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Blockchain technology has spread its roots in various industries, considering the transparency and data security it offers. The artworld is no exception to this. Digital artwork has been created and sold on NFT marketplaces like Rarible in exchange for cryptographic tokens. On the creation of the art, the artist is attributed as the creator of it and has sole copyright powers. The person who buys the art can own it; they can either add it to their collection or sell it. All these processes of creating, selling, and buying digital arts using NFT’s take place on a well-organized digital marketplace. Our White label Rarible Clone Script is one such efficient marketplace.

What is Rarible Clone?

Rarible clone is an NFT platform similar to Rarible in which artists can create their own artwork of any kind like music, digitized art representation, books, and sell it to art lovers using blockchain technology. It also comes with a non-fungible token (NFT) similar to RARI, which is the governance token of Rarible. The users can create, mint, buy, or sell digital artwork via NFT’s. Rarible has been attracting various investors proving this to be a next-gen and futuristic business plan that can yield huge revenue.


Our Diverse NFT Platform Development Solutions Like Rarible


Digital Marketplace Develop and design a NFT-based digital marketplace where users can buy, sell, and create digital collectibles.


Auction PlatformsDesign and develop NFT-based auction platforms to buy and sell digital collectibles on auction.


Real Item MarketplaceAn NFT-based marketplace designed and developed to buy, sell, and trade real life luxury assets.

NFT marketplaces are attracting huge investments. Launch a Rarible like NFT marketplace with us today!


What is NFT? and Why You Should Buy an NFT?

An NFT is a virtual record of the data that showcases the details on the ownership of digital content. Any digital content, from a song to a meme, can be minted into a token. On minting the NFT, the blockchain network ensures a high level of immutability. This means that the minted content cannot be replaced, edited, deleted, or manipulated.

When a user buys an NFT artwork initially, they are supposed to pay a small commission fee to the marketplace, and the balance is transferred directly to the artist. Whereas when the user sells it again to another individual, nearly 90% of the amount is credited to the user and only 10% to the artist. This way, the user can make good revenue by buying NFTs.

The Rapid Surge In The Market For NFT

Non-fungible tokens are a kind of crypto token currently showcasing an unprecedented surge in the market. CoinDesk, a popular crypto news website has written that the NFT marketplace OpenSea has witnessed a rise in trading volume from $1 million in August 2020 to $8 million in January 2021 and $50 million in February 2021. In the meanwhile, the NFT startup Rarible has attracted investments worth $1.75 million as seed funding.

These gargantuan numbers revolving around the NFT marketplace are a clear indication of the rapid boom in its market. NFT startups are attracting investors like bees getting attracted to flowers. If there is any good time to launch an NFT marketplace startup, it is right now. Avail our Rarible clone app and launch your NFT marketplace instantly in the fast-growing cryptocurrency industry.


Need for Non-Fungible Marketplace like Rarible

When the art created by an artist is sold in the real world, the artist loses ownership of the art once it is sold. How many ever times it is sold in the future, the artist doesn’t earn a penny out of it. The introduction of NFT has changed the scenario in a big time.

The NFT marketplace is deemed as a digitally enhanced royalty system for the creators. Every art created by an artist when minted as an NFT offers their fans an opportunity to own their art. Art collectors may prefer buying and saving the art for themselves, while some may sell those arts. But every time the art is sold, the artist earns a royalty out of it. This helps the artists to make a living and also encourages them to create many more arts.

NFT marketplaces provide the artists the sense of ownership of their art as they are encrypted to the blockchain network. NFT marketplace is, therefore, the saviour of artists and art lovers. However, it would definitely scale up to other creative productions like games and not restrain itself to just artwork. The volume of money transacted through these marketplaces is also copious. This can help suffering artisans and content creators as NFT’s assist them in earning an accountable price for their works.


Create a Governance Token like RARI- Overview

RARI is the first governance token to be released as stated by Rarible. Governance tokens provide their holders with an authority to influence and state their views on the protocol, roadmap, and treasury of the system itself. The RARI token was segregated as 10% for airdrops, 30% for the investors, and 60% for marketplace mining. Marketplace liquidity mining is giving away RARI tokens to buyers and sellers every week. This is a strategy to promote the usage of RARI tokens in the NFT marketplace. This marketplace liquidity mining has been planned to go on for two years aiming to give away 25,000,000 RARI tokens.


NFTs are the future of luxury digital collectibles. Be the undisputed leader of the white-label Rarible like NFT marketplace by launching one now.

Why Non-Fungible Token Development?

Non-Fungible Tokens based on the ERC721 standard stand out from the other cryptographic tokens as each individual token is unique and cannot be interchanged with others. Every token represents art, goods, or physical assets in a digitalized token form. The NFTs play a major role in securing IP rights, tracking digital assets, protecting ownership, and also creating real-world value.

Our Diverse Non-Fungible Token Development Services

  • Crypto CollectiblesCollecting crypto coins is a new trend in the market termed to be the internet collectibles. NFTs are the new addition to these collectibles. The benefits of collecting NFTs are that the users can scribe their names to the digital assets, and also, the ownership of it is unalterable.

  • Blockchain GamesThe Gaming industry on integration with NFTs avails the users to own digital assets in the games. It can be a suit, a type of gun, and a car from the game. The player can also sell these digital assets from the game to other individuals.

  • TradingThe NFTs can be traded like any other crypto tokens as digital assets. Trading of NFTs can take place in open markets similar to OpenSea.

  • Managing Identities The uniqueness of NFTs is that each token is represented by a unique value. This important trait makes it highly suitable for Identity management in industries like healthcare and education.

  • Managing Software LicensesThe Software licenses can be minted to NFTs that can be signed and authenticated by the owner.

  • Asset ManagementOn bringing NFTs to practice, the management of assets, buying, selling, and transferring the ownership of the asset can be made transparent and easy.

A Comprehensible Workflow of Rarible like NFT Marketplace

The Rarible clone is an easy-to-understand platform for the user. The user can be either a content creator or an asset collector. As a preliminary measure, the user is obliged to connect an Ethereum wallet like WalletLink, WalletConnect, Fortmatic, or MetaMask with the Rarible clone interface. The user can now start creating digital art, music, or any digital collectible using the services offered by NFT Marketplace like Rarible.

The Rarible like Platform stands exemplary as the user does not require any coding knowledge to create a digital collectible. The users can also surf through the marketplace to purchase any collectibles they are interested in. There are no restrictions to purchase or explore the different collectibles as it is an open marketplace.


What are the Different Perks of Embedding NFTs for SMEs

High Plausibility There is always a talk among the entrepreneurs complaining about the plausibility of the cryptos and the shortcomings of integrating them into their businesses. The platforms like Rarible clone that practice the usage of NFTs are the solution to these shortcomings. It allows the entrepreneurs to work on comprehensive conventions that leverage various features of the robust blockchain.

Credibility FactorAlthough cryptos have been around for a while, it has not yet won the trust of many businesses. This is because of the lack of authenticity around it. The Non-fungible tokens used in marketplaces like the Rarible clone are highly credible. It provides the users with more confidence as the assets minted to NFTs cannot be moved or duped by anyone anytime.

EconomicalEmbedding an NFT framework similar to Rarible clone script for a business cut shorts humongous consumption of resources and also attracts a large number of investors quickly. This boosts the business prospects in the long run.

Conventional Working MethodsThe NFTs follow a strict functional structure that offers the users with a well-defined code that businesses can bank upon for better functionality. It also avails a more spontaneous response from users.

An Impregnable SecurityThe most prominent aspect of a non-fungible token is its security. The assets minted to an NFT cannot be duplicated or masked in any case.

Salient Features Enabled to Create an NFT

  • Multiple ProductsMultiple products can be housed in a single contract but still each product has an individual inventory for itself.

  • SubscriptionsThe products in a contract may expire in that case they are susceptible to renewal by paying extra funds.

  • Affiliate ProgramThe affiliates who promote the products can be offered with a small cut of the sales made by them.

  • Roles The marketplace store has three roles for the COO, CEO, and CFO.

  • Embeddable Web3 Checkout Wallets that are linked with Ethereum like Metamask are supported.

  • Unique ID Every individual token created is represented by an unique ID that is different from other tokens.

Launch a high-end and secure NFT marketplace with unique tokens for assets now!

NFT Development Company

Appdupe offers you an opportunity to build and create high-end secure NFT marketplace with customizable solutions. We are equipped with an experienced support team that is dedicated to resolving all the client’s issues round-the-clock. We are also geared up with a knowledgeable team of developers whose objective is to create top-notch NFTs that are unique and resilient.

Our Technology Stack for NFT Development

  • Protocols

  • ERC Standards

  • Smart Contracts

  • Dapps

  • Smart Contract Auditing Tools

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

A non-fungible token is a cryptographic token that represents a digital asset with a unique ID making it irreplaceable or duplicatable.
The use cases of NFTs are diverse. It can be used in games as in CryptoKitties, tokenization of digital artwork, real estate, and even tweets can be tokenized.
A fungible token is based on ERC-20. They have a value similar to currency and can be interchanged with other tokens. Whereas a non-fungible token is based on ERC-721, and it represents a unique asset like a certificate of ownership for a painting, artwork, music, or any creative project. These tokens cannot be interchanged or duplicated by any means, unlike the fungible tokens.
Yes, Our Rarible clone comes along with a governance token similar to RARI of Rarible.
No, the Rarible clone can be customized as per the client’s requirements and also focuses on scaling it with tokenization of diverse digital collectibles other than artwork.

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Disclaimer: Appdupe neither represents nor have any control over the trademarks of Dream11, Amazon, TikTok and Gojek. We use the terms Amazon and Gojek for a better understanding of our services. Our offerings intend no harm to any organization or individual.