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Get a headstart in the on-demand massage service industry with our robust Uber for massage app. Gift your customers the ability to book and enjoy massages in the comfort of their homes. With the continued rise in popularity of the on-demand model of enacting business, an increasing number of services are shifting their focus to massage app development. In today’s digitized economy, investing in a robust mobile application for your business has become somewhat of a necessity.

The massage industry is no exception. To thrive in this changing landscape, one needs to enable their customers to book their services through the use of an on-demand massage service app. At Appdupe, we offer you a tried and tested Zeel app clone and Soothe app clone solutions. These offerings are full of the latest features in the market, built to be completely customizable and can be readily integrated into your existing massage business. Come take the next step in your journey by partnering with the leading on-demand massage app development company. The best-in-class Zeel clone and Soothe clone are your ideal options to reach heights in no time!

The Streamlined Workflow
Of Our Uber For Massage App

Introduction screen

The first thing your customers will see when they enter the on-demand massage app. It has your logo and branding to make a good first impression.

Login and registration

Users can enter into their account by registering on the app and logging in.

Account verification

First-time users are prompted to verify their accounts through either email or phone.

Menu dashboard

A simple menu side panel that lets users access the other aspects of the app.

View massage therapist profile

Users can view every available therapist’s profile to help make their choice.

View gallery and reviews

Users can view uploaded pictures and read reviews for the chosen massage therapist.

Choose the massage therapist

Users can choose the therapist whose service they would like to avail.

Choose the massage service

Users can choose the service that they would like to avail from a list of services provided by the therapist.

Book session

Once users are satisfied with their choice, they can confirm the session.


Payment details will be provided as per the services chosen and the duration of the session. Users can pay through a variety of ways, including card, internet payment, and UPI.


The massage therapist arrives at the time of the scheduled appointment and services the client.

Feedback and ratings

Once the session is over, the client is prompted to rate the service and provide feedback.

What We Provide In
Our On-Demand Massage Service App Development?

massage booking app


Both our iOS and Android apps are built natively so that they perform with best user experience in respective platforms.

uber app source code


Your Customers can always see where the nearest providers are in real time in your customer facing mobile apps.

uber like massage booking app


Your customers have the comfort of changing or cancelling a booking at any time.

clone script uber app template


With our Customer and Provider uber like app for massage, your clientele and providers can chat or call from within the on-demand massage service app.

massage app developer


Customers and providers can check the service history and see where their previous points of service requests.

uber app developer


Both providers and your customers can see the history of jobs with reviews so that they can get better.

Service that we provide in
our On-Demand Massage Service App

Compatibility and adaptability are an important part of any Uber for Massage app development process. At Appdupe, we offer a massage app script to build an app like Zeel and Soothe that encompasses the best of what the market has to offer.

for your massage service
iOS App
for the user
Android app
for the user
Web panel
for the user
iOS App
for the Massage Therapist
Android App
for the Massage Therapist
Web Panel for
the Massage Therapist
Admin panel to oversee the functioning of the app

Essential Features of
Uber For Massage App Development

Sign up

An easy sign up process that lets customers get on board quickly and easily.

Schedule booking

Users have the option to book a massage at any time and date.

Chat option

Users have the ability to chat with their therapists.


Users can see the whereabouts of therapists and the ETA.

View profile

Users can view and edit their profile/account as they please.

Ratings and reviews

Users can rate and provide reviews about the service.


Users can view a comprehensive history of the services availed.

Multi payment

Users can pay through a multitude of ways, including cards, internet banking, UPI, and cash.


Therapists can sign up with the app and start providing services.

Availability status

Therapists can change their status to indicate whether they are available for booking or not.

View customer profiles

Therapists can view the profiles of the customers who requested their service.

Intuitive app navigation

Therapists can navigate through the app easily and intuitively.

Manage profiles

Therapists can manage all their information from one convenient location.

Manage earnings

Therapists can view a detailed history of all their earnings.

Manage accounts

Admins can manage the accounts of both customers and therapists.

Manage appointments

Allows admins to manage all the appointments that have been booked.

Manage services/pricing

Admins have complete control of the list of services they offer, along with their respective pricing.


Admins can track therapists in real-time.


Admins can send real-time notifications to both clients and therapists.

Manage payments

Admins can manage the pending payments as well as view the complete history of payments.

Real-time tracking

Users and admins can track massage therapists in real-time.

Schedule for later

Allows users to schedule appointments at a future date and time.

Pay by cash

A convenient option for users that boosts sales by providing more options.

Promo codes

Grow your business by word of mouth through promo codes and a referral program.


A must-have in today’s business world, enables you to have a global approach to your development and entice customers from all over the world.

The types of massage you can accommodate

We enable you to provide your customers with a range of massage services via an on-demand massage app like Zeel or Soothe.

Swedish massage

Relax with long, gentle strokes executed in a circular motion.

Deep tissue massage

Focused, deep massages to relieve stress and pain.

Sports rehabilitation massage

Recover and rehabilitate with this performance-enhancing massage.

Prenatal massage

A gentle, nurturing massage to promote the wellness of both mother and child.

Couples therapy massage

Enjoy a relaxing experience with your significant other.

Work de-stress massage

A perfect relaxation massage for your after-work stress.

Four quick steps to your very own Uber for Massage App

Try our demo

To get a better idea of what we can offer you, take a look at our demo app. A good starting point to base your own ideas on.

Tell us your requirements

No one knows what you want better than you. Our team will listen to your every requirement and put together a robust plan on the way forward.


Once we have a clear idea of what you are looking for, our team will work out the details and develop a solution that you are proud of.

The perfect launch

Once we get your stamp of approval, we will roll out your app into the market in the best way possible for a maximum reach.

Get A Complete White-Label Solution
For On-demand Massage App Development

Turnkey Solution

All our products are ‘Turnkey’. You can start with ZERO time-to-market and capture the largest market-share.

Powerful Admin Dashboard

Complete control of your websites and mobile apps is comfortably available in your admin dashboard.

Scalable Product

Have plans of taking off and scaling up rapidly? We got your back with the most scalable robust products in each category.

Whitelabel Solution

Our solution is entirely whitelabel to put whatever brand you want. Your customers will never know about uber like app for Massage.

Cost Effective

Uber like app for Massage is the most featureful product in its tier with pricing from the bottom of the barrel, prolonging your runway

Native Mobile Apps

Both our iOS and Android apps are built natively so that they perform with the best user experience in respective platforms

What we offer in On-demand Massage App like Uber

  • massage clone app

    Mobile Apps

    Easy to use, technically advanced, seamless mobile apps for any given vertical.
  • massage booking app

    Web App

    Apps built on avant-garde technologies. Highly functioning, pro-customizable, friction free in-app functionalities.
  • uber app source code

    Admin Dashboard

    All-in-one dashboard to quickly skim through the uber like app for massage activities and overall performance.
  • uber like massage booking app

    100% Customizable

    Boundless customizing options with immediate add-on support for quick app transformation.
  • clone script uber app template

    Payment Options

    Secure payment options via any authorized online payment portals.
uber app developer

View Demo

Get both the Android and iOS apps for free. After all, building a business doesn’t have to cost you a bomb!

Technologies that power our
on-demand massage service app

Paid Plugin

uber app source code

Bitcoin Wallet Integration $1000

Integrate our bitcoin wallet and start trading with thousands and millions of bitcoin users globally. Highly secured and seamless.

uber like massage booking app

Schedule Bookings $699

Your customers can book a service for a later time and date. Your providers will get notification of a later appointment and will be shown their

clone script uber app template

Live Navigation $499 Now Free!

With this feature your Provider can navigate to your customer within the app and not have to switch between apps

massage app developer

Geo fencing $750

This feature uses GPS tracking to create a virtual geographic boundary and triggers a response when the taxi enters or leaves the boundary.

uber app developer

Chat Integration $500

Once the ride has been accepted by the provider, chats and calls can be initiated by the provider to communicate with each other

uber app developer

God's eye view $500

This feature allows the admin to view factors like overall earning, list of users and providers with details, busy or

massage clone app

Multi Language $499

The entire Xuber apps, website and backend will be translated to a language of your choice.

massage booking app

MLM Viral Marketing $750

Use multi-level marketing by having your riders and providers use referrals to promote your business. It creates a win-win situation for all.

uber app source code

Bidding Option $1000 Now $750!

Allow riders and providers to take advantage of the best possible options by letting them bid for the best prices for the rides. This gives them a sense of satisfaction

uber like massage booking app

Promotion Codes $999 Now Free!

This feature enables your customers to share a promo code to their friends and peers so that they both get better discount and brings virality to your app

clone script uber app template

Video Calls $2499

For a small cost we will be able to build in video calls inside of the app so that none of your providers

massage app developer

Wallet System $1500

This feature enables the passenger to top up money into his wallet account within the app. Mobile Money can be used to top up or admin can top up

uber app developer

Voice Calls (VOIP) $1499

For a small cost we will be able to build in voice calls inside of the app so that none of your providers


No, but we provide an installation package which can get your app up and running in no time. We recommend Digital Ocean server as it suffices all the requirements for the app to run.

App Store and Play Store deployment is covered in the seperate Installation Package which will be take up and finished in no time by our efficient team. You will also have to purchase the developer account for Google and Apple and give us the credentials and our experts will keep you in touch with the entire process.

No. Our Installation Package covers deployment only to live server and not on localhost or local machine.

If the digital ocean server is purchased, web installation would be completed within 48 hours. For Android and iOS app submissions, it takes upto 48 hours to upload the files and the mobile app stores have to review the app in submission from there on (The app goes live when the app stores complete the review).

We strongly recommend against modifying or changing the code. If the script is modified, our team would not be able to further work on it and the support package coverage ends.

Refund will not be provided after the product is handed over to you, if you've opted for installation support package. For source code purchase we strictly don't entertain any refunds since the vulnerability to the code is high. If there are any challenges faced in installation, our experts will be at your disposal through Skype/mail. We recommend you to go through the feature list carefully and test them out from the demo before you make the purchase.

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Disclaimer: Appdupe neither represents nor have any control over the trademarks of Amazon, TikTok and Gojek. We use the terms Amazon and Gojek for a better understanding of our services. Our offerings intend no harm to any organization or individual.