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How Bitaksi Clone App Works?

The taxi business is booming and despite the presence of numerous players such as Uber, Lyft or Bitaksi, the demand for new service providers is on the rise. Today, an entrepreneur does not need prior knowledge in app or web page development to enter this sector. By using our premium app cloning services, it has become very easy to launch a full-fledged taxi business within a matter of days.

Our solutions are completely white-label and can be customized to match your specifications and needs. With unmatchable experience in app building, our in-house team of developers and experts can simultaneously launch your product on different user platforms such as smartphones, tablets, PCs and more. Our services go easy on your pocket, while also helping you save time and money on research and development.

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Salient Features of Bitaksi Clone App

All taxi clone apps developed by us are enriched with the following features:

Verification Process

Verifying of drivers or riders has been simplified to allow easy registration of staff and clients.

Task Delegation

You can delegate tasks assigned to moderators and track them using the admin panel.

Call Masking

Secure the privacy of your drivers and riders by using VoIP function to manage calls.

SOS Function

Ensure the safety of your drivers and riders by enabling an SOS feature that can be used to report emergencies.

Invoice Generation

Simplify the process of generating reports and invoices by automating the process.

Vehicle Categorization

Host a variety of vehicles on your platform thus providing your customers with a series of choices.

In-app Currency

Allow customers to purchase in-app credit to optimize the payments procedure.


Help your drivers and customers to connect faster by using a geo-fencing feature to divide locations into sectors.

Smart Notifications

Optimize the communication channel by delivering only important messages and alerts.

Request Management

Manage your riders and drivers better by implementing an easy to use redressal system to submit requests.

Advanced Features of Bitaksi Clone App

We also offer a range of advanced features that help make your platform immersive.

Support Diverse Payment Options

An integrated payments gateway that allows riders to choose their preferred choice of bill settlement.

Tipping Option

Drivers can earn more on your platform through tips that are collected when checking out.

Switch Payment Method

Make your services feasible by allowing your customers to change their payment method during a ride.

Easy Withdrawals For Drivers

Keep your driving staff happy by allowing them to withdraw funds from their integrated wallet.

Diverse Pricing Model

Divide your drivers and cars into different categories that serve different types of customers.

Crash Report Analytics

Receive notifications and analytics reports whenever your application crashes or fails to load.

Schedule Trips

Help drivers and riders schedule trips in advance to plan the journey in advance and save time.

Create Database

Manage the details of your drivers and riders in an extensive database that can be used to identify trends and target promotions.

Waiting and Surge Pricing

Show drivers you value their time and effort by employing waiting and surge pricing that helps them earn more.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

You do not require any prior technical knowledge in regards to app development and programming. We have an excellent team of experts who can develop user-friendly platforms and are always ready to help if you face any difficulty.
We provide turnkey solutions that can be immediately developed and implemented within 3 days. All our team needs from you are your requirements and customizations.
Yes, we have a very active after-sales programme where we help our past clients with upgrading and updating their platforms.
No, there is no limit on the number of drivers who can register on the app. However, you can set a limit if you wish to have one
We employ a two-step verification when it comes to registering drivers. The first step collects preliminary information such as name and contact details, while the second step requires drivers to submit supporting documents digitally.

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Disclaimer: Appdupe neither represents nor have any control over the trademarks of Amazon, TikTok and Gojek. We use the terms Amazon and Gojek for a better understanding of our services. Our offerings intend no harm to any organization or individual.