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Zed Run Clone
Instantly Launch an NFT Based Digital Horse Racing Game Like Zed Run

NFTs are soaring through the roof with new use-cases added to their pack every day. The boom in crypto collectibles started when investors from every nook and corner of the world suddenly started embracing digital arts. It made a blast in March 2021 when Christie’s, a British auction house, sold Beeple’s Everydays: The First 5000 days, digital art for a whopping 69 million U.S. dollars.

From then, NFTs have been spreading their wings over a wide range of sectors from digital arts, e-commerce, virtual real estate, social media, sports trading collectible cards (memorabilia) to the gaming industry.

The gaming industry is one sector that has been exploiting the benefits of NFTs to the fullest. Axie Infinity made a splash with everyone’s favorite Pokemons. It offered the users an opportunity to breed their favorite Pokemons and battle against others with them. This trend has been taking over since then. Zed Run is a similar NFT gaming platform that has virtualized entertaining and lucrative horse races.

Appdupe offers to help you build a personalized Zed Run clone app in-built with all the features of the primal app. Connect with us to know more.

What is Zed Run?

Zed Run is an NFT gaming platform created by Virtually Human Studio (VHS), an Australian-based company. It enables users to buy, breed, and racehorses. The creators of Zed Run coined it as a breathable NFT. The virtual horses that are NFTs have a life of their own; they breed, race, and can be sold.

Zed Run began its journey in the year 2019. In the early days, they were selling horses for a minimal price of $30, but today the value of the horses has soared up to $150,000 on third-party platforms. Apart from this, a complete stable has been sold for a maximum of $225,000.

All these numbers make it evident that Zed Run is minting millions in terms of revenue, and building a NFT platform similar to it is a bankable endeavor.

What is Zed Run Clone?

Zed Run clone is a pre-engineered script plus a customizable solution of a virtual horse racing NFT gaming platform. It is embedded with diverse breeds of virtual horses, with each of them having special and unique attributes. The users can buy digital horses either from a drop-in allotted by the platform itself or in other third-party NFT marketplaces like OpenSea, Rarible, etc.

The Zed Run clone is similar to the Zed Run app. But we offer personalized services for you. We can help you design the horses in a unique way and also create a unique set of breeds entirely different from the ones in the Zed Run app. Join us to create a whole new virtual universe for a horse race in a short period of time.

Inherent Components Of A Virtual Horse Racing NFT Platform Like Zed Run

  • MarketplaceA marketplace is one of the integral components of an NFT platform. The in-game assets can be purchased here by interested investors. In the case of the Zed Run clone, the different breeds of horses are displayed here.

  • BreedingBreeding is the process of creating a new horse by allowing two different horses to breed. The user can either breed the horses from their own stable or breed with horses in the marketplace, for which the user will have to pay in cryptocurrencies.

  • RacingOnce the horses are bred, they are ready for the race. The first race a horse participates in is named [golden race]. After the end of the first race, the races are classified into different levels. The horses get promoted from one level to the next every time they win a race.

  • AttributesThe attributes enlist the available horses, the stock they belong to, their breed type,, and more.

Create A Virtual World Of Horses And Let Them Race Against Each Other Instantly

A Roadmap On How The Zed Run Clone App Works

The Zed Run clone marketplace has some preliminary functionalities; they include

1 Building a stable

2 Racing the horses

3 Breeding the horses to create new legacies

4 Participating in different Racing levels

5 Setting up a stable with horses of different stocks

6 Buying new horses for the race

7 Seamless payments and transactions

Steps To Buy A Racehorse

The user selects a racehorse to buy

The Metamask wallet of the user is integrated with the Zed Run clone

The Zed Run clone account is set up by the user

The user purchases the selected racehorse

Steps To Create A Stable

As usual, the user connects their digital wallet

The user’s Zed Run clone account is verified

A new stable name is created by the user

Steps To Breed A Horse

The user checks in for a stud service

The user selects a specific horse that he/she wants to breed

The female breed from the stud is also chosen by the user

The user has to pay the stud fees

Once the transaction is processed, the user waits for the newborn

Steps To Participate In A Race

The horse for the race is selected by the user

The payment to participate is paid in cryptocurrencies [Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, The race in which the user wants his/her digital horse to participate are chosen

Zed Run clone runs a simulation and presents the winning probability of the horse

The user can either back out from the race or participate in it. He/She has full freedom to decide that

The Diverse Characteristics And Attributes Of Our Zed Run Clone Horses

We have incorporated different attributes to horses, namely breeds, color, gender, genea, skin, stocks etc


Our Zed Run clone introduces four stocks. The horses belonging to each stock have their own unique traits.


This stock is the rarest and the most celebrated of all four. They are minted very little in number to retain their exclusivity. They are renowned for their high stamina, intelligence, personality, and above all, their purity.


They are also a rare stock of horses but are comparatively more available to the Targaryens. The Starks are closely related to the Targaryens and are well-equipped for racing.


The Lannisters come next to the Targaryens and Starks but are equally good when it comes to racing. They contribute to around 20 to 25% of the total population. They are highly resilient and have more endurance.


The Baratheons are the most common and are about 65% of the total population of horses. They have thicker necks and broader chests and are muscular. The Baratheons are also good racers and are equipped to beat the other stocks.


The genea of the horses in our Zed clone are entitled from X1 to X268. The true blood or the Exordium horses are between X1 to X10. The lesser the X number, the pureblood the horse is. The X numbers range until 268, considering the possibilities of breeding the horses.

Purebloods do not simply mean they are highly efficient. The breed horses can also be equally efficient when two horses of higher genea are bred together.

Breed Types

In the Zed Run clone, we have six different breeds of horses. They are Exordium, Iconic, Elegant, Posh, Half-blood, and Courser. The Exordiums are sold during the Zed Run clone drops, and no other breeds can be purchased during these drops.

A total number can be fixed for the Exordiums as they are the purest blood. No more new Exordiums will be minted after the total number is reached. This spikes the exclusivity of the Exordiums.


Like the real world, there are two genders of the horse, the male, and the female, in the Zed Run clone.

The male horses are further classified into two, the Stallion and the Colt. The Colt is a horse that has not been bred yet, and the Stallion is one that has already bred once or twice.

The female horses are also further classified into two, Filly and Mare. The filly is a horse that has not given birth yet, and the mare is a female horse that has already given birth.

Skin Color

There are a total of seven different groups of skin colours granted to the horses in our Zed run clone app. They are as follows: Neptune, Earth, Wild, Moon, Fiery, Classic, and Mystical.

Each colour group is further divided into three, Super rare, rare, and common.

There is another interesting skin color termed the super skin. It occurs when two horses of the same color breed.

Of Our Zed Run Clone Script

  • A package of massive rewards

  • A reliable and durable platform for a long time

  • A unique group of horses listed in which nearly 38000 are Exordiums

  • A captivating clone script that has nearly 1000 horses all set for sale

  • Stocked in-game elements

How Can A User Buy A Horse From Our Zed Run Clone?

Primarily, there are two ways a user can purchase horses to race. The first one is the Z drop, and the latter is purchasing them via other NFT trading platforms like OpenSea, Rarible, etc.

Z Drop

  • The Z drop is announced to every user beforehand

  • A time slot is offered to every investor

  • The user waits eagerly with their spirits up to buy the best breed of horses on their time slot

  • Horses of different breeds and stocks are dropped

  • The user rushes and selects the horse they want to buy

  • Once the payment is transferred via their wallet, the purchase is confirmed

  • The horse chosen by the user is added to their stable in 24 hours

NFT Marketplaces

  • The user searches for a virtual horse collectible in an NFT marketplace

  • Once the user finds the stock and breed he requires, he/she bids a price for it

  • If the seller is ok with the price, the horse is sold to the user

  • The new horse is now added to the user’s stable

Z-Wallet- A User-Friendly Wallet With Seamless Performance

The Zed Run clone has an in-built Z-Wallet with it. This Z-wallet helps the users to make payments to breed, buy,, and race a horse.

It has a facile workflow,

  • The user on signing up with the Zed Run clone platform selects the Z-wallet feature

  • The user can use the deposit option and transfer ETH from their MetaMask wallet to the Z-Wallet as WETH of the same value

  • Withdrawing the amount is also simple. The user selects the withdraw option and types the amount of WETH to be taken away. Later, an equal value of ETH is credited to their MetaMask wallet

  • If a user wins a race, the price amount gets automatically credited in WETH in the Z-wallet

Benefits of integrating a Z-wallet to your Zed Run clone NFT platform

  • Zero gas fees

  • Swift processing of transactions

A NFT Gaming Platform For Horse Racing Can Now Be Deployed By You

Optimized Breeding Limits In Our Zed Run Clone

The story of breeding horses of different genea, skin color, and stocks is interesting, backed by a robust algorithm. A user who studies the probabilities of creating a high-performance horse by breeding two horses can win races flawlessly. Breeding an Exordium with a highly performing horse may result in producing an iconic horse. All this may sound exciting, but without regulation, breeding can lead to overpopulation which may disrupt the blockchain network. Thereby, Zed run clone has a regulation for it.

  • Male (Colt/Stallion): Can be bred 3 times per month (36 times a year)

  • Female(Filly/Mare): Can be bred 1 time a month ( 12 times a year)

Class Determination And Progression Of Horses In Zed Run Clone

Every newborn horse, before participating in their golden race, most probably has a base rating of 17, 37, or 57. After every race, the horse is awarded a new rating in accordance with the position it has in the race.

If a horse finishes within the fourth position, the rating of the horse increases and gets promoted to the next level. The horses finishing from 9th to 12th are regressed to a lower tier.

A racehorse can compete with horses in a higher tier but cannot race with horses of a lower tier.

The progression of levels for race horses are as follows,

  • 1st position: +4 points

  • 2nd position: +3 points

  • 3rd position: +2 points

  • 4th position: +1 points

  • 5th position: 0 points

  • 6th position: 0 points

  • 7th position: 0 points

  • 8th position: 0 points

  • 9th position: -1 points

  • 10th position: -2 points

  • 11th position: -3 points

  • 12th position: -4 points

Learn About Our Zed Run Clone Development Process

Why Appdupe Should Be The Firm,
You Choose For A Zed Run Clone Development?

  • Blockchain Developers Yes, we are proud of our crew. They are some of the finest blockchain developers. They have groomed themselves over the years, submitting themselves to decentralized and immutable technology along with the innovations brought by it.

  • CustomizationThere is no limit for customization with Appdupe. You come up with innovative and new ideas, and it is our duty to find ways to integrate them into the platform in the best possible way.

  • On-Time DeliveryWe never run out of time as we plan it all beforehand. Once we give you a date of delivery, we never exceed it. We have accomplished numerous projects, and not once did we not manage to deliver the product on time.

  • Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)Every idea is precious and unique. We respect that your project is a brainchild of yours, and it needs to be secured. We sign a Non-Disclosure agreement (NDA) with you and take full responsibility for the safety of your idea.

NFTs Are Creating Wonders In The Gaming Market! Zed Run Clone Is Your Opportunity To Capitalize On This Lucrative Market

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

A Zed Run clone script is a ready-made solution for NFT based horse racing game platform similar to the renowned Zed Run.
Yes, we integrate a wallet for our Zed Run clone platform. The users should transfer their ETH holdings to the Zed Run clone wallet in WETH tokens of the same value.
Yes, the users can buy the horses from the Zed Run clone drop or the Z drop and later list them in third-party NFT marketplaces like OpenSea, Rarible, etc.
Yes, the Zed Run clone is in no way lesser than the original. It has diverse horses classified based on their breed, gender, genea, skin color, and stocks.
Yes, we provide 100% customization options. You name the personalizations you require, and we will find the best way to implement them.

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Disclaimer: Appdupe neither represents nor have any control over the trademarks of Dream11, Amazon, TikTok and Gojek. We use the terms Amazon and Gojek for a better understanding of our services. Our offerings intend no harm to any organization or individual.