What Is A P2P Payment App?

A peer-to-peer (P2P) payment app allows users to send or receive money to/from friends, family, employees, clients, or other third-party businesses. With this app onboard, users can transfer money electronically, pay for a service availed from a business entity, or split the bill with their known ones.

Users can choose to process the payments directly from their bank accounts or add money to the app’s e-wallet for payment processing to ensure quick transfers. The receivers need to have an account in the app; only then users can process the payment effortlessly. If not, users can send across the payments to the receivers’ bank accounts directly.

Peer-to-peer Payment App Development Solution - Launch a Mobile Payment App!

With the advent of technology in the finance sector, the demand to process quick money transfers is fulfilled by advanced peer-to-peer (P2P) payments app solutions. These apps allow users to process payments instantly, pay for services availed, and many more. Even sending money across countries has become simple and straightforward.

Since the payment apps contain confidential information of the users, they are secured with end-to-end encryption and other security measures like face recognition, fingerprint lock, etc. These apps are trending in the finance sector, and people are widely using them for quick and secure transactions.

Join this growing segment by customizing and launching our ready-made P2P payment app solutions. We strive to offer a robust and reliable solution at affordable prices in the quickest time possible. Connect with us to get started!

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P2P App Development Solutions - Types Of Payment Apps We Can Develop

  • Standalone Payment SolutionsStandalone finance apps are non-bank solutions with in-built wallets where users can store their money before offloading it. Here, payments can be processed peer-to-peer or customer-to-business with or without linking the checking accounts and credit/debit cards. These kinds of solutions are known to rank in the top in countries where people have limited access to banking services.

  • Bank-centric Payment SolutionsHere, users can send or receive payments through the banking payment solution, where it is necessary to link their bank accounts. The money is transferred directly from the users’ bank accounts to the receivers’. These solutions belong to two categories - one where the bank has a mobile app in itself, and the other where the payments can be processed via a partner bank.

  • Social Media-centric SolutionsSocial media apps cash in on the need for instant money transfers by extending payment processing options while users communicate with their contacts. It helps them transfer money on the go, without the need to switch to a separate app for payments transfer. Another major benefit of these apps is that they allow users to avail of payment services without a time-consuming authentication process.

  • OS/Device Centric SolutionsSome operating systems or mobile devices come with a default payment feature. These options allow users to transfer money to others who are in the same OS or product ecosystem. Device-based thumbprint authentication is a great way to assure security and ease of access for payment processing.

  • Foreign Exchange SolutionsUsers can process payments across countries in various currencies. Here, the intermediaries involved in the conventional currency exchange means are eliminated. Thus, saving end-users from spending a heck of a lot of transaction fee and time needed to process the payments.

How Does Peer-to-Peer Payments App Work?

A P2P payment app solution is a platform that enables users to transfer money from their accounts to a third-party’s bank account. Users can also receive payments from their friends, family members, employers, and more via this platform.

Users have to choose the contact or add the bank account for which they have to transfer money, the amount of money to send, the account (bank account/ digital wallet) from which it can be processed, and submit it. Based on the payments app type, the amount might take up to three days to reflect on the receivers’ bank accounts.

These finance applications have gained massive popularity in recent years due to the convenience and the lower or no transaction fee. Launch your own mobile payment software solution right away for heightened success!

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Of Our P2P Payments App

  • RegistrationUsers can sign up with the app using their email addresses or phone numbers. They can use the registered credentials for logging in.

  • VerificationUsers should provide their personal details to confirm their identities. They are allowed to upload certain documents for verification purposes.

  • Link bank accountsUsers can add their bank details to the app so they can readily send payments from their bank accounts.

  • Send paymentsUsers can transfer money from their e-wallet or bank account to another bank account. Some apps charge a low transaction fee for each money transfer.

  • Unique ID/OTPEvery time users process their transactions, they will be provided with a unique ID or OTP. They have to verify each transaction by entering the shared ID or OTP. In some apps, it is vital to provide a one-time OTP whenever a user logs in.

  • Share billsUsers can scan their bills using the in-app scanner and share it with the users who have to process the payments.

  • Generate invoiceOnce payment has been made, an invoice is generated and shared with both the sender and the receiver for documentation or future reference.

  • In-app notificationsUsers are updated every time a payment is initiated or received via push notifications. Alerts on the wallet activity are also sent for added security. It also notifies users about the upcoming due dates.

  • Fingerprint lockTo ensure the security of the P2P payments app as it contains users' confidential details, access to it is protected with a fingerprint lock. It ensures only the device owners can access the respective accounts.

  • Transaction detailsUsers can view all their past transactions and their detailed information, processed through the P2P payments app in this section.

Advance Features

Digital wallet

Users can add money to their digital wallets and process payments from it for quick transactions. However, only some apps include digital wallets based on the business model.

SMS/Email notification

Along with push notifications, users are notified about the transactions or any wallet activity via emails or SMS alerts.


The app includes an in-built chatbot powered by AI technology to address user concerns, including payment transactions, wrong deductions from wallet/bank account, etc.

Exchange rates and conversions

If the app is built on a foreign exchange model, users need to understand the conversion rates before processing payments from one country to another. Hence, we empower them to view the exchange rates before each transaction.

Monetization Strategies For Your P2P Payment App

The P2P payments app can include various revenue models as per your preference. You must choose it wisely as the monetization methods play a significant role in heightening your revenue and expanding your business opportunity. You can often use two or more monetization ways together for increased revenue generation.

Here are the ways to monetize your app:

Transaction fee

Charge a fixed percentage as a transaction fee for every in-app money transfer. It is one of the most common ways to earn through your payments app. However, it is not the best option as users do not wish to pay for each transaction.

Advert fee

Display advertisements from third-party businesses and earn by collecting advertising fees from them. Ensure to review the content before sharing them on your platform as they might contain inappropriate content. It is one of the great options to earn as users are free from paying any form of charge.

Freemium model

Users can access most features of the app free of charge. However, they have to pay a fixed amount to access certain paid features. It is more like a subscription fee, where users get to explore the entire app experience. It is the best way to generate revenue from your payments app.

Industries That Deploy Our P2P Payment Apps

The service rendered by our P2P payment applications is not only limited to the finance sector but also extended to other business verticals as listed below to help them process their payments hassle-free.

Retail and eCommerce

Retail stores and eCommerce websites are leveraging the payment app solutions to a great extent. They deploy it for quick payments, direct bank returns, and many more. For this, there should be a POS system installed in the billing counter of retail stores, and multiple payment gateways integrated into the eCommerce sites. It benefits the users as well, as they get reward points for successful money transfers.

Essential service businesses

Food establishments, grocery stores, supermarkets, movie theatres, and many more essential service-based businesses have started accepting mobile payments due to the convenience they offer. Users are saved from the burden of carrying cash and credit/debit cards, enabling them to process transactions seamlessly via mobile phones.

Transportation and Logistics

In recent years, transportation businesses like Uber, Ola, and more have welcomed digital payment solutions with open arms. Also, logistics companies are accepting mobile payments as they find it easy to access. Some businesses even have their own digital wallet to accept payments for the services availed.


The P2P payment apps have also found their way into the telecommunication sector. Users can now pay their postpaid bills, recharge their mobile phones, and transfer money to people using the same network with comfort. Some telecom operators have even launched their digital wallets to ensure prompt payments.

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Our Process Of Developing
An Agile P2P Payment App

Being a leading P2P payment app development company, we understand that building a robust app on time and budget requires prior planning and timely execution. Hence we have streamlined our development process as listed below.

  • 1

    Finalize on the app typeThere are several types of P2P payments apps available in the market. We help you understand the functionality of each app, along with its benefits and lapses. This way, it becomes easy for you to choose a payment app type that suits your needs.

  • 2

    Jot down the featuresThe feature set is the most vital factor that plays a significant role in your business’s success. Hence, we assist you to carefully list all the features you wish to integrate into your app. For this, we evaluate your competitors’ apps, as well.

  • 3

    Check on the security issuesAs you are entering a finance app business, your business must keep the security concerns in check. Thus, we include two-factor authentication, face recognition, fingerprint access, and many more security features in the app to keep cyber issues at bay.

  • 4

    Follow regulatory compliance It is vital for a payment app business to comply with the regulatory requirements of the territory it serves. Hence, we make sure that the app does not exclude any regulatory compliance for a hassle-free launch.

  • 5

    Dive into the app development The UI/UX of the app is intuitive and aesthetic to offer easy accessibility. Our seasoned development team deploys the most advanced tools and technologies to build a robust and reliable payment app. We also ensure that the app provides a cutting edge performance.

  • 6

    Test and deploy the app The fully developed app undergoes a litany of tests to ensure it is free from bugs and other discrepancies. If not, iterations are carried out until it suffices all requirements. After this, the powerful, error-free app is launched on all major app and web platforms promptly.

Why Choose Us As Your App Development Partner?

White-label solution

The apps we develop are white-labeled, allowing you to rebrand its name, logo, color theme, and more to make you the sole proprietor of the app.

Proficient team

We employ the best minds for your app development project. Our team comprises seasoned developers, skilled designers, qualified testers, and a dedicated project manager for efficient functioning.

Cost-effective, Short TAT

Compared to the apps built from the ground up, our customized, ready-made payment apps are offered at reasonable prices in the shortest turnaround time (TAT).

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Scalable product

Our P2P payment app is a highly scalable solution, empowering you to modify it in the future as per the varying business environment.

App rejection support

Along with app development, we also assist you in launching your app on the Android and iOS platforms. If the app gets rejected for any reason, we work to make it comply with the app platforms’ regulations.

Free technical support

We offer free-of-cost technical and maintenance support for a limited time to help you run your business smoothly. After this period, you can avail of our paid services at affordable costs.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

You can earn from your mobile payment app by receiving a transaction fee for each money transfer processed through your app. Also, you can earn from advertising fees by displaying advertisements to promote third-party businesses on your platform. If you choose the freemium model, you can generate revenue by allowing users to access certain exclusive features of the app.
Yes. We do assist your business in launching your payments app on the major app platforms as part of our project. Apart from this, we also offer app rejection support in case the submitted app gets rejected by the app stores.

We work to fix any issue in the app, ensure that it complies with the app stores' regulations, and resubmit it to get your app up and running in the quickest time possible.
At Appdupe, we strive to build an advanced P2P payments app with the most advanced tools and technologies. We ensure our app solution is robust, reliable, and highly scalable. Compared to other businesses, our development services are offered at affordable prices, without compromising on quality. We also provide additional benefits like free-of-cost technical support for a limited period, app rejection support, and many more.
The development cost varies from project to project. We can't give you an exact estimate as it depends on various factors, including business model, monetization strategies, features to integrate, the time needed, technology stack, and many more.

If you need the cost estimate, you can connect with our support team and provide us all these details. After a thorough analysis, we can give you a detailed proposal to help you make informed decisions.
Connect with our support team over a call - +916382665366, email - [email protected], or through the chat option available on our website. They will guide through the entire app development process and help you get started promptly.

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