A Cutting-Edge Telemedicine App Development Solution

Telemedicine is an evolving segment in the healthcare industry. The telehealth applications have driven people to book doctor appointments online, schedule virtual consultations, receive medical assistance instantly, etc. Doctors are also finding these solutions accessible as they can extend their medical support remotely from anywhere, without the need for physical presence.

At Appdupe, we strive to provide telehealth app development solutions at affordable prices. Hospitals, clinics, and individual practitioners can avail of these solutions to offer a platform that provides a seamless connection between patients and doctors. Our app solutions are integrated with the most advanced tools and technologies to keep up with the changing business landscape. Connect with us to get these solutions integrated into your existing management system for better results!

  • On-demand Doctor Apps
  • Electronic Health Records (EHR) Integration
  • Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Integration
  • Hospital Management Solution
  • Clinical Management Software

Key Solutions Of Our Telemedicine Software

Web & Mobile AppsDevelopment of an advanced telemedicine app solution for both mobile (Android and iOS) and web platforms.

Blockchain-based Data Sharing Secure transfer of images, medical data, and past records of patients seeking medical help to doctors, powered by the blockchain-based data sharing option.

Video ConferencingPatients can connect with their doctors without any hassle via video conferencing option integrated into the telemedicine software.

Group ConferencingMultiple users can connect via a group video conferencing to offer refined medical assistance. Seamless file transfers and screen sharing are also enabled.

Virtual Waiting RoomsThe application extends call routing capabilities to help service providers prioritize the consultations by creating virtual waiting rooms.

End-to-end Encryption All the transferred documents and the conversations carried out via messages or voice/video calls are encrypted end-to-end to protect the users’ privacy.

Exclusive Features Of Our Telemedicine App Development Solution

  • Online AppointmentsPatients can schedule appointments with doctors for remote visits via the app.

  • Instant Messaging Patients and doctors can connect immediately via the instant messaging feature.

  • Video ConsultationsPatients can connect with doctors seamlessly to seek prompt virtual medical assistance.

  • Multi-user CallsBoth patients and doctors can add different members to the call to avail of enhanced online consultations.

  • Store and ForwardUpload, store, and forward patients' medical records to concerned authority when needed.

  • EMR/EHR IntegrationDoctors can access the EMR and EHR records of the patients to offer better medical help.

  • Integrated BillingDoctors can charge and collect payments from patients who avail of their services remotely.

  • Regulatory ComplianceAll data shared via our app are encoded to serve in line with the healthcare industry's regulatory requirements.

Take Your Healthcare Services Online To Offer Prompt Medical Support With Our Robust Telemedicine App!

We strive to offer a powerful telemedicine app solution that helps you provide healthcare services remotely, from anywhere in the world.

Who Can Benefit
From Launching A Telemedicine App?

Healthcare Startups Businesses that wish to extend an all-in-one telehealth platform to connect patients with service providers online, without any hassle.

HospitalsBetter management of healthcare networks by gathering all information in one place, offering enhanced healthcare service to patients.

Clinics and Individual PractitionersService providers operating from a primary-care clinic can offer virtual consultations, reducing the need for remote visits.

Step-by-step Workflow
Of A Powerful Telemedicine Application

Here, let’s take a look into the functionality of a telemedicine app solution for a better understanding.

  • 1

    Provide Symptoms and Related Details

  • 2

    Search for Doctors

  • 3

    Book Virtual Consultation with a Doctor

  • 4

    Receive Confirmation of the Appointment

  • 5

    Connect over Video Call

  • 6

    Discuss your Health Issues and Past Medical History

  • 7

    Get a Digital Prescription

  • 8

    Rate and Share Feedback

Features Of Our Telemedicine App Solution

Manage ProfilesPatients can create and manage their profiles, with their details such as name, age, gender, contact details, medical history, treatments, and many more.

Browse for DoctorsPatients can search for doctors based on various filters, such as their specialization, experience, language, availability, etc.

Schedule AppointmentsPatients can go through doctors' profiles and schedule appointments with doctors who suit their requirements and are available to provide immediate medical care.

Virtual ConsultationPatients can connect with doctors via voice or video calls. Notably, the high-quality video calls allow doctors to examine patients effortlessly to offer better assistance.

Payment ProcessingThe app is integrated with multiple payment options. Patients can process bill payments for the services availed through the payment mode they find convenient.

Instant MessagingPatients can also interact with doctors via the in-app messaging feature. Here, they can share their concerns and get assistance promptly.

In-app AlertsPatients are notified about their upcoming appointments or virtual consultations via instant push notifications. They are also updated about canceled appointments and app updates.

Schedule Lab TestsPatients can book lab tests in the laboratories listed in the app based on the doctors' instruction.

Booking HistoryPatients can view all their past appointments with their detailed information. They can use these details for future reference, especially while seeking further medical consultations.

Ratings & Reviews Patients can rate the doctors' service availed and share their feedback to help other users make informed choices.

Profile CreationDoctors can create and manage their profiles, with details including their specialization, experience, hospital affiliation, etc.

Manage AppointmentsDoctors can view their upcoming appointments in one convenient location. They can cancel or reschedule appointments for days they are not available.

Manage CalendarDoctors can update their availability in their calendars promptly so that patients can book their appointments as per the doctors' available time slots.

View EMR EMR system is integrated into the telemedicine software to allow doctors to view their patients' medical records and lab reports.

Digital PrescriptionsDoctors can provide prescriptions online via the app. They can be used to purchase medicines from pharmacies. Doctors can also suggest lab tests to patients right in the app.

Voice/Video ConsultationDoctors can connect with patients through voice or video calls to provide medical support immediately.

View MessagesDoctors can view the messages sent by patients in the app and reply to them instantly to resolve their queries or share digital prescriptions.

Record Video CallsDoctors can record video sessions while providing virtual assistance to patients. This way, it can help manage the service quality and protect both patients and doctors in case of any dispute.

Pop-up AlertsDoctors will be notified whenever patients request for their appointments. They will also be updated about the upcoming appointments prior.

View FeedbackDoctors can view the ratings and reviews shared by their patients, helping them keep their service quality in check.

Manage ProfilesLab technicians can create and manage their profiles by providing details, such as their licenses, certifications, and other relevant information.

Schedule Requests Lab technicians can view the patients’ requests to avail of their services. They can schedule the appointments as per their convenience and update them on their calendars.

Allocate TasksLab technicians can assign test requests to lab professionals as per patients’ requirements. After this, lab professionals will connect with patients to collect their test samples.

Report SharingLab technicians can share the test reports with the respective patients and doctors through the telemedicine app.

Manage PatientsThe admin can view and manage patients' details, such as their personal information and medical history. They can also remove or edit this information if need be.

Manage Doctors and Lab Technicians The admin can approve or reject the profiles of doctors and lab technicians after thorough verification of their certifications and licenses.

Assess DocumentsThe admin can view the patients' medical records, lab reports, and other documents to provide evidence for legal records, create a patient registry, and many more.

View AppointmentsThe admin can view the details of completed, upcoming, and canceled appointments. They can also view the calendars of doctors.

Manage PaymentsThe admin can manage online payments, generate and share online invoices with patients, and track the payments efficiently.

Data-driven InsightsAn advanced analytical report is generated from time to time based on the application's functioning, helping the admin make informed business decisions.

Treatment NotesDoctors can add progress notes and treatment details after each session to the patients' medical profiles. This way, the condition of patients can be quickly analyzed during future appointments.

Personalized FeedPatients have a dedicated feed section in the app, where they can view all their medical records, doctors' information, appointment details, etc.

Share Medical RecordsPatients can upload, save, and share their medical records with their doctors via the app to avail of better medical assistance.

Multi-user ChatTwo or more doctors can create a group to provide their assistance to patients with complicated medical conditions.

Benefits Offered
By Our Telemedicine App Development Solutions

24x7 healthcare assistance to patients in need

Stores and manages medical records of patients

Integration of advanced features to offer enhanced medical care

Saves time for everyone involved in the healthcare system

Better assessment and management of patient’s health

Hassle-free and efficient administration of the entire business process

Launch A HIPAA Compliant Telehealth App Solution
Right Away At Affordable Rates!

Premium Offerings
Of Our Telemedicine App Development

We have several years of experience in the app development field, and we have worked with small startups to large conglomerates. Our team strives to understand your requirements thoroughly and deliver a high-end solution that aligns with your business goals.

Personalized SolutionsOur skilled developers work to build an innovative telemedicine app that is customized to suit your business needs. The branding elements are modified to suit your brand, making you the sole proprietor.

API IntegrationWe integrate third-party APIs into the telemedicine app to ensure it offers a seamless and cutting-edge performance. The integration of EMR and EHR are known to enhance the app functionality.

Data-driven InsightsYou can access all business information right in the admin dashboard. Analytical reports are also generated to give you an insight into the areas that need to be improved.

Data ProtectionThe telemedicine app we build is compliant with the HIPAA regulations. It assures that the personal information and medical records of patients stored in the app are protected from unauthorized access.

Monetization Models Deployed
In Our Telemedicine App Development Solution

There are several revenue streams available to generate revenue from a telemedicine application. You have to analyze your business model and finalize the monetization models that suit your business goals. Here, we have listed the revenue models that you can consider to implement in your application.

  • Subscription ModelYou can allow patients and doctors to access your platform to avail or provide healthcare services by subscribing to your application. The subscription can be availed on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis. It is a great way to generate constant revenue in the long run.

  • In-app Adverts ModelYou can earn from third-party businesses by displaying their advertisements on your platform. This way, you can earn ad fees every time an ad is displayed. However, ensure not to display too many ads as it might make your users lose interest in using your app.

  • Franchise ModelYou can collaborate with businesses from other countries and allow them to use your app to offer their healthcare services in their respective niches. This way, you can earn franchise fees from them regularly.

Additional Solutions Offered
By Our Telemedicine App Development Solution

Apart from the inclusion of basic features and functionalities into our telehealth app, we have also incorporated some advanced technology solutions to spice up its operations. Technologies like Artificial Intelligence and cloud storage are some of them integrated into our software solutions.

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)Chatbots are an assuring use case of AI in the online healthcare industry. Here, chatbots offer their assistance to users who enquire about the availability of doctors, their appointments, and other related services. This way, they help in automating a few simple workflows in the entire system.

  • Internet of Things (IoT)With IoT technology, wearable devices can be connected with your application. Here, doctors will be notified whenever there is a sudden change in their patients’ health. This technology is of great help in case of emergencies. It can also be used to notify patients when it is time to take their medicines.

  • Cloud StorageYou can store all your app data, user details, medical records, etc., in the cloud offered by a trustworthy service provider. This way, all your information will be stored securely, without any hassle.

  • Blockchain TechnologyOur application is backed by Blockchain technology, where all conversations and data shared between patients and doctors are encrypted end-to-end. Thus, your data is safeguarded from any possible data theft or third-party access.

We Offer A HIPAA Compliant Telemedicine App Development

Our team has immense experience in the telemedicine app development sector. They analyze and ensure that our application complies with all regulatory standards of your niche.

Notably, it is vital to adhere to strict HIPAA compliance so that the users’ data stored in your application is protected from any possible data theft or unauthorized access to medical history. It keeps the data privacy of users in check, along with preventing you from violating the regulations of the online healthcare segment.

Telemedicine App Development - Live Demo

Extend Enhanced Virtual Healthcare Assistance By Launching A Reliable Telehealth App Solution!

Our Telemedicine App Development Process


  • Client RequirementsOnce you get on board with us, we will closely work with you to understand your business requirements. This way, we can come up with a solution that suits your business model.

  • Features and FunctionalityAfter a thorough analysis of your business goals, we jot down the features and functionalities to include in the app. We also finalize the technologies to deploy during app development.

  • UI/UX DesignOur skilled designers take the utmost care in designing the user interface of the app. They assure you that it is user-friendly and intuitive to captivate your user attention.

  • Back-end SetupWe employ the best minds in the back-end development of the app. They use the most advanced tools and technologies to build a robust and reliable telemedicine app.


  • TestingThe fully developed app is tested for any error or bug. Speed tests, security tests, etc., are conducted one after the other. If any glitch is found, it is resolved immediately.

  • App LaunchOnce the app is ensured to extend glitch-free operation, it is deployed on all major app platforms. We also offer app rejection support in case of any issue. We will stay with you throughout the process.

Why Choose Our Telehealth Software Solution?

  • White-labeledOur ready-made telehealth app is a white-label solution that allows you to rebrand the app entirely, from its logo to its color scheme.

  • 100% Customizable Scripts The clone app scripts we develop is a highly customizable solution, enabling you to personalize it to suit your business needs.

  • ScalabilityOur apps are readily scalable, allowing you to alter its features and functionality in the future as per the varying business environment.

  • Time-effective, Budget-friendlyOur applications are reasonably priced, so businesses of any size can opt for them. Also, we deliver a fully customized app in the shortest time possible.

  • Intuitive UI/UXOur designers ensure to keep the app’s UI/UX easily accessible and engaging. This way, users can access your app without any hassle.

  • Multi-CurrencyThe app supports payment processing in all currencies, irrespective of locations. It helps you scale your business globally.

  • HIPAA CompliantThe information stored in the app is encrypted and secured as per HIPAA regulations, preventing possible data theft.

  • Android & iOS AppWe offer native Android and iOS applications that can be successfully deployed on Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

  • 24x7 SupportOur project manager will be on standby anytime to serve you throughout the app development process.

Technology Stack Deployed
In Our Telemedicine Application


Yes. Our telemedicine application is a ready-made solution that is pre-packed with all the vital features. You can readily customize and deploy it in the healthcare segment in the quickest time possible. Our development package includes app solutions, along with customization services, at affordable prices. You can also opt to include third-party APIs in case you need to offer an exclusive feature via your app.

The telemedicine app development cost varies from project to project. It depends on various factors such as

  • The technology stack deployed
  • The feature set included
  • The time needed
  • The development team size
  • The add-ons integrated

If you wish to get an exact cost estimate, please reach out to our support team. They will analyze your needs based on the above parameters to arrive at the precise development cost.

Yes. We do offer free-of-cost technical support post-launch for a limited period to help you run your business smoothly. After this, you can avail of our paid services at affordable costs.

Our app development team includes a project manager, business analysts, skilled designers, seasoned developers, and qualified testers. They all strive together to build your advanced telemedicine application.

Yes. We do sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) once you get on board with us to guarantee that your app will be safe with us.

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Disclaimer: Appdupe neither represents nor have any control over the trademarks of Amazon, TikTok and Gojek. We use the terms Amazon and Gojek for a better understanding of our services. Our offerings intend no harm to any organization or individual.