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fantasy hockey app development

Fantasy Ice Hockey Software Development -
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What happens when the electric atmosphere of a hockey game with all its glory gets metamorphosed into your smartphone? And you being an ardent fan of the world’s 3rd most popular sport? Literally and figuratively, Fantasy Hockey games seem to provide this eccentric experience through an app. Resonating the unpredictability of real-life matches, fantasy hockey leagues enthrall fans all over the world. If you’re an entrepreneur looking to make a mark in the fantasy hockey scene, trust us, you’ve just landed at the right place!

Our breakthrough fantasy hockey app development solutions are envisioned for ascendance, engraved with best-in-class features. Smart, sleek, and agile, it’s your opportunity to raise the stakes and win big in the fantasy sports world. Connect with us for more details.

$8 Billion Total market share of Fantasy Hockey Apps
2 Billion Worldwide hockey fans
60 Million Current number of fantasy hockey players
fantasy hockey app development

Fantasy Hockey League -

Fantasy hockey leagues are nothing but an exciting change of air where users take up the role of the team manager and create their own team, draft in their favorite players, indulge in daily, weekly or season-long contests and win big in coherence with real-life hockey leagues that take place around the world. The idea of a user creating his\her own dream team sends the already loyal fanatics of the game into a frenzy. Not just play, fans can even create and join private leagues and play exclusively with friends and acquaintances.

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Customized and All-Cylinders firing


Why play with strangers when you can lock horns with your friends? Private league option lets you create, refer, invite, and play with your friends.

Scoring System

Recreate the essence of on-field hockey by awarding points for goals, assists, saves, shots on goal, starts, hits, faceoffs with bonus points for goals during the powerplay.


Bestow your users with versatile drafting processes such as auto-drafting, online drafting, offline drafting, auction, and even through salary-caps or budget.


Accredit non-stop fantasy hockey with daily, weekly, or season-long leagues that are consistent with the world's schedule of significant hockey leagues.

Our Fantasy Hockey App includes the top hockey leagues of the world

National Hockey League (NHL)

Arguably the most popular hockey league in the world, NHL, blends class with rage as it attracts a significant chunk of hockey players and fans. Marked by an exhaustive season-long schedule, this spectacle generates so much frenzy that suppresses the limelight of even the international leagues. Confer the craze of NHL with our comprehensive fantasy hockey app.

Southern Professional Hockey League (SPHL)

Expand your business to unforeseen horizons with our fantasy hockey app development solutions that cater to the enthusiasts of the SPHL. Our solution's robustness is such that even if all the one million fans of the league become your users, the app will still remain unshaken and fluid.

FIH Hockey World Cup

Our powerful development process ensures the durability of our fantasy hockey application that features the exploits of the sport's showpiece event, the Hockey World Cup. Coupled with the latest innovation in data feeds, our fantasy hockey app is capable of handling millions of concurrent users.

American Hockey League (AHL)

Characterized by an overtone of wildness, our fantasy hockey application ensures a perfect depiction of expectations of the fans of the famous American league. Backed by a robust backend development system that oozes productivity.

East Coast Hockey League (ECHL)

Not just hockey, you can leverage the ice-hockey market too as our fantasy hockey application sports the compatibility for the ECHL, the ice-hockey headliner of North America. Built for excellence and out-and-out performance.

Federal Hockey League (FHL)

Never miss the opportunity to amuse fans irrespective of their mobile phone model with our native iOS, Android, and cross-platform solutions for FHL that's stunning and solid. Compatibility is a non-issue without a reliant fantasy hockey app development solution.

Features that set our Fantasy Hockey App apart from others

  • All-Inclusive Dashboard Users’ journey of navigating and choosing contests are now a mere cakewalk with our dashboard feature. An exclusive feature that arms the user with a sweeping view of the platform.

  • Versatile GametypesProffer a piece for everyone as our fantasy hockey app integrates a wide range of game types such as Pick’ems, predictors, betting styles, over-under, oppo-pick, sportsbook, etc.

  • Live Score Updates Deepen the readiness of users with real-time updates of the game instantly and expect a rise in better-decision making.

  • Badges and Honors Celebrate the stupendous performance of your users by according them with achievement badges and honorary titles that can be shared in social media sites like Facebook and Instagram.

  • Payment Integration Our Fantasy Hockey App sports a plethora of payment options, including an in-built e-wallet feature for user convenience.

  • Informative Statistics Ease the risk of drafting with individual player statistics that include records, performance charts, total match caps, and other deciding factors.

  • Security and Privacy Our immense experience in the fantasy sports space has evolved us to develop a fantasy hockey application that ranks among the best in security levels and asserts unassailable privacy protection.

  • Leaderboard Infuse users with the spirit of competitiveness with an all-encompassing leaderboard sporting the honors of top performers. Rankings and performance attributes are made available to users.

How Do You Play Fantasy Hockey?

One could argue that the inherent simplicity of the game format has made the fantasy hockey leagues a staple name among millennials and Gen-Z. All it takes a user to download the app in his\her mobile phone, sign-in, create a team, draft in top players based on auction/salary cap, contest in leagues, watch the match and, of course, win. This is the basic structure of the fantasy game, and it can be played over a wide range of game styles such as


Much like the ‘unstoppable force meets immovable object’ scenario. Here, two teams clash, and points are calculated following the real-time match statistics.


Also known as round-robin or simply ROTO, rotisserie is a classic format where all teams play against every other team in the league, and the team accumulating the highest number of points is deemed the winner.

Daily Fantasy

Users engage in day-long contests that may either be standard or user-created contests and score points consistent with the predetermined set of rules

Fantasy Points

Calculating points based on the real-time statistics of a particular match, this game style is the bread-and-butter format of fantasy games.

Express League

More of a crisp version of the fantasy points formats where points are calculated based on on-field matches, express leagues are famous for chipping in quick wins.

How does our Fantasy hockey app work?

To enjoy the awesomeness of fantasy hockey leagues, a user must follow the following steps.

  • 1

    Users need to register and sign in through their social media credentials or phone numbers.

  • 2

    To redeem extra benefits, he\she can enter the referral code assigned by the admin.

  • 3

    Users then enter a league based on factors like the number of teams allowed, prize money, etc.

  • 4

    Users create a team from a pool of players through various drafting methods or via auction.

  • 5

    The leagues may be of any type, such as Head-2-Head, ROTO, daily fantasy, etc.

  • 6

    Based on participation, users can contest in either private, public, or premium leagues. Private leagues are user-created, and they can add any number of players they wish while the public leagues are open for everyone with the exclusion of entry fees.

  • 7

    Premium leagues generally require entry fees, but they offer a handsome amount of prize money and follow a different set of rules imposed by the organizer.

  • 8

    Once the user confirms his\her participation in a contest, live updates about the on-field game are provided.

  • 9

    Before starting the game, the user can make changes to the lineup

  • 10

    The user with the highest number of points allotted as per the real-time statistics at the end of the game is crowned the winner

Our Comprehensive Fantasy Hockey Software Development Solutions


Fantasy Hockey Web DevelopmentExtend your fantasy hockey services with an engrossing web solution marked with terrific features and suitable for a wide range of game types like daily, weekly, or season-long fantasies.


Fantasy Hockey App DevelopmentCoverage legions of fantasy hockey fanatics into a mobile application that flaunts most-wanted features like iOS/Android compatibility, among others.


White-Label Fantasy Hockey SoftwareCut down the need for extravagant expenditure with our avant-garde white label fantasy hockey software that makes branding and rebranding the app in your name a breezy affair.


Custom Fantasy Hockey SoftwareGet exhilarated with our ability to blend cutting-edge technology to create a fantasy hockey software based on your requirements. Exceeding expectations is our full-time pastime.

Daily, Weekly & Season-long Fantasy Hockey Games

Complete List of Features of our Fantasy Hockey App

RegistrationUsers can log in in a blink of the eye using their social media handles or phone numbers.

Home ScreenUsers are welcomed by an immersive grid of information such as upcoming matches, contests participated, and other features in a compact home screen.

Search and FiltersHelp your users find the most suitable contest for themselves through an inventive search bar sprinkled with various filters.

Create a Fantasy TeamUsers can readily create a fantasy team from scratch with their favorite players.

DraftingTeam selection is made easy with an array of drafting options such as auto-draft, online draft, offline draft, or the auction.

Player StatisticsAid your users in making reasoned decisions by providing complete information about all players available for selection.

Create LeaguesBy entering imperative details like the league name, number of teams allowed, game style, prize money, etc. Users can create their fantasy league.

Join LeaguesNot just create, users can also participate in other user-created leagues and standard leagues through paying the entry fee (optional).

Live Scores and UpdatesResonate the mad rush of on-field action by providing real-time updates about the match's scores and progressions.

Referral and Reward By referring their friends, colleagues, and family to the contest, users can benefit from rewards by redeeming their points

Instant LoginAdmin can register and log in with alacrity through smart login credentials.

Centralized DashboardAdmins are equipped with an intensely powerful dashboard that provides them with a master view of the platform's proceedings, such as the number of users, contests, revenue, etc.

User ManagementAdmin can add, remove, upgrade, block any of the users for valid reasons.

Match ManagementAdmins are granted permission to configure matches and add/remove/modify any of them anytime if the need arises.

League ManagementAdmins have access to create/modify both standard and user-created leagues and their allied attributes.

Content Management SystemEffectively manage what's on display in your app through the means of an in-built content management system.

Customer Relationship ManagementHandle emails, queries, and afford customer support without any hassle with the aid of our efficient CRM system integrated to the admin panel.

Finance ManagementManage the financial details and records of your platform sans difficulties with your financial management system.

Reward ManagementAdmins can assign rewards and bonuses to users and track the total referral conversion rate.

Analytics DepartmentGain useful insights about your platform's overall performance with the aid of next-generation data assimilation tools and generate analytical reports.

GPS TrackingWith location-specific GPS technology, users can contest in leagues that are near their preferred locality.

E-Wallet IntegrationProvide superior convenience to your user by integrating an in-built electronic wallet feature that can be recharged for future payments.

Push NotificationsRegularly keep updating your users with the happenings of the league and also offers discounts, upcoming events, etc.

Exciting Integrations for our Fantasy Hockey App

Blockchain Integration
Confer the power of superior security and privacy of our in-house blockchain technology. Cryptocurrency is today's order, and we are the pioneers!
Data Feeds
Our fantasy hockey app is devised to integrate third-party APIs like SportsRadar, BetRadar, etc. to enhance user experience.
Payment Gateways
Flatter your users with a plethora of options for payment. Considering the global nature of your user base, it is intelligent to offer international payment options ranging from cards, UPI, PayPal, etc.
Social Sharing
What's more exciting for a user than sharing his/her heroics with their friends? Our social media sharing integration makes this a possibility for users.

Monetization model of our Fantasy Hockey League

Channeling revenue through a multitude of streams is one of the defining features of our fantasy hockey app. As stated earlier, we understand this industry better more than anybody else!

  • League Entry Fee

    Considering that there will be hundreds of thousands of fans clashing in the leagues, the league entry fee is a sweet spot of revenue as the lucrative volume of cash prize historically has encouraged fans to get involved in multiple contests. More the number of leagues, more is the revenue earned through them.

  • In-App Purchases

    A loose derivative of the freemium model, users are charged for availing certain unique features. It's one of the widely followed revenue models as the probability of users who've already felt the worthiness of the app upgrading to new features is relatively high. Our third-party API integration modules assure you in expanding the functions of the app almost instantly in the future.

  • E-Commerce

    It's a well-known fact that merchandise and collectibles sell like a hot cake among hockey fans, and what's not well-known is you can too sell these through your app! The pre-integrated ecommerce module seamlessly manages all aspects of selling. Cashing in the hype engine to produce revenue!

  • Brand Promotion

    Upcoming brands expect a massive user base to promote their products and boom! Your fantasy hockey app perfectly matches their requirements. Lease out your app banners and promote brands with offers and deals to leverage substantial compensation.

Why is Appdupe's Fantasy Hockey App Unique?

Driven by an absolute passion for developing the most exceptional fantasy hockey app location ever, we leave no stone unturned in the pursuit. Working in tandem with masterminds of the fantasy industry, we strive to create a product that'll catch the imagination of fans and sports enthusiasts alike. Finally, yet importantly, our customers' interest, a.k.a. Your interest gets our unparalleled concern.

  • Complete Safety and Privacy
  • Intuitive game experience
  • Intuitive game experiencEccentric Gameplay optionsSocial Media Sharing
  • Eccentric Gameplay optionsSocial Media Sharing
  • Social Media Sharing
  • Real-time Live Score Updates
  • Easy BettingMultiple Streams of Revenue
  • Multiple Streams of Revenue

What does it cost to develop our Fantasy Hockey App?

Every single project is essential for us, and that’s why we assign the best of our developers for your fantasy hockey app development process. You become the center of the process the instant our partnership deal strikes in. Every minute nuance of the process, right from ideation, design, development, and all through till deployment, is done under the careful discretion and approval of you. The final product that’s created as the result of this tenacious process will be a world-beater - a fantasy hockey app that everyone envies.

The cumulation of passion, experience, and expertise is now superimposed by pocket-friendliness. Yes, you’ll be astonished at the unbelievably nominal price of our solution. But we believe in actions over words. Connect with us to initiate your fantasy project immediately!

Our Fantasy Hockey App Development Process

Ideated, Designed, and Developed for Greatness.

We’re all ears

Our team of graceful customer managers and developers get in touch with you to picturise your vision for the app. We are keen listeners!

Requirement Analysis

We make a list of your requirements, and our gang of designers, developers, and fantasy sports experts examine and frame out a coherent, explicit work plan.

UI/UX Design and Wireframe

We come up with all possible design ideations and conceptualizations and get the wireframe right for you. Once it is done and approved by you, we’ll shed our expertise on the development and game experience silo.

Product Development

Once sorted out the obligations and requirements, our team of remarkable developers spectacularly begin the development process with the utmost importance to user experience and create a stunning product.

Demo App

Once the development gets completed, we will send you a demo app to give a feel of what to expect from the real app with all its grandeur and features.


The penultimate step before the launch, our developers, make sure the app is devoid of any issues/bugs and is compatible with the customer needs.


The script is always delivered on or before the promised deadline and is entirely ready to launch.

Why trust Appdupe for your Fantasy Hockey App Development?

We’re the mascot of fantasy appsWith a line of experience exceeding a decade, we are your one-stop solution for your fantasy hockey development needs.

Security and PrivacyWe strictly adhere to the Non-Disclosure Agreement struck between us and proffer the highest standards of security and privacy of the product.

White-Label SolutionBranding and rebranding these intelligent fantasy baseball apps is made easy with our 100% white-label solutions.

Gorgeous UIBeautiful is an understatement to describe our app’s interface made possible by master designers

Robust BackendThe entire running and functioning of the app are made smoother with our powerful backend stack.

Solution for AllOur Fantasy baseball app is designed to comfort both beginners and professional fantasy players.

Differentiating FeaturesBestowed with best-in-class unique features, our fantasy baseball app has the ingredients that starkly differentiate your business, albeit in a positive way.

One-in-all SolutionNot just fantasy hockey apps, we are masters in developing fantasy hockey web and custom solutions.

SupportDon’t worry about the technicalities! Our friendly development team supports you right from ideation and even after deployment of the app

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Delivery time depends on several factors, including the customization requirements. Our team makes no compromise yet manages to deliver the script on the mutually agreed deadline.

Our Fantasy Hockey App script is a highly scalable solution. You can upgrade the app at any time in the coming years as per changing user preferences. You can integrate new features and functionalities, increase its handling capabilities, and redesign its user interface without any hassle.

Yes. We do offer post-launch maintenance support to our clients to help them run their business smoothly in the initial few days. This support service is free of charge for a limited period. After this, you can avail of our paid maintenance services that are offered at affordable prices.

Connect with our support team over email - [email protected] or call - +91 9384 843 395. You can also connect with us directly through the chat option available on our website.

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