Yahoo Fantasy Sports Clone - Your Daily Fantasy App Solution For Heightened Success!

Help your users experience some action with your daily fantasy sports application. Allow them to flaunt their sports knowledge and bag prize money and reward points. Earn their love and trust for your app in no time with its fascinating features and functionality.

Our Yahoo fantasy sports clone app covers all significant games like football, baseball, basketball, and many more, gaining the best interests of sports fanatics worldwide. At Appdupe, we ensure to customize and deliver our solutions on time and budget. You do not have to worry about its launch; we will stay with you until the app is deployed on all major app platforms and is successfully functioning in your target market.

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Offerings Of Our Yahoo Fantasy Sports Clone App Development

You can not only launch an app that houses fantasy sports matches of multiple games but also extend its associated solutions like fantasy sports news, sportsbook, and more. This way, we help you cover your audience's end-to-end. Below is the list of the various offerings of our Yahoo fantasy sports clone solution.

Fantasy SportsConduct season-long fantasy leagues to engage sports fanatics for the long term. Here, the fantasy points are calculated at the end of each season based on the real-time performance of players selected.

Daily Fantasy Sports Here, the fantasy sports matches are conducted daily, either by the admin or other users. Users who win the games can be rewarded on a daily basis.

SportsbookLaunch a platform where users can view the live scores of real-time matches, expert advice, sports news from across the globe, and many more.

Fantasy Sports newsKeep the sports enthusiasts informed about the significant happenings in their major sports. Present news articles and results of real-time matches conducted globally.

Yahoo Daily Fantasy Clone - Simplified

The Yahoo daily fantasy clone app allows users to use their sports knowledge to win fantasy matches daily. Here, users need not wait till the end of the season-long matches and can earn rewards then and there. Users can play in any sports of their choice, under any category. There are various game formats and scoring systems available that can be included in your fantasy sports app as per your business requirements.

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Our Yahoo Fantasy Sports Clone Supports A Wide Range Of Fantasy Sports

We develop a versatile fantasy sports clone solution that can empower users to play the fantasy sports of their choice. Including multiple games is a great way to earn a global user base effortlessly.

  • Fantasy FootballOur Yahoo fantasy sports clone houses a highly engaging fantasy football solution to serve the football fanatics worldwide.

  • Fantasy BaseballConvert baseball sports enthusiasts to your app users with the fun-filled fantasy baseball games included in the app.

  • Fantasy BasketballEngage a massive user base with the fantasy basketball matches conducted on your platform. Rip-roaring games assure the high success rate of your app.

  • Fantasy HockeyConduct engaging daily or season-long fantasy hockey matches that appeal to both professional and casual players of the game.

  • Fantasy SoccerMake use of the incredible opportunity to gain massive reception for your fantasy sports app by including fantasy soccer games.

  • Fantasy GolfGain the best interests of golf sports lovers worldwide by conducting fantasy golf matches on your platform.

Highlight Features Of Our Yahoo Fantasy Sports Clone App

Multiple games

The app supports fantasy league matches of multiple games, allowing users to participate in sports of their interests.

Multi-platform compatibility

The app can be viewed as a web app, mobile app, or native app as per the user needs.

User feed

Users can be presented with an engaging feed section that includes details of upcoming matches, live match score updates, etc.

Draft a team

Enables users to select players based on their performance and form a fantasy team to participate in fantasy leagues.

Field view

Allow users to view the player positions in the field and compare it with other users.

Live chat

Attend to user queries instantly via the live chat feature available 24x7. It can be supported by both chatbots or the admin or sub-admins.

Multilingual support

The app supports multiple languages where users can view the app’s content in their preferred regional languages.

Cryptocurrency payment integration

Backed by blockchain technology, cryptocurrency-based payment processing assures the security of user details.

Launch A Versatile And Scalable Yahoo Fantasy Sports App Clone That Houses Multiple Fantasy Sports

Available Scoring Types In Our Yahoo Fantasy Sports Clone

Our Yahoo fantasy sports app clone includes multiple scoring types to allow users to choose the one that matches their needs.

Rotisserie This scoring system is followed in season-long matches where users will play against every team in the league in multiple categories.

Head-to-Head In this scoring system, users play against each other for a week, and the real-time statistics for the whole week is calculated.

Daily fantasy points Here, users can participate in daily fantasy leagues and score fantasy points based on their winnings.

Seasonal fantasy points Users can participate in season-long fantasy leagues, and the fantasy points based on the real-time performance of the player are accumulated and calculated in the end.

Express league Here, the rules are the same as the seasonal fantasy league except for the match time frame, which is shorter than the fantasy leagues conducted season-long.

Various Game Formats Available In Our Yahoo Fantasy Sports Clone

Fixed prize poolSeveral users can participate in a fantasy match by paying the entry fee. The user with a high fantasy score wins the fixed prize pool.

50/50Fantasy matches where about half of the field will get paid upon winning against the opponent.

Public groupsUsers can either join existing public leagues that are non-guaranteed contests or create their own leagues.

Head-to-HeadTwo users compete against each other. The entire prize pool is awarded to the winner.

MultipliersThese are high variance matches where users win multiple of their buy-in upon winning.

Our Exemplary Fantasy Sports App Development Solutions

At Appdupe, we assist businesses to launch a robust fantasy sports app that offers a delightful gaming experience for sports fanatics worldwide. We develop fantasy sports apps for various games, including Football, Basketball, Baseball, Cricket, Hockey, and more, attracting the attention of the global user base. Powered by the cutting-edge tools and technologies, our best-in-class app is sure to extend a seamless performance for the long term.

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Step-by-step Workflow Of The Yahoo Fantasy Sports Clone

  • Sign up and log in

  • Create and manage profile

  • Browse fantasy matches

  • Pay the entry fee and join a match

  • Select players and draft a team

  • Create a match

  • Earn fantasy points

  • View your winnings and losses

  • Receive details of players’ performance

  • Create multiple fantasy teams

Features Of Our App Like Yahoo Fantasy Sports

  • User log inThis is the first step to enter the app. Users can create their accounts on the platform and use the registered credentials for logging in.

  • Profile managementUsers can create and manage their profiles on the platform with their details such as name, photo, contact number, etc.

  • Browse matchesUsers can search for matches based on various parameters like sports type, location, date, and more. They can also browse using sort and filter options.

  • Join matchesUsers can view the details of the sports matches created by other users or admin and enter them by paying the entry fee needed.

  • Draft fantasy teamUsers can select players based on their performance and form a fantasy team to participate in the fantasy games conducted on the platform.

  • Create matchesUsers can create leagues and tournaments in the app for other users to participate in. They can provide all match and entry fee details.

  • Referral systemUsers can invite their friends and family members to install and use the app. For this, they can be rewarded with points that they can use to make in-app purchases.

  • Draft multiple teamsUsers are given the liberty to create multiple fantasy teams with different sets of players to participate in different matches.

  • Match historyUsers can view the details of matches they have participated to date and their winning or losing status.

  • HelpUsers can seek help from the admin via this section in case of any issue they face while using the app or participating in the sports matches.

  • DashboardThe admin can manage the overall activities taking place in the app with god's eye view via the admin dashboard.

  • Manage usersThe admin can manage the user accounts entirely and delete or block accounts of users who do not abide by the platform's rules.

  • Manage fantasy matchesThe admin can view and manage the details of all fantasy sports matches conducted in the platform, with their detailed statistics.

  • Earning reportThe admin can view the earnings generated from each league and tournament conducted in the fantasy sports app.

  • Manage cash bonusThe admin can manage and distribute the cash bonus to winners after the completion of the fantasy matches.

  • Manage rewards The admin can manage the rewards to offer for participants of fantasy matches based on their performance. Reward points can also be provided to users for every successful app referral.

  • Customer relationship managementThe app is integrated with the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) feature to offer a better user experience.

  • Content management systemThe admin can easily manage the app's content with the active Content Management System (CMS) feature.

  • Live match scoresLive scores of real-time matches are sent to users to help them make informed choices.

  • Pop-up notificationsUsers are updated on the contest alerts, app updates, new feature integration, and more via in-app push notifications.

  • Mail remindersUsers are informed of the upcoming leagues and tournaments and other app-related details via custom email reminders.

  • Location-based searchUsers can look for matches that are conducted nearby with their details, using this advanced browsing option.

  • Multiple payment supportThe app is integrated with various payment options to allow users to pay using the payment mode of their convenience.

  • Social media sharingUsers can share their match results and winning details on other social media platforms via the social media sharing option.

  • Loyalty programsUsers with the highest fantasy score points and best track records are allowed to be a part of the loyalty program.

  • Analytical reportsAdvanced analytical reports with detailed insights are shared with the admin to make business decisions with ease.

Special Add-ons For An Enhanced Performance

  • Player detailsUsers can view the track record, last performance, expert opinion for players listed on the app before drafting their fantasy teams.

  • Match highlightsAllow users to watch match highlights, performance charts, match stats, and more for enriched user experience.

  • Gaming tipsTips to draft teams, select players, and more can be shared with users via messages or emails.

  • Prediction gamesThe app includes a gaming system where users can predict the players who might be a part of upcoming sports matches. It allows them to flaunt their sports knowledge.

  • Quiz timeUsers can also earn by playing quizzes. It helps in retaining users even when they do not participate in fantasy sports matches.

  • Live match streamingLive streaming of real-time matches can engage users and make them use your platform more often.

  • Commentary feedLive commentary of matches in real-time can be shared in this section for users to view.

  • Follow and chatUsers can follow their friends on the platform and chat with them upon integrating the friend follow and chat option into the app.

Empower Users To Prove Their Skills To The World. The Right Video Creating, Editing, And Sharing App Solution For Instant Success!

Benefits Of Investing In Our Yahoo Fantasy Sports Clone

  • Earn regular income from multiple revenue streams.
  • A great medium to boost your brand awareness, multiplying its reach.
  • Captivate the attention of the global user base.
  • Acquire partners who are willing to invest in your business.
  • Sell merchandise via e-commerce integration into the app.

Monetization Strategies Of Our Yahoo Fantasy Sports Clone

There are several ways to earn income from a fantasy sports app. You can integrate one or multiple streams as per your convenience.

Entry feesEarn a regular income from your Yahoo fantasy sports clone app by collecting entry fees from users for entering a match or tournament.

Advertising feeBoost brand promotional ads of third-party businesses on your platform for a certain amount. Earn regular income in the long run.

E-commerce Add the e-commerce section to your app and earn a commission for the purchase of every merchandise by your app users.

In-app purchasesGenerate revenue by allowing users to purchase gift cards, coins, etc., from your platform. It can be gifted to their loved ones or used for shopping.

Multiple Fantasy Sports Game Format

Conduct daily, weekly, monthly, or season-long fantasy sports tournaments to cover audiences from all walks of life.

Daily fantasy games

  • Draft a team and play the game for a specific day.
  • Participate in a single game or multiple matches.
  • Matches can be created by the admin or other users on the platform.
  • Increased winning probability.

Weekly fantasy games

  • Form a fantasy team and play the match for a whole week.
  • Matches created by both the admin and other users.
  • Instant alerts on live scores of real-time matches.
  • Score fantasy points throughout the game.

Seasonal fantasy games

  • Draft a team and manage it for an entire season.
  • Earn real-money and fantasy points regularly.
  • Admin or user created sports matches.
  • Instant updates on live match scores via pop-up alerts.

Prediction games

  • Use gaming knowledge to predict a match outcome.
  • Participate in matches created by both the admin and other users.
  • Predict the results of multiple matches to increase the success rate.
  • Earn virtual coins upon winning to make in-app purchases.

Game hub

  • Conduct both public and private fantasy sports matches.
  • The prediction-based model where users can play for free.
  • The pick’em game model as an alternative to seasonal-long leagues.
  • Fast pick’s model for conducting one-on-one matches.

We Are The Excellent Choice To Develop A Fantasy Sports Application Like Yahoo Fantasy Sports

Our fantasy sports app development includes seasoned experts who have served in the app development field for several years. Their experience, combined with their knowledge, helps us deliver high-end fantasy app solutions on time for our clients. We have worked with clients from all walks of life and understand the nuances of the industry end-to-end. Choose us for our Yahoo fantasy sports like app development to soar high in your niche!

Delight Your Users With A Robust And Reliable Yahoo Fantasy Sports App!

Our Yahoo Fantasy Sports Clone App Development Process


Requirement study

We examine your business model and needs and understand it end-to-end and use this understanding to finalize the app’s feature set and technology stack.


UI/UX customization

The branding elements of the ready-made Yahoo fantasy sports app is modified to suit your business.


Back-end development

The back-end is built with the most advanced tools and technologies to ensure it is robust and reliable in the long run



The fully customized app is run through a series of testing to ensure its storage, security, and related capabilities.


App deployment

Once it is confirmed to be free from all possible technical glitches, it is launched on all major app and web platforms.

Why We Are The Trusted Fantasy Sports App Development Partner?

Domain expertise

We are operating in the sports app development field for a long time now and have acquired immense knowledge along the way. Be it for a single sport or multiple sports; we create fantasy sports apps for all kinds.

Captivating UI/UX

The app’s UI/UX plays a significant role in offering the feel of real-time matches to your users via the fantasy leagues and tournaments conducted. Hence, we never compromise on the design aspects of the app.

Expert team

Our app development team includes skilled designers, proficient coders, business analysts, qualified assurance engineers, and a project manager, striving together to offer better development services.

Scalable source codes

We build your app with the highly scalable source codes. You can readily modify them in the future as per changing user preferences.

24x7 support

Once you opt for our development solution, your app is our top priority. We will be available 24x7 to offer any assistance you need.

Post-launch support

We are committed to offering end-to-end app development solutions. We extend post-launch technical support for a limited period free of charge.

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Delivery time depends on several factors, including the customization requirements. Our team makes no compromise yet manages to deliver the script on the mutually agreed deadline.
Our Gojek clone app is a highly scalable solution. You can upgrade the app at any time in the coming years as per changing user preferences. You can integrate new features and functionalities, increase its handling capabilities, and redesign its user interface without any hassle.
Yes. We offer post-launch maintenance support to our clients to help them run their business smoothly in the initial few days. This support service is free of charge for a limited period. After this, you can avail of our paid maintenance services that are offered at affordable prices.
We can customize at your will and add/remove any features and designs to suit a specific location.
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