by doctors aiding them to enable quick decision making and accurate diagnosis.

  • Availability UpdaterDoctors can post the available slots for teleconsultation for a day/week/month.

  • Share PrescriptionPrescriptions can be shared using email and any requested medium.

  • Video RecorderDoctors can record the consultation and use it for quality analysis.

  • Instant In-App chatPatients can enquire with doctors instantly using an instant messaging option.

  • Payment and BillingMultiple payment options are provided, and the bill is generated with the reference number.

  • Manage RatingsDoctors can view and act upon the reviews and ratings

  • Immersive DashboardAdmins are provided with an all integrated dashboard sporting the details of users and related numbers.

  • Patient ManagementAdmins can view the details of patients and the appointment requests and can edit/modify the data.

  • Doctor ManagementThe details of doctors, their specialty, and scheduled appointments are accessible to the admin and approve/reject their services.

  • Alerts ManagerAdmins can notify both patients and users by sending them text and call alerts.

  • DocumentationAdmins can access all documents related to medical records, patient care, lab test reports, and insurance documents.

  • Finance CornerInformation like bills, total revenue of the month, commission rate, and other financial details can be viewed and exported by admins.

  • Video RecordingIt enables patients and doctors alike to utilize the footage for later reference and also for quality assessment.

  • Discussion ForumPatients can post questions in the user community which is expected to be answered by medical professionals.

  • Treatment NotesDoctors can take notes of the treatment they recommend and communicate to the patients.

  • Prescription TrackingGPS-enabled tracking options empowers patients to the knowledge of the delivery details.

  • Analytics WingAdmins are provided with an in-app analysis module that generates necessary business data and visualizations like charts, graphs, etc.

  • Personalized FeedRecommend doctors based on the profile information of patients to increase productivity.

Exclusive Cloud-based Video Conferencing Telemedicine Feature

Our Doctor On Demand app flaunts an advanced cloud-based video conferencing feature that is end-to-end encrypted and harnesses the unlimited power of cloud computing.

Monetization features of Doctor On Demand App Clone

Doctors’ Commission FeeDoctors can be charged a part for every successful consultation.

Patients’ Commission FeePatients can be charged a service fee for every consultation.

Registration FeeYou can inflict a minimum amount as registration fee from both patients and doctors.

Sponsoring FeeYou can earn by promoting different service providers for higher visibility by charging them a premium fee.

Third-Party AdsYou can lease out the banners in your app for third-parties and earn advertisement fee.

Key Benefits Of Our Doctor On Demand App Clone

  • OwnershipOur Doctor On Demand clone flaunts a degree of customization where it could be restructured as per your needs and requirements.

  • HIPAA CompliantThe medical data saved and stored in the app is fully encrypted as per the HIPAA regulations.

  • White-labeled AppThe app is fully branded as per your business strategy.

  • Instant LaunchOur Doctor On Demand clone can be launched almost instantly and hassle-free.

  • UI/UX Craft like design is an understatement. Plotted to perfection.

  • ScalableThe app built is robust and the latest technology employed facilitates high scalability.

  • CompactibleOur clone app can be modified to run seamlessly irrespective of platforms like iOS, Android, and Windows OS.

  • 360° SupportOur dedicated team of developers and customer relations team assist you right from the ideation and extend the support post-deployment too.

  • Go GlobalThe multilingual support with multi-currency fits your global expansion plans.

Doctor On Demand App Clone- Live Demo


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Why Choose Us?

  • WHITE-LABELLINGOnce the development is done, we’ll white label the app in your brand’s name and details.

  • APP INSTALLATION & APPROVAL The installation and configuration process of web services, code and database on a website, iOS App Store and Google Play Store will be accomplished along with the approval process.

  • LIFETIME LICENCE The clone app delivered to you possess a lifetime license and ownership.

  • ANALYTICS AND REPORTSOur app possesses an in-built analysis feature that harnesses the data and churns out vital information regarding customer number, sales, revenue, growth, and present comprehensive reports on the same.

  • WALLETCustomers can top up money in the wallet account inside the app and use it for payments happening over the app.

  • ULTRA-RESPONSIVE WEB PANELSThe main panel, customer panel, and doctor panel are deemed 100% responsive and compatible across major softwares and device models.

Technology Stack Deployed
In Our Telemedicine Application


Delivery time depends on several factors, including the customization requirements. Our team makes no compromise yet manages to deliver the script on the mutually agreed deadline.

Our Doctor On Demand clone app is a highly scalable solution. You can upgrade the app at any time in the coming years as per changing user preferences. You can integrate new features and functionalities, increase its handling capabilities, redesign its user interface, and, without any hassle.

Yes. We do offer post-launch maintenance support to our clients to help them run their business smoothly in the initial few days. This support service is free of charge for a limited period. After this, you can avail of our paid maintenance services that are offered at affordable prices.

Connect with our support team over email - [email protected] or call - +91 9791 101 817. You can also connect with us directly through the chat option available on our website.

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Disclaimer: Appdupe neither represents nor have any control over the trademarks of Amazon, TikTok and Gojek. We use the terms Amazon and Gojek for a better understanding of our services. Our offerings intend no harm to any organization or individual.