Netflix Clone
Launch an OTT On-demand Video Streaming App like Netflix!

Eat, Sleep, OTT, Repeat! Monetize the magnanimously profitable Over-The-Top video streaming vertical with the most comprehensive OTT platform solution - Appdupe's Netflix clone app! With the capacity to upload, manage, distribute, and stream literally any video content, it's your turnkey to join the bandwagon of the likes of Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu. Expected to exceed the $2 billion mark, apps like Netflix have captivated millions of users worldwide. If you are an entrepreneur looking to experience the magic of perennial profitability, Yah! You have arrived at the right spot at the right time.

At Appdupe, we proffer with a world-class Netflix Alternative that's marinated with a stack of stunning features such as CMS, CDN, HTML5, In-App Video Player, Transcoding, User Management, Payment Integration, Geo-Blocking, Live Analytics, competently baked by a sturdy functionality. Infused with the best of what Netflix has to offer, our on-demand video streaming services platform arms you to keep the cash box ringing.


What is Netflix Clone?

Netflix clone is an on-demand video streaming app solution that helps you launch your own OTT app like Netflix. The app package is stuffed with Android and iOS streaming apps, enabling you to cover the multitude in every nook and cranny of the world.

Rivalling with Netflix could have been synonymous with the saying ‘building castle in the air’. However, with our white-label solution in your possession, it’s tried and tested!

Join the ensemble of our successful entrepreneurs and get your treasury brimming with various currencies; because our Netflix Clone - MaxFlix is worth a king’s ransom.

Demo Video

How Do We Empower your Netflix Clone with Advanced Features?

Alluring UIDiligently crafted by master designers, the UI of our White label app solution is built to proffer an immersive viewing experience that oozes with absolute delight. Skyrocketing the content consumption has never been this easier!

Categories/ GenresHit with all cylinders firing, as the massive content of the on-demand OTT platform can be clustered into multiple categories, subcategories, and allied sorting labels. This way, users can nail down their favorite shows without any hassle!

Cloud ManagementInfused with the ingenuity of top-class cloud platforms, the storage and performance of our Netflix Like App is extensively agile. Bestow the best of entertainment with uninterrupted streaming!

Advanced Backend IntegrationAn OTT app like Netflix is loaded with a stack of world-class configurational elements, devised to actuate an exceptional streaming performance. The non-existence of bugs and glitches further propels efficiency.

Seamless Social SharingRedirect the floods of viral marketing by accrediting the users to share their current watching history with their friends, family, and acquaintances through social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and much more.

Master Video CMSThe advanced content management system marinates the whole management process with ease, and the admins can effortlessly scroll through the content and exert any modifications/ alterations at the earliest.

Push NotificationsLet your users stay updated about the proceedings of your platform through a slew of alert mechanisms such as text messages, emails, or in-app push notifications. Reaching a wider audience is now a possibility!

Smart Search BarPower your users to track down the content of their choice through an advanced search bar functionality that's drenched in a multitude of sorting and filtering elements. This way, users can search through titles, genres, actors, and much more.

Content Delivery NetworkOur Netflix Alternative is boosted by the presence of an ultra-modern video distribution system that's effective enough to implement business strategies precisely. Formulated for instilling a sense of awe into the viewers.

A million-strong user base and meteoritic profits are right around the corner.

All you need is a world-class Netflix clone and yay! You have landed at the right place.

Video Streaming App Development Solutions
We Provide With Netflix Alternative

  • VOD Video App DevelopmentTopple your competition and emerge as the market leader with our bundle of leading-edge VOD app development solutions. Harness the best of our experts to gird up with advanced video creation ideas tailored to your requirements. Let your users enjoy unlimited binge-watching of their favorite shows!

  • Video Online Streaming App DevelopmentOur OTT mavericks have been in the scheme of things since the inception of the streaming silo and are raging to arm you with one such world class digital OTT solution. Versatility is the word since we flaunt the entire spectrum of solutions that reverberates with your business idea. Rise as the new destination of non-stop entertainment!

  • OTT App Integration and MigrationWe excel in strategizing and implementing business-grade customized web development and personalized plugins, besides a slew of thirdef-party functionalities. The OTT migration services offered by us are regarded as the best in the industry, preferred by a bandwagon of digital entrepreneurs. Terrific data migration with zero complications is its defining deed!

  • Support and MaintenanceOur holistic approach to OTT solution conception culminates in providing unwavering technical and business support in every touchpoint of the development process. Our team of thoroughly trained QA engineers subjects your platform to some of the most stringent techniques to make sure the app registers terrific performance and tremendous functionality.

Customize the Netflix Clone Script
as per the need of your Video Streaming App Type to Monetization Options

Transactional Video-On-Demand Reap in rich revenue every time a user pays for consuming an individual piece of on-demand content. Our TVOD solutions are built for instant deployment and high scalability.

Subscription Video-On-DemandLeverage the magnanimity of regularity by charging customers a specific fee for enjoying the streaming services over a predetermined span of time. The most popular business model is now at your discretion.

Near Video-On-DemandMonetize the ever-relevant pay-per-view mechanism, where the users need not tune in at only the specified or scheduled time. Jumpstart your OTT dreams with our class of NVOD solutions!

Push Video On-DemandOur roll of PVOD solutions enables users to limitlessly watch downloaded content, which is embedded in their set-top DVR. Get your streaming journey a raise with the ever-reliant business model of Push videos!

Advertise-Based Video On-DemandPepper up the buzzing content with a twitch of promotional elements such as video ads, image ads, voice-based ads, and much more. The perfect way to milk the reach of OTT to the maximum!

Catch Up TVKeep the action running by enabling the views to watch their favorite shows/ programs several hours after the original television broadcast. A win-win situation for both the users and the platform!

Video Content Management

Centralized control over the entire proceedings of the streaming platform.

Bulk Video Upload

Appdupe’s Netflix clone app solution exhibits the ability to upload a chunk of audio and video content in bulk, concurrently transcoding the entire content in an automated fashion! Now within a few taps, you can track, sort, organize the content at its totality uncomplicatedly.

Drag and Drop

Why sit through the gregarious search-by-file process when you can upload/ remove any content by dragging and dropping! Assembling the video content through the live video streaming platform is now a breezy affair!

Video and Audio Scheduling

Scheduling is now not a part of the traditional pain points, thanks to our on-demand video app development. With Netflix clone’s master admin panel, you can coherently schedule any of the live or stored content across apps and platforms.

Custom Thumbnail

Showcase the ideology of the entire video content in a single image with the capacity to create customized thumbnails. Now come up with terrifically personalized themes, photos, thumbnails, actualized by this stunning feature.

Content Partner Module

Facilitate diligent access and tracking of the performance of the published content by your content partners. Business owners could also throw in and out the axe to decide the viewing rights as per their convenience.


Cloud Transcoding and Encoding

Immaculate streaming capabilities. Unlimited viewer experience!

Per-Title Encoding

Our OTT streaming app like Netflix is designed to deliver top-notch video streaming, fabulously analyzing, and zeroing on the ideal bitrate for every single video content available. Ensure the most optimized viewing experience irrespective of bandwidth.

Adaptive Streaming

Eliminate the nagging occurring of video buffering while streaming live videos, as our first-rate transcoding services establish pristine video and audio streaming capabilities. Experience the magic of automated adjustments to compression levels and quality.


Hit a home run at every possible avenue by using a single content package across multiple delivery formats. We transmuxe enterprise live video streaming and repackage video and audio files into any required format, without a shade of hitch to the actual content.

Subtitles and Closed Captioning

Complement the audiovisual medium with an accurate infusion of subtitles that shatters the shackles of language and context. Users can activate/ deactivate captions for any content, providing precise interpretive information.

Multiple Formats and Codecs

Upload live content directly on a plethora of popular formats such as. AVI, MOV, FLV, AVCHD, MKV, WMV, and much more. Complemented by the availability of transcoding codecs such as HEVC, H.264, DivX, MPEG-4, and similar iterations.

Limitless Video Delivery and Distribution

Up the Content Supply Ante by Streaming Ceaselessly.

Low Latency

Do away with the fossilized practice of watching your favorite shows after its original streaming. Our Netflix like OTT platform, ensures live streaming of audio and video content without the presence of delay and latency. HTTP-based streaming protocols does the trick!

Streaming Protocols

We leverage globally standardized and recognized protocols like Real-Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP) to transport streaming of live content to media servers, which are subsequently transcoded into HTTP for seamless streaming across devices and platforms.

Live and On-Demand Support

Cater a wholesome entertainment experience to every single associated customer silos. Live streaming exciting content or loading videos on-demand, the Netflix clone script realizes anything and everything.

Cross-Device Delivery

Set the screens of Apple, Android, Chromecast, etc., on fire by streaming exciting live content across any devices and configurations. Transcend the boundaries of technology with Appdupe’s on-demand video content streaming app development!


How Does Our White-label Netflix Clone Work?

  • 1

    User Registration: Users can register using their email address/ phone number or social media credentials.

  • 2

    OTP Verification: Upon verifying the OTP, users can access their account in the Netflix like platform.

  • 3

    Select Subscription: Users are mandated to choose any of the subscription packages in accordance with their preferences.

  • 4

    View Categories: Users can browse through the available genres, categories, and subcategories effortlessly through a search bar utility.

  • 5

    Watch Content: Users can select any of the available shows and watch the video/ audio content without any hassle.

  • 6

    Provide Ratings: Users can assign their ratings to the content, based on a 1-5 scale. Alternatively, worded comments can also be laid.

Our Netflix App Clone Offers

Mobile Apps

Whitelabel iOS and Android apps for your users and providers all built in native iOS and Android source code for brilliant execution.

Web App

A feature-rich front end website for your users and providers to log in, search videos, view, rate, review and share them with others.

Admin Dashboard

You also get a powerful Admin Dashboard to control your entire business from validating and approving different user groups to adding different payment methods.

100% Customizable

From the admin dashboard to the user interface, personalize your mobile app according to your business needs on any platform, iOS or Android.

Credit Card & Paypal

MaxFlix is built with Paypal Mobile SDK, Stripe Credit Card Processing as default available methods. We can add more upon request.

Exceptional Features Of Our On-Demand Video Streaming App like Netflix

  • One-Touch RegistrationWhy nag your users with never-ending registration fields when they can storm into the platform using their social media credentials! Alternatively, phone numbers and email addresses can be used.

  • Advanced Search BarAccredit your users to sieve through the ocean of video content and nail down the particular video they intend to watch through a powerful search utility imbued with filtering elements.

  • Choose Subscription PlanSupersize your business goals' fulfillment rate by empowering the users to choose a viewership plan from a plethora of similar packages with various perks and advantages.

  • Create WatchlistLet your users create their own created playlist consisting of their favorite content. This way, they need not search for a particular video time and again. A must-have feature!

  • Video CategoriesSet the streaming site on fire by intently clustering similar video content pertaining to a multitude of genres, making the entire video search and consumption process a real delight.

  • Recommended ContentFormulated on the user's search and viewing activity, Our Netflix Like App’s smart recommendation engine floods the profile with content that resonates with their taste and mood.

  • Download VideosUsers are girded with the capacity to download a particular video/ videos and enjoy them offline, based on the subscription plan they have availed. Never say no to entertainment!

  • Reviews and RatingsEncourage reasoned viewing decisions by displaying both user-generated and critics-awarded ratings of the available video content. Pristine viewing is the way forward!

  • Push NotificationsImmerse your users into the scheme of your App Like Netflix’s things by redirecting an army of in-app push notifications to remind them about the app's plans, available content, and much more.

  • User CommentsEntitle your users to express their comments and opinions about a specific video episode or series. They can affix their ratings and throw in lengthy reviews in an uncomplicated way.

  • Swift RegistrationBesides entering their email address and phone number, users can foray into the platform using their social media credentials.

  • Search VideosUsers can seamlessly track down their favorite video content by sorting them through their name, genre, category, allied filter tags.

  • Wish ListsIntensify the OTT experience by authorizing the users to save videos for the purpose of viewing them at their convenience.

  • User ProfilesAn assemblage of profile elements such as name, preferred languages, preferred payment details, and much more can be readily accessed and configured by the users.

  • Choose PackagesUsers can scroll through the entire spectrum of available packages with a diverse range of perks and choose them pertaining to their needs and preferences.

  • Multiple Payment OptionsAn assortment of payment modes extending from credit/debit cards to an exclusive wallet is available for the users to facilitate uninterrupted entertainment.

  • Offline WatchingBesides enjoying live-streamed content, users can download videos and create playlists for offline consumption.

  • Choose LanguageUsers can zero in their preferred language(s) and can intently configure their recommended content as per their preferences.

  • Reviews and RatingsThe capacity to award public ratings and reviews is proffered to the users, which are displayed along with the description of every single available content.

  • Master DashboardWith a centralized control over various app parameters and a wall-to-wall view over the proceedings, admins can ensure astute business management.

  • User ManagementAdmins are authenticated to access the profile details of users at its totality, which can be exported for assessment purposes.

  • Video ManagementAny of the video content can be uploaded/ deleted/ modified by the admin, besides the ability to alter information related to it.

  • Category ManagementOn the grounds of supersizing content visibility, admins can deliberately cluster them into generic categories/ subcategories without a hitch.

  • Subscription ManagementAdmins reserve the right to add/ remove/ edit any of the subscription packages and their allied perks and benefits pertaining to the market demands and user expectations.

  • Creator ManagementThe dedicated admin panel exhibits a sturdy functionality to monitor and act upon various operations related to third-party content creators.

  • Promotions ManagementAdmins are able to design, devise, and implement manifold advertising campaigns ranging from offers, exclusive discounts, fee-free stream days, and much more.

  • Finance ManagementStupendous fiscal intelligence can be procured as information related to total revenue, total availed subscriptions, profitability rate, etc., are available to the admin.

  • Analytical ReportsSail through your solution with pristine business clarity through ample infusion of insights from prominent business metrics is facilitated.

Drenched In Features. Marinated With Sturdiness. The Perfect Alternative to Netflix in the Market!

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Get both the Android and iOS apps for free. After all, building a business doesn’t have to cost you a bomb!

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Pricing Package

Admin Panel Features
  • Admin Login
  • Admin Dashboard
  • View/Manage Customer
  • View/Manage Moderator
  • View/Manage Sub-Admin
  • View/Manage Categories
  • View/Manage Sub-Categories
  • View/Manage Cast and Crew
  • Manage Movies and Series
  • View/Manage Videos
  • Manage Streaming Upload
  • Manage Video Resolutions
  • Manage Video Subtitle
  • Manage Video Display Image
  • View/Manage Banner Video
  • Manage Videos Downloadable
  • View/Manage PPV
  • Manage Revenue Settings
  • Manage Social Settings
  • View/Manage Subscription
  • Manage Subscription Payments
  • Manage PPV Payments
  • Revenue Dashboard
  • View/Manage Coupons
  • Manage Moderators Redeems
  • Manage General Settings
  • Manage Video Settings
  • Manage Payment Settings
  • Manage Email Settings
  • Manage Social Settings
  • Manage App URL Settings
  • Manage SEO Setings
  • Manage Home Page Settings
  • Custom Push Notification
  • Manage CMS Pages
  • Manage Email Templates
  • Mail Camp
  • Manage Kids Videos
  • Video Approval (Moderator)
  • Manage Original Videos
  • Age Restriction for Videos
  • Admin Account Management
Moderator Panel Features
  • Moderator Dashboard
  • View/Manage Videos
  • Manage Streaming Upload
  • Manage Video Resolutions
  • Manage Video Subtitle
  • Manage Video Display Image
  • View/Manage PPV
  • Revenue Dashboard
  • Redeems Request
  • Manage PPV Payments
  • Manage Kids Videos
  • Age Restriction for Videos
  • Moderator Account Management
User Panel Features
  • User Registration
  • Social Login (Facebook)
  • Email Login
  • Forgot Password
  • Homepage
  • Manage Multiple Profiles
  • Change Password
  • Delete Account
  • Manage/Change Subscription Plan
  • Manage Billing Details
  • View/Manage Card Details
  • Payment History
  • Browse/Search Videos
  • Watch Videos (Movies/Series)
  • Watch New Releases
  • Watch Trending Videos
  • Watch Recommended Videos
  • Resume Videos
  • Add Videos to Wishlist
  • Like/Dislike Videos
  • Watch Categories based Videos
  • Watch Originals
  • View/Manage Notifications
  • Watch Kids Videos
Application Features
  • Registration
  • Email Login
  • Social Login (Facebook)
  • Google Account Login
  • Forgot Password
  • Change Password
  • Change Subscription Plans
  • Manage Subscription Plans
  • Add Videos to Wishlist
  • Manage Wishlist
  • View/Manage Card Details
  • Manage PPV Videos
  • Manage Watch History
  • Delete Account
  • View/Manage Sub-Profile
  • Watch New Releases
  • Watch Trending Videos
  • Watch Recommended Videos
  • Resume Videos
  • View/Manage Download Videos
  • Watch Originals
  • Choose Language
  • Manage Application Settings
  • Manage Push Notifications
  • Manage Account Settings
  • Manage Email Notifications
  • View Privacy Policy
  • View Terms of Use
  • Manage Diagnostics
  • Switch Plans
  • Watch Categories based Videos
  • Search Videos
  • Watch Kids Videos

Business-Class VoD Marketing Features

Automate your marketing efforts. Shoot up the efficiency of your on-demand platform with rooted analytics.

Social Media IntegrationEnrich viewership and community spirit by empowering your users with the ability to like, comment, mark, and share their favorite videos on any of the famous social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and much more.

Smart RecommendationsWe imbue the user experience with a masterful blend of collaborative-filtering, low-rank matrix factorization, and deep learning to contrive the astonishingly accurate recommendations that display as a sequence of similar videos.

Metadata ManagementAn ample suffusion of internal search engine optimization techniques plummets the effort to nail down a particular content, as aided by auto-suggestion of tags, names, genres, and related terms.

Marketing AutomationChannelize your marketing efforts at the top gear by banishing out human-induced errors and glitches. Collating information from repetitive tasks and deducing metrics from critical criteria makes the entire business management a piece of cake.

Launch a future-proof video streaming service platform with our white-label Netflix Clone.

With Appdupe on your side, nothing can stop you from reaching the OTT glory!

Exceptional Security Integrations

Armed with Appdupe’s array of military-grade security standards, you can sit back and watch your user count explode. Security issues are non-existent!

  • End-To-End EncryptionLeveraging the ingenuity of open key and partial key exchange mechanism, actuated through HLS encryption, not even black magic can unshackle the security measures.

  • DRM SystemWe have constructed unassailable content protection license policies, armored by a top-notch data rights management system. Foiling data piracy efforts like a champ!

  • Screen Capture RestrictionDeliberately placed with data tracing-enabled watermarks, unauthorized attempts to capture/ record screenshots are comprehensively eliminated.

  • Exhaustive Access ControlWe impose a stringent user authentication system that restricts access to authorized users through IP restriction and OTP verification wrapped around the access control.

  • SSL CertificateSecured data file sharing is realized through creating virtual padlock networks through the holistic SSL lock system embedded in our Netflix like app.

  • Geo-BlockingIn order to comply with the regulations of various local and international bodies, any of the content can be restricted/ filtered to suit the directives of any state.

Netflix Clone App Screenshots

An enhanced version of the Netflix app. Built with pure technology expertise to help entrepreneurs prosper.

  • Details
  • Episodes
  • List Of Categories
  • Home
  • List Of Movies
  • List the First Come
  • Related List
  • Rate Us
  • Reviews
app screen
app screen
app screen
app screen
app screen
app screen
app screen
app screen
app screen
Create Your Own Video Streaming Brand

Complete White-Labeled Solution

The business gurus of OTT will bat for a dash of personalization, and we chant the same. Our video streaming app like Netflix, being a white-label solution, can be rebranded with your rooted business identity elements like logo, brand name, UX palette, and much more. The end-to-end customization enables you to recreate the app in its entirety, in line with your requirements and business expectations.

Ascending, through the ranks of Google is no more tedious, as we have marinated the app with best SEO practices throughout the development process. Additionally, the URL structures of the content are aligned to readily index in popular search engines.

Multiple Revenue Streams Made Possible

Why restrict your financial stability when you can redirect a plethora of consistent revenue streams! The business-grade Netflix alternative is built for entrepreneurs looking to cash in the OTT boom and skyrocket their wealth indices in no time. This is made possible by the ability to create any type of subscription plans and actuate them instantly.

Managing and Uploading Content Has Never Been This Easy

Locate, drag, drop, and boom! Your content is published! The all-encompassing video management console expedites the upload of videos at the speed of lightning. Coupled with live transcoding capabilities, new content can be annexed to existing categories sans hassle.

With our on-demand video streaming app, delights spill out!

Seamless Creation of Subchannels, Series, and Playlists

Bearing in mind the nuances of end-user experience, the video content can be ably sorted into various assemblages, defined by the nature of the content. This way, your users can store their favorite genres or series straight away. The filter-filled advanced bar further superimposes a relaxing sense, thanks to its precise locating functionality.

Enterprise Video Streaming App Like Netflix For Every Industry

Reign over any business sector with our comprehensive suite of on-demand streaming solutions.

Film/ Entertainment

Capture the hearts of your users by streaming movies, TV shows, documentaries, and much more.


Stream news programs, interviews, business reports, etc., through our OTT platform solutions.


Divulge your branding elements to a greater audience and employee community through a live streaming utility.

Religious/ Cultural

Spread the gospel of divinity by live streaming preachings, blessings, and teachings effortlessly.


Promote the spirit of physical wellness through streaming fitness sessions, programs, yoga classes, and similar activities.


Funnelize the blinding craze for sporting events by live streaming games, practice sessions, and leagues.

Online Learning

A diverse spectrum of engaging educational content can be created and preloaded/ live-streamed through our solutions.


Influencers can up their game by availing of the streaming capacity of the on-demand solution in real-time for marketing purposes.

Benefits of using our Netflix Clone Script

Social Media LoginWe wanted to liberate end-users from the clutches of never-ending registration fields, by enabling them to login through their social media accounts.

Behaviour TrackerBased on the live feeding of search queries, deduced by path breaking AI technology, user profiles are flooded with recommendations that resonate with their preferences.

Analytical ReportsVisually-appealing reports pertaining to crucial business development and performance metrics are made available to the admin.

Geo-LocationVideo suggestions tailored to the suaveness and sensibilities of various regions assist you to strike a cordial relationship with your users seamlessly.

Multilingual SupportThe assortment of our VOD streaming solutions makes hassle-free switching of regional and global content on a variety of languages a possibility.

Why Wait When You Can Launch Your Own Netflix Like App In A Matter Of A Few Days?

Powered with the latest technology to keep you rising each and every day.

Our Pricing Plans Of An App Like Netflix

  • LITE

  • 100% Source Code

  • Web App Script

  • Limitless Users

  • Limitless Video Uploads

  • Master Admin Panel

  • Ultra-Responsive Frontend

  • Categories/ Subcategories

  • User Count Tracking

  • Add/ Edit Pages

  • Google Analytics API


  • 100% Source Code

  • Web App Script

  • Social SignUp

  • Multiple Upload Channels

  • User/ Moderator Access

  • Subscription Model

  • SEO Optimized

  • PPV Mode

  • Mark Spam

  • PayPal Integration

  • Limitless Users

  • Limitless Video Uploads

  • Master Admin Panel

  • Ultra-Responsive Frontend

  • Categories/ Subcategories

  • User Count Tracking

  • Viewer Count Tracking

  • Add/ Edit Pages

  • Google Analytics API


  • 100% Source Code

  • Web + iOS +Android

  • Social SignUp

  • Multiple Upload Channels

  • User/ Moderator Access

  • Subscription Model

  • SEO Optimized

  • PPV Mode

  • Mark Spam

  • PayPal Integration

  • Limitless Users

  • Limitless Video Uploads

  • Video Compression

  • Banner Videos Upload

  • Master Admin Panel

  • Ultra-Responsive Frontend

  • Categories/ Subcategories

  • User Count Tracking

  • Viewer Count Tracking

  • Add/ Edit Pages

  • Google Analytics API

Development Process Our Netflix App Clone Script

  • Requirement AnalysisWe sieve through your exact requirements, needs, and app expectations through multiple dimensions.

  • Quotation/ ConfirmationWe provide you with an accurate cost estimate, and you are entitled to experience our services after the purchase confirmation.

  • Select HostingWe encourage you to intimate us about your preferred server for the purpose of app hosting.

  • DevelopmentWe wireframe, design, develop the OTT app like Netflix as per your business specifications.

  • InstallationThe video streaming service app is installed on your server and made live instantly.

Why Choose Appdupe?

  • ExpertiseExceeding the monumental decade mark, our immense experience in app development makes us the preferred choice for global entrepreneurs worldwide.

  • Highly Affordable Despite delivering you with a marvelous technological gem, the development cost is jaw-droppingly affordable. We value people, not wealth!

  • NDA SigningPrivacy is our principal concern; we attribute our respect by signing the Non-Disclosure Agreement, securing your details confidentially for a lifetime.

  • 360° SupportFrom conception to post-deployment, we provide you with relentless assistance across every possible support silos. We are always available for your concerns!

Tech Stack

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Delivery time depends on several factors, including the customization requirements. Our team makes no compromise yet manages to deliver the script on the mutually agreed deadline.
Our Netflix Clone app is a highly scalable solution. You can upgrade the App at any time in the coming years as per changing user preferences. You can integrate new features and functionalities, increase its handling capabilities, and redesign its user interface without any hassle.
Yes. We offer post-launch maintenance support to our clients to help them run their business smoothly in the initial few days. This support service is free of charge for a limited period. After this, you can avail of our paid maintenance services that are offered at affordable prices.
We can customize the app at your will and add/remove any features and designs to suit your business needs.
Connect with our support team over email - [email protected] or call - +91 9384 843 395. You can also connect with us directly through the chat option available on our website.
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