Enter The Global NFT-Race By Acquiring Our White-Label NFT Marketplace Development Services

The hype behind NFTs is getting amplified with interest from individuals and corporates pouring in. If you want to get mileage out of this rapidly-growing NFT craze, launch a white-label NFT marketplace after incorporating customizations. With our reliable white-label solution in place, you can build either a niche-based or an open trading platform.

You can decide to build a niche-based platform to support the trading of particular types of NFTs (maybe artworks, sports, etc.). Else, you can launch a platform that facilitates buying and selling of NFTs of all genres. Be it either of them; we have the best set of white-label solutions for both.


What Is A White-label NFT Marketplace Solution?

A white-label NFT marketplace solution is an extensively customizable and pre-built platform that can be launched to facilitate buying, selling, and minting NFTs. It is a legal protocol in the business world. You can develop a personalized NFT marketplace that is similar to the functionalities of OpenSea, Foundation, Rarible, etc., from us. It is personalized as per your business needs and your niche making it stand out from the crowd. We build it with a high-end tech stack and integrate it with stellar features to roll out transactions efficiently. Get yours now!

Features Of Our White-Label NFT Platform Development

Explore NFTs

Buyers can access this feature to look through all the categories of NFTs that are existing on the platform.

Browse NFTs

The browsing feature enables buyers to search for the NFTs of their desire. They can either browse for the category or the NFT itself.

Search Filters

Search filters definitely save time and one can’t agree more. Our white-label NFT platform has got effective filters that can be used for filtering NFTs based on the sale type, NFT type, availability, price range, etc.


Platform users can view the profiles of NFT creators and collectors to know more about the NFTs they’ve created and the collections they own.


NFTs on the marketplace are ranked depending on certain criteria like floor price, trading volume, number of owners, and the number of collections.


The integrated wallet feature makes it easy for NFT traders to store the NFT collections. Our white-label solution can be integrated with NFT wallets of your choice.

Multi-Payment Gateway

To facilitate easy trading of NFTs, our platform supports both crypto and fiat payments.

Dynamic Admin Dashboard

It’s going to be your customized NFT buying and selling platform, and so is the cruise control for it! Manage all the functionalities of your platform seamlessly with a powerful admin dashboard. Added to make the best hotspot for management, this panel will help you in user blacklisting, payments management and even more.

  • Assets Management

  • Whitelist/Blacklist Management

  • Sub Admin Management

  • Payment and Fees Management

  • Investor and Content Creator Management


Security Features Of Our White-label NFT Marketplace Platform

The vital component for any marketplace is its security. Having vast experience in the field for decades, we know this astutely, and that is how we offer the best white-label NFT Marketplace solutions with cutting-edge features and robust security measures that help in having a strong grip over the platform’s security. The final product reaches your hands after 100+ tests for assuring the same.


Prominent security features

  • End-to-end Data encryption

  • Anti DOS

  • Real-time monitoring of the blockchain network

  • Intrusion detection

  • Ports management

  • Google authentication etc.

You can reach out to us to know more about the security features.

Stuff Your Cash Box With Bountiful Revenue By Launching A Marketplace For Digital Assets

Being the scholars who know the tenor of various blockchain networks, We offer the most efficient services to amass millions of crypto investors.

White-Label NFT Trading Platform Solutions For Various Domains

Our Appdupe’s white-label NFT Marketplace development service proffers to the development of various NFT Trading platforms where users can sell, buy and trade rare digital assets from various industries like arts, music, in-game components etc.


ArtMake an exciting way for art lovers to possess the unique digital arts of their favourite icons.

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GamesSkyrocket the popularity of your cryptocurrency business easily by offering the video game lovers a profitable opportunity to hold ownership of everything from a game to tiny accessories.

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MusicStrike a chord with success by creating an exclusive Storefront For NFTs and let people gain entire ownership of favourite albums and tracks.

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Digital CollectiblesAn all-in-one spot for artefacts lovers to gain hold of the rare collections and make them owners of digital assets in a breeze.

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MetaversesMingle the power and technology by combining AR, VR and physical entities in just one platform. Stupefy your users by bringing this outlandish innovation.

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SportsStrike a balance between real-time sports, the craze and NFTs beyond description by letting fans trade and leverage trading cards.

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Strongpoints Of Our Ready-To-Deploy NFT Trading Platform

Marketplace for virtual assets has turned the tides in the digital space by showering incogitable benefits to the investors and participants. Appdupe’s NFT marketplace is in no way less than that. Know-how right here.

  • Typically DecentralizedThe NFT platform is completely decentralized by throwing out all the dependencies on any external parties/agents out of the window.

  • Farewell to IntermediariesLet the user bail out all the orders of paying for commission or brokerage by implementing the prominent advantage of earning revenue without reliance on third parties.

  • Simplicity is the key hereOur Digital collectibles marketplace is developed with a very easy-to-understand and simple protocol that does not stop with providing use to just tech-savvy people but everyone.

  • Cross-chain InterfacingThe digital platform for NFTs is developed in such a way that it can be interfaced over different blockchain networks.

  • Currency Support The NFT selling platform is developed with all the nitty-gritty that needs to be done for accepting multiple cryptocurrencies along with the leading fiat currencies.

  • Boosted Token Use-caseAs our marketplace is a well-organized trading platform and gives a seamless user experience, the token use case is improved significantly.

Workflow of Readymade White-label NFT Marketplace Platform



A participant will sign up on the decentralized trading platform with a crypto-compatible digital wallet that has the ability to store NFTs.



After signing up with the wallet, the participant will create a digital collection to show his work to the whole world.


Choosing The Cryptocurrency

He/She has the option to choose which type of cryptocurrency token he would like to accept.


Fixing The Sale Price

Then he/she can fix a secondary sales fee if the platform suggests.



After exploring the NFTs for sale, buyers can take part in the auction and start bidding. If the NFT is listed for sale for a fixed price, then the buyer can pay the respective price.


Transfer NFTs

The smart contracts will automatically execute the transfer of those NFTs from the holder to the buyer’s wallet.

Characteristics Of Our White-label NFT Marketplace development Solution

Trading Our platform opens up multiple ways for users to trade non-fungible tokens. One of which is they can trade the NFTs across multiple marketplaces. The token holders can access bidding platforms, selling opportunities in a flourishing market etc.

Standardization We always prefer quality and perfection. Our developers build, deploy and fix various errors on the different blockchain networks and help users to standardize ownership, take control of tokenized assets etc.

Liquidity Just like the name suggests, the process of converting crypto to quick cash and vice versa is fluid. Investors and traders can exploit this nature of NFTs and enter with a whoop into the crypto market.

ScarcityWe know the worth of something when it is rare and scarce. NFTs follow the same pattern. Their limited number of assets and rare items creation makes people invest a large amount of capital and improves the uniqueness and value of the created assets.

ControlEvery single aspect of NFTs makes us awestruck. This aspect is one of them. Though the NFTs are fully programmable, their structures like forging, crafting, redeeming etc., are indecipherable. This complexity is one that lends maximum control to the users.

Have a hand in the NFT revolution now!

Popular White-label NFT Marketplace Development Solutions

We clone the best-in-class NFT Buying and Selling platform by adding all the bells and whistles that will turn your crypto token trading business into a growth-oriented marketplace. Some of the clone solutions we provide are given below.

Rarible Clone

OpenSea Clone

Decentraland Clone

Enjin Clone

CryptoPunks Clone

NBA Top Shot Clone

Nifty Gateway Clone

SuperRare Clone

Sandbox Clone

Sorare Clone

Cryptograph Clone

CryptoKitties Clone

How Could You Monetize Your White-Label NFT Platform?


Make a skyrocketing revenue growth by charging for every transaction and trade that happens through your NFT platform. With the NFTs and their trade-in surge, there can be no better option than this.

Listing Fees

Hit the jackpot easily in the crypto market by letting artists, creators, and icons list their valuable works on the platform, provided they pay the listing fee!

Exclusive Auctions

Allure the global investors easily by listing the most exclusive and rare crypto collectibles in a single place and cash in on them as instantly as possible.

Infinite Rewards And Handsome Revenue. Want To Try Out The NFT Marketplace Development?

Why Choose Our White-Label NFT Marketplace Solution?

We don’t say; we prove. Our band of clients who are flourishing in the business is proof of it. As a blockchain enthusiast, we love providing innovative solutions in blockchain technology-related fields. Knowing the market pulse and coming up with a futuristic service is our strength. We work on giving you a product with core functionalities that you will need to thrive undoubtedly. Benefits you get while working with us include,

  • Decentralized NFT marketplace development solutions we deliver are decentralized. Launching a decentralized platform will catalyze many NFT traders to sign up for your platform.

  • Transparency We assert to keep the whole development process transparent. And our team will make it possible by providing consistent updates at every stage.

  • Rich SecurityRight from user data to transactions, everything is backed with enterprise-grade security protocols for a risk-free NFT trading experience.

  • Cross-Chain SupportWe are also masters in developing NFT marketplaces that are built on multiple blockchains. With cross-chain supporting the NFT trading platform, traders can gain benefits from the blockchains of their desire.

Our Competency In Handling The Blockchain Technology

We are the best white-label NFT marketplace development company known in the field for trying out new trends every chance we get.
As a justification, we are of expertise covers

  • Binance Smart Chain

  • Ethereum

  • TRON

  • Polkadot

  • Cardano

  • Solana

  • Avalanche

  • EOS

  • Polygon

  • Hyperledger

  • Azure Blockchain

  • Corda

  • Open Chain

  • Stellar

  • Startis

  • Multichain

Front-End Frameworks

  • React

  • Angular

  • Hue

Non-Fungible Token Standards

We design and develop white-label NFT crypto-collectibles platforms.
The different standards of non-fungible tokens that can be available are as follows.

It is a global token standard that exhibits the functionality of uniqueness and rarities to the assets that are designed and developed on the Ethereum blockchain network.

ERC-1155 is a token standard that is specifically designed and developed by the Enjin network. This token can be used to create fungible and non-fungible assets on the Ethereum blockchain network.

It is an enhanced version of the ERC-721 token that is designed to allow the holders of non-fungible tokens to own other crypto collectibles.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

It relies on your budget and timing constraints. If you opt for the white-label NFT platform, you get to save more time and perform customizations. You will have to spend several months if you choose the custom method of developing your marketplace.
Yes, you can create your own NFT marketplace by connecting with an NFT marketplace development company. If you choose a white-label solutions provider, you can very well custom-design and launch your marketplace in the shortest turnaround time.
The exact quotation for developing a marketplace for NFTs can’t be stated since every NFT platform development company will have its own pricing structure. What can be stated is that the development cost is dependent on parameters such as the country of the developer, customizations opted, blockchain selection, etc.
A white-label Non-Fungible Token marketplace is a business-friendly solution as you can end-to-end customize and scale up the marketplace in the future if needed. Further, you spend only less budget and money to get it customized and launched.
Yes, our white-label NFT trading platform solutions are available for almost every genre like art, music, sports, real estate, gaming, etc.
We will update you with weekly reports that will give you a clear picture of the progress of the development. Since we follow the agile development process, we let you add requirements at different stages of development.
Launching an NFT platform and making a business out of it guarantees high revenue. The notable revenue streams are transaction fees, minting fees, listing fees, bidding fees, private sale fees, and revenue from airdrops/bounty programs.

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