Storm The Online Space With Our Custom-Built Fashion Ecommerce App

Welcome to the Amazon century, a.k.a the 21st century, where Ecommerce is the world order. More than ever, this gem of technology has revolutionized the way we use to conceive apparel and precisely, fashion. The rise of Amazon has outrightly transformed the fashion industry with a projected revenue of over $1000 billion in 2020. You might think this must be a typo, but sorry to disappoint you; with over 40% of total market share, these numbers are well accurate and just a beginning.

With over 5 billion smartphone users, and given that every user is your potential customer, you have a market that boasts of perennial demand. It doesn’t require a corporate CEO to testify that the future belongs to those who set their foot on the online world.

Transcend the power of technology into fashion with our avant-garde fashion ecommerce app development solutions. Leverage the global customer base as users are able to pamper themselves with the latest trends in fashion, all at a touch of a button. Shatter the traditional constraints and offer every possible fashion needs that are locally global. In other words, Launch your own Fashion Ecommerce Application now!

We Engineer Fashion Ecommerce Apps

Hello, Hola, and Namaste to all those aspiring designers, fashion retailers, and wholesalers! The immediate good news is that you’re at the perfect spot for developing your dream fashion ecommerce app that’s future-proof.

Being the market leader of this niche, we possess some of the most experienced developers and designers to give life to your fashion app. They work in tandem with fashion industry stalwarts to make sure that your app is not only robust and feature-rich but also engraved with the working business sensibilities. And trust us, we have developed more than 200+ mobile apps and clone apps that have been a rage on the market.

A Fashion Ecommerce App
that’s in line with your Business Model

Single Fashion Store AppAre you the king of your niche? Owning a single store and looking to go online? Our comprehensive single fashion store app is the best match for you as you’re conferred with a solution that converges a multitude of buyers into your hold.

Fashion Chains AppTailor-made for businesses with a chain of outlets, our fashion chain app effortlessly manages every aspect of your business with an overarching sense of delivering premier customer experience.

Fashion Marketplace AppIf you wish to be part of the tribe, i.e., incubating a platform where sellers of diverse range strike a deal with customers, our integrated fashion marketplace app does the job for you without a hint of hassle.

Fashion B2B eCommerce AppOur specially designed Fashion B2B ecommerce app eliminates any hindrances to your online wholesale business and splendidly manages operations like quotations, bulk order processing, finance management, etc.

Clothing & Apparel eStore App for Fashion Brands Famous fashion brands can cash in their existing fanfare and further conquer new markets through our dedicated e-store apps customized to the extent that it resonates with your brand values and image.

Boutique eStore AppInfuse the virtual world with opulence with our regal boutique e-store App that mimics the splendor of a boutique with rich features assorted in an arresting UI. Perfect for entrepreneurs looking to launch an online luxury galleria.

Our Features
that make a Style Statement

Smart Look BookPresent your latest collections and offers to every user of your platform concurrently with the smart lookbook feature. Flaunt your seasonal and festive selections hassle-free.

Intelligent Search BarFlatter your customers with their exact fashion needs with the intelligent search bar that sorts out millions of products through a range of filters and attributes like size, category, price range, etc.

Wish ListsWith the wish list feature, users can save and view their favorite products or particular collection they're interested in, and there is a high probability that they'll purchase them shortly.

Virtual Try-OnDash out the conventional boundaries of online shopping with an eccentric virtual try-on feature that employs the astonishing 3D Fitting technology to mimic real-life trailing of apparel. A Definite winner!

Size RecommendationProffer only the perfect fitting to your customers with the revolutionary size engine feature that displays products based on the buyer's closest size.

In-App ChatEnhance the trust of both ends of your customers' spectrum with an in-built chat feature that can serve as the medium for resolving queries and other customer questions about the product.

Omnichannel IntegrationChannelize the best of online shopping business with the most demanded omnichannel integration module. You've just raised your stakes for the future!

Multimedia SupportEnsure an entertaining shopping experience with a gripping multimedia interface, where sellers can upload high-resolution images and video clips of their products. A next-gen window shopping support.

User Reviews and RatingsDemocratize your platform by enabling users to speak their minds through ratings and reviews and keep the flag of competitive spirit high and flying.

Versatile Payment OptionsArm your users with the ability to pay through popular payment methods like credit card/debit card, UPI, internet banking, and even a custom e-wallet feature.

Launch your Fashion Ecommerce App that skyrockets your sales.

We are E-commerce SpecialistsBending the best of technology to infuse a sense of old-world shopping experience in an all-inclusive ecommerce platform has a stake for everyone. The right mix of efficiency and elegance.

Impart a Hassle-free Online Shopping ExperienceDeliver crème de la crème of online shopping condensed inside mobile phones with ultra-responsive web panels and mobile applications. Spill out carefully curated customer experience through insights from sales, behavior, and allied attributes.

Boost Order Value with Targeted SalesDevise a canon of upselling and cross-selling strategies for every customer with targeted sales and witness the magic of increased customer retention rates.

Benefits of using an Ecommerce app for your Fashion Store

  • Increased Conversion RateAn online fashion store is an in-your-face solution for a variety of business problems, including sales generation and conversion. It catapults the boon of the internet to scream out the presence of your products to literally millions of customers. It leads to the widening of your sales funnel, ultimately leading to a drastically increasing trend of sales conversion rate.

  • Higher Customer RetentionOnce you’ve sorted out the design of a perfect user experience, which generally takes its base from the user-friendliness of your platform, you will observe a spectacular rise in customer retention and subsequent increase in revenue.

  • Faster PaymentsThe advent of mobile-based payment systems like Google Pay, Apple Pay, Amazon Pay ensures swift transactions into your account as security concerns of customers are now non-existent.

  • Mobile Deep LinkingOne of the best features bestowed upon by an online fashion app is the ability to target users specifically via deep linking. All it takes is a click on the link attached with a promotional email or text message to direct to the right app screen instantly.

  • Social Media SharingDeploy your users as your marketing persons by kindling the very human nature- sharing. Let them rock the social media with the updates of them getting new products and reroute their friends and even strangers to your online shopping portal. Free marketing as they say!


  • RegistrationUsers can instantly enter your app through their social media credentials or phone numbers.

  • User ProfileProfile details like name, delivery address, preferred delivery mode, landmark, payment history, etc. can be altered by the user.

  • Home ScreenGreet your users with a colorful multimedia-laden home screen that spreads out a grid of options like categories, search bar, latest products, etc.

  • Search BarEquipped with a plethora of sorting and filtering options, users can check out their exciting products through the search bar.

  • Schedule DeliveryEmpower your users with the option of deciding the date and time of delivery of their ordered product at any time they please.

  • Order TrackingThe real-time status of ordered products can be tracked by users that give them a clear picture of the delivery.

  • ReorderEliminate the need to manually reorder by integrating the reorder feature that allows customers to buy their favorite products from order history.

  • Multiple Delivery AddressesCustomers are accredited to get their products delivered to any location they desire, and this works as a perfect option for sending gifts to their loved ones.

  • Returns and ExchangesIf unsatisfied with the delivered product, a user can readily return or in case request for exchange from the seller or manager of the marketplace.

  • Offers and DiscountsPamper your customers with exclusive access to offers and premium discounts and increase your user base.

  • Referral SystemA genuine value addition to the shopping experience, this feature allows customers to earn by referring their friends and acquaintances into the platform.

  • Push NotificationsCustomers are regularly updated with your online store's latest collections, offers, etc. through push notifications and emails.

  • Payment OptionsBestow your customers with the freedom to pay through multiple payment options such as cards, internet banking, UPI, etc.

  • Cash-On-DeliveryA dedicated COD integration allows you to provide the popular cash-on-delivery option to your customers.

  • Reviews and RatingsUsers can pour their thoughts about your platform and also about the products, which aids in improving the overall shopping experience of the app.

  • Sign UpEnsuring instant signup and sign in using email ID Facebook ID/ phone number and the details of delivery locations they're assigned.

  • Order ManagementThe delivery person is presented with the list of orders for the day, along with order details and planner.

  • Customer DetailsThe delivery person can access customer information like name, phone number, and delivery address.

  • Route ManagementThe most probable route to a particular delivery address is accorded by map integration, ensuring faster delivery.

  • Order Status ManagementThe delivery person can update the delivery status, such as delivered/ undelivered/ scheduled, etc.

  • Payment ZoneThe Delivery person tracks payment details in case of COD orders.

  • RegistrationAdmins can log into the app at the speed of lightning with a smart credential system.

  • Powerful DashboardAdmins are armed with a wall-to-wall view of the marketplace's entire proceedings, such as the total number of users, the number of products, offers, etc.

  • Store ManagementAdmins can effortlessly manage any number of stores using a unified feature.

  • Manager AllocationsTo streamline the platform operations, admins can assign specific managers to stores and ensure productivity.

  • Customer ManagementAdmins have access to the details of the platform's entire customer base and gain helpful business insights from the customer metrics.

  • Listing ManagementAdd, delete, and modify any listing in your platform without any hassle. Product details, descriptions, and pricing can also be adjusted.

  • Order ManagementAdmins have the responsibility to oversee the smooth running of orders and delivery and make sure that every delivery request is fulfilled.

  • Order TrackingAdmins have access to the real-time location updates of delivery requests and can schedule delivery based on preference.

  • Rating ManagementAdmins can receive reviews and ratings all over the marketplace and devise new strategies for improving the shopping experience.

  • Marketing ManagementCustomer outreach efforts can be constructively channeled through push notifications, messages, emails, and other mediums.

  • Offer ManagementLeveraging a new customer base is made easy as admin have access to design and launch new offers, discounts, and exclusive sale days.

  • Store LocatorProvide the exact location details of your nearest facility and increase sales through offline channels too.

  • Store PickupAdmins can permit customers to order online and pick up the products at your stores at their convenience.

  • Website OrdersNot just through apps, customers can also place their orders through a responsive website that's in line with your app.

  • Inventory ManagementAdmins can easily add/remove/modify products and manage inventory with complete integration with the admin app.

  • Analytics CornerContinuously monitor the performance of your marketplace by generating business reports and comparisons based on crucial metrics.

  • Customer SupportThrough a dedicated query section, admins can proffer complete technical and order related support, enhancing the trust of customers.

  • Seller AppSellers or Retailers using your app to sell their products can be managed through an exclusive seller app.

  • AI SupportCustomers can experience a smooth user experience with AI integrated into the app.

  • Wallet IntegrationA unique digital wallet can be created for customers to store money and use for transactions in your app.

  • Daily DealsAdmins can add daily deals to increase user traction and revenue.

  • Credit SupportYou can extend credit support to your users through third-party bank integration.

  • EMI FacilityThe practice of paying in installments can be facilitated to the customers.

  • Call Back FeatureGet in touch with your customers instantly, as customers can call you directly from the user application.

  • Finance ManagementAssure astute vigil on the prime business numbers such as revenue, profits, conversion, and also maintain the billing history securely.

  • Newsletter IntegrationMaintain a smooth relationship with your customers by sending them newsletters at regular intervals automatically.

  • Live-TrackingCustomers can track the real-time movement of their concerned delivery person through enabling GPS.

  • Real-time Order NotificationsSend rapid notifications to customers the moment they confirm an order with the complete billing details.

  • Delivery Status UpdateAdmins can track an order through the real-time update of delivery status such as 'delivered,' 'scheduled' 'returned' etc.

  • Order DispatchAdmins can assign store managers to dispatch orders promptly. This accounts for a decrease in delivery time and reduced ghosting.

Demo Video

Revenue Model
of Fashion eCommerce App

Aggregating multiple streams of revenue is now a possibility as our Fashion eCommerce app adopts the best monetization models of the industry.

Transaction FeeGain a substantial amount as a fee for every transaction that occurs through your fashion ecommerce platform. For every single sale, you’ll receive a prefixed percentage as a transactional fee.

Third-Party AdsEcommerce platforms are some of the most visited website types globally, with millions of users bustling throughout the site. This presents a perfect opportunity to leverage income by displaying third-party ads in banners and click ads.

Google Ads IntegrationBy fusing the Google ads module, you can monetize your platform space as hordes of users buzz the site. The click-rate increases so your revenue through them. Our eCommerce application encodes the best of every possible income model.

Become the next with off-the-rack Fashion Ecommerce App Solutions.

A Feature-rich Fashion eCommerce App offer you cannot refuse

Proffering fashion ecommerce application development solutions laden with world-class features at an unbeatable price is our favorite pastime. Our bandwagon of eminent customers knew that, and you’ll soon join the list.

  • Integrated management of both mobile and web applications.

  • Instantly storm the marketplace with our tenaciously tested ready-to-launch application.

  • Sweeping support right from ideation to post-deployment phase. We ensure your application is consistently updated.

  • Resurrect your dream application as innate as you wish with our astonishing levels of app customization.

  • Branding and rebranding is now a breezy affair with our white-label solutions.

Add-Ons that take your Fashion eCommerce App to the next level

When we say our fashion ecommerce solution is holistic, we mean it. Sprinkled with killer features superimposed over an immersive UI, it’s wholesome in every sense. Yet, we provide specific additional integrations that have the potential to ascend your solution right among the elite league.

  • Blockchain-based Payment mode.

  • Massive Data feed integrations.

  • Product import services.

  • Launching (Live Deployment) support.

  • Custom UI theme designing.

  • Solutions catering your specific business requirements.

How does
our Fashion Ecommerce App Work?

  • 1

    Log in Customers log in using email id or social media credentials.

  • 2

    Search ProductCustomers search for products through various filters.

  • 3

    Select ProductCustomers select their required product based on category, cost, etc.

  • 4

    Order EnquiryCustomers can enquire about the availability of the concerned product.

  • 5

    Order Placement Customers can place orders of selected products and proceed to the payment window.

  • 6

    Track OrderUsing a unique tracking ID, the status of the order can be tracked.

  • 7

    DeliveryCustomers receive the product.

  • 8

    ReviewCustomers then rate the product and also the delivery service.

Our Fashion Ecommerce App Development Process

  • 1

    InitiationOur team of graceful customer managers and developers get in touch with you to picturize your vision for the app. We are keen listeners!

  • 2

    Requirement AnalysisWe make a list of your requirements, and our gang of designers, developers, and ecommerce marketplace experts examine and frame out a coherent, explicit work plan.

  • 3

    UI/UX Design and WireframeWe come up with all possible design ideations and conceptualizations and get the wireframe right for you. Once it is done and approved by you, we’ll shed our expertise on the development and game experience silo.

  • 4

    Product DevelopmentOnce sorted out the obligations and requirements, our team of remarkable developers spectacularly begin the development process with the utmost importance to user experience and create a stunning product.

  • 5

    Demo AppOnce the development gets completed, we will send you a demo app to give a feel of what to expect from the real app with all its grandeur and features.

  • 6

    TestingThe penultimate step before the launch, our developers, make sure the app is devoid of any issues/bugs and is compatible with the customer needs.

  • 7

    LaunchingThe script is always delivered on or before the promised deadline and is entirely ready to launch.

Why trust Appdupe
for your Fashion Ecommerce App Development?

  • We specialize in EcommerceWith a line of experience exceeding a decade, we are your one-stop solution for your fashion ecommerce development needs.

  • Security and PrivacyWe strictly adhere to the Non-Disclosure Agreement struck between us and proffer the highest standards of security and privacy of the product.

  • White-Label SolutionBranding and rebranding these intelligent fashion ecommerce apps are made easy with our 100% white-label solutions.

  • Gorgeous UIBeautiful is an understatement to describe our app’s interface made possible by master designers.

  • Robust BackendThe entire running and functioning of the app are made smoother with our powerful backend stack.

  • Differentiating FeaturesBestowed with best-in-class unique features, our fashion ecommerce app has the ingredients that starkly differentiate your business, albeit in a positive way.

  • One-in-all SolutionNot just fashion ecommerce apps, we are masters in developing fashion ecommerce web and custom solutions.

  • SupportDon’t worry about the technicalities! Our friendly development team supports you right from ideation and even after deployment of the app.

Fashion Ecommerce App - Live Demo

    App Demo

Pricing Package

Admin Panel Features
  • Admin Login
  • Forgot Password
  • Admin Dashboard
  • Product Statistics
  • Manage General Settings
  • Manage Email & Contact Settings
  • Manage Social Media Settings
  • Manage Payment Settings
  • Manage Language
  • Manage Image Settings
  • Manage Banner Settings
  • Manage Category Advertisement
  • Manage Category banner settings
  • Attributes Management
  • Manage Specification and Specification Group
  • Manage Countries/Cites
  • View/Manage Categories
  • CMS Management
  • Manage Site Features
  • Manage Advertisement
  • Manage Newsletter
  • Manage FAQ
  • View/Manage Coupons
  • View/Manage Deals
  • View/Manage Sold/Expired Deals
  • Manage Shipping Delivery
  • Manage Product/Store Reviews
  • View/Manage Products
  • Manage Product Bulk Upload
  • Manage Sold Products
  • View/Manage Customer
  • Manage Inquiries
  • View/Manage Merchants
  • Mange product approval
  • View/Manage Transaction
  • View/Manage Orders
  • Return/Replacement Management
  • View/Manage Fund Requests
  • View/Manage Commission
  • View/Manage Blogs
Merchant Features
  • Register/Login
  • Forgot Password
  • Merchant Dashboard
  • Product Statistics
  • Settings
  • View/Manage Account
  • Change Password
  • Attributes Management
  • View/Manage Deals
  • Manage Sold/Expired Deals
  • View/Manage Shipping and Delivery
  • View/Manage Products
  • Manage Product Bulk Upload
  • Manage Sold Products
  • View/Manage Transactions
  • View/Manage Orders
  • Return/Replacement Management
  • View/Manage Fund Requests
  • Fund Request Report management
  • Withdraw Fund request management
  • View/Manage Multiple Stores
  • View/Manage Commission
User Application Features
  • User Registration
  • Forgot Password
  • Social Login (Facebook)
  • Email Login
  • View Homepage
  • Search based on product/deal names
  • Product selection based on Category & subcategories
  • View Products
  • View Deal products
  • View sold out products
  • View Stores
  • View Banners/Best offers
  • Rate and review the products/store
  • View Product Description Page
  • Filter Range
  • View/Manage Cart
  • Manage Check out
  • Manage Shipping Address
  • Payment method
  • Booking Confirmation
  • View Nearby stores
  • View/Manage Account
  • View/Manage Manage Orders
  • Order tracking
  • Manage Return/Replacement
  • View/Manage Wish list
  • Manage Password
  • Contact Us/Feedback
  • About Us & Privacy Policy
  • Subscription to newsletter
  • Customer service
  • Quick Links

A Fashion Ecommerce App with exceptional features at a price who won’t believe.

Technology we use

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Delivery time depends on several factors, including the customization requirements. Our team makes no compromise yet manages to deliver the script on the mutually agreed deadline.
Our Fashion Ecommerce App script is a highly scalable solution. You can upgrade the app at any time in the coming years as per changing user preferences. You can integrate new features and functionalities, increase its handling capabilities, and redesign its user interface without any hassle.
Yes. We do offer post-launch maintenance support to our clients to help them run their business smoothly in the initial few days. This support service is free of charge for a limited period. After this, you can avail of our paid maintenance services that are offered at affordable prices.
Connect with our support team over email - [email protected] or call - +916382665366. You can also connect with us directly through the chat option available on our website.

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