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We put the reins in your hands through a powerful admin panel and put you in complete control of your business. Always be in control and use this panel to view total number of rides, revenue/commission earned, number of service types, recent rides, completed rides, on going rides and number of fleets. Use God’s eye view to see online/offline status and locations of your vehicles. Edit commission rates, surcharges, vehicle information, rates.Also dispatch taxis and view detailed reports to analyse and plan your next business moves.

Uber Clone App Administrator Panel

admin user management

The main admin can utilise this panel to invite user admins and can extend selective powers to them. Admin can also modify rights, add or remove user admins, view wallet amount, user admin details and ratings and also select the extent of control each user admin has. Distributing powers allows you to put your business on the track to constant growth and gives you the space to expand further.

Uber Clone App Administrator Panel

dispatcher managements

There may be people who need to book rides but do not have access to technology or apps. Allow riders without access to your app to request rides through calls, email or SMS. Dispatch taxis after acquiring basic details like name, phone number, email id, pick up location and drop address(optional). Add/ manage dispatchers for your company from this panel to dispatch taxis according to requirement and reach out to the business outside of the app to maximise revenues.

Uber Clone App Administrator Panel

Document managements

Manage and view important documents like driver details and documents like work permits, fitness certificates, bank documents, joining form, insurance certificates, driver licenses, vehicle documents and licenses from this panel. Easily access to edit and add/delete from an index of saved documents with document name and type. Also copy or export documents in Excel CSV or PDF.

Uber Clone App Administrator Panel

fleet managements

View and manage your company’s fleet of vehicles from this panel. Add/delete and edit from a detailed index with types of registered vehicles along with details like phone number and email id of the owners of each fleet. Always have a complete view of all the fleets of vehicles in operation through your app.

Uber Clone App Administrator Panel

service managements

Access and manage all your company’s service details from this panel. Add/delete or edit details of vehicles available for service like car type ( Sedan, Hatchback, SUV, Limousine), provider names, car capacity, base price, time price, base distance, price calculation, images of different car types etc. This panel gives you an overall view of all types of vehicles and their pricing at a glance.

Uber Clone App Administrator Panel

provider managements

View provider details like total number of rides, total earning, total commission earned, cancelled rides and ride details like pickup address, drop address, date of ride and status of each ride from this panel. You can access this data for future reference and also copy or export all details in Excel , CSV or PDF.

Uber Clone App Administrator Panel

request history managements

View entire ride request history from this panel. Access details like booking id, rider name, provider name, date & time of ride, ride status (completed/cancelled), amount and commission earned, mode of payment and payment status. You can use this data to analyse past business and for reference and can also copy or export in Excel, CSV or PDF.

Uber Clone App Administrator Panel

statement managements

View statement details like booking id, total number of rides, overall earnings, commission earned, cancelled rides, pick up location and drop address, ride status from this panel. View overall ride statements, provider statements, daily statements, monthly statements and yearly statements and copy or export in Excel, CSV or PDF.

Uber Clone App Administrator Panel

Promo code

Use Promo code to provide discount and offers to your Riders and promote your services. Also offer discounts on Festivals and other Events to get.

Uber Clone App Administrator Panel

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