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This Airbnb for parking app is an innovative solution for today’s clustered metropolitan cities. Enable your customers to find a free parking space quickly and efficiently. Filled with the latest features in the app development market, our parking app development provides you with a viable investment opportunity.

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An innovative solution for finding parking

Population density has been a persistent issue in today’s world. With the urban population seeing a steady increase in numbers due to globalization, the situation has become dire in many large metropolitans around the world. Aside from the numerous other problems that have come out of this issue, one of the most immediate problems has been the lack of easy to find parking spots.

In many large cities around the world, finding parking has become a huge hassle. In a rapidly growing urban population, a large number of people own cars, but there is only a certain number of parking spaces available. This has automobile users driving in circles to find an available parking spot or having to drive a considerable distance from their destination and having to walk to it.

Although this is seemingly a “first world problem,” this is a recurring theme in emerging markets as well. With our knack for providing digital solutions to real-world problems, we at Appdupe have tackled this issue head-on with our on-demand parking booking app development.

This much-needed solution fills a large gap in the market and can be a great opportunity for investors to provide quality service to a large number of potential customers.

Features of our parking app development solution

Our Airbnb for parking app benefits both businesses and their customers alike by providing them with the tools they need.

  • Multiple cities and locationsWe ensure that our on-demand parking booking app allows you to scale your business continuously and expand your reach. It is completely scalable and enables you to grow to multiple locations by giving you the capability to oversee operations across multiple cities and locations from one convenient location. Customers will be able to use this single app to find parking spots in numerous locations of your choice.

  • Real-time alertsOur instant alert system keeps you notified of the happenings of your business in real-time. Get real-time notifications when bookends are reserved, canceled, scheduled, parking times, and leaving times of users and more. Stay on top of your business at any time, from anywhere.

  • Reservation Management SystemManage your reservations in an effective and efficient manner with our easy to use reservation management system. You will be able to view all your reservations at the click of a button, and your customers will be able to do the same. See detailed information regarding future reservations along with customer information, availability, and more.

  • AdvertisementsIn-app advertisements are a great way for you to drive additional revenue streams for your business. Through advertisements in the custom parking app solution, you can drive additional revenue streams directed towards your parking app users.

  • Cloud-based technologyUtilizing the latest in application technology, we ensure the safety and accessibility of all your data by storing them in the cloud. Cloud-based technology ensures that your app runs smoothly without worrying about server or hardware issues, all your data is readily available regardless of your location.

  • In-App CommunicationOur integrated in-app communication capability lets you interact directly with users of parking spaces. We've made it easy for you to connect via audio, video, phone, or text with other administrators, drivers, or users. It makes your company stick out as customer-friendly as calling you is always an option that’s readily available.

  • Geolocation ServicesGeolocation systems are important for the parking space company to thrive. This function means that the consumers can locate parking spaces in their proximity, in addition to the most convenient route to get to the parking spot, depending on where they are in real-time parking.

  • Vehicle TrackingOne of the scariest things about leaving a parked car in a parking space is what will happen to that car when it is left unattended. With vehicle tracking, your customers no longer have to worry about that. We have made it easy for your customers to track the position of their car and ensure that their car is safe in the parking space.

  • Rate CardRate Cards are great for your parking app users, as they can see what the different rates will be for individual parking spaces at different times. This lets them make more informed decisions about when they should reserve different parking spots or parking spaces, and understand how they will be charged as their reservation proceeds.

  • One-Tap RequestsOne-tap requests make it easy for your parking space app users to rebook a previously booked parking space. The easier it is for your user to use your parking app business again in the future, the more money you earn in the long run.

  • Instant AlertsSimilar to the instant alerts that you have access to as a business owner, users can receive instant alerts for the bookings, cancellations, scheduling, and real-time updates of when they park and leave the parking space. This helps them stay in touch with what the status of their parking space reservation is – and builds more trust for you and your parking space app business.

  • In-App CommunicationIn-app communication makes it easier for your customers to contact you in the event something goes wrong.

Our parking spot finder app follows a streamlined method of finding parking

Here is the workflow of our Airbnb for Parking app

Users can search for the nearest parking spot by providing their location via GPS or manually entering the address.

View Spots

Utilizing the user’s location, they are provided with the list of available parking spots in their vicinity. Details such as distance from the location are provided to help them choose the most convenient one.


Users can book the spot of their choice, and they will be provided with the passcode for the same.


Users can pay for the parking spot and confirm it. A multitude of payment options is provided.


Users can utilize the in-built navigation system that will accurately guide them to the parking spot in the shortest route possible.


Once the user has reached the parking spot, they can park in the allotted spot for the specified amount of time.

Issues we aim to solve with our Parking space finder app development process

  • Improving the efficiency of finding vacant spaceDue to the awareness in the availability of parking space, there can be congestion in the more well-known parking locations. Our app eliminates this redundancy by helping users utilizing the often underutilized parking spaces in the vicinity. Whether they are off the main roads or not well known, there are parking spaces if one knows where to look. Our parking space finder does just that.

  • Real-time informationWith the real-time data provided by our Airbnb for parking application, users can know whether a parking space is full or empty before they even reach the location. Thus, it eliminates the need to physically check spot after spot and allows the user to save time.

  • Multi-space parkingOne of the biggest frustrations that automobile owners face is arriving at a parking lot and finding another car that has used up more than one spot. With the in-built feature of our parking app, users can eliminate this disappointment and also report the issue to the proper authorities.

  • OvercrowdingA major problem in metropolitan areas around the world is the overcrowding of cars in the busier parts of the city. Our parking space finder app eliminates overcrowding by effectively balancing the number of cars in designated parking areas and utilizing the available ones in the most efficient way possible.


User App


New users can register with the app with a quick and simple on-boarding process.

Location-based search

Users can search for the parking spots available in their vicinity, and their location data will be utilized to provide the best results along with the relevant information.

Price estimation

Users can accurately calculate the parking charges at any location through the inbuilt parking meter feature.

Scheduled Parking

Users can pre-book a parking spot in advance to ensure availability when they arrive at their destination.

Multi-payment Integration

Users are provided with an accurate estimate of the parking charges before they confirm the booking. Once they book, they can pay through a multitude of ways, including cards, e-payment, and more.

Parking History

Users can view an extensive history of the list of places they’ve parked at along with the relevant information.

Ratings And Reviewsshboard

Users can rate specific parking spots according to their accessibility, availability, and pricing. This can help other users make better decisions.

Admin App

Manage users

The admin can manage all their users and their relevant information from one convenient location in the admin panel.

Parking Owner Management

Admins can manage all the parking spot owners with this useful feature. Their relevant details will be displayed here.

Manage Payment

Admins can manage all the payments that have been made. They can view hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly payments and a lot more.

Manage Booking

All the parking spots, their cost, and bookings can be managed by the admin through the parking application.

Manage Offers

Admins can entice more customers via special offers and discounts. All these can be managed efficiently.

Parking spot owner app


Parking owners can register with the application by providing the necessary information with this quick sign-up process.

Add Slots

Parking owners can add and provide necessary information regarding the parking spots they wish to provide.

Manage Pricing

Parking owners can manage the pricing plans for the corresponding parking spots.


Parking owners can see the usage of history of their parking spots to see which ones are popular and which ones are being underutilized.

Check Bookings

Parking owners can check the number of bookings of the parking through this feature.


Parking owners can view their payment information with this feature. They can view their entire payment history along with the pending payments.

Reviews And Ratings

Parking owners can read the reviews and ratings provided by their customers to improve their service in the future.

Accept Or Decline Parking Request

Parking owners can accept or decline any incoming parking requests according to their capacity and workload.

Advanced Features


Customers can navigate to the designated parking spot with the help of GPS navigation, which provides them with the shortest route.

Push Notifications

Admins and parking spot owners can effectively communicate with their customers through push notifications. Every information and detail can be relayed in real-time to the customer.

In-App Communication

All the parties in the app can communicate with each other at any time with an in-built chat option that makes it easy to communicate.

Multilingual Support

Users can avail support in their native language. This feature also helps the admins and owners expand their services across regions.

Our on-demand parking booking app development process


Understand requirements

Every application development process starts with understanding what the customer wants. Tell us your idea of your perfect parking spot finder app, and we will turn it into reality.


Careful planning

Once we have understood the requirements of the customer completely, we will lay out a carefully thought out path to achieve that end goal.



We strive to make every offering of ours unique and special. We will ensure an app that looks visually appealing to users and feature your brand prominently in the design.



Our development process is broken down into two distinct phases: Front-end and back-end. With a designated team for each, the development process is streamlined and effective.



Once the application has been completed by our developers, our testing team will run it through a litany of tests to ensure its robustness.



Once we get the green signal from the customer, the app is launched in all the major avenues in such a way that it attracts the most number of users.

Why choose Appdupe as your parking spot finder app developer?

  • We have extensive experience in the field of development
  • We have specialized teams for the many facets of application development
  • We have worked with some of the biggest names in the industry
  • We have crafted world quality solutions for customers around the globe

  • We have immense knowledge on the ins and outs of the industry
  • We provide a complete range of services including marketing and support
  • We have tie-ups with major data providers around the world
  • We use the latest technology available in the market space

Technology We Use

We use the latest state-of-the-art technology to bring your smartphone application goals to life.

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