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Launch A Robust Ethereum Smart Contract MLM Platform With Our Lions Share Clone!

Lions Share clone script is an entirely decentralized white-label Smart Contract MLM solution, similar to It is highly automated, ensuring all processes occur without manual intervention.

Being built on the Ethereum Blockchain, it ensures the entire system is encrypted with multi-level security. The central selling point of this solution is that it assures 100% commission to the users joining this MLM platform. Connect with us to get started on your MLM business journey!

Lions Share MLM Clone - Explained

Lions Share MLM clone is a white-label decentralized Smart Contract based MLM solution built on the Ethereum Blockchain. It functions based on a Peer-to-Peer (P2P) matrix compensation business plan, allowing users to swiftly earn 100% commission.

Being a decentralized network, the MLM platform does not require manual intervention or admin management to carry out its operations. It self-executes the processes, ensuring there is no delay in the whole system. In short, it is an automated investment system where users can invest and grow their revenue in a short time.

How Does The Lions Share MLM Clone Script Work?

The Lions Share clone script includes two compensation matrix packages - L1 and L2. Each one of these packages has 16 levels, and users can start earning revenue from any package as they find feasible. This MLM script's premier value proposition is that it does not require any upgradation in the package for users to earn money. They can start earning instantly, and the transactions take place only between one user wallet to another.

L1 Package

In the L1 matrix package, there are 16 levels with 3 users at each level. The upgrade fee for each level gets doubled, so that revenue generated by the users are also doubled.

In each level, the ETH of the first two referrals goes to the users, and the third referral ETH goes to the sponsor. Once all levels are completed, users can refresh the matrix package and start the cycle again.

After deducting the upgrade fee to enter each level from the total revenue earned from all levels, the profit of users is estimated to be 55.59 ETH.

L2 Package

The L2 package is built on a 2x2 matrix scheme, with 16 levels and 6 users at each level. Here, the first two referrals will reach the global team, ensuring users are provided with many global referrals.

The earnings from 3rd, 4th, and 5th referrals are sent to the user wallet, and the 6th referral pay is shared with the sponsor, similar to the L1 package. Users can again earn at the same level as the matrix gets refreshed, without the need to keep upgrading to the next levels.

Considering the entire upgrade fee and revenue earned, the accumulated profit from the L2 package is calculated to be 111.16 ETH.

Discover The Limitless Business Opportunities Offered By The Powerful Lions Share MLM Clone Script!

Wallet System In Lions Share Clone Script

Lions Share clone script only accepts transactions from two crypto wallets - MetaMask and Trust Wallet.

Preferred option for members using PCs/ Laptops to take part in the MLM cycle.
Trust Wallet
Best suitable option for members using Smartphones/ Tablets to participate in the MLM business.

The Lions Share clone script offers instant P2P transactions, where ETH is transferred hassle-free from one wallet to another. Managed by the Smart Contract, no transaction is delayed, and the commissions are processed directly to the user wallets.

The platform accepts only ETH. It is an incredible option to make more money as the referrals of one user will get a referral of their own.

Features Of Lions Share Clone Script

White-label solution

Our Lions Share clone is a white-label solution that allows you to make changes to its branding elements to align with your business's branding needs.

100% Customizable

The Lions Share clone script is readily customizable, accommodating any modifications with ease. An excellent option to reach your users in the shortest time possible!


The MLM scheme of the Lions Share clone is a decentralized network, discharging third-party intervention and control of the centralized authority. A system that functions seamlessly on its own!

Smart Contract

The Smart Contract runs on the Ethereum Blockchain that offers maximum security and trouble-free performance. Also, the entire system is automated, eliminating traces of any possible slowdown.

Crypto wallets

The platform is integrated with two robust crypto wallets - MetaMask and Trust Wallet, allowing faster and secure transactions between wallets of one user to another.

P2P transactions

Due to the elimination of third-party involvement, the transactions take place only between the user wallets. The delay in payments is entirely excluded.


The MLM clone script is encrypted with military-grade security, ensuring the system is entirely secure and hack-proof.

Risk-free model

The MLM business model of the Lions Share clone is utterly risk-free, ensuring all users are paid on time and earn revenue as per the system.

Cross-platform compatible

Users can access the Lions Share clone script from any device of their choice - be it smartphones, tablets, PCs, or laptops. Never leave out on any user with this amazing attribute!

Key Benefits Of Our Lions Share Clone

  • Decentralized system

  • One-time investment

  • Driven by the Smart Contract

  • 100% Transparent processes

  • Secure P2P transactions

  • Immutable matrix compensation plan

  • No third-party involvement

  • Encrypted crypto wallets

  • Free from scams

  • 100% Commission assurance

  • Affordable investment option

  • Hack-proof solution

Our Process Of Lions Share Clone App Development

  • 1

    Requirement study

    Understanding your business needs is vital for us to provide you an estimated delivery date and the exact development cost. Also, we can plan our development process well in advance.

  • 2

    Front-end design

    The User interface of the Lions Share clone script is where your users will interact with your MLM business. Hence, we ensure to make it look as attractive and intuitive as possible.

  • 3

    Back-end development

    Our seasoned developers use their expert knowledge to build a responsive platform that can handle any processes seamlessly and allow any number of users to access the app without any downtime.

  • 4

    Quality checks

    Before embarking on your MLM business journey, it is vital to ensure that your app is entirely functional and bug-free. Hence, we run it through several stages of testing to confirm the same.

  • 5

    The app launch

    The fully operational Lions Share MLM clone is successfully deployed in the market, allowing it to extend its seamless functionality.

Lions Share Clone: Commercially Viable MLM Solution To Boost Your Business Growth!

Our Lions Share MLM clone script is loaded with all features similar to the popular MLM business Readily customize it and venture into the MLM business segment for an instant hit.

Why Build An MLM Platform With A Smart Contract MLM Script like Lions Share Clone?

There are several reasons businesses choose white-label MLM scripts like Lions Share clone, rather than building the platform from scratch.

White-labeled, 100% Customizable

Our Lions Share clone is a white-label solution that allows you to alter its branding elements as per your needs. Being a 100% customizable script, it can be completely personalized to build a robust and reliable MLM platform for your business. Set the compensation plan, entry fee, profits as per your choice.

Quick deployment

You can quickly customize the solution and launch it in your niche in the shortest turnaround time possible. A rapid launch for your rapid success!

Affordable solution

Customizing a ready-made solution is cost-effective than building the solution from scratch. You can save a lot of money by choosing our white-label Lions Share clone.

Why Choose Our Smart Contract Driven MLM Solution

  • Immutable MLM systemThe compensation plan of the MLM system is highly immutable, eliminating the possibility of making any changes to the MLM plan at any time. It assures users that the platform is tamper-proof.

  • DecentralizedThe Lions Share clone is built on the Decentralized Smart Contract that runs on the Ethereum Blockchain. The system removes human involvement, making users possess the complete control of their accounts. It helps in earning their trust and confidence!

  • Automated transactionsThe decentralized MLM system leads to automated Peer-to-Peer (P2P) transactions between one user accounts to another. It leads to faster transactions, without any downtime.

  • Trusted MLM businessThe deployment of the Blockchain technology in our Lions Share clone eliminates any possible redundancy occurring from human involvement, making the system risk-free. Also, users are guaranteed that the MLM system can never be deleted/ hacked/ blocked at any event.

Hire An Ethereum Smart Contract Based MLM Software Developer

At Appdupe, we offer white-label MLM business solutions for many leading MLM businesses in the market. Apart from the existing system's features and functionalities, these clone solutions are integrated with some additional features. Our seasoned developers put their maximum effort to build a resilient solution that is hack-proof, risk-proof, and tamper-proof. We offer 24x7 support services for our clients to ensure all their needs are fulfilled, and queries are clarified. We have worked with startups to conglomerates, helping us understand the needs of businesses of all sizes. Hire us to build a top-notch solution that allows you to scale big!

Join The Big Leagues In The MLM Industry With Our Pragmatic Lions Share Clone Solution!


Yes. Multi-Level Marketing is a highly revenue-generating business. It helps business owners earn a massive user base and considerable profits in a short period.

We are a leading software development company dealing with blockchain-based projects on a regular basis. We are committed to delivering top-notch platforms built with the most advanced technology to ensure the platform offers cutting-edge performance.

Yes. Backed by the Smart Contract built on Ethereum Blockchain, our Lions Share clone offers tamper protection, eliminating anyone from altering the matrix compensation plan.

If you want to white-label the app and launch it as is, it can be deployed in a few days. In the case of feature integration, extensive customization, and more, it might take a few weeks. However, we assure you to launch your MLM platform at the earliest possible.

Reach out to us over a call - +916382665366, email - [email protected]. You can also connect via the chat option on our website.

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