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Your Instant Solution to Launch a Food Delivery App

The on-demand food delivery apps have become a part of people’s lives with respect to the behavioral shift witnessed post-pandemic. The customers expect to relish the taste of their favorite dishes from their favorite restaurants in the comfort of their homes. This behavioral shift has boomed the on-demand food delivery app business.

With an oversized customer base, it is strongly believed that even if you are a new business, offering on-time delivery and listing customer favorite restaurants, your business is a sure shot success. Why wait? When you have a golden opportunity to grab our UberEats like app and launch an on-demand food delivery app fully customized targeting your niche audience in a very short time. Join us and venture into the entrepreneurial world.

What Is UberEats Clone?

UberEats clone is an white-label food delivery solution offered by Appdupe to entrepreneurs or already existing businessmen to launch an on-demand food delivery app in a very short span of time. It can be customized as per the client’s requirements in terms of features and design. The app can be designed based on the logo of the client’s business and the color palettes used in the logo, making it look like an app built from scratch, showcasing it to be more authentic. When it comes to performance, the UberEats like app stands on par with UberEats and other global food delivery apps. Get on board with us and go on a spree from knocking on restaurants to ringing the doorbells of your customers.

Demo Video of Our Food Delivery App

Highlighting Features of Our UberEats Clone App

Secure Sign Up/Log In Screenshot

Secure sign up/log in

Users, delivery partners, and restaurant owners can sign up with the app using their phone numbers or email IDs securely. They can use the registered credentials for logging in.

Profile Management Screenshot

Profile management

After registering with the app, the users can create their own profiles by providing their personal information. They can add, delete, or edit their details any time they wish.

Advanced Filter Screenshot

Advanced filter

Users can search for food items, based on their price, dietary details, and other parameters, using the advanced sort and filter option.

Order Tracking Screenshot

Order tracking

After placing the food order, users can track the order status via the app. They can view restaurant status and track delivery executives until the food is delivered to their doorsteps.

Pop-Up Alerts Screenshot

Pop-up alerts

Users are notified about their order status promptly via in-app push notifications. This way, they can be updated without any hassle.

Payment Modes Screenshot

Payment modes

Users can pay using any of the multiple payment options available in the app, including net banking, credit/debit cards, e-wallets, cash, and many more.

Invoice Generation Screenshot

Invoice generation

Once the payment is completed, an invoice will be generated and shared with the users via email. The invoice will include details, such as order amount, delivery charges, discount details, and tax information.

Ratings & Reviews Screenshot

Ratings & Reviews

Users can rate and share their feedback about the delivery service and food ordered to keep the service quality in check.

Restaurant Availability Screenshot

Restaurant availability

Restaurant owners can update their availability status as online or offline as per their convenience, using the toggle mode.

Accept/Reject Requests Screenshot

Accept/Reject requests

Delivery executives can accept or reject user requests as per their availability. If rejected, the request will be forwarded to the next nearby delivery executives.

Earning Report Screenshot

Earning report

Delivery executives can view their earning details on a daily, weekly, monthly, or annual basis. They can also view the details of completed, ongoing, and canceled orders.

Multilingual Support Screenshot


Our UberEats Clone Script supports multiple languages on mobile and web platforms. The stakeholders can change them in their devices as per their preferences.

Dreaming of Launching a Food Delivery Business

How Does UberEats App Clone Work?


Users can register on the platform through their email address/ phone number or social media credentials.

Browse Restaurants
With the aid of an advanced search utility, users can discover various restaurants and sort them out by various filtering elements including location, price, cuisine, etc.

Add to Cart
Any of the food items can be effortlessly added into the cart and proceed to checkout in a jiffy.

Order Confirmation
Users are able to pay through any of the available payment modes and can confirm their order, and get it received at their doorsteps.


Receive Order Request
The moment a user places their order, the entire details of the specific order is available to the admin.

Verify Order
Admin flashes the order request to the respective restaurant manager, and if the latter accepts the order, admin reconfirms the delivery request instantly.

Packaging/ Dispatch
The order is processed, prepared and packed and is made available for getting picked by the assigned delivery agent.


Delivery Request Notification
The delivery executive nearest to the pick up location is assigned with the task of delivering the food item to the respective users.

Visit Restaurant For Pickup
The packaged order is then picked by the delivery driver, who now heads out to fulfil the food delivery request.

Out For Delivery
The concerned user is notified about the delivery by altering the delivery status into ‘Out for delivery’, along with an accurate ETA report.

Order Delivered
The users are proffered with their ordered dishes, and are prompted to provide ratings and reviews about the delivery service on the whole.

A Comprehensive Workflow
Of our UberEats App Clone

Here, we present the workflow of our app panels for users, delivery executives, and restaurant owners to give you a glimpse of our app functioning.

What We Offer?

The UberEats Clone App includes the following

  • Main Website
  • User Web pane
  • User Android App
  • User iOS App
  • Restaurant Web panel
  • Restaurant Android App
Food Delivery Clone App Features
  • Restaurant iOS App
  • Delivery person Android App
  • Delivery person iOS App
  • Dispatcher panel
  • Admin dashboard-All-in-one dashboard to quickly skim through the app activities and overall performance.

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Features of UberEats Clone Script

  • Swift Registration Customers can storm into the Food Ordering App through their email address / phone number or social media credentials.

  • Browse RestaurantsWith the aid of an advanced search bar, users can zero down their favorite restaurants based on attributes like location, type of cuisine, cost, etc.

  • Live TrackingEntitle your customers to receive real-time location updates about their orders along with the status of delivery. A much-demanded feature!

  • Order Takeaway Customers who are not willing to avail of home delivery service can instead order and pay online through the app and directly collect from the restaurant.

  • Multiple Payment OptionsFlood your customers with the ability to pay through a wide range of payment options such as credit/ debit cards, net banking, UPI, cash-on-delivery, etc.

  • Offers & DiscountsAccelerate your business growth by deliberately conferring your customers with captivating offers, discounts, and exclusive celebratory benefits.

  • Schedule DeliveryOur Online ordering system empowers customers to schedule the delivery of their favorite food products from their favorite restaurants at their convenience.

  • ReorderUsers can willingly access the order history and effortlessly reorder a previously ordered food item, eliminating the need to tediously search down the product.

  • Support CornerComprehensive support can be imparted to the customers through an exclusive customer support field that facilitates 24/7 telephonic, email, and chat support.

  • Reviews and RatingsUsers are authorized to opine on a particular food/ restaurant and also on the overall experience on your app by providing ratings and reviews.

  • Prompt OnboardingUsing their smart login credentials, delivery agents can initiate their services instantly without any hassle.

  • Accept/ Reject RequestsDelivery agents are empowered to accept/ reject delivery requests momentarily in accordance with their conveniences and preferences.

  • Delivery PlannerA holistic plan with precise delivery details of every delivery is available to the delivery executives on the ground of shrinking the delivery time.

  • Route OptimizationOnly the shortest routes that are devoid of any traffic or unusual blockades for a particular delivery location are assigned to the delivery executive.

  • Availability ToggleAt the touch of a button, the delivery executives can express their availability/ unavailability to fulfill a delivery request to the admin.

  • Push NotificationsThe moment a delivery request is assigned to a delivery executive, the latter is notified through text message, email, and in-app push notifications.

  • Earnings CornerDelivery executives can keep track of their compensation through reports of their daily/ weekly/ monthly earnings along with its allied transaction details.

  • In-App ChatIn scenarios demanding direct interaction with customers, delivery executives can connect with the customers over phone calls or the in-app chat feature.

  • Live TrackingThrough the integration of location-based services like GPS, the real-time location, and delivery status of the delivery executives are made available to customers.

  • Order DashboardAssisted by a unified dashboard, restaurant managers can effectively monitor the status of received and reflected orders seamlessly.

  • Manage Business ProfileRestaurant managers can update their business info such as name, contact details, address, photo, operational hours, etc

  • Manage Menu/ CategoriesThe complete spectrum of food offerings that fall under various categories can be instantly accessed and configured according to market needs and trends.

  • Order AlertsRestaurants are instantaneously notified with alerts and notifications for every order placed by the customers and their complete information.

  • Manage OrdersThe crucial metrics regarding the number of incoming orders, number of processed orders, number of dispatched orders, etc., are available to the respective restaurants.

  • Manage PricingRestaurants can readily configure the price details of a particular food item based on the existing market conditions and demand.

  • Track PaymentsThe entire details about successful and pending payment and the transaction details can be retrieved by the restaurants.

  • PromotionsRestaurants are authorized to Concorde customers with an extended range of offers, discounts, and allied promotional activities.

  • Earnings ReportConsolidated reports of earnings from each order and the commission and tax breakdown, are available to the restaurant managers.

  • Food Inventory ManagementOrder abandonment is non-existent as restaurants are infused with the ability to monitor the stock and availability of their offerings.

  • Powerful DashboardWith a unified control over the diverse control parameters, admins can scrutinize the app's proceedings with inherent ease.

  • Product ManagementAdmins can deliberately cluster together similar food items under various categories to boost its visibility.

  • Restaurant ManagementThe restaurants being the spine to the business operations, can be intrinsically managed by the admin and any restaurants can be annexed/ blocked.

  • Order ManagementAdmins are responsible for diligently monitoring the order metrics and ensuring that order processing and delivery processes are smooth.

  • Delivery Executive ManagementBesides automated systems, admins can manually assign delivery requests to the delivery executives from a specified restaurant.

  • Listing/ Category ManagementAdmins are permitted to access the various listings and categories available in the Ubereats clone and add/ delete/ modify anything based on valid reasons.

  • Finance ManagementCrucial financial metrics, such as total revenue earned, commission percentage, income through individual restaurants, etc., are augmented to specific earning reports.

  • Promotions & OffersAdmins can aggrandize business operations by assigning customers with a range of offers and similar promotional activities that are in line with market trends.

  • Analytical ReportsAll-important insights can be deduced from provisional analytical reports that derive various parameters like customer behavior, demand trends, heat maps, etc.

  • Website OrderDon't restrict your offering to apps; With our ultra-responsive website, your business offering can reach the previously unexplored markets.

  • Ordering from Social SitesBy integrating the Ubereats clone with popular social media sites, customers can directly place food orders from the latter.

  • Logistics IntegrationRamp of your ability to deliver food orders on time by partnering with third-party logistics firms and arm them with an exclusive app.

  • Profile FeedsMimic the best of social media by displaying feeds on the Ubereats clone app's user profile to impart an immersive ordering experience.

The All-New Premium Add-on
Voice Instruction for Delivery Executives

Voice instruction allows users to dictate the route in which the delivery person will have to travel to reach the location. At Appdupe, we meticulously work on features that are both real-time and easy-to-use. We have rolled out the voice instruction feature in the UberEats Alternative App, where users can give route directions to delivery persons.

  • The app’s speech recognition software will listen to users’ voice, process them, and send it to the delivery person.

  • Imagine a hungry user who is awaiting the order. Through voice instructions the driver will reach the exact location without any delay.

  • Though the in-app map will guide the delivery person, the voice instructions will significantly help drivers to reach users who live in interior places.

Safety Addons
For Our Food Delivery App

Our Food Delivery Software is integrated with a robust safety feature set that focuses on the safety of all stakeholders involved in the business ecosystem, mostly users and delivery executives who are regularly exposed to the external environment. Below are some of the safety add-ons included in our UberEats Clone Script to assist your business to extend convenient yet safer deliveries.

Contact-free deliveryUsers can opt to get their orders delivered to their locations, without coming in contact with the delivery executives. The orders can be dropped off in a safe place outside the users’ doorsteps.

Photo/Video sharingOnce the order is dropped off in a safe place outside the user locations, delivery executives can share photos or videos of the place to the users. Users can pick up their orders after delivery executives left the place for added safety.

Disabling CODCash is identified as a potential carrier of a plethora of communicable diseases. Hence, you can disable the cash-on-delivery (COD) option in your app to minimize the contact between the users and the delivery executives.

High-touch surface informationShare information with users on how to handle the food orders delivered. You can add the steps to disinfect the high-touch surfaces like cover handles, food containers, etc., via the app.

Safety ratings & reviewsOur UberEats Alternative includes a safety ratings and reviews section where users can rate the delivery executives and restaurants based on whether they have followed the safety protocols and share their feedback concerning the same.

Mask and gloves recognitionThe food delivery app we build for your business is infused with a mask and glove recognition feature, where delivery executives can log in to the app or accept delivery requests after verifying that their masks and gloves are on.

Safety badgesYou can extend regular visits to restaurants to ensure the implementation of all sanitation and safety measures. Also, you can meet delivery executives from time to time. Based on your visits, you can offer safety badges to restaurants and delivery executives. This way, users can order food after confirming that their orders are in safe hands.

Take AwayUsers can choose to pick up their food orders from the restaurants by themselves. This way, they can avoid coming in contact with the delivery personnel, reducing the risk factor.

Knowledge banners Our UberEats Alternative App includes a banner section where you can educate your stakeholders about the causes of various contact-based diseases and preventive measures they can practice to stay away from it. It helps in building their trust in your business.

Bestow the people of your town with diverse cuisines at their homes from today!

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Why Choose Appdupe
for Your UberEats Like App Development?

Free White-LabelingOur Food Delivery Software is white-labeled with your business’s branding elements, such as logo, color scheme, etc., making it tailored to your needs.

Free Server Installation On the grounds of instant launching, our backend experts install the Food Ordering App into your servers for absolutely free of cost.

Free Bug SupportOur quality assurance engineers instantly knock out the presence of any bugs or glitches for free for a limited time period.

Free App DeploymentIn order to render the app available at the shortest turnaround time, we promptly submit the app at Google Playstore and Apple Appstore without any charge.

360° SupportWe at Appdupe provide you with all-encompassing support right from conceptualization to post-deployment and are always available at your fingertips.

Native AppsOur maverick developers spill their mastery to come up with iOS and Android versions of UberEats like App that are developed in their respective native languages for nuanced functionality.

Our UberEats Clone App Pricing

A fully functional food delivery app built with top-of-the-line technology at reasonable costs.
Get your UberEats Clone App customized in the shortest time possible with us! To add value to the money you spend, we offer our UberEats Alternative App in two different packages - Premium and Enterprise.

Premium Installation Most Popular

    • Signup(Mobile Number)
    • View restaurant
    • Restaurant banner
    • Order from single restaurant
    • Order multiple items
    • Add addons
    • Product wise discount
    • Card/cash payment
    • Address addition/skip
    • Custom notes to admin
    • Delivery charge
    • Tax
    • Live order track
    • OTP during delivery
    • Dispute order
    • Commision to admin
    • Notice board to delivery boy
    • Custom push
    • Shift/Break for delivery boy
    • Past and ongoing order track
    • Manage address
    • Promotion
    • Coupon
    • Search for dish and restaurant
    • Rating/offer/DT for restaurant


    • "Signup(Mobile Number)
    • View restaurant
    • Restaurant banner
    • Order from single restaurant
    • Order multiple items
    • Add addons
    • Product wise discount
    • Card/cash payment
    • Address addition/skip
    • Custom notes to admin
    • Delivery charge
    • Tax
    • Live order track
    • OTP during delivery
    • Dispute order
    • Commision to admin
    • Notice board to delivery boy
    • Custom push
    • Shift/Break for delivery boy
    • Past and ongoing order track
    • Manage address
    • Promotion
    • Coupon
    • Search for dish and restaurant
    • Rating/offer/DT for restaurant
    • Add on Mandatory
    • Combination of service
    • dining
    • Takeaway
    • Membership for delivery boy"
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Windows Server
  • .Net Web Hosting
  • MsSQL Database
  • Quartz Job Scheduler c#
  • Asp.Net Framework 4.5
  • NuGet Package Manager

Yes! The package being completely open sourced, can be customized as per your specific needs and business requirements. We completely transfer the source code at the time of purchase.

Again a yes! The package will be hosted on our server and after the purchase, we install the app in your preferred server for absolutely free of any charges.

Our holistic package facilitates payment through Stripe, PayPal, Braintree and a plethora of similar globally-available payment gateways. We also integrate them for you!

The final bill we inflict mirrors the quotation provided by us, and we charge zero hidden or extra charge. The entire payment process is as transparent as glass!

A year of full-fledged free support is bestowed upon purchasing the package and a complimentary bug removal support adorns the scene as well.

As soon as the project initiates, we’ll enlighten you with a bundle of API providers and integrate them as per your requirements and directions.

We can customize the solution at your will and add/remove any features and designs to suit your business model.

Connect with our support team over email - [email protected] or call - +91 9384 843 395. You can also connect with us directly through the chat option available on our website.

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