Uber Clone- Most Reliable Taxi App In The Market

Uber clone is a top-of-the-line, technologically advanced taxi booking app solution available in the existing on-demand industry. The ardent entrepreneurs can now develop a full-fledged ride-hailing application that acts as the linking bridge between the riders and the drivers with the 100% customizable white-label solution. The clone application is stacked with the latest features and is accessible on both Android and iOS platforms. The extensive admin panel assists the business owners in managing their business processes efficiently under a single roof.

The taxi app solution can be personalized to suit various business verticals of the taxi industry, such as ride-hailing, ride-sharing, car rentals, corporate cab services, bike taxis, fleet management, and many more. Owning an Uber-like app transforms the way your business operated in the past and garners a massive customer base, gaining you an edge over your competitors.

Algorithm we use

Customer will select the service and system algorithmically matches by sending requests to the list of service providers. E.g. A user requests a ride which is sent to the nearest available service provider or highest rated or any other pre-defined criterion. Once the requested is accepted by your partner, the customer receives the details about the ETA.

Also called Double Commit Model, where a user can fill certain details and request for services. Buyers will be presented with a list of drivers with their profile history, their quote and the estimated time of arrival. They can interact with the service provider to choose the one best suited for their requirements. Service providers can accept/reject a request from the buyer.

The complete Uber clone app solution

Our Uber clone app solution helps businesses, be it owned by an individual or government, to launch their own ride-hailing app. The powerful admin panel that comes as part of our app package helps in the effective management of business operations.

Holistic business solutions

Launch a fully functional app in no time with a white-label taxi app

We provide entrepreneurs with our experience-driven app development solutions that aid all kinds of upcoming taxi businesses from start to finish.

Regulate your fleet & ride-hailing business

Materialize your very own transport services or enhance the way public transportation is used

We reduce your workload by automating integral processes with cutting-edge technology.

Multifaceted App For Entrepreneurs And Government

Develop a ride-hailing app to cater to business or public transportation needs

We provide our app development services for entrepreneurs and governments who would like to set foot into the lucrative niche of transportation services via mobile software.

What do we offer in our Uber clone app for Taxi Business?

People prefer taxi services for an assortment of reasons, and this presents endless opportunities for entrepreneurs. Developing an app from scratch is a time-consuming affair and costs a fortune. So, availing a customizable, cost & time efficient Uber clone software is a better and more reliable alternative. We offer a wide range of stellar features to make your app stand out from the rest with ease.

Passenger App Features

A feature-rich Passenger App designed from our smart Uber clone script provides seamless services to your riders without any glitches and hitches.

  • Payment Modes

    Our Stripe Payment Gateway lets your users make payments right away via their credit or debit cards.

  • Estimated Time of Arrival

    With the help of the ETA feature, users can know the exact time the driver will take to arrive at their location (for pickup).

  • Promo Codes

    Users can use special promo codes during rides and share them with their friends & family. This feature helps bring virality to the app.

Uber Clone Passenger App
  • Push Notifications

    Integrating this vital feature during the development of the taxi app like Uber ensures users receive alerts about the driver’s location, trip fares, and other relevant information.

  • Scheduled Rides

    Passengers can book rides for a later time and the notifications will be sent automatically to the drivers.

  • Ride History

    Passengers can view their ride history and keep a track of all the rides they had previously made.

Free Features

Live Ride Tracking

The in-built GPS allows your customers to track their ride and share the ride details with their friends & family.


This feature allows your users to rate the service & the driver. They can also provide additional feedback about their ride.

Smart Digital Wallet

Users can sync their bank account with their dedicated wallets and make direct payments from the app.


The app lets users register using their contact information such as email & phone number, or via their social media accounts.

Vehicle Selection

Users have the liberty to choose the type of vehicle as per their need such as an SUV, Sedan, mini-van and so on.

Fare Estimation

The app generates the estimated cost of the trip which enables users to plan their rides accordingly.

Talk To Your Driver

Users can contact their drivers and resolve their queries through the in-built calling feature.

Ride Cancellation

Users can cancel the trip before or after they are matched with the driver and a cancellation fee may be collected as per service provider’s discretion.

Desired Location

Appdupe’s unique taxi app development solution allows users to add their workplace or home as their desired locations and change them as per their convenience.

Profile creation

Users can create their profile with details such as name, location, phone number, display picture, and more.

Social media integration

Users can sign up using Facebook, Google+ and others without having to create or register with a separate mail id or phone number.

Trip Verification

Once the trip is confirmed, the riders receive verification of the same by both text message and mail.

Trip Sharing

Female passengers can share their ride details with family and friends for safety reasons.

Favourite Driver

Passengers can make note of their favourite drivers so that the algorithm assigns partners automatically.

Stop Over Points

Helps passengers to stop the car at various locations with a waiting fee for each stop.

Tips to the Driver

Passengers can add tips to the drivers which are non-taxable and the company won’t charge commission.

Set your Preferred Languages

Passengers can select the language of their choice from the available list and can use the app in a language of their choice.

View Drivers Info

Passengers can view individual driver information such as name, experience, profile Before booking a ride.

Driver App Features

The Driver App is a vital part of the platform. The features are integrated skillfully to allow the driver app to perform seamlessly in the Uber clone ecosystem.

  • Registration

    Drivers can register using their contact information or via their social media account as per service providers/admins discretion.

  • Social media login

    Drivers can sign up using Facebook, Instagram, and others without having to create or use separate email id and phone number.

  • Toggle driver’s availability

    A highly sought after feature; drivers can update their availability as per their discretion via the app.

Uber Clone Driver App
  • Surge Pricing

    Drivers can check the locations where surge pricing is active and plan their trips accordingly through the app.

  • Earnings Tab

    The feature let drivers keep track of their earnings every day. Drivers can use the earnings information for future reference.

  • Transaction History

    Drivers can keep account of all the rides they have previously made. They can view details such as trip fares, ride dates, pickup location, destination, and much more.

Free Features

Profile Creation

Drivers can create and manage their profile with details such as name, address, contact number, display picture, and more.

Cancel Trip

Drivers can cancel their trip and furnish valid reasons like wrong address, unable to contact the rider and other causes.

In-call Feature

With Appdupe’s taxi booking software, drivers can make calls to their customers for trip clarifications with regard to user location or others through the app.

Live Navigation

Drivers easily locate customers location and discover the fastest route to reach them on-time.

Document Verification

Drivers can upload their documents and get them verified via the app. The documents will be based on admin/service providers’ discretion.

Trip Requests

Post document verification, drivers will receive trip requests with details such as user name, pick-up location, destination, and others via the app.

Desired Vehicle Option

Drivers can choose the type of vehicle including SUV, Sedan or others they would be driving and update the admin accordingly.

Alerts on Ride Requests

Drivers will receive ride requests with information such as service seeker name, pickup location, destination, and others. Drivers can accept/reject the request as per discretion.

SOS Button

The in-built SOS feature, when activated by the driver, sends alert to the service providers help & support team, and drivers family & friends instantly.

Rate Customers

Like customers, drivers can also rate customers after successfully completing each ride.

Multiple Car Category

Drivers can accept rides from any user even if they opt for the different car category to increase the number of rides.

Set Preferred Currency

Drivers can set their preferred currency as per convenience to notify the customers before payment.

Heat View in Drivers App

Using the map, the drivers can where the riders are waiting for the service at different locations.

Admin Panel Features

The process of Uber like app development does not limit only the rider and driver panels. Apart from these, admin panel is also important which is actually the main module of a taxi booking app. With a robust Admin panel, the service provider can track and control both the Passenger App and the Driver App with ease.

  • Driver Verification

    The admin can check the credibility of the driver once the requested documents have been uploaded.

  • Document Verification

    Admins can cross-check the documents uploaded by the driver as per the company standards.

  • Trip Report

    Information about the trips including the count, duration, receipt, drivers, users and so on will be available to the admin through Appdupe’s taxi booking app.

Uber Clone Admin Panel
  • Sub-Admins

    The admin can appoint sub-admins that will allow them to manage certain or all operations of the app during their absence.

  • Earnings Report

    Provides a detailed report about the drivers' earnings and the commission to be received by the admin.

  • Payment Details

    The admin has the credentials to view payments of all sorts including cash, card, and other modes.

More Features

SEO settings

Admin can manage entire SEO settings of the application to ensure the app is marketed among the users in an effective way.

Assign Driver

Admin can assign a driver for the incoming requests from the user based on the location of user and availability.

Export Information & Data for your MIS

Admin can export the information about riders, drivers and ride details into Excel sheet/CSV format.

Advanced Statistics & Analytics

Advanced statistics and analytics will help admin to plan an strategize the current business plan.

Dispatcher Panel Features

Our clone app development solutions offer a stellar dispatcher panel that is designed to assign, dispatch, and track drivers seamlessly.

  • Registration

    Dispatchers can register using their contact information or via their social media accounts as per admin's discretion.

  • Social media login

    Dispatchers can sign up using Facebook, Instagram or others without having to create a separate email id or phone number.

  • Trips Tracking

    Dispatcher maintains the details regarding all the trips made by the riders & drivers and uses them for future reference.

 Uber Clone Dispatcher Panel
  • Managing Requests

    The dispatcher can manage the riders’ requests such as pick up, ride destination, track payments and so on.

  • Profile Creation

    Dispatchers can create and manage their profile with details like name, address, contact number, picture and so on.

  • Reviews & Feedback

    Dispatchers can view the reviews and feedback given by the users (drivers & riders) and take the necessary steps for the betterment of service.

Advanced Features

Our team of highly experienced developers works to build a robust mobile application for managing the ride-hailing business in the quickest time possible. Their several years of experience helped us come up with the most reliable Uber clone app solution in the on-demand industry. We made the dreams of many entrepreneurs and business people come true with our Uber-like app development services.

Our intuitive taxi app solution constitutes advanced features along with basic features, enabling the smooth functioning of your ride-hailing business. These features include the integration of multi-lingual support and multiple payment modes, thereby helping you achieve instant success when your business goes hyperlocal. The best part is, we offer all these advanced features as part of our development service! However, if you wish to have some more attributes added to your application, you can reach us and discuss your requirements. Based on your needs, we will provide you with the best price to integrate those into the app.

We also work on the integration of add-ons as per your request for the best quote possible. Your privacy is our priority, so we sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with you to safeguard your business information.

  • Free app updation for lifetimeIf you wish to update the features in your on-demand app, you can reach out to us anytime, even after the completion of the project. Our team will provide its full support in the app updation process free of charge for a lifetime.

  • 90 Days support to fix errorsOur app solutions are devoid of bugs and discrepancies, enabling the smooth functioning of your business. However, if your app encounters any glitches, we will provide you support free of cost for the first 3 months.

  • Customizable clone solutionsIt is your app, and we completely understand that it should bear your name and logo. So, we replace our name and logo with your details on the app. Once we hand over the app to you, it is a dedicated source of your business, and we do not claim for it under any circumstances.

  • Privacy policy and NDAWe adhere to our strict privacy policy and sign NDA with your business as you get on board with us. We assure you that we won’t mention your app on any of our websites or portfolio, and you are the sole owner of your app.

  • Free multi-lingual supportIf you wish to go hyperlocal, we ensure that we offer our complete support. We help you in integrating the language of your preference into your app without charging a single penny. Be it any language, we extend our full assistance.

  • Support for multiple currenciesWe help you in integrating local currencies of your choice into your app when you launch your app in a specific country. The app even has a feature to manage the rate of your base currency with additional currency.

Why Choose Our Uber Clone Script?

We are the leading location-based mobile app and Uber clone app development company. Our Uber clone script package delivers you a taxi booking app which will boost you ahead in this competitive market. We provide you a customizable source code script for iOS and Android for your customers and drivers. In just 3 days, we will give you a ready-to-use technically advanced yet user-friendly Uber clone app package, white-labeled with your brand name and logo in a language and currency of your choice.

What’s more? We also launch iOS and Android native apps for your customers and drivers and get your apps approved and upload them on the iOS AppStore and Android Play store. You can use our complete taxi booking app solution to kick start your business. As an admin, you will have complete power over the functioning of your business at your fingertips and can use data derived from the app to plan future business moves. Get more location-based service applications through us at unbelievable prices.

Achieve the best with our Uber clone script

Generate a profitable revenue as we help you exponentially increase your customer base with our top of the line Uber like app.

Enhance efficiency

Cut down on costs and workload, instead increase speed and the overall performance of your software with our top tier automation technology.

Enhance fleet management

Manage larger fleets with ease. Our app solutions let you supervise and regulate pivotal processes to ensure smooth operations.

Expand bookings

Acquire a large customer base, which in turn results in more bookings and usage of your services.

Benefits of our Uber clone app solution

While we concentrate on your app development needs, we assist you with planning stellar strategies that take your business from ideation to one of the most downloaded apps on both Google Play and App store. We design & develop your app from the most robust on-demand clone app script in the market.
  • 100% Customizable
  • Top-notch features
  • Adept Developers
  • Cutting-edge development solutions
  • Continuous Support & Maintenance
  • Easy to deploy and highly scalable
Uber Clone Application

Lifetime Updates at Free of Charge

What’s new today may fade away over time. Apple and Google regularly update their OS with improved features, and similarly, leading services providers do the same with their UX and service features to remain up-to-date.

We continuously add new features to the on-demand taxi app, which gets automatically updated with Uber clone source code. We offer our existing customers with lifetime updates on their source code at free of charge. While our competitors offer updates once a year or two, we will help you achieve your business objectives with Lifetime Updates. Our regular advanced updates let you do what you do best, Win!

Our post-launch maintenance and support services

Even after deploying your Uber clone app in the market, we stay by your side to provide you with unparalleled technical support. The following are a few of the post-launch services we offer for our clone apps.

Bug elimination

Our team of developers frequently scans your software’s code to isolate and remove any detected bugs. The bugs will be erased without affecting the software.

Relentless care

AppDupe’s exceptional team will continually maintain your software to prevent it from becoming fraught with slow speeds.


After the application goes live, we will keep your software up to date as new technology rolls out in the market. It helps keep your clone app up-to-date with the latest market standards.


Our team will consistently work on bettering your clone app by regularly checking for optimizable features.

Get to know more about our Uber Clone App

Free demo of our UBER CLONE APP

Who wouldn’t love a live demo before spending their funds on it? Come, try out our demo app solutions for a better understanding of how our app functions. Compatible on all digital assistant devices. Download, install, and use it on your device right away!

Admin dashboard

The admin panel visuals with end to end flow help you gain a better understanding of the functionality of the powerful platform.

Read more

App workflow

The driver & passenger app is designed, keeping in mind the convenience and easy-to-use factor. Check out our well-crafted app workflow.

Read more

Web panel visuals

If there is an on-demand tax application that offers superior performance coupled with glitch-free functioning, it is ours! Check out the web panel visuals to understand our work better.

Read more

App Features

Want to know how to gain a competitive edge from the rest? Offering stellar features to users (drivers & passengers), admin, and dispatcher makes you easily stand out in the market.

Read more

Pricing and paid plugins

If you have a unique idea and want us to help bring it to life, then check out our pocket-friendly and transparent pricing packages to get you started.

Read more

Premium themes & templates

Easily customize your powerful on-demand taxi application with the color, template, and theme of your choice.

Read more

End Trip Option

Are you looking to integrate a feature that adds value to both users and drivers participating in your business? We have a unique feature called ‘End Trip’ option, where the drivers will get requests from users who travel to destinations set by the drivers when they turn on this mode. It helps drivers to earn profits even when they are on their way to home or any other desired location.

When the drivers want to return to normal mode, they can simply disable the ‘End Trip’ option. After this, the drivers will get regular requests from users traveling to any location.

Geofencing Feature

With the geofencing option integrated into your app, avoid offering your taxi services to locations that are defined as dark and crime-prone areas. You can mark the selective locations where you wish to provide your taxi service by geofencing feature. This way, your drivers can provide services only to the locations of your convenience.

Once this feature is enabled, the drivers will get trip requests from users who want to travel to the selected locations. Hence, it helps your business to serve only the places for which your business model was built and avoid getting requests to locations out of your selected area.

Comprehensive Localization Services
Uber clone app coded to adapt to your dynamic needs!

We understand that each location demands a varied business model to suit the changing business environment. One city might be more expensive than the other one, one country might have a different currency than the country located nearby, and vehicle operating policies vary from one state to another. Thus, our Uber clone script adapts to your business model in no time.

Our carefully crafted localization features will allow you to change the vehicle types, currency rate, and other such options without any restraint. This scalable feature of our clone application is what sets us apart from other app development companies operating in our niche.

For constant hit, your taxi business has to be dynamic, so do our taxi app solution!

Car Rental Features

Empower your app users to earn income through your taxi application. Integrate a car rental feature into your on-demand app that allows them to list their cars for rentals on an hourly basis. It helps both your users and your business as the car owners get to earn additional income by renting their vehicle, and your business will receive a commission for services availed through your app.

Providing both ride-hailing and car rental options in your app will delight your users, making them visit your business again and again. Also, it will help you earn their credibility in the long run.

Uber Clone gives life to your diverse business ideas!

Apart from the traditional taxi booking app business, our app solution can be tweaked to suit your other business models in the taxi industry. Some of such business models supported by our software are:

  • Ride-Sharing

  • Car Rentals

  • Bike Taxis

  • Uber for Disabled People

  • Uber for Airport Rides

  • Uber for Ambulances

  • IoT Integration

  • Fleet Management

Future of the Ride-Hailing Industry

In the on-demand industry, ride-hailing business is by far the fastest-growing of all the segments available. There is a wave of new companies entering the market worldwide, making the competition more intense. Several companies that offer taxi services are also shifting from offering traditional taxi services to services that can be booked through a mobile app, making the ride-hailing process more transparent for customers than ever before.

Massive investments of automotive manufacturers in taxi services further fuel the growth of the segment. Thus, the future is bright and packed with numerous opportunities for those who plan to step into the ride-hailing industry.

Statistics Revealing the Growth of On-demand Taxi Business:

  • Revenue in the ride-hailing segment amounts to US$216.8 billion in the year 2020.

  • Revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2020-2023) of 13.7%, growing to a market volume of US$318.7 billion by 2023.

  • User penetration is 15.4% in 2020 and is expected to reach 20.0% by 2023.

If you are an avid entrepreneur and wish to start an on-demand taxi business, take your shot at it without further thoughts. The future is favorable and is assured to earn you fruitful rewards.

A detailed step by step tutorial for
launching your App like Uber

Premium App

Enterprise App

What Do We offer in
Uber Clone?

We are into Uber like app development services where we can develop the application with the best of features. With our seasoned developers, we can either provide you with a customized Uber like app solution or a white-label Uber clone app with your requirements. We can help you to launch your own taxi business within a short period with the following:

customizable solution

Create an Uber clone with extensive customization and build your taxi app by integrating it with specifications as per your requirements.

and cost-effective

Our clone apps are flexible to customize anytime you want and are cost-effective compared to an app that has to be created from scratch.

Trinity of Apps :
Driver, Admin, and Rider

We provide the Trinity of apps for the Driver, Rider, and Admin. These three apps together form the fully functional Uber-like app.

Launched on
both Android and iOS platform

We help you to launch your app on both the Android Play Store and the iOS App Store with all the necessary details needed to launch your app.

functional dispatcher panel

Your Uber like app will contain a powerful taxi dispatcher panel that will function in the admin app for your administrator to dispatch the rides requested by the customers.

admin panel

An admin panel will help you to have a rein on both the driver and the rider apps. This admin panel will have an eye on serving the customers and drivers.

Why Should You Go for Our Taxi Booking Software?

  • Modest Price
  • Kickass Features
  • Advanced Paid Plugins
  • Various modes of Payment
  • State-of-the-art Technology
  • Effortless Installation & Deployment
  • App Launch on both iOS and Android platforms
Uber Clone Script

Build Your Stellar Uber clone taxi app Right Away

Range Of Technologies Supporting Our Product

We use iOS Swift Technology by Apple to design and develop our iOS applications. Xcode is our integrated development environment.
Our Android applications are built on high-end protocol such as Native Java Technology authored by Google. Android studio is our IDE.
Our adept app developers build a pixel perfect UI that is both easy to use and highly interactive.
Our Uber clone app web panels are backed by highly sophisticated PHP.
Designed to seamlessly function on the popular servers like Linux, AWS cloud server, and Shared server.
For location and navigation ease, our applications are integrated with Google maps API.

Our Clients

How much would it cost to develop a taxi app like Uber?

Our cost fits like a glove for your business requirements. With us, you can build a taxi app with top-notch features, state-of-the-art technologies and more, at a modest price. Click here to know the best and most transparent price ever!

View Pricing

Our Customer Feedback Videos

Keeping our clients stronger is what makes us stronger. Our happy clients provide the following review.


Sazal approached AppDupe for an on-demand ridesharing app. Sazal is so elated with AppDupe’s services that he wants to continue being our client and recommends AppDupe for others as well.

Obiosha Nwadialor

Obiosha Nwadialor from Nigeria talks about AppDupe’s friendly approach and swift response that helped him to kickstart his organization – Seven Technologies. He flew down all the way from Nigeria to visit our Development Center in India to review AppDupe.


George talks about his taxi booking app for his startup from Appdupe. Stephen loved the way it was priced and recommends Appdupe to everyone.

Other Uber Clone Solutions

Our Uber Clone Pricing Package

Premium Installation

25% OFF$2500
$1999/ One Time
  • Dispatcher Dashboard
  • Accountant Dashboard
  • Fleet Owner Dashboard
  • User Dashboard
  • Driver Dashboard
  • User iOS App
  • User Android App
  • Driver iOS App
  • Driver Android App
  • Facebook Login
  • Google Login
  • OTP SMS Authentication
  • Detailed Profile with rating
  • Set Pin Location
  • Select from various types of vehicles
  • Fare Estimate
  • Coupon Code
  • Cash Payment
  • Credit, Debit Payment
  • Wallet System
  • Check Wallet Balance Before Ride
  • Location favorites
  • Peak hours
  • Surge Pricing Notification
  • Driver Assignment Notification
  • ETA
  • Driver Live Track
  • Call or Message Driver
  • Driver OTP verification
  • Change Payment Method at any time
  • Share Trip Details
  • Panic Button
  • Cancel Ride before pickup
  • Driver Arrival Notification   Passenger Pickup Notification
  • Waiting Charges
  • Route and Time based cost exceeding charges
  • Invoice and Payment Receipt
  • Feedback and Rating System
  • Compliment with Tip system
  • History of Rides
  • Upcoming Trips
  • Settings
  • Invite/referral code generation
  • Driver Arrival Notification
  • Passenger Pickup Notification
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Privacy Policy Page
  • Settlement module
  • Wallet for driver
  • Card for driver


25% OFF$12500
$9999/ One Time
  • Dispatcher Dashboard
  • Accountant Dashboard
  • Fleet Owner Dashboard
  • User Dashboard
  • Driver Dashboard
  • User iOS App
  • User Android App
  • Driver iOS App
  • Driver Android App
  • Facebook Login
  • Google Login
  • OTP SMS Authentication
  • Detailed Profile with rating
  • Set Pin Location
  • Select from various types of vehicles
  • Fare Estimate
  • Coupon Code
  • Cash Payment
  • Credit, Debit Payment
  • Wallet System
  • Check Wallet Balance Before Ride
  • Location favorites
  • Peak hours
  • Surge Pricing Notification
  • Driver Assignment Notification
  • ETA
  • Driver Live Track
  • Call or Message Driver
  • Driver OTP verification
  • Change Payment Method at any time
  • Share Trip Details
  • Panic Button
  • Cancel Ride before pickup
  • Driver Arrival Notification & Passenger Pickup Notification
  • Route and Time based cost exceeding charges
  • Invoice and Payment Receipt
  • Feedback and Rating System
  • Compliment with Tip system
  • History of Rides
  • Upcoming Trips
  • Settings
  • Driver Arrival Notification
  • Passenger Pickup Notification
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Privacy Policy Page
  • Settlement module
  • Wallet for driver
  • Card for driver
  • Child Seat, Wheelchair etc choices of vehicle tags
  • Car Rental Service
  • Outstation Service
  • Live Cars View
  • Enter Destination Later
  • FAQ Support System
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Privacy Policy Page
  • Peak hours
  • Rerouting with Live navigation
  • DB backup/Data Backup option in admin panel
  • Notification for dispatcher in admin(side pop menu)Only if manual assigning on
  • OTP on/off from admin panel
  • Instant ride
  • Reports export for particular user/provider/fleet


General FAQ's

You do not need to be a technological expert to share your ideas with us. This is why we have a team of brainy developers who will convert all the concepts in your mind into reality. You can leave the technological part in our capable hands.
Uber clone is an exact replica of the ride-hailing app Uber. Not to mention that revamping and improving our Uber clone software is highly lucrative. In fact, many successful companies have found their formula of success by making better copies of existing ideas. For instance Curb, Hailo, and Gett are a few famous companies that used ideas of existing apps (Uber). You can easily set forth your success story with our taxi app solution.
Within the stipulated time frame, we deliver results. In fact, you could be the owner of a user-friendly and ultra cool taxi app that could have millions of users.
You can submit your information to our website and we will send you a demo of what your taxi booking app could look like. Based on what you require for Uber like app development, you can choose a suitable package. After choosing your package, our team of developers will work to create an app that will suit your requirements.

App Owner FAQ's

Everything you need to start, run, manage and scale an app based on-demand taxi business:
  1. Powerful Admin Dashboard to verify and approve drivers, assign rides, payouts, get reports
  2. Driver app for iOS and Android with GPS real-time tracking
  3. Customer app for iOS and Android with Credit & Debit card payments
  4. Web app for your Drivers and Customers to book new rides, see past history and more

This is exactly what hundreds of our other customers use for thousands or rides every single day.

Yes, that’s exactly what our product is, but we can’t describe our product as ‘Uber Clone Script’ because Uber company has the copyrights on it. But our app suite is perfectly legal to use and our customers are using it all over the world right now.

If you are already running a Taxi Company or planning to start one.

If you are an entrepreneur looking to start something like Uber or Lyft so that you can control everything from one admin panel and get your venture funded.

Your detailed and powerful admin dashboard will have extensive features so that you can get analytics of all rides and see details like routes taken etc. You can also see all the earnings, what payment method was used, your customer’s wallet balances and your drivers’ payouts from their earnings. Using this feature you can take a really granular snapshot of your business either for your auditor or investor or to make financial projections for future funding.
In this product there is a KYC process which will automatically verify drivers and customers with their identification papers. So you will always be running a safe venture.
We have a featureful fleet management module that allows you to list multiple company cabs in your management. This way, you can run a cab aggregation company in its purest definition by providing thousands of rides in multiple cities in your country with not even owning a single car. This is an exact Uber Clone like business that you will be running.

Passenger App FAQ's

Stripe Payment allows individuals to make payments over the internet. Our Stripe Payment Gateway lets your riders make payments via their credit or debit cards.
Yes, your riders can book rides for a later time and similarly the notifications will be sent automatically to the drivers.
Users can receive alerts about driver location, trip fares, and other information relevant to their ride. They will receive alerts in the form of pop-up messages.
Your passengers can now view the history of every ride they have taken. Your riders can also see the route, cost, driver details, and other relevant information about their ride.

Driver App FAQ's

Yes, they can. The driver can toggle their availability status between online and offline anytime in their app and can receive requests accordingly.
Yes, they do. From the taxi booking software, the drivers can know the details of locations with an increase in prices and they can plan their ride accordingly.
Yes, via the taxi booking app, drivers can keep a track of their everyday earnings and use it for reference also. Drivers can also view the details about the fare and date of all the rides they have previously made.
Not only riders, but drivers can also cancel their trip. But they should choose a valid cancellation reason such as wrong address, long duration ETA and so on.

Admin Panel FAQ's

Yes, we do provide assistance for 3 months to help in launching your taxi app and get it running. Also, throughout the entire Uber like app development process, you can get regular updates about the progress.
We provide white-labeled products. After development, the app is yours; to name, to control and to advertise. After all, it is your brainchild.
You can request for a demo for your taxi booking software by submitting your information to the AppDupe website. Just fill in the form on the website and our team will get in touch with you in no time. They will send you the demo and you can discuss your requirements with them and get ideas for the app.
Your Uber app clone will generate money through commissions received from trips. Another means is promotional revenue.

The ride-hailing segment in the United States amounts to $49,598 million in 2019. The number is all set to increase to a whopping $75,403 million by 2023. It shows how the taxi industry is increasingly becoming popular. Entrepreneurs have taken a huge interest in the sector as leading taxi companies like Uber and Lyft have been raking in enormous profits.

If you’re looking to invest in a booming sector that has the potential to carry your business ideas to success, the taxi business is the ideal niche to set foot in. While there are a plethora of services that already exist in high ranking positions, new players in the field are often plagued with questions on how they can break through the competition.

We’ve got you covered, with our seasoned developing and marketing team, our experts provide the best Uber app clone solutions to get your taxi application off the ground.

We’ve got you covered, with our seasoned developing and marketing team, our experts provide the best solutions to get your taxi application off the ground.

Why start a taxi application?

The convenience of hailing taxis by using an application has made commuting a breeze. As smartphones have revolutionized how people perform their daily tasks, the transportation industry among various other sectors has gotten impacted because of modern technology.

With a few swipes and taps on smartphones, customers are able to hail a cab by choosing from a wide range of options according to their preferences such as ride type, payment modes, ride-sharing features and more.

We specialize in developing the current market-trending features for your application that is most essential for any new taxi app that is just entering into the market.

Why choose us?

Our expertise in Uber app clone technology gives us the confidence to commit to developing the best version of your taxi application. Our team of seasoned developers is always passionate about working on your next big project.

Our expertise in clone app technology gives us the confidence to commit to developing the best version of your taxi application. Our team of seasoned developers is always passionate about working on your next big project.

Our tech team can design any feature that you are seeking for your app. Our development package covers the most essentials such as multiple payment options, GPS tracking, navigation and much more.

In addition to providing you with a world-class software and supporting it, we are also experienced in promoting and getting the word of your app out to reach your target audience with our marketing solutions.

What we are popular for

Having been present in the app development industry for over a decade, we have received several satisfied testimonies from clients for whom we have built Uber app clone for various business objectives. When we hear your idea, our team of developers and marketers storm the internet, the competition, and your potential target audience to enhance your project and work towards crafting a rewarding profitable application. We specialize in building the following applications for services.

Having been present in the app development industry for over a decade, we have received several satisfied testimonies from clients for whom we have built applications for various business objectives. When we hear your idea, our team of developers and marketers storm the internet, the competition, and your potential target audience to enhance your project and work towards crafting a rewarding profitable application. We specialize in building the following applications for services.


A business that offers car-pooling services, the concept of ride-sharing emerged from regular app-provided taxi services. Software algorithms analyze commuters who wish to car-pool with other passengers. By matching customers who are traveling in a common route with a single vehicle, the concept of ride-sharing is fulfilled. It reduces the cost of fares and reduces the emission of fuel as well.

Car Rentals

While hailing taxis are a popular option among customers who are seeking transportation services, there is a vast community across the globe who view ride-hailing a hassle. They instead, prefer the autonomy of driving their own vehicle by renting a car. The car-rental industry is seeking more applications to provide the service, and we craft the best ones.

Bike Taxis

Inexpensive fare prices and escaping the traffic, those are the two most acclaimed benefits that customers get by using bike taxi services. Although the service is limited to picking up only one passenger per motorcycle, it makes it convenient for solo commuters to get to their destinations. Availing the service via an application makes the whole process of hiring bike taxis a breeze.

IoT Integration

The ability to connect to any device that is connected to the cloud via smartphone applications is a major outcome of ever-advancing techology. The fairly new technology poses upcoming startups with the opportunity to easily stand out from applications that haven’t begun using IoT. Internet of Things offers provides enhanced flexibility. Our team stays up-to-date with the latest advancements in technology and is well versed in integrating IoT in your applications.

Fleet Management

Several businesses use a fleet of vehicles to run their services. Managing all of those wheels through barraging calls and paperwork can get quickly overwhelming. The best solution to supervising fuel costs, driving behavior, unscheduled stops and more is via a fleet management application. Receive notifications regarding all the transportation activities of your driving agents.

Taxi Service

The convenience of booking a taxi through an application is unmatched. With just a few taps on a smartphone, customers can avail a cab at their doorstep in a matter of minutes. As the demand for the service is rapidly accelerating, whether you already own a taxi business or you’re an entrepreneur looking to invest in a profitable niche, developing a taxi service app is the best choice.

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