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AppDupe offers a custom NFT development solution that has its tabs on the trends that drift in blockchain technology. From our scrutinization, it was concluded that NFTs are rapidly surging in the creative and gaming industries. As a justification for being the app development market’s leader, we know by rote that the NFTs have a bright future ahead. As a deduction, We have indulged in developing NFTs to help maestros give life to their artworks.

Our services are sublimest with the best technologies, which under the surface comprises blockchain integration, smart contract development and highly secured wallets that conjoin with your business needs.

Our band of alpha geeks of developers works hand in hand to offer you the best-suited solutions to blur the boundaries between you and your profits. Get the best solutions to launch your NFT that will satisfy the starvation of crypto freaks.

What is NFT and How Does NFT Work?

NFTs or non-fungible tokens are unique digital assets, encompassing the ownership details of anything, from real-world assets to digital files. NFT’s metadata helps verify and validate the ownership when a sale happens.

Y’all know that NFTs rest on the blockchain network: it can be Ethereum or Tezos, or whatever. Whenever the ownership of NFT changes, one can easily track and verify the (current) ownership details. Talking about details, only the wallet address remains visible, while the person (who owns it) remains pseudonymous.

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Appealing Characteristics Of Our NFT Development Services

There are some desirable characteristics of NFTs that make them unique and one of a kind. Let’s get to know what they are.


AuthenticityBecause of the distinct standardization of NFTs and detailed attributes of smart contracts, every NFT is uniquely identifiable and is authentic in nature. When we say one of a kind in NFTs, it gives literal meaning to these NFTs. With the characteristics of being unique in existence, they cannot be copied or duplicated. The transparency is at its cent per cent, proving it to be authentic.

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OwnershipSince it is the blockchain technology and NFTs we are talking about, ownership is a unique characteristic among others. Unlike the other fungible tokens, NFTs can only be transferred or transacted by their owners because of the unique smart contracts and rights associated with them. One more advantage is that even the issuer of the NFT cannot replicate or transfer the NFT without the permission of its owner.

NFT Development Platform

TransferableBreak down all the requirements and policies of centralized platforms for trading, and that gives you NFTs. As NFTs are decentralized and they do not require any middlemen or agency, anyone can engage in peer-to-peer interaction, trading and specialist marketplaces, making it less complicated.

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Million-dollar Scope For Custom NFT Development

NFT world brims with opportunities as entrepreneurs can tokenize anything, from artworks to videos, and even real estate shares. Because of the presence of a unique identifier, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are traceable.

NFT’s ability to track creative works and accumulate royalty payments is one significant use case. As a result, independent artists embrace NFT development services to promulgate and receive unending royalties forever - as long as the NFT exists in the blockchain.

Non-fungible tokens bestow authenticity and transparency in creations, which many industries have been striving for earlier.

Custom NFT Development

More Than Just A Digital Asset

NFTs have shown to be useful in the gaming industry by allowing gamers to own in-game assets they have acquired. On the Harmony blockchain, projects like DeFi Kingdoms have NFT "heroes" that gamers can buy, trade, and rent out on an open market.

These NFTs are productive assets that may be sent on missions to earn in-game items and cryptocurrency for the player and offer ownership of the in-game asset. These things can be traded for cryptocurrency or used to make new items to help heroes gain more power.

Non-fungible tokens, like usernames and wallet addresses, are becoming the underlying technology for assets in the metaverse. The Sandbox, a metaverse project, is already employing NFTs to represent digital land, virtual furniture and decor, and much more.

Different Token Standards

Token standards are a set of pre-coded principles, according to which, the token transfers happen. A smart contract must conform to the common standards. Here are some of the common token standards:

ERC-721 Ethereum Request for Comments ERC-721 is a token that allows smart contracts to operate as tradeable tokens. The ERC-721 tokens are non-fungible (in nature).

ERC-1155 It is a token standard that deploys contracts with varied combinations for non-fungible, fungible, and semi-fungible tokens.

TRC-721It is the primary NFT standard on TRON that permits applications to track tokens on the network. TRC-721 tokens are highly scalable with no limitations to data transfer.

NFTs Influencing Different Domains

NFT Development Company

NFT Lending Platform This platform allows the NFT holders to keep their NFTs (as collaterals) for fiat or crypto money. The token will end up in the wallet when they repay that money!

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ArtNeedless to say that the art industry is a massive industry. Developing an NFT can come in handy to ‘own’ and trade digital arts. Each ownership applies to unique art pieces.

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Gaming IndustryStupefy the gamers by offering them the advantage to upgrade and sell all the in-game assets. Beat down the ‘sunk money’ scenario in the gaming industry from here on.

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Real EstateVirtualize your lands and gain complete ownership of them by listing them in the market and supersize your platform. Interior designing is a brownie point in making your platform wealthier when you digitize it.

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Music A call and the encouraging future for musicians is right here! If you are a musician yourself, then here’s an apparent time for you to attract your mass by tokenizing your music and listing it in the market.

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SportsAttract the worldwide audience by tokenizing player cards, assets and video clips under Non-Fungible tokens and elevate the purchase rate.

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Content Subscription

Content SubscriptionsStardom and fandom are the towers of strengths for the entertainment industry. Why not flame this fame? Let celebrities and public figures tokenize their contents, pictures or videos and monetize by charging amounts from fans to watch their contents.

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Non Fungible Token Development

Custom Development of NFT Marketplace If you have been looking frantically for developing your business in the crypto world, we’ve got you covered. We offer an industry-leading custom NFT development to help you develop your own NFT Marketplace and also offer ready-made NFT Marketplace, where the crypto fanatics can trade art, assets, virtual land.

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Fractionalized NFT

Fractionalized NFTNFTs can now be fractionalized, meaning they can be split into different portions. Fractionalized NFTs will find their value among buyers in different industries, like real estate, art, gaming, and many others due to their affordability metric.

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Cross-Chain NFT

Cross-Chain NFT We bring you cross-chain NFT development that facilitates the smooth trading of NFTs across different blockchain networks. Notably, you are the deciding authority in picking the blockchains upon which your NFT needs to be developed.

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Metaverse NFT

Metaverse NFTDevelop your NFT that is drenched in the metaverse, thereby making it still more tantalizing. We provide leading metaverse-based NFT and NFT marketplace development solutions that can be built on the blockchain you opt for.

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NFT Development Services for Event Ticketing

Ticketing NFTGet the tickets of your favourite and top-rated shows using NFTs. The event organizers can mint and showcase the tickets as NFTs in the marketplace for users to claim them.

Geotagged NFTA geotagged NFT is an NFT that constitutes the geographic metadata of the real-world street art with 3D representations, thus used to identify and track the location.

A Myriad of NFT Development Service Packages

  • NFT-based ICO Development NFTs and ICOs have been driving value in the blockchain space for several years now. Our development team integrates value-driven NFTs in the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) fundraising rounds. We understand our fund-seeking projects and then identify the perfect place for NFT integration.

  • NFT Marketplace-based ICO Development Building an NFT marketplace allows investors immediate access to the liquidity of tokens. Investors can enlist their utility tokens - buy/sell them without any hassles on this marketplace platform. This way, ICO project owners can persuade more investors to the fundraising round.

  • Governance Token+ICO NFT Marketplace Development Bestow your community with a governance token that offers authoritative powers to every community member. Our NFT Development services package includes governance token development, encompassing all-governance functionalities like voting rights, decision-making powers, etc.

  • Token Exchange Platform DevelopmentExchange platforms provide immediate liquidity for the ICO-based tokens. Investors can exchange project-specific tokens to other tokens, deriving value in one way or another.

  • Custom NFT DevelopmentAs a leading NFT development firm, we ensure that our NFT website creation and NFT software development always include the most cutting-edge features.

Various Blockchain Technologies
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Why Should You Choose Our NFT Development Services?

NFT Development Company

We possess that ‘blockchain’ technology competence as we’ve been researching & implementing stuff around blockchain since 2017. As a result, we have an impeccable portfolio of NFT projects that bestow credibility on our development team. Moreover, our contributions do not end at token/platform launch - we provide round-the-clock technical support to bolster our clients’ business dreams.

We strive to offer the ‘100% customization’ factor to our clients, who can tweak the source code and make changes accordingly. We start with a clear-cut ‘project roadmap with which our NFT development service unfurls, starting from ideation to launch.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

In simple terms, NFTs are tokens that are unique and have unique identification code and metadata that distinguishes them from other NFT tokens.
Fungible tokens are those which can be exchanged with each other as they have the same value. In contrast, a non-fungible token cannot be exchanged because of the unique specifications and standards.
We help you develop NFTs on various blockchains like Ethereum, TRON, Polkadot, Binance Smart Chain etc.
Basically, you need to decide on the type of NFT, the token standard, and the blockchain technology in which your NFT needs to be created. Based on all these criteria, we’ll let you know the cost of development.
Connect with our NFT development company’s support team over email - [email protected] or call - +91 9384 843 395. You can also connect with us directly through the chat option available on our website for unparalleled NFT development services.

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