Limebike clone app development

Bike Taxi App Development

Motorcycles have always been the source of affordable and efficient transportation. Bike taxi services is an emerging market and their ability to zip through traffic jams and take unconventional routes to help commuters save time. Entrepreneurs can earn profits by investing in a bike taxi dispatch system. Gain an edge over other competitors using our premium and white-labeled turnkey solutions that are easy to implement, user-friendly and secure.

Bike Taxi Services Business Model

Customers are always on the lookout for a convenient, cheaper and faster mode of travel. Our carefully crafted bike taxi management software allows you to introduce a well-rounded solution to the market.

This business model features three stakeholders


Uses bike taxi services to save time and money.

Ride Partner

Offers his services on the platform and earns income in the process.

App Owner

Generates revenue through commissions and advertisements.

Limebike clone app development

How Do Bike Taxi Services Work?

A bike taxi booking app works in the following steps:

  • Step 1: The passenger downloads the app on their device and registers on the platform.
  • Step 2: Once verified, the passenger can place a booking for a bike taxi after viewing the prices and choosing the payment medium.
  • Step 3: The ride partner will get notification of the booking request and can choose to either accept or deny service.
  • Step 4: If the ride partner accepts the request, they will receive details of the passenger’s pick up and drop locations.
  • Step 5: Meanwhile, the passenger will receive a notification with the details of the ride partner such as name, license plate number and more.
  • Step 6: After the trip is complete, the passenger can rate and review the experience.


Our expert team has developed a custom bike taxi app solution that is robust, powerful and inherits all the latest market trends.

Trip Fare Estimate

The user will be able to view the prices of the ride before booking.

Call Masking

The platform uses VoIP to relay calls. This helps protect the user’s phone number from misuse or spam.

Update Trips

The user has the freedom to change their drop location during an active trip.

Rating and Review

The user can rate and review their ride experience after the completion of the trip.

Accept/Reject Trips

The rider can choose to accept or reject trip requests within a stipulated time.

Navigation and ETA

The rider can view the passenger’s location and the trip’s ETA.

Earnings Wallet

The rider can track and withdraw their earnings on the go.

In-app KYC

New riders can be verified using a streamlined KYC format.

Promo & Referral Programme

Admin can attract more users to the platform through promo codes or loyalty programme.

Fleet Management

Admin can get real-time status and location of affiliated riders.

Customer Care

Admin can manage customer queries and tickets through a central platform.

Data Management

The platform collects data on different metrics. The admin can use this data to understand user behavior and trends.


We employ a variety of software to build immersive applications for your business.
  • a. Android: Java version 1.8 (supports Android versions: 4.4 to 9) and Android Studio
  • b. iOS: Swift 4.2 (Supports iOS 10 to 12) and Xcode
  • c. Web: Laraval 5.7 and MySQL 5.6
The application can be customized to support languages other than English. You can provide details of your target region and audience when applying for our services.
Our bike taxi app development solution is 100% customizable and white-labeled. This gives you complete freedom to modify the application anytime.
There is no restriction to the number of riders who can register to your platform. However, you can always set limits to the registration process through the admin panel.
We have an excellent post-sales package that covers the updation and upgradation of the application. You can also opt for an application audit that will identify any vulnerabilities in your platform.

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