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AppDupe offers a custom NFT development solution that has its tabs on the trends that drift in blockchain technology. From our scrutinization, it was concluded that NFTs are rapidly surging in the creative and gaming industries. As a justification for being the app development market’s leader, we know by rote that the NFTs have a bright future ahead. As a deduction, We have indulged in developing NFTs to help maestros give life to their artworks.

Our services are sublimest with the best technologies, which under the surface comprises blockchain integration, smart contract development and highly secured wallets that conjoin with your business needs.

Our band of alpha geeks of developers works hand in hand to offer you the best-suited solutions to blur the boundaries between you and your profits. Get the best solutions to launch your NFT that will satisfy the starvation of crypto freaks.

What is NFT and How Does NFT Work?

NFT is a digital and one-of-a-kind asset that works on blockchain technology. Appealingly, any real-world asset could be converted into an NFT, and the process of conversion is called minting. Further, for the purpose of minting, gas fees will be charged based on the blockchain tech used to perform the minting process. We have indulged in developing NFTs to help maestros give life to their digital collections.

Non-Fungible Tokens are the digital category of assets that hold specific value and will be stored on a blockchain network. Not just the value of the assets is stored on the blockchain, but every other information or transaction related to them will also be present on the blockchain. Initially, the owners of the NFT will define its value and further, the value will change according to the trading.

What Are The Custom Development Services We Provide For Your NFTs?

  • DeFi and NFT DevelopmentNFTs are redefining the ownership and uniqueness of crypto tokens, but the use case doesn’t stop with that. So why not bring in a whole new classification of financial services? We help you in NFT platform development and decentralised finance to increase liquidity, fractional ownership and flexibility.

  • NFT Exchange Platform DevelopmentSecurity and user-friendly experience are the paradoxical aspects that come with our exchange platform. We build NFT platforms in such a way that it helps in establishing a community all over the world.

  • NFT Based ICO DevelopmentAs we are wizards in making solutions for any kinds of businesses and are skilled in helping you scale business, we offer fundraising opportunities by launching ICOs for the startups.

  • NFT Based ICO, Governance Token And Marketplace DevelopmentAs an essential branching of our development, we offer NFT governance token development services to the community. With these tokens, the community can vote for their suggestion about the enhancements of the marketplace.

  • NFT Based ICO And Marketplace Development‘Where there is a goal to grow, there is an opportunity. For startups with the sole goal to attract large traction of investors, we offer fundraising opportunities by launching and distributing ICOs as tokens for the development of the marketplace.

  • NFT DevelopmentNFTs can be considered the key to the world of fantasy or crypto world. With the new talks piling up about NFTs every day, building a customised NFT marketplace is the right choice. Talk to us about your wants, and we’ll make it happen.

  • NFT Exchange Platform Development When you rely on our NFT development company, you get overwhelming features and functionalities for your users to trade and exchange NFTs. Make an entry into the world of digital collectibles by offering a wide range of NFT tokens.

  • Futuristic Cross-chain NFT DevelopmentOur development is always distinguished, and we prove it every time. We provide cross-chain NFT development that allows the trading of NFTs across different networks of blockchain.

  • Provident Initial Poster Offering (IPO) Development Launch your NFT business with the most popular fundraising method, Initial Poster Offering. Develop your own token for the poster purchase and trigger the growth of funds. Triumph and popularity are the next two steps that you are going to step on from here!

Appealing Characteristics Of Our NFT Development Services

There are some desirable characteristics of NFTs that make them unique and one of a kind. Let’s get to know what they are.


AuthenticityBecause of the distinct standardization of NFTs and detailed attributes of smart contracts, every NFT is uniquely identifiable and is authentic in nature. When we say one of a kind in NFTs, it gives literal meaning to these NFTs. With the characteristics of being unique in existence, they cannot be copied or duplicated. The transparency is at its cent per cent, proving it to be authentic.

NFT Platform Development

OwnershipSince it is the blockchain technology and NFTs we are talking about, ownership is a unique characteristic among others. Unlike the other fungible tokens, NFTs can only be transferred or transacted by their owners because of the unique smart contracts and rights associated with them. One more advantage is that even the issuer of the NFT cannot replicate or transfer the NFT without the permission of its owner.

NFT Development Platform

TransferableBreak down all the requirements and policies of centralized platforms for trading, and that gives you NFTs. As NFTs are decentralized and they do not require any middlemen or agency, anyone can engage in peer-to-peer interaction, trading and specialist marketplaces, making it less complicated.

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Million-dollar Scope For Custom NFT Development

Blockchain technology has been the solution for many issues that the world has been witnessing in these many years. In like manner, with digitalization in every industry, the plausibility of claiming ownership over some assets have been open to doubt. But with Non-Fungible Tokens, businesses and individuals over the water have garnered dominion and authenticity, helping them generate millions.

Foraying into this industry can be taken analogous to making overtures about capitalizing on non-pareil opportunities for greater yields.

Custom NFT Development

What Are The Services We Offer For Developing Your NFT?

We are an NFT development company that helps you to launch your NFT for all your business requirements.

Crypto Collectibles Develop an NFT and own digital assets by carving your name on it. Immutable and invaluable in parallel.

NFT Exchange DevelopmentA blockchain-based impregnable NFT exchange platform for facilitating selling, trading and exchange of NFT tokens. Iron-clad multi-level security measures topping the amazing software assured.

Open MarketplaceBuild an excellent open marketplace with exchanges and order books through which users can sell, buy or trade crypto assets. Development anchored with exemplary technology to rival the mammoth themselves!

Identity ManagementExperience the uniqueness of NFTs for identity management. With every token pointing to a unique value and determining the ownership, being one-of-a-kind is no sweat now.

Peer To Peer ExchangeLaunch an NFT exchange platform for establishing the most reliable NFT community. Allow the world population to trade a variety of NFTs with third-party wallet integration. Reliability and prosperity, take them both!

IPO DevelopmentScale your NFT business to newer heights with a fundraising NFT platform. Build an NFT poster with a QR code linked to Etherscan or blockchain. What next? Obviously, the crypto top.

The Nature Of Different Token Standards

Crypto Collectibles

Every information of every NFT is unique and is stored in their smart contract. At present, there are two vastly used NFT tokens: ERC-721 and ERC-1155.

The majority of NFTs are of standard ERC-721, meaning they will use protocols and the blockchain of Ethereum. What constitutes the exclusivity of this standard is that, when a token is created, only one of it exists. Anyone can create their own ERC-721 tokens by writing on their smart contracts along with the addition of unique details about the token. The details can be the name of the owner, metadata or file links.

Another prime standard is ERC-1155. It is a new standard that lets a single, smart contract govern an infinite number of tokens. The discrete property of the ERC-1155 token is, this standard allows developers to mint both fungible and non-fungible tokens an infinite number of times in a single, smart contract.

In addition to this is the TRC-721 digital token, which is based on TRON blockchain technology. This is entirely compatible with the ERC-721 standard. The token serves its purpose best by allowing hassle-free deployment of them to unique collectibles.

There are many other blockchains that are now supporting NFT platform development. On the whole, unlike Bitcoin or any other fungible cryptocurrencies, NFTs cannot be traded on any cryptocurrency exchanges.

NFT Development Services Concerning Different Domains

NFT Development Company

NFT Lending Platform The new age of trading is here!, with NFT as an asset. One could keep NFT tokens as collateral for the borrowed money. Upon paying the borrowed amount, the NFT will be released according to the smart contract. An instant surge in the fund is the guarantee here!

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ArtNeedless to say that the art industry is a massive industry. Developing an NFT can come in handy to ‘own’ and trade digital arts. Each ownership applies to unique art pieces.

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Gaming IndustryStupefy the gamers by offering them the advantage to upgrade and sell all the in-game assets. Beat down the ‘sunk money’ scenario in the gaming industry from here on.

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Fantasy SportsCreep up the knowledge and craze of people in sports into the crypto world by developing NFT for fantasy sports. We tokenize the teams and players with NFT tokens.

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Real EstateVirtualize your lands and gain complete ownership of them by listing them in the market and supersize your platform. Interior designing is a brownie point in making your platform wealthier when you digitize it.

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Music A call and the encouraging future for musicians is right here! If you are a musician yourself, then here’s an apparent time for you to attract your mass by tokenizing your music and listing it in the market.

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Infrastructure Development Creativity and uniqueness have been the two ins and outs when it comes to infrastructure development. So why not match them with its analogue- NFTs? Develop a unique infrastructure for your property and tokenize it. Raking in millions with the unique sculptures, architecture, interior designs is just a child’s play.

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SportsAttract the worldwide audience by tokenizing player cards, assets and video clips under Non-Fungible tokens and elevate the purchase rate.

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Videos Turn the magical moments of sports, rare moments of life and enthralling music videos into NFTs. Exclusivity is the redefinition of your creation now.

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NFT Exchange platform

NFTs and P2P Exchange Establish an NFT community and grow beyond the horizon by buying or selling the NFTs with utmost ease. With third-party wallet integration, a stunning assortment of NFTs and skyrocketing traffic in the NFT exchange platform is a guaranteed impact!

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NFT for Fashion Industry

Fashion IndustryFollow the path of the most popular brand Louis Vitton! Let the fashion divas and freaks get complete ownership over their accessories and items. Originality speaks volumes. So let them have their possession protected from the risk of frauds.

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Content Subscription

Content SubscriptionsStardom and fandom are the towers of strengths for the entertainment industry. Why not flame this fame? Let celebrities and public figures tokenize their contents, pictures or videos and monetize by charging amounts from fans to watch their contents.

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Non Fungible Token Development

Custom Development of NFT Marketplace If you have been looking frantically for developing your business in the crypto world, we’ve got you covered. We offer an industry-leading custom NFT development to help you develop your own NFT Marketplace and also offer ready-made NFT Marketplace, where the crypto fanatics can trade art, assets, virtual land.

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Fractionalized NFT

Fractionalized NFTNFTs can now be fractionalized, meaning they can be split into different portions. Fractionalized NFTs will find their value among buyers in different industries, like real estate, art, gaming, and many others due to their affordability metric.

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Cross-Chain NFT

Cross-Chain NFT We bring you cross-chain NFT development that facilitates the smooth trading of NFTs across different blockchain networks. Notably, you are the deciding authority in picking the blockchains upon which your NFT needs to be developed.

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Metaverse NFT

Metaverse NFTDevelop your NFT that is drenched in the metaverse, thereby making it still more tantalizing. We provide leading metaverse-based NFT and NFT marketplace development solutions that can be built on the blockchain you opt for.

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NFT Social Token Development

Empower your business revenue and user base by creating NFTs as social tokens. You give the token to your community and decide on how popular your token could become without any intermediaries. In a nutshell, the NFT Social Token Development is a rule for you to decide the value for your skill. You are the king here for your content! Shape up your future by engaging yourself with us in developing NFT social tokens.

Avail The Top-class services for DeFi Staking Platform Development

Mastering in producing mission-driven products can be taken as synonymous with our AppDupe’s motto. We build DeFi staking software with market-leading features and rock-hard security. When our skilled blockchain engineers and subject matter experts get their hands on developing any solutions, it is guaranteed that the final product will be comprehensive and the best of both worlds.

Enlarge the success graph of your business by bridging a gap between vision and reality with our DeFi staking platform development. Name us a blockchain on which you want a DeFi staking platform and get yourself to experience the best future ahead.

Bridging DeFi with NFT Development

Two concepts are revolutionizing the crypto world. They are nothing but DeFi and NFTs. The Non-fungible tokens are simply a form of value storage asset that cannot be easily replaced or interchanged. On the other hand, DeFi or decentralized finance is created on blockchain technology that does not rely on a central authority to manage assets. Instead, it allows several entities to hold the copy of transactions offering more transparency in the exchanges. Notably, DeFi and NFT development hold a promising scope in the future.

How Are NFTs & DeFi Intertwined?

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) are two of the incessantly trending topics for a while now. While NFTs facilitate tokenizing assets, DeFi lets users access the assets in a decentralized manner. Moreover, DeFi hastens liquidity generation and hence, trading NFTs becomes all the more simple. Crucially, NFTs are getting evolved with each passing day, and trends, like fractionalization, Play2Earn, metaverse, community-based branding, generative artworks, etc., are the growth accelerating metrics.

Various Blockchain Technologies
That Are Used By Our NFT Development Company

  • EthereumWe help you in broadening your customer base by building NFTs and NFT platforms that operate on the Ethereum blockchain. With this, you can increase the scalability of your business instantly.

  • CardanoAdoption to the blockchain nuances is our favourite hobby. That’s how we have introduced the NFT development on Cardano Blockchain. Embrace yourself for the overpowering success that you will experience with this!

  • Binance Smart ChainLower gas fees, lighting speed transactions at your stack! Leverage the best chance to develop NFT on Binance Smart Chain to get fame from even the edges of the world.

  • TRON We help you in developing NFTs on the TRON blockchain, with the vision to help in overcoming the obstacles of slow transactions and other issues.

  • Polkadot A future-proof, scalable, and accessible NFTs are the new requirements and drifts these days. Become a part of this revolution by reaching out to our NFT development company, for the most brilliant NFT Polkadot development.

  • MaticA network that can achieve upto 10,000 TPS throughput on a sidechain. It promotes fast transactions at a low cost. If speed and low gas fees is your concern Matic is the blockchain you should opt for.

  • NFT Layer 2 Development Our NFT Layer 2 development is a service introduced to lift the burden off from the Ethereum Layer 1 blockchain and provide the users a better experience.

Why Should You Choose Our NFT Development Services?

NFT Development Company

Our expert developers have been drenched in the development of blockchain solutions for years. Adding up to the stack of our successful ventures, we also deliver premier NFT development with ICO Marketplace and can say with pride that we are a leading NFT developing company. Our team has years of experience in app development and marketing. We help entrepreneurs and creators to scale their businesses by providing profit-driven and tested strategies.

Kick-starting the business at the correct time is important. Our team’s expertise in non-fungible token development will help you know about the market demands and launch your NFT. You’ll tell us about your requirements, and we’ll proffer you with the finest NFT development solutions.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

In simple terms, NFTs are tokens that are unique and have unique identification code and metadata that distinguishes them from other NFT tokens.
Fungible tokens are those which can be exchanged with each other as they have the same value. In contrast, a non-fungible token cannot be exchanged because of the unique specifications and standards.
We help you develop NFTs on various blockchains like Ethereum, TRON, Polkadot, Binance Smart Chain etc.
Basically, you need to decide on the type of NFT, the token standard, and the blockchain technology in which your NFT needs to be created. Based on all these criteria, we’ll let you know the cost of development.
Connect with our NFT development company’s support team over email - [email protected] or call - +91 9384 843 395. You can also connect with us directly through the chat option available on our website for unparalleled NFT development services.

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