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Allow your users to find and book appointments with doctors, therapists, health consultants, and avail medical services, such as diagnostic tests, in clinics and hospitals with just a few taps on their smartphones. The app provides unmatched flexibility, helping your users to schedule, cancel, or reschedule their appointments. Our Practo clone app is the cream of the crop solution to connect patients with doctors seamlessly.

The Practo clone app is a white-label solution that is 100% customizable as per your branding requirements. You can update the logo, color scheme, app name, and other relevant details in the app as per your convenience, making you the sole proprietor of your app. Also, you can personalize the app to adapt to any location, along with integrating multi-currency and multi-lingual features, assisting you to succeed when you go hyperlocal.

Doctor appointment app development solutions
we provide with our Practo clone app

The on-demand industry is gradually entering all service sectors, and the global healthcare industry is no exception to this case. We, at Appdupe, work to build a top-notch on-demand doctor booking application that assists our customers from the healthcare industry to reach their target market efficiently. Our telemedicine app development solutions include:

Online PrescriptionsThe patients can access their data from anywhere, anytime for availing prescriptions and other health-related details.

In-built VR AssistanceThe app allows the patients to connect with doctors virtually by video calling, supported by the Virtual Reality assistance integrated into the app.

Digital Health DetailsAll health records of the patients can be stored virtually, making it easily accessible for future consultations.

Real-Time AppointmentsWith the fully functional on-demand doctor app, the users can now check the availability of doctors and health consultants for booking appointments.

Virtual ConsultationThe doctors and medical practitioners can offer consultancy and treatment services online to patients without them visiting their clinics.

Constructive SuggestionsThe comprehensive Practo clone app offers valuable recommendations to users who are searching for doctors based on their health conditions.

What will you get with our Practo Clone App Package?

Our telemedicine app development solution complies with the regulations of the Google Play Store and iOS App Store. It works seamlessly on all personal digital assistants, including mobile phones and tablets running on Android and iOS platforms, and all web panels, along with offering 100% adjustability.

Our Practo clone app package includes:

  • Main
  • Doctor
    Android App
  • Doctor
    iOS App
  • Doctor
    Web Panel
  • Patient
    Android App
  • Patient
    iOS App
  • Patient
    Web Panel
  • Admin
    Web Panel

User UI Flow

Sign Up

Users can register using their Email ID, Phone Number, or Social Media Account

Setup Account

User enters personal information like Name, Gender, Birthdate, and other details

Update Medical Profile

The user can update their medical details like Medication, Allergies, Surgeries, etc.

Easy Navigation

User can sift through the different options on the app without any hassles

Healthcare Options

Users can avail a variety of medical assistance ranging from heart ailments, dermatology, etc.

Search & Filter

Users can search for their desired doctor using an array of filter options

Book Practitioner

User can book an appointment with the doctor of their choice after viewing the services offered

Online Consultation

The user can opt for a chat or video call to avail medical services remotely

Cancel Appointments

Users can cancel appointments at any time and receive a partial refund

Seamless Payments

User can use a variety of popular payment options to complete their transactions

Doctor UI Flow

Register Account

Doctors can register themselves on the platform using Email, Phone Number, etc.

Update Profile

Doctors can update their personal details and medical qualifications on the app

Unified Dashboard

Doctors can observe different functions, like earnings, appointments, etc., on a single screen

Patient Medical History

Doctors can create separate profiles for patients, listing their medical history for easy access

Create Appointment

Doctor can create an appointment on behalf of the patient for easy scheduling

Appointment Calendar

Doctors can view upcoming appointments and other commitments on the in-app calendar

Remote Consultation

Doctor can offer their services remotely by connecting with the patient using video call or chat

Defer Appointments

Doctors have the power to cancel planned appointments in case of unforeseen circumstances

Additional Features UI

Content Management System

Enrich the user’s experience by sharing relevant content like videos, news articles, tips, etc.

Ratings & Review

Doctors and users can rate their experience, thereby positively impacting the online community

In-app Wallet

Users will be able to store funds and settle payments using an integrated in-app wallet

Set Reminders

Users can set reminders on the app to inform them of upcoming appointments

Custom Practo clone app for different types of users

Our team of developers has combined their several years of experience and industry expertise to come up with two types of telemedicine software development solutions that are highly superior in every way possible.

  • In-Clinic SchedulingPlan your appointment with your doctor priorly and avoid long waiting hours at the hospital. It is typically a queue management system managed by the web admin panel.

  • Book Doctors for House CallsWith this type of on-demand doctor app, users can view the registered doctors nearby and request them for house calls at the day and time of their convenience.

Essential features of Telemedicine software development

  • OnboardingKeep the registration and login processes simple, facilitating hassle-free onboarding of users. Provide social media login options for quick logins.

  • User ProfileUsers can add or edit their personal details and their medical records for future purposes.

  • Doctor ProfileDetails of doctors, including their qualification, availability, location, and ratings and reviews are displayed. Users can bookmark their favorite doctors for quick bookings in the future.

  • Push Notifications/RemindersUsers are informed about the upcoming bookings and other related information through push notifications. Also, they can set alarms to get notified about the upcoming appointments.

  • Appointments for In-Clinic VisitsUsers can book appointments with their doctors based on their availability, eliminating lengthy queues at hospitals.

  • Appointments for House CallsUsers can schedule appointments with doctors for house calls at the date and time of their need.

  • Medical HistoryHealth records and treatment details of users can be uploaded in the app for future reference. They can be downloaded as PDFs when needed.

  • Relatives’ ManagementUsers can create and maintain the health details of their family members in the app.

  • In-App ChatUsers can connect with the doctors instantly based on the medical condition, share their medical records, and get consultation promptly.

  • Multiple Payment GatewaysSeveral payment gateways are integrated into the app so users can pay in-app through the payment mode of their choice.

  • Health ArticlesUsers can get to know health-related news and information from the Article section of the app.

  • Search & FilterUsers can search for doctors based on location, hospital, and medical conditions. Also, they can filter based on their gender, consultation fee, and availability.

  • Intuitive DashboardDoctors can view the real-time metrics of the registered clinic, such as the no. of patients treated, upcoming appointments, and more.

  • Doctor Profile & ClinicDoctors can add their profile details such as their designation and area of expertise for the reference of patients. Also, they can switch between clinics if need be.

  • Availability ToggleDoctors can set their availability time as per their convenience using the toggle mode.

  • Accept/Reject AppointmentsDoctors are given the option to approve or reject the appointment requests from patients based on their availability.

  • CalendarDoctors can view all the upcoming appointments in one place, along with adding new appointments to their bookings.

  • Edit Scheduled BookingsDoctors can reschedule their appointments in case of any inconvenience. Based on the changes made in the calendar by doctors, users will be notified.

  • Digital PrescriptionsAllow doctors to prescribe medicines for their patients online in case of any emergency.

  • Patients DetailsTreatment history and other medical details of the patients who availed the service are recorded for future purposes. Also, doctors can call the patients, add clinical notes or delete the patients’ details.

  • View Patients’ ProfilesDoctors can see past medical history of patients based on the patients’ discretion.

  • In-App ChatDoctors can chat with their patients on the go. Also, users can share their medical records with doctors through the chat.

  • Feedback & ReachDoctors can view the feedback they received from the patients they treated. Also, they can send promotional messages from time to time to their patients using the trigger option, garnering their users base.

  • Health FeedDoctors can post health articles on the platform. It acts as a tool to bring patients to their profiles, along with educating them.

  • Protected LoginA single login account to assure the safety of the admin dashboard.

  • Maintain Doctors’ ProfilesVerify the profiles of doctors before approving them to ensure their authenticity.

  • Maintain Patients’ ProfilesManage the profiles of patients and their activities to avoid fraudulent transactions and bookings.

  • God’s Eye ViewManage all business activities taking place in the app from a single window.

  • Maintain RecordsManage the health records, digital prescriptions, and other such data efficiently.

  • Create Sub-AdminsAdd sub-admin accounts to manage specific business activities in the app for administration purposes.

  • Share Informative ContentSend information related to health conditions to users to engage them regularly.

  • Ad ManagementThe ads run on the app can be controlled by the admin.

  • Video ConsultationAllow patients to consult with doctors through video conference, irrespective of location, time, and other such difficulties.

  • Subscription ModelsMonetize the app by offering premium services such as online chatting, video consultation from doctors, and more on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis.

  • Pharmacy IntegrationIntegrate pharmacy services, such as on-demand medicine delivery into the app, to earn additional income.

  • Laboratory IntegrationEnable users to schedule appointments in labs for taking health tests, eliminating the need to wait for hours to get the tests done.

  • Upload Test ReportsAllow laboratories to upload the test reports of users so that they can access it easily by logging in to their account.

The Workflow of an On-Demand Practo Clone App

By clearly understanding the functioning of the on-demand doctor clone app, you could quickly evaluate the benefits offered by it. Here's how the on-demand doctor app functions:

  • Enroll and Create ProfilesThe users have to first register with the app through their email IDs, phone numbers, or social media accounts. Once registered, they can create their own profiles for an enhanced app experience.

  • Search for Doctors On-DemandScout for doctors who specialize in the health issue that you encounter through the list of options available in the on-demand doctor app.

  • Schedule an AppointmentAfter researching through a broad list of doctors, users can book appointments with the doctor of their preference.

  • Receive the Service ScheduledOnce the specified doctor confirms the appointment, the patient can avail it by house calls or directly visiting the medical consultant at the hospital.

  • Process PaymentsAfter receiving the service, users can pay the doctors through the secure payment gateway integrated into the app.

  • Ratings & ReviewsAfter the completion of payment, users can provide feedback on the service availed, helping other people using the app to make appropriate decisions.

Benefits of Telemedicine app development

Our on-demand doctor app enables you to create a conducive platform that connects practitioners with patients and vice-versa without encountering any hurdles.

Simple-to-UseWith a clean UI and clear app structure, your users will be able to navigate and access every feature of your app with relative ease.

Easy SchedulingSetting up appointments with doctors and accessing other healthcare services is now a matter of a few taps.

Efficient Payment GatewaysExecuting payments on the platform is simplified, thanks to the presence of several payment options ranging from credit/debit cards to digital wallets.

Integrated Video SupportIntroduce a decentralized platform, where patients can gain access to doctors from any location using the live video feature.

Seamless PersonalizationThe users can now receive personalized healthcare consultation and other health-related services from the doctors of their preference.

On-Demand ServiceWith the Practo clone app aboard, users can easily avail the healthcare service from specified doctors instantly without any hassles.

On-Demand Practo Clone App - Live Demo

    App Demo

We Follow An Intuitive Development Process

Telemedicine software development is an evolving activity. Hence, we pay attention to your requirements and combine it with our extensive market experience to create great apps.

  • 1

    Incorporate Your DemandsBefore beginning the telemedicine app development process, we take time to understand your business, technology needs, and other requirements before proceeding.

  • 2

    Lay Out A BlueprintNext, we draft demos that help visualize the end product better and also share roadmaps that align with your targets seamlessly.

  • 3

    Develop The UI/UXAt this stage, you will get a concrete idea of the look and feel of your application. We customize the aesthetic of the app to suit your style.

  • 4

    Set Up The Back-endHere, our experienced developers spend considerable amounts of time coding the heart and architecture of the application while using cutting-edge technology.

  • 5

    Execute Multiple AuditsAt the end of the day, the user seeks an app that is optimized and bug-free. We conduct numerous audits to identify and resolve bottlenecks.

Technology we use

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Practo clone is a quick and efficient method to launch an on-demand doctor application. It also helps you save big on time, money, and efforts. We offer completely customizable and white-labeled solutions that enable you to change the color, design, features, and UI to your liking, thereby making your app starkly different from the original application.
We understand that security plays an important role in improving the credibility of your app and services. Hence, we have included a number of security features, including OTP, login, encryption, and much more, that promise your customers a safe experience every time.
Yes, our solutions can be modified with ease, and it is possible to add a built-in loyalty program or promo code function. The inclusion of this feature will help you attract new users to the platform and commemorate events effectively.
Once the application is developed and running, we help you with listing it on Apple App Store and Google Play Store.
Yes, we offer a comprehensive suite of after-sales services that allows you to update, upgrade, and audit the application at a later date.

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