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The days of waiting outside the doctor’s clinic or standing in line at the pharmacy are long over. Through dedicated applications, it has now become possible for patients to interact with doctors and receive medications on time. This is not only a convenient option, but it also helps save time, money and even lives. Our Zocdoc clone scripts help you launch a healthcare platform that is highly customizable and white-labelled. Our solutions are very user-friendly and come equipped with the best security protocols.

Why Build An App Like Zocdoc?

Experts believe that the global healthcare market will expand to an $11 trillion-dollar industry by 2021. The advent of the internet has helped revolutionize this sector by making healthcare accessible through aggregators. Apps like Zocdoc are reimagining the way patients can avail services from medical practitioners, hospitals, pharmacies and even diagnostic centres. Moreover, these apps help save time and money while also helping open the healthcare distribution network to a larger audience. Appdupe is a leading clone app company that can help you with appointment booking app development that will help introduce your own healthcare services platform in no-time.


Our clone app features have been built while keeping in mind the scalability and other requirements of your business.

Advanced Filter Options

Users can get the best medical help by searching for specific doctors, ailments, hospitals, pharmacy and even location.

Interactive Admin Dashboard

Empowers the admin to control the platform efficiently and to also track user behaviour.

Export Data

Allows users to download data in .csv or .xls formats.

Easy Login

Users can access the platform by logging in using their email id or mobile number or social media accounts.

Book/Cancel Appointments

Ability to book/cancel appointments or delivery without any hassles.

Scheduling Events

Patients can organize monthly checkups or medicine shipments. Alternatively, doctors or pharmacies can alert the patients on the availability of their services.

Cross-platform Availability

The application is available on Android, iOS and even web.

Content Management System

Admins can publish blogs or news to update users of the emerging trends in healthcare.

Zocdoc Clone Revenue Model

There are several avenues to generate revenue on your app.

Hosting Fees

Levy a small charge to the practitioners, hospitals and pharmacies for using your platform.

Subscription Fees

Offer premium features and extra benefits to patients and other users.

Promotional Posts

Allow doctors and healthcare companies to promote their services on your app for a fee.


Enable advertisement aggregators to run third-party ad campaigns on your platform.


Charge doctors and hospitals as well as medical stores a small commission for every sale they make through your app.

How the Zocdoc Clone App Works?

Zocdoc like app doctor solutions allows patients to connect with practitioners, pharmacies, hospitals and laboratories in an efficient manner. The clone app developed by us has two portals, one for the user and the other for the service providers.

Zocdoc Clone App For Users:

Through this portal, patients can search for ailment-specific services which can be filtered using a variety of sort options such as geographic location, pricing, rating and more. The patient can also check the availability of services and accordingly schedule appointments or deliveries. Additionally, one can create an appointment calendar and receive timely updates on the same. Finally, a patient can also rate the services they redeemed and also provide reviews of their experiences.

Zocdoc Clone App For Service Providers:

Through this portal, doctors, hospitals and pharmacies can update details of their specializations, services and also the pricing. They can also manage their services here while confirming or cancelling orders as per their convenience or availability. Meanwhile, doctors can maintain an integrated calendar that will notify the patients if any appointments are scheduled. Finally, service providers can also create and manage personalized plans for their customers.

Benefits Of Using Appdupe’s Zocdoc Clone Services

We are a top clone app development firm and here are a few reasons why you should choose us to create your platform:

Cost-effective Solutions

Building a clone app helps you launch a feature-rich and market-ready platform for a fraction of the costs and time.

White-label Services

Our solutions are completely white-label thereby keeping the ownership of the product under your control.

Pocket-friendly Pricing

Our services are tailored to fit your budget and business requirements.

Experienced Team

We house a team of industry experts and talented developers who can build your platform in no time.

Customizable Design

We can help you develop any unique features that you may have in mind.

On-Demand Zocdoc Clone Live Demo

Pricing of our Zocdoc Clone

Premium Installation

  • Signup
  • Login
  • Multiple service
  • Doctor login
  • Coupon
  • Wallet
  • Cash/Card
  • Dynamic paymeny gateway
  • Before and after image
  • Review for before and after service image
  • Live navigation
  • Timing calculation
  • In app time runner
  • Earnings view
  • Help/Share
  • Past and upcoming service view

Enterprise Installation

  • Signup
  • Login
  • Multiple service
  • Driver login
  • Coupon
  • Wallet
  • Cash/Card
  • Dynamic paymeny gateway
  • Live navigation
  • Timing calculation
  • In app time runner
  • Earnings view
  • Help/Share
  • Past and upcoming service view
  • Country, Cities and currencies
  • City based service on/off
  • Description notes required while requesting a ride.
  • Tips needed at invoice page after the end of the ride.
  • Additional charges needed
  • Main Service types and Sub service type based questions
  • Multiple service
  • Broadcast flow ON/OFF from admin that reflects in mobile apps
  • Unicast flow ON/OFF from admin that reflects in mobile apps
  • Request directly the provider -> Favourite providers ON/OFF from admin that reflects in mobile apps
  • Bidding flow ON/OFF from admin that reflects in mobile apps
  • Dispatcher flow (All service request to dispatcher and he/she needs to assign) ON/OFF from admin that reflects in mobile apps
  • provider based Price per hour on service types
  • Fixed price based on service type
  • Provider Calendar availability
  • User can able to search for service before they login/register and it requires only if they are about to book a service
  • Before and after image should be based on the service type demands
  • SOS on both User and Provider
  • Chat and call option throughout the flow
  • Membership feature ON/OFF relatively to payment methods from admin that reflects in mobile apps
  • Roles: Admin, sub-Admin, Fleet owners, providers and users
  • Report a provider
  • Dispute Management for completed services
  • Cancel with pre-populated reasons
  • Referral option ON/OFF from admin that reflects in mobile apps
  • Provider detailed page with ratings and reviews
  • Coupon code management
  • Side Menu - Coupon code,Share,Help,Become a driver
  • QR Scan module

Zocdoc Clone App Screenshots


Yes. As our services are 100% customizable, it enables you to change and adapt the product to meet different requirements as your business grows.
To attract users or to increase activity on the app, you can release promo codes for customers. This can also be used to celebrate special events. A referral programme can also be launched that allows you to incentivize customers for promoting your app and also to track their activity.
Our apps are fortified with a variety of security features to protect the privacy and transactions of the users. These include 2-factor verification, OTP authentication, social media login, email verification and more.
To access a demo, drop a mail with your request at [email protected] and one of our executives will contact you immediately.
After purchasing the application, we help you with the installation on the server and the initial setup. Alternatively, we also offer after-sales support that helps you update or upgrade the app and also conduct audits to find any vulnerabilities and security threats.

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