Porter Clone
White-label solution to develop your truck aggregator app

Customers who want to move their goods from one place to another are looking for reliable logistics services. Cater to their needs with a robust on-demand logistics app that lets them locate a truck of required capacity. Along with a plethora of features that we design with the average customer in mind, you can deploy a fully customizable, magnificent truck aggregator app. Our white-label porter clone app development solution is a quick and hassle-free process. By fixing up an appointment with us to tell your ideas, we will help you launch an easy-to-use on-demand logistics app in no time. Get ready to watch your app help customers conveniently shift goods and in return, watch your revenue grow!

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Perfect On-demand Trucking solution for your business

Our extraordinary yet simple app user interface design will offer customers an extremely simple way of navigating through your software. Drivers and administrators will also have an enriched experience managing and responding to booking requests with their very own variations of the app. Your on-demand porter clone will come with a shipper, driver, admin and dispatcher app, which are all developed using the latest technology to ensure maximum performance.

Offer your customers the latest industry-standard smartphone app features. Give them a fluid usability experience no matter what device they use your software from. We develop apps that are perfectly compatible with all devices and platforms.

Logistics Aggregator App

Bringing in
Truck Operators Together
Porter clone apps work towards bringing all truck operators under a single roof, providing shippers with multiple options.

Trucking and Freight Solutions

Connect Shippers
with the Drivers
Develop your own trucking app that allows shippers to connected with the drivers for a seamless logistics experience.

Shipment Delivery Services

High-speed Transportation
of Shipments
Porter clone apps provide affordable logistics solutions for freights of different sizes, delivering loads on time.


What do we provide with our Porter clone app?

Our comprehensive state-of-the-art on-demand movers app is exactly what customers who are looking for moving services need. They can avail accurate and reliable logistics services by simply performing a few swipes and taps on their digital devices. We build robust applications that will keep customers informed about the whereabouts of their valuables at all times.

Our Porter clone app gives you the following essential systems that will enable you to conduct business efficiently through a smartphone application.

Shippers Android App

Shippers iOS App

Shippers Web Panel

Driver Android App

Driver iOS App

Driver Web Panel

Admin Web Panel

Dispatcher Panel

Landing Page


Benefits of Porter clone

Our on-demand logistics app will empower moving services with principal advantages.

  • Fully customizableRe-brand and customize the app to your heart’s content. Change designs, logos, add/delete feature and more.

  • Ready-to-launch solutionAs a clone app readily contains the latest features and is on the whole instantly deployable, it saves time and money.

  • Simple paymentsOur top-of-the-line developers implement easy-to-use, secure payment systems.

  • Completely scalableScale-up your smartphone application as your business grows.

  • Responsive softwareOur apps are designed for easy access by its users.

  • Complete supportWe take care of your app development not just from start to finish but also after it is launched in the market.

Steps to launch your on-demand movers app with Porter clone

We’ve made the process of developing a world-class app as simple as following 5 easy steps.

  • The very first step to building your Porter clone app is contacting us. On understanding what you require, we will offer you a demo app.

  • After reviewing the demo app and being satisfied, you can place an order for the app with us.

  • Following the confirmation, we will see to it that your app is developed from start to finish.

  • On commencement of the app development, you can change or add logos, language and multiple types of currency to your software.

  • The final step is testing the app. After that is done, we will deploy your app into multiple platforms and devices.


Our Porter clone truck aggregator app is a game-changer

Conducting logistics operations involve intense and complex procedures. It includes picking up goods, navigating through proper routes, meeting deadlines and more. Organize all of those processes and bring the world of trucking together in one simple smartphone app. The best way to shrink the gigantic industry to pocket devices is by using a Porter clone truck aggregator app.

An on-demand logistics app enhances the precision and reliability of moving services. As they keep the customer informed with GPS tracking and real-time updates. Customers increasingly prefer to book services via smartphone apps as all the operations and status of the services are transparent. Our app development solution gives you complete customizability, seamless user interfaces, simple payment solutions, unparalleled security and more.

Pricing Package

Admin Panel Features
  • Admin Login
  • Forgot Password
  • Dashboard
  • Services statistics
  • Manage Dispatcher Panel
  • Track Ongoing/Scheduled Services
  • Book/Schedule Request
  • Heat Map
  • User Management
  • Provider Management
  • View/Manage Dispatcher
  • View/Manage Fleet Owner
  • View/Manage Account Manager
  • Manage User/Partner Locations
  • Manage User/Partner Ratings
  • View Service History
  • View Service Details
  • View/Manage Scheduled Services
  • View/Manage Service Types
  • Manage Service Pricing
  • View/Managae Documents
  • View Service Satememts
  • View Provider Statements
  • View Provider Earnings
  • View Daily/Monthly/Yearly Statements
  • View/Manage Promocodes
  • View Payment history
  • Manage Payment Settings
  • View/Manage Daily Target
  • Manage Tax/Surge percentage
  • Manage Admin Commission
  • Manage Currency
  • Manage Site Settings
  • View/Mange Provider Search Radius
  • View/Manage Social Login
  • View/Manage Privacy Policy
  • Custom Push
  • Translations
  • Manage Account Settings
  • Change Password
  • Logout
User Features
  • User Social/Email Registration
  • User Social/Email Login
  • Forget Password
  • Book Single/Multiple Services
  • Cancel Service
  • View Estimated fare
  • Schedule Services
  • User Profile Management
  • Manage Service History
  • Book Scheduled Services
  • Wallet Management
  • Card Management
  • Help
  • Share
  • Support
  • Real-Time Tracking
  • Call Option
  • Rate and Review (Provider)
  • Logout
Provider Features
  • Provider Social/Email Registration
  • Provider Social/Email Login
  • Forget Password
  • Accept/Reject Services
  • Cancel Service
  • Live Navigation
  • Call Option
  • Switch Online/Offline
  • Profile Managment
  • Manage Service History
  • Manag Scheduled Services
  • View Provier Earnings
  • Support
  • Share
  • Rate and Review (Provider)
  • Logout

Technologies we used

At Appdupe, we use the latest app development technology to deliver the very best of smartphone software.


A clone app is a software that emulates the features and user interface of an existing app. It gives you the opportunity to simply customize it according to your business preferences and lets you launch a brand new unique app in a short time.

The better option is certainly the clone development solution. It saves you plenty of time, resources and money.

As on-demand services are rapidly turning to smartphones to provide services, logistics services are also profiting from the technological revolution.

It has four variations. They are the shipper, admin, dispatcher and driver app.

We use robust, secure scripts that are easily customizable and to understand.

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