Decentraland Like NFT Marketplace Development
A Combo Of Virtual Reality & NFTs

Online games, by all odds, are a rich source of entertainment, and they will never slip out from this list. While online games in themselves know the score on how to keep the players glued, the NFT gaming marketplaces are frontier in assuring players with extra miles of gaming experience and rewards in the form of cryptos. The crucial reason for NFT games becoming eminent is that players can store the in-game digital collectibles they buy on the blockchain network inside their digital wallet without the fear of losing their ownership.

As per Dappradar, the overall trading volume of NFT gaming platforms amounted to $1.04 billion as of Jan 2022. And among the list of must-try NFT gaming platforms, Decentraland occupies the front seat since players not just play but also own and trade LANDS on the platform. With that said, why not steer your decision towards developing Decentraland like NFT marketplace? If you are considering this deal, we are here to make it effective!

NFT Gaming Platform like Decentraland

A Chronicle On Decentraland - A New-Age NFT Gaming Platform

At times when metaverse is becoming a thing, NFT virtual platform like Decentraland is a perfect example of a metaverse platform that lets users play, trade, and indulge in a variety of activities. Developed in the year 2016, Decentraland is an NFT virtual platform that is built on the Ethereum blockchain where users can buy LANDS, which are NFTs, using the platform’s token “MANA.” And further, each LAND can be split up into smaller ones called parcels.

Decentraland has a perfect plot by its side to attract users and make them buy LANDS. Users are not only facilitated to buy LANDS but are also given the privilege of selling digital collectibles, playing games, and winning MANA. And crucially, the platform users can buy only LANDS and cannot own common properties like roads, plazas, etc.

What Is Decentraland Clone?

Decentraland clone is a pre-built solution that is inspired by the existing Decentraland platform. In much simpler terms, our Decentraland like NFT virtual reality platform is a white-label solution, which could be tailored to an extent. Having declared that our Decentraland like gaming marketplace is customizable, you can take this privilege to choose the features for the platform or even the blockchain technology on which the gaming platform has to be developed.

Captivating Features Of Our NFT Gaming Marketplace Like Decentraland

  • 3D ExperienceOur NFT Virtual Reality Platform Development solution provides an astounding 3D experience to players, and so our platform guarantees a rich user experience throughout.

  • P2P CommunicationWhat can be more interesting for players than to strike up a conversation with co-players on the platform? Our gaming platform lets players communicate with their peers, which will lead to drawing more engagement.

  • Metaverse SetupOur platform carries a metaverse setup, the virtual world, which our developers have made a possibility using XR (Extended Reality). Your platform users are really in for a treat!

  • Smooth TradingSince our platform is powered by a robust back-end, players will experience smooth trading of virtual properties and digital collectibles.

  • Secondary MarketplaceThe platform will contain a prescribed number of lands, and players can purchase them. Once all of them get sold, owners can rent or resell the lands using the secondary market trading feature on the platform itself.

  • Multi-System Compatibility Players can log in to the platform from different PCs, provided their digital wallet is connected to the PC they choose to play from.

Inquisitive To Create NFT Marketplace Like Decentraland?

We Take Up Native Token Development For Your NFT Platform

Every NFT gaming marketplace will be associated with native tokens, which carry a certain value. Correspondingly, Decentraland has native tokens, namely MANA and LAND. apart from these two, ESTATE is a term that denotes two or more LANDS that are clubbed together and bought by the players. Here, you will know about the utility of those tokens. Besides, as an NFT gaming platform development company, we will develop native tokens for your Decentraland like NFT marketplace. We will let you specify the names of the native tokens that we create for you, along with the count.


MANA is one of the Decentraland’s native tokens, which is built on the ERC-20 token standard. In other terms, MANA can be defined as the platform’s currency, with which players can buy LAND and parcels. And players can store their MANA tokens in their respective crypto wallets.


Unlike MANA, LAND is a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) built on ERC-721. As of Decentraland, players can buy parcels, which are referenced as LAND using MANA tokens. Further, these LAND tokens will have the coordinates in terms of x,y (which determines the area owned by the player), along with the ownership details.

Privileges You Get Along With
Our Decentraland Clone Software

Since our white-label Decentraland clone is customizable, i.e., can be tweaked in regard to your preferences, get to know the privileges you will acquire as a platform owner.

  • As a platform owner, you can set the price of the native tokens (Similar to the value of MANA in the original Decentraland platform) and also specify the expiration date of those tokens.

  • You can also allow players to purchase LANDS, ESTATEs, and other collectibles. Those players who purchase the LANDS and ESTATEs will be able to edit the names of those properties.

  • You can name the LANDs and parcels and give them a public description, which will be etched on the blockchain.

NFT Marketplace like Decentraland

What Is The Role Of DAO In A Platform Like Decentraland?

While NFT virtual platform like Decentraland is decentralized, what is it backed by? Here is where DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) comes into play. Basically, decentralization was put into effect with the intention of eliminating a centralized authority and human errors. Also, the chief functionality of DAO is to automate the entire process right from storing data to processing transactions. In a platform like Decentraland, smart contracts concerning LAND tokens, MANA tokens, and other wearables are controlled by DAO.

Notable Features Of DAO In Decentraland

  • MANA allocated platform development

  • LAND auctions

  • Sequential protocols

  • Community-run content servers

  • Security advisory board surveillance

Want To Start NFT Marketplace Like Decentraland?

How Are Collectibles Categorized On NFT Gaming Platforms?

  • Common The collectibles on the platform that amounts to more than 10,000 in the count are termed as common ones.

  • Uncommon The collectibles that fall under the “uncommon” category are those that don’t have a count greater than 10,000.

  • RareIf the stock of the collectibles doesn’t exceed 5000 units, are termed as Rare.

  • EpicThose collectibles that are not higher than 5000 units are termed Epic.

  • LegendaryCollectibles are labeled Legendary when their existence on the platform is not more than 100 units.

  • MythicalThe existence of collectibles that don’t exceed 10 units are Mythical ones.

  • UniqueAnd finally, the presence of only one unit of collectibles is considered Unique.

Workflow Of Our NFT Virtual Platform Like Decentraland

  • 1

    Players will kickstart by getting their details registered on your gaming platform.

  • 2

    The consequent and crucial step is to connect their digital wallets, inside which they will store tokens they buy from the platform.

  • 3

    Now begins the real user experience, where players will start exploring the LANDs with the help of an integrated map feature. But before that, players can select an avatar for themselves and customize it with any wearables or accessories, which they can buy from the platform using native tokens.

  • 4

    If players come up with the decision of buying parcels of LANDs / ESTATEs / wearables, they need to pay the respective tokens.

  • 5

    Once players buy LANDs, they can further construct buildings/villas, create a forest area and even conduct virtual events. They can just personalize their LANDs like how they want them to be.

  • 6

    Ultimately, when the players wish to resell their LANDs, the platform facilitates even that since there is an integrated marketplace that lets secondary trading.

Security Features Instilled In Our Virtual Reality Platform Development Solution

  • KYC & AMLKYC and AML are user authentication procedures that are in existence. Wondering how KYC & AML procedures can be done for a decentralized platform? It is done in a cryptographic manner without exposing the users’ data.

  • 2F AuthenticationThe 2F authentication feature enhances the security of accounts, thereby making the platform more reliable for users.

  • DDoS ProtectionThis security feature will keep DDoS attacks at bay by combating counterfeit actions that tend to load a high level of traffic to the platform, with the intent to make it inoperable.

  • Data EncryptionAll the data stored and the transactions performed on the platform are end-to-end encrypted, and on that account, your platform will appeal to users.

Advanced Features Contained In Our NFT Based Virtual Game Marketplace like Decentraland

NFT Gaming Platforms
  • Blacklist/Whitelist Acceptance

  • Proxy-Assessed Parcel Pricing

  • Token Utility Enhancement

  • Network Fostering

  • Decentralized Distributed Contents

  • Needless to Content Creation

  • Reputation-Based Approach

Take Your First Step Towards Launching A White-Label NFT Gaming Platform

Listing Out The Use Cases Of Virtual World Like Decentraland Development

Decentraland like NFT marketplace development can be put into effect in a spectrum of domains.



Virtual Tourism


Content Curation

3D Designing

Defining The Architecture Of Our White-Label Decentraland Clone

  • Consensus Layer In the architecture of the Decentraland platform, the consensus layer forms the first layer, where the ownership of LANDs is recorded.

  • Content LayerThe content layer holds together all of the contents on the platform. This layer also stores information about assets while they are rendered.

  • Real-time LayerAs the name suggests, this layer enables players to interact with their peers and also has access to consensus and content layers.

  • Identity LayerThe functionality of this layer is to acknowledge the ownership of different properties like avatars, wearable, and LANDs on the platform.

  • Payment ChannelThis layer is responsible for handling P2P payments, without hitches, that get initiated from purchasing properties/collectibles on the platform.

Why Should You Develop Decentraland Like NFT Platform From Us?

Our Decentraland clone app development solution will be suitable to build a virtually-appealing gaming platform. Specifically, our white-label solution bombards you with an effortless development process since you will be specifying customizations rather than building the platform from the ground up. Our highlights comprise.

  • Expertise In VR Research/Planning & Development

  • Custom-Made Solutions

  • Secure & Attractive UI

  • On-Time Project Delivery

  • Constant Project Updates

  • Post-Delivery Assistance

Technology Stack

Blockchain Platforms

Storage Platforms

NFT Standards

Front-end Frameworks

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Our “high-on blockchain technology” developers have developed a spectrum of white-label NFT gaming platforms, like Axie Infinity clone, Gods Unchained clone, Zed Run clone, Cryptokitties clone, etc.

Yes! Be it Decentraland clone or any of our NFT gaming platform development solutions; you can decide the blockchain technology in which the platform has to be built.

We will provide you with the quotation for developing the gaming platform, but for that, you need to submit your requirements and post evaluating your requirements extensively, we’ll let you know the price.

Yes, there is. Our completely personalizable Decentraland gaming platform development solution lets you add additional features/functionalities.

Our developers will be able to decide on the time frame for developing NFT Gaming Platform Like Decentraland based on knowing the overall customizations you prefer.

Absolutely! Since Decentraland like platform features trading digital assets in a more enticing way, developing such a platform will enthrall the users in the first place.

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