Coursera Clone - Launch an Online Learning Platform like Coursera

If there is a single silo that has been terrifically adapted to the era marked by digits and bandwidth dominance, it must be education. The transformation from classroom-based learning to online-equipped skill acquisition has amassed a legion of users all over the world to these sites. Coursera is the leader of this pack, with over 30 million+ active learners.

Entrepreneurs looking to make the most of the phenomenal rage are in for a treat as we in Appdupe proffer you with a best-in-class Coursera clone that’s wholesome in every sense that’s more than capable of operating millions of courses and users. Drenched in top-notch features and blended with an intuitively interactive UI, it’s the edtech world-beater solution you need for your entrepreneurial dreams.

Chief Differentiating Features of Our Coursera Clone

Course CertificatesThe bread and butter of any online learning platform. Our Coursera clone delivers highly ingrained course certificates with stellar detailing upon completion of a course.

Versatile CoursesRamp up your arsenal with a wide range of online courses across various categories and specializations that’ll entice a diverse user base onto your offering.

Download LecturesFlatter your users with the ability to immerse themselves in learning even offline by the download lecture option. This way, user trust is exponentially enhanced.

Level of InstructionDesignate your courses into multiple learning difficulty levels on the lines of beginners, intermediate and advanced/ experts, aiding the users in the holistic learning process.

Advanced Search BarEmbedded with a multitude of filters and sorting algorithms, the powerful search bar arms the user to zero in the course he/she looking among the legion of similar courses on the platform.

Course QuizzesConfer the capacity to evaluate their grasp on the concepts of a section of the course through comprehensive quizzes before moving on to the next section. Immediate results are revealed!

Instructor DashboardCrucial metrics like number of enrollments, number of hours, etc., can be accessed by the instructor through a unified dashboard, which also helps them set up learning goals.

Multilingual SupportLeveraging a global user base is a commonality with our Coursera clone as the courses can be heralded in major languages of the world along with multilingual subtitles.

My CoursesThe entire list of courses enrolled by the users, along with their complete details such as course instructor, course syllabus, expected completion date, etc., are made available for them.

Promo VideosBesides mind-boggling iterations of informational blogs and articles, crisp promotional videos about a particular course can be presented to users that are sure to accelerate user engagement.

Crown yourself as the king of EdTech with a Multi-functional Coursera Clone that makes Online Learning a Child’s Play.

Provide a World-Class Online Learning Experience
with Coursera Clone

  • Effortless SetupIn the view of taking the stress out of business owners, we have designed our multi-functional Coursera clone to operate robustly the moment it is launched as it comes with a plethora of exceptional features like multi-payment integration, offline learning option, marketing module, etc. All set for massive action!

  • Extensive Range of CustomizationDeploying our radical range of customization, we configure the Coursera clone at its entirety to resonate with your deep-rooted ideas and app vision that’s coherent with the current market trend. Anything and everything is possible with Appdupe!

  • Immersive Learning ExperienceShattering the conventionally allied constraints with the learning process, the revolutionary Coursera clone, with its futuristic features, makes course development a cakewalk, which, in turn, asserts an impeccable learning experience for the users, thereby offering a win-win situation!

  • Mobile/ Website OptimizationAn overtone of unfluctuating learning is mandatory for any online course platform, and with our Coursera clone, it has ascended to the next level as students can relentlessly learn and access courses from the platform across devices like Mobile, PC, Tablet, etc.

Our E-learning Solutions
with Coursera Clone

Live Video StreamingEntice your user base with real-time audio and video lectures that are optimized for any devices and seamlessly proffer superior learning experience with our live streaming solutions.

Group TrainingInfuse the novelty of conventional classrooms with our group training solutions where multiple users can collaborate and secure their learning goals.

Online TrainingThe staple feature of the Coursera clone, wherein educators can record, edit, and post high-quality content that could be accessed and downloaded by the users from anywhere and anytime.

Quizzes and AssessmentsProffer your users with innovative evaluative tools that shatter their misconceptions about any lecture concepts through intuitively designed mock tests, quizzes, and oodles of assessments of all kinds.

ECommerceMake a killing out of the all-conquering ecommerce wave by forging the Coursera clone app with the ability to sell a multitude of learning products on the lines of books, online courses, exclusive lectures, masterclasses, etc.

Interactive LearningRecreating an engaging non-synchronous learning environment, the Coursera clone is intensified to facilitate superlative knowledge and transfer between global users unmoved by constraints.

We Help
You Create E-Learning App for All

Keep your trust on Appdupe, the market leaders identified for making avant-garde learning apps. Meanwhile, take a peek at the list of possible silos we operate in creating online learning solutions.

  • PreschoolersCaptivate toddlers with a dashingly interactive online learning solution chiefly for preschool work that's laden with stellar features cumulatively imparting a delightful learning experience.

  • School Academic LearningRamp up school students' learning capabilities with E-learning solutions compatible with the phase and pace of school-based academics with riveting multimedia presentations.

  • University Academic CoursesSuperimpose the ingenuity of online learning into projects and courses that reverberate university education standards with unique general and personalized online courses.

  • Job-Oriented Technical Courses TrainingMetamorphose industrial and employment-based training with precisely designated and defined technical courses habituate users with required skills and insights imperative to the job.

  • Corporate TrainingRendering employees with specialized skills is now a breezy affair with our flagship solutions ingrained with individual corporates' operational and cultural nuances.

  • Induction & Orientation AppsThe prompt onboarding process of new-recruitees is made even more comfortable with our uniquely developed applications, which align the employees with the company's approach and policies.

  • Employee Engagement AppSkyrocket your business productivity by assorting and connecting the entire range of employees in a unified platform with defined goals and objectives that boosts their morale.

  • Skill Boosting AppsGratify your employees with eccentric solutions that unwaveringly enhance their technical and communication skills through advancements like IoT, AR, VR-based gamification strategy.

  • Tuition AppsAccredit users worldwide receive top-notch education through online learning solutions that transcend boundaries and hindrances through tuition apps.

How does
the Coursera Clone Work?

The proportionally streamlined Coursera clone makes it accessible to every possible social silo.

  • 1

    User Registration Users are prompted to register in the platform either individually or through their educational institutions.

  • 2

    User LoginOnce registered, users are provided with smart login credentials to initiate their learning process.

  • 3

    Browse CoursesA wide range of courses, specializations, masterclasses arrayed into diverse categories are available to users.

  • 4

    Buy CoursesAvailing any of the available payment options, the user proceeds to buy a course.

  • 5

    Complete the Course Users learn through lecture videos, documents, and other references that are part of the course.

  • 6

    Course CertificateUpon successfully completing the course by acing the mandatory quizzes, users receive a course completion certificate.

  • 7

    Download/ Share CertificateUsers can download the certificate and share it with their Linkedin profile and other business service sites.

What do We Offer
with the Coursera Clone?

An impressive stack of splendid solutions. Devised for rousing success.

Admin PanelBusiness owners are proffered with god’s eye view over the entire proceedings of the platform operations through a startlingly robust admin panel with complete control.

Instructor PanelAn exceptionally elegant dashboard is conferred to educators that facilitate content creation and upload a piece of cake beside a wall-to-wall view of their course content.

Learner PanelArming the users with the capability to access the whole spectrum of courses registered by them, the learner panel expedites effective monitoring of their course progress in real-time.

Android AppAn ultra-fluid Android application made with the iconic flutter technology enables you to enthrall a universal user base.

iOS AppThe flutter-based Coursera clone that seamlessly operates over the iOS platform is bestowed with exciting features as the Android app.

Complete List of Features of Our Coursera Clone

  • Swift OnboardingEntitle the learners to register into the platform using their phone numbers/ email addresses/ social media credentials or through their institutions.

  • Advanced Search BarNailing down on a particular course from an ocean of similar courses is no longer a pain point with a powerful search bar embedded with an array of filters and sorting options.

  • User ProfileThe complete list of registered courses, their completion status, certificates earned, payment preferences, etc., are available in the user profile.

  • Schedule LecturesResetting completion deadlines and schedules has never been this more manageable as learners can willingly schedule lecture videos conveniently.

  • Free/ Premium CoursesLearners are empowered to access the gazillion of free courses and also exclusive advanced/ premium courses available on the platform.

  • User ForumMimicking real-classroom scenarios, learners can get their concepts clear by interacting with the instructors and fellow learners in private forums.

  • Wish ListsLearners can configure their study plans effectively by saving certain courses as wish lists and accessing them later.

  • Course ModulesThe entire syllabus of courses is broken down into specific modules, which are concluded with various quizzes and assessments.

  • Social SharingLearners can share their exploits with their friends and acquaintances through sharing them in social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

  • Review and RatingsLearners are authorized to express their genuine opinions on the courses completed by them, which aids the entire user community.

  • Instant OnboardingTeachers/ Instructors can log in through their smart credentials or phone number/ email address etc.

  • Create/ Submit CoursesCourses can be created from scratch, compiled, enhanced, and can be submitted to the admin for approval.

  • Customize CoursesInstructors can organize the course's contents/ modules effortlessly that’s in line with the learning objectives.

  • TutoringEither by live-streaming their lectures or uploading recorded video/ audio clips, instructors can display their ingenuity with the learners.

  • Answer QueriesInstructors can resolve the nagging doubts of learners through separate forums and also via in-app messaging feature.

  • File SharingIn order to rejuvenate learners, instructors can support their course material by sharing content as YouTube files, Docs, PDFs, images, etc.

  • Instructor ProfileA wholesome profile with attributes like specialization, expertise, areas of interest, research fields, etc., can be set up by instructors.

  • Reviews and RatingsConstructive teaching styles can be adopted by the instructors by immersing them in learner reviews and feedback about the course.

  • Support CornerInstructors can readily avail for comprehensive support for sorting out technical and allied issues in the Teacher application.

  • Centralized DashboardThe ultimate tool for efficacious monitoring of the full scope of the Coursera clone, the dashboard is available to the admins.

  • Category ManagementAdmins can deliberately cluster courses with identical contents under a category and efficiently manage the platform's extended range of available categories.

  • Course ManagementAdmins can approve/ disapprove any courses uploaded by instructors and reorganize the eligible courses concerning market trends and learner expectations.

  • Learner ManagementCrucial performance metrics like the total number of students enrolled, most popular courses, number of active learners, etc., can be instantly retrieved by the admin.

  • Payment ManagementCompetent tracking of revenue is now a possibility as admins are presented financial numbers that can be sorted out by categories/ courses/ specializations etc.

  • Role ManagementAdmins can assign sub-admins with various roles and responsibilities on the grounds of persuasive control over the platform’s operations.

  • Email ManagementBeing authenticated to ingress the whole panoply of both learners and instructors' email addresses, admins can channelize their marketing efforts without a hitch.

  • General ManagementThe nitty-gritty of the platform mirroring the functionality of the software can be momentarily configured hassle-free by the admin.

  • Course CertificateReward the learner for their tenacious efforts, leading to the completion of the course with a credible course certificate with the instructor's digital signature and timestamp.

  • Multi-Payment IntegrationFunnel out free-flowing revenue by integrating a wide variety of most popular payment options such as credit/ debit cards, net banking, UPI, etc., in the Coursera clone.

  • Web ConferencingInstill the traditional aspect of sweeping attentiveness by establishing one-on-one learning through path-breaking video-conferencing and streaming tools.

  • Cloud-Based OperationsSeize upon cloud computing's novelty by fusing the online learning platform’s functioning with the cloud to impart a rampantly tranquil learning experience.

  • Multilingual SupportLeverage a global user base by extending your platform’s contents in the major languages of the world, retaining both local and international learner communities.

  • Robust BackendCapitalizing the inherent dexterity of Objective C, C++, and Java, we come up with world-class iterations of iOS, Windows/ Mac, and Android-based Coursera clone apps, respectively.

  • GamificationTerrific user engagement levels can be ensured by deploying target-based highly entertaining puzzles, games, and quizzes that are drenched in compelling multimedia.

  • Built-In Chat Eliminate the need for connecting across other mediums of communication as users can interact with themselves through an in-app chat feature that’s fast and secure.

Addons to the Coursera Clone

  • Featured Listing of CoursesAccelerate business traction by listing new or trending courses as exclusively featured courses by boosting visibility.

  • Subscription SetupSecure unassailable financial stability by charging both users and instructors with predetermined subscription fees for access into lecture video/ quizzes and certifications.

  • Analytics CornerReasoned decision-making is encouraged as the business owners are bestowed with intuitive insights from analytical reports that depict various performance parameters.

  • Multiple Payment GatewaySuffuse your user base with widely used payment options like Stripe, Paypal, etc. This way, they can instantaneously pay for their courses and specializations in the platform.

  • Multiple Currency SupportEntitle your user base to buy courses at their local currency, which knocks out the tedious process of calculating exchange rates, etc., thereby increasing trust on your platform.

  • Live Class FeatureDuly assisted by the revolutionary cloud-based video conferencing setup, instructors can conduct virtual classes that blend in the best of traditional and online learning.

Over 40% of the Student Population are regular Online Learners. Claim them!

And the registered user numbers are tipped to double in 2019-23.

What is Unique with our Coursera Clone?

Supplementary to our meritorious stock of features and astonishing addons, the following traits poise our Coursera clone to be the most accessible online platform that's robust yet extremely user friendly.

No Qualification RequiredUnlike the conventional education mediums, the Coursera clone empowers anyone with an untiring passion for upskilling themselves without any preconceived notions/ qualifications.

Professionally OrganizedThe Course content is diligently stacked in an order that exemplarily resonates with the prefixed learning goals and objectives of the user.

Course Chapters Users can resume learning precisely what they left, conforming to the course continuity. This also arms users to take a peek on the upcoming module.

Course Description Learners can get to know the objectives and the syllabus of a course besides complete description, reference, and allied detailed information about the instructor.

Forums What's better than brainstorming the course concepts and lectures with fellow users? This is facilitated by the introduction of user forums tailored for specific courses.

Multi-Device Compatibility Learning across devices like mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and PCs become seamless with our Coursera clone's ingrained compatibility.

Instant LearningUsers can reach mastery over different courses at their own pace as they can be accessed without time constraints and readily available once registration is completed.

Expert InsightsNot just instructors, the Coursera clone enables industry-specific experts to propagate their skills and expertise through colossal courses and specializations.

Key Benefits of our Coursera Clone

Being synonymous with massive reach and profitability, the Coursera clone showers every stakeholder with limitless benefits.

For Learners

Exploring educational silos and acquiring knowledge is made simple.

  • Highly subsidized subscription fees

  • Affordable e-learning options

  • Expert advice and insights

  • Instant access to course materials

  • Multiple payment options

For Business Owners

Connecting global students with experts and instructors is now a piece of cake.

  • Effortless and Centralized Management

  • Hassle-free flow of data

  • Immediate resolving of queries

  • Prompt scaling of the platform

  • Multiple revenue streams

Our Premium E-Learning App Development Solutions

AR/ VR Based E-Learning Apps

Transfuse breathtaking technological advancements like AR, VR, and cloud computing to divulge an incredible learning experience.

  • AR/ VR based apps for Astronomy, Anatomy, Microbiology, etc.

  • VR based apps for Geography, Hydrography, Geology, etc.

  • VR based apps for laboratory experiments of Physics, Chemistry, etc.

On-Demand Learning Apps

The latest addition to the famed on-demand bandwagon, these apps are identified with superior performance and the ability to launch readily.

  • Live Video Streaming Apps

  • Music, Martial Arts, Video Learning Apps

  • 3D Games & Book Reading Apps

AI-Based Education Apps

Fusing the capabilities of AI, these apps proffer a deep-rooted, targeted personalization and user experience.

  • AI-powered apps for feedback loops

  • AI-powered apps for personalized teaching and blogs

  • AI-based bibliography apps

E-Learning Portals

Client-based online learning portals for schools, universities, technical institutes, etc., are conferred by us.

  • Student and Course management apps

  • Online exam and certification apps

  • Results and student records apps

Enterprise/ Corporate Management System

Industry-based skill development is expedited with custom-built LMS solutions and firm-centered learning apps.

  • Employee engagement and Performance tracking apps

  • Online training and skill enhancement apps

  • Enterprise reporting and talent management apps

E-Learning/ Education Chatbots

Automating the bidirectional learning process on the grounds of engrossing students with rapid responses.

  • Personalized learning Chatbots

  • Website-based learning chatbots

  • Social media-based query chatbots

The Revenue Model of our Coursera Clone Script

Electrify the edtech industry with the Coursera clone that’s devised to cash in a multitude of revenue streams.

Course SubscriptionArguably the major revenue source, this entitles the business owners to inflict a substantial amount as course fee from the global user base. In addition to that, users can access the courses by paying monthly/ quarterly/ annual subscription fees. More is the number of courses and users; more is your revenue!

Featured ListingsAn exceptional adaptation of the famed freemium model, instructors can position their courses on the top charts and listings by paying the business owner with a hefty listing charge. This way, both parties are profited!

CommissionFor every successful completion of the course, business owners can charge the legion of instructors a sizable percentage of commission fees besides receiving such charges for payment transactions taking over the Coursera clone.

PromotionsBy leasing out the ad-spaces like banners to third-party advertisements, massive revenue can be achieved. Trusted sources like Google Ads can be integrated into the Coursera clone without a fuss.

Our Process of Coursera Clone App Development

Know how we come up with world-class e-learning application solutions every single time.

  • 1

    Requirement AnalysisOur crew of graceful customer relationship executives inscribe your exact needs and requirements and picture the app vision identically.

  • 2

    Market ResearchJuggling a slew of market trends and predictions, we filter out only the best features to design an enticingly streamlined learning experience.

  • 3

    DevelopmentWe assign our extensively experienced developers who work in tandem with edtech stalwarts to create an inordinately proficient Coursera clone app.

  • 4

    Testing & App LaunchSubjected to some of the most stringent quality standards, the final iteration of your Coursera clone is devoid of any glitches/ bugs, and deployment at various app stores are fast-tracked. Ultimately, the app will be ready for downloads!

An Interactive, Feature-Rich Coursera Clone is Right Around the Corner.

Realize your edtech dream with a superlative solution that oozes out learning efficiency.

Pricing Package

Admin Panel Features
  • Admin Login
  • Forgot Password
  • Admin Dashboard
  • Admin Revenue Statistics
  • Course Overview
  • Manage Social Settings
  • Manage System Settings
  • Update Product
  • View/Manage Category
  • Add/Manage Courses
  • Add/Manage Course Details
  • Add Course Requirment
  • Add Course Pricing
  • Manage Course Media Settings
  • Course SEO Settings
  • Add/Sort Course Sections
  • Add Cousrse Lesson
  • Add Quiz
  • Video Upload (Course)
  • Instructor Management
  • Instructor Pending Payout Request
  • Pay Instructor
  • Instructor Payout Management
  • Instructor Settings
  • Manage Commission Settings
  • View Instructor Application List
  • Approve/Reject Instructor Application
  • Instructor Document Verification
  • Student Management
  • Enrolment Management
  • Student Enrol History
  • Enrol Student
  • Admin Revenue Report
  • Instructor Revenue Report
  • Chat
  • Addon Management
  • Manage Website Settings
  • Manage Payment Settings
  • Application Language Settings
  • Manage SMTP Settings
  • Theme Settings
  • About this Application
  • Admin Account Management
  • Change Password
Application Features
  • Student/Instructor Registration
  • Student/Instructor Login
  • Forgot Password
  • View Privacy Policy
  • View User Agreement
  • Homescreen
  • View Available Courses
  • Manage Account Details
  • Change Password
  • Chat
Features - Instructor
  • Instructor Dashboard
  • Instructor Revenue Statistics
  • Course Overview
  • Add/Manage Courses
  • Add/Manage Course Details
  • Add Course Requirment
  • Add Course Pricing
  • Manage Course Media Settings
  • Course SEO Settings
  • Add/Sort Course Sections
  • Add Cousrse Lesson
  • Add Quiz
  • Video Upload (Course)
  • View Sales Report
  • Manage Payout Report
  • Request Payment
  • Manage Payment Settings
Features - Student
  • Search Course
  • Add/Manage Wishlist
  • Add/Manage Cart
  • Manage Purchase History
  • View Filter
  • View Course Details
  • View Instructor Details
  • View Student Feedback
  • Rate and Review
  • Start/End Lessions
  • View Quiz
  • Purchase Courses
  • My Course Details
  • View Admin Demo
  • View Facebook Account
  • View LinkedIn Profile
  • View Twitter Account

Why Appdupe for your Coursera Clone?

  • ExpertiseWith an experience exceeding over a decade, we have drenched ourselves with the art of proffering future-proof apps that hit the bull’s eye metaphorically.

  • Latest TechnologyWe wield out the ingenuity of the latest technological advancements such as IoT, AR, VR, AI, etc., to render your Coursera clone with enhanced agility.

  • Free Server InstallationThe full-fledged Coursera clone is deployed in your servers by our engineers for absolutely free of cost to make your app up and running in a matter of minutes.

  • NDAReciprocating your trust in us, we religiously adhere to the regulations of the Non-Disclosure Agreement struck between us to secure an overtone of transparency.

  • White-Labeling Rebrand the brand-new Coursera clone with your business elements, including logo, brand name, and foray into the lucrative online learning marketplace.

  • 3600 SupportRight from conception to post-deployment, we present you with unrelenting support at every possible service vertical. This includes limited bug-removal support too.

  • On-Time DeliveryOwing to our holistic approach to app development, we always create a way to deliver your Coursera clone before the mutually agreed deadline.

  • Versatile Engagement ModesWe reorient our development process to mirror your thoughts with a wide range of engagement modes that are tailored to your business needs.

Cost to Develop an App like Coursera

We, at Appdupe, endow you with a gem of an online learning platform- the Coursera clone. In conjunction with being a technologically gifted solution, the Coursera clone is also strengthened with the innate business sensibilities and value proposition of this booming industry. A wide range of parameters, such as features to be integrated, UX design, add-ons required, etc., influence the app development cost. Connect with us straightaway to know the exact cost of developing an app like Coursera!

Tech Stack

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Delivery time depends on several factors, including the customization requirements. Our team makes no compromise yet manages to deliver the script on the mutually agreed deadline.
Our Coursera clone app is a highly scalable solution. You can upgrade the app at any time in the coming years as per changing user preferences. You can integrate new features and functionalities, increase its handling capabilities, and redesign its user interface without any hassle.
Yes. We offer post-launch maintenance support to our clients to help them run their business smoothly in the initial few days. This support service is free of charge for a limited period. After this, you can avail of our paid maintenance services that are offered at affordable prices.
We can customize at your will and add/remove any features and designs to suit a specific location.
Connect with our support team over email - [email protected] or call - +916382665366. You can also connect with us directly through the chat option available on our website.

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